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  1. Soap Vets That You Never Got Their Appeal

    ------Soap Vets That You Never Got Their Appeal!!------ Eric Braeden, Y&R David Canary, AMC Maurice Benard, GH Laura Wright, GH Roger Howarth, GH Rebecca Herbst, GH Nancy Lee Grahn, GH Katherine Kelly Lang, B&B John McCook, B&B Patricia Bruder, ATWT Susan Haskell, OLTL Thorsten Kaye, B&B Scott Clifton, B&B William DeVry, GH Michael Easton, GH Rebecca Budig, GH Anna Holbrook, AW David Forsythe, AW Galen Gering, Days Christopher Douglas, PAS Kim Johnston-Ulrich, PAS John Reilly, PAS Jensen Buchanan, Y&R Josh Taylor, Days Alley Mills, B&B Carolyn Conwell, Y&R Anthony Geary, GH Jed Allen, GH Patricia Elliott, OLTL Barbara Crampton, Y&R Arianne Zucker, Days Constance Towers, GH Marla Adams, Y&R Greg Rikaart, Y&R Paige Turco, AMC Cameron Mathison, AMC Jon Lindstrom, GH Louise Shaffer, RH Susan Batten, ATWT Julie Pinson, ATWT Graham Winston, ATWT Paolo Seganti, ATWT Kelley Menighan-Hensley, ATWT Carmen Sauntiago, OLTL Billy Warlock, Days
  2. Worst soap fathers and mothers

    ------Worst soap fathers and mothers!!------ Ray Gardner(AMC) Adam Chandler(AMC) Peg English(AMC) Billy Clyde Tuggle(AMC) Enid Nelson(AMC) Les Baxter(AMC) Ross Chandler(AMC) Bitsy Davidson(AMC) Goldie Kane(AMC) Richard Fields(AMC) Alexander Cambias(AMC) Greg Madden(AMC) Wilma Marlowe(AMC) Vanessa Bennett Cortlandt(AMC) Travis Montgomery(AMC) Barbara Montgomery(AMC) Laurel Benton Banning Montgomery Dillon(AMC) Marissa Rampal(AMC) Kelsey Jefferson(AMC) Bobby Warner(AMC) Hector Santos(AMC) Helga Voynitzeva(AMC) Roger Smythe(AMC) Eric Kane(AMC) Arlene Vaughan(AMC) Hannah Nichols(AMC) Emily Stewart(ATWT) James Stenbeck(ATWT) Craig Montgomery(ATWT) Rod Landry A. K. A. Josh Snyder(ATWT) Orlena Grimaldi(ATWT) Iris Dumbrowski(ATWT) Stephanie Douglas Forrester(B&B) Brooke Logan(B&B) Ridge Forrester(B&B) Margo Lynley(B&B) Deacon Sharpe(B&B) Katie Logan(B&B) Bill Spencer, Jr.(B&B) Sheila Carter(B&B) Kate Roberts(Days) Curtis Reed(Days) Addie Horton Olson(Days) Sfefano DiMera(Days) Victor Kiriakis(Days) Eduardo Hernandez(Days) Lt. Raines(Days) Helena Cassadine(GH) Mikkos Cassadine(GH) Stavros Kiriakis(GH) Nikolas Cassadine(GH) Carly Corinthos(GH) Sonny Corinthos(GH) Scott Baldwin(GH) Elizabeth Webber(GH) Heather Webber(GH) Julian Jerome(GH) Ava Jerome(GH) Paul Hornsby(GH) Jasper "Jax" Jacks(GH) Alan Spaulding(GL) Miss Sally Gleason(GL) Carmen Santos(GL) Jeffrey O'Neill(GL) Doris Wolfe(GL) Vivian Grant(GL) Jill Foster Abbott Fenmore Atkinson(Y&R) Nikki Newman(Y&R) Victor Newman(Y&R) Jack Abbott(Y&R) Cora Miller(Y&R) Albert Miller(Y&R) Dina Abbott Mergeron(Y&R) Nick Newman(Y&R) Sharon Newman McAvoy(Y&R) Chloe Mitchell(Y&R) Paul Williams(Y&R) Mary Williams(Y&R) Carl Williams(Y&R) Gloria Fisher(Y&R) Neil Winters(Y&R) Billy Abbott(Y&R) Colin Atkinson(Y&R) Anita Hodges(Y&R) Phillip Chancellor III(Y&R) Tom Fisher(Y&R) Sheila Carter(Y&R) Terrible Tom Fisher(Y&R) Lillie Belle Barber(Y&R) Nathan Hastings(Y&R) Diane Jenkins(Y&R) Lowell River Baldwin(Y&R) Eve Howard(Y&R) Tucker McCall(Y&R)
  3. Characters That Never Got A Proper Send-off

    ------Characters That Never Got A Proper Send off!!------ ------The Young and the Restless(Y&R)------ 1. Mary Williams 2. Carl Williams 3. Colonel Douglas Austin 4. Mamie Johnson 5. Miguel Rodriguez 6. Lynne Bassett 7. George Rawlins 8. Cassandra Hall Rawlins 9. Michael Crawford 10. John Silva 11. Brock Reynolds 12. Chase Benson 13. Farren Connor 14. Andy Richards 15. Dr. Casey Reed 16. Sabrina Costelana Newman 17. Patty Williams 18. Drucilla Barber Winters 19. Dr. Olivia Barber Hastings Winters 20. Nathan Hastings 21. Nate Hastings 22. Elizabeth "Liz" Foster 23. John Abbott 24. Brad Carlton 26. Colleen Carlton 27. Sage Warner Bingham Newman 28. Delia Abbott 29. Detective Alex Chavez 30. Detective Mark Harding 31. Detective Dylan McAvoy 32. Brittany Hodges Marsino 33. Bobby Marsino 35. Raul Guittierez 36. Diego Guittierez 37. Diane Jenkins 38. Hope Adams 39. Tucker McCall 40. Ryan McNeil ------The Bold and the Beautiful(B&B)------ 1. Stephanie Douglas Forrester 2. Sally Spectra(Darlene Conely) 3. Ridge Forrester(Ronn Moss) 4. Caroline Spencer Forrester(Joanna Johnson) 5. Dr. Taylor Hayes 6. Beth Logan 7. Storm Logan 8. Phoebe Forrester 9. Alexandra "Aly" Forrester 10. Whip Jones 11. Thorne Forrester 12. Darla Einstein Forrester 13. Macy Alexander 14. Saul Feinberg(Michael Fox) 15. Kristen Forrester Dominguez 16. Tony Dominguez 17. Clark Garrison 18. CJ Garrison 19. Margo Lynley 20. Stephen Logan 21. Deacon Sharpe 22. Jackie Payne Marone Knight 23. Owen Knight 24. Bridget Forrester 25. Nick Marone 26. Sly Donovan 27. Marcus Walton Forrester 28. Dayzee Leigh 29. Bill Spencer, Senior 30. Donna Logan 31. Ann Douglas
  4. I think that Y&R Sally Sussman should immediately be fired and let go because the storylines are getting worser and worser and none of the stories that us fans/tv viewers have been subjected through has nothing to do with The Young and the Restless, any of the characters and the history of the show and the standards the Late Bill Bell has set for this once spectacularly sensational soap opera and her don't care attitude and her trying to run and control The Young and the Restless and the cast and crew and have such a mean spirited, cracked the whip attitude and forget that she(Sally Sussman)is a head writer and not in charge of Y&R, Mal Young(Executive Producer)of Y&R, CBS and Sony Pictures are in charge Of The Young and the Restless and she also forget that we fans/tv viewers are the reason that The Young and the Restless is on the Air for more than 44 years on the air and we also should have a say in how Y&R turns out and get it back to the spectacularly sensationally excellent soap opera it used to be in the 1973-1998 and be again if someone was hired who cares about soap operas like us fans/tv viewers and know how to really get us back the really soap operas that we grew up watching and talking about in our homes and on vacations with our families and at schools in classes and between classes in the hallways and I feel that she Y&R's Sally Sussman should be gone because of her saying that Y&R's Adam Newman(played by Chris Engen, Michael Muhney and Justin Hartley)is never ever coming back or being recast when that casting decision should be up to Mal Young(Executive Producer)of The Young and the Restless and us fans/viewers to decide not a flanky head writer(Sally Sussman)of Y&R who should stick to head writing and not take over the entire Y&R soap opera show and Sally Sussman(Executive Producer)of Y&R should also go because she keeps pushing all of these explicitly graphic and very terrifying and scary violence on us fans/tv viewers that needs to be dialed down a lot and giving us fans/tv viewers a very dark, very scary, very dangerously and very deadly soap opera that have people tuning out in droves. What happen to the thrilling, exciting, suspenseful, riveting, character-driven, edge of your sit storylines that got of hook on Y&R and not let go of those Y&R characters and have us fans/tv viewers continuing to tune in tomorrow to Y&R? Where is the love stories and the romance and passion and seduction and intimacy, fantasy, adventure, escapism, scantily-clad men and women and the incredibly, spectacularly sensationally excellent writing and acting that made Y&R the powerhouse gold standard number#1 soap opera for over 29 years and counting and there now should be a change and I'm hoping that Y&R, Mal Young(Executive Producer)of Y&R, CBS and Sony Pictures all come together and for the good and future of The Young and the Restless fire and let go of Sally Sussman(Executive Producer)then maybe Y&R wouldn't be so extremely and explicitly and painful and dangerously boing and we fans/tv viewers don't have to worry about Y&R being cancelled!! So Fire Sally Sussman(Executive Producer)of The Young and the Restless and save this show from cancellation, NOW!!
  5. Least Talented Soap Actors Still on Contract

    ------Least Talented Soap Actors Still on Contract!!------ ------The Young and the Restless(Y&R)------ 1. Eric Braeden 2. Elizabeth Hendrickson 3. Mishael Morgan 4. Peter Bergman(It could change!!) 5. Amelia Heinle 6. Doug Davidson 7. Lauralee Bell 8. Kristoff St. John 9. Tristian Lake Leabu 10. Melissa Ordway 11. Bryton James 12. Christel Khalil 13. Greg Rikaart ------The Bold and the Beautiful(B&B)------ 1. Thorsten Kaye 2. Jacqueline MacInnes Wood 3. Scott Clifton 4. Karla Mosely 6. Courtney Hope 7. Anthony Turpel 8. Alley Mills 9. Rome Flynn 10. Ashleigh Brewer ------General Hospital(GH)------ 1. Chloe Lanier 2. Roger Howarth 3. Rebecca Herbst 4. William DeVry 5. Nancy Lee Grahn 6. Dominic Zamprogna 7. Emme Rylan 8. Michelle Stafford 9. Hayley Erin 10. Antony Montgomery 11. Vinessa Antoine ------Days Of Our Lives(Days)------ 1. Nadia Bjorlin 2. Kyler Pettis 3. Olivia Rose Keegan 4. James Lastovic 5. Gabrielle Haugh 6. Freddie Smith 7. Josh Taylor 8. Vincent Irizarry 9. A Martinez 10. Vivian Jovanni 11. Camila Banus 12. Lamon Archey 13. Lucas Adams
  6. Would a JFP return to YR skyrocket ratings?

    ------Would a JFP return skyrocket ratings?------ No way in hell should that evil and hateful soap opera killer Jill Farren Phelps(Ex-Executive Producer Of The Young and the Restless)ever come back to Y&R and Daytime TV and Entertainment Industry period after what she did to Y&R!! Look at the way JFP killed off 7 years old Delia Abbott(Sophie Pollono)by a mysterious SUV driver striking her and killing her instantly to make us viewers angry for no reason just because she can and for disgusting entertainment purposes is Sick and disgusting!! The way that JFP had Y&R's Sharon Newman(Sharon Case)burn down to ashes Newman Ranch in which should have been left alone and respected the history of The Ranch and What is Means To Us Fans/TV Viewers and Y&R and was thrown away li9ke it was nothing is awful and criminal!! The way that JFP did to her real life friend Y&R Detective Dylan McAvoy(Steve Burton)with the whole baby switch incident and the many times that Dylan almost lost his life and the many times that many Y&R's characters put him threw the wringer and pushed him over the edge and to his breaking points and never let Dylan have his baby who Sharon miscarried or let Dylan be happy and joyful and laugh and smile and not depressed and angry and yelling and screaming and devastatingly crying all the time is cruel, evil, hateful and despicable!! The Way JFP kept rewriting Y&R's Male and Female Characters to do things that they would never ever do because JFP didn't respect those Y&'s Male and Female Characters and their histories is beyond evil!! Look at the way that she killed off Y&R's Sage Warner Bingham Newman(Kelly Sullivan)in stupid car accident looking for her cellphone and leaving her child Christian Newman without a mom is cruel beyond cruel!! Look how JFP lock Josh Griffith(Ex-Executive Producer/Head Writer Of Y&R)out of his office to be mean and evil to him and wouldn't let JG get his belongings out of his office!! The way that JFP desecrated The Late Katherine Chancellor's(The Late Jeanne Cooper)mansion and have Y&R's Billy Abbott(Jason Thompson)used her house as a sex palace and have pornographic sex with all over Katherine Chancellor's mansion with that awful paint job and removing Katherine's portrait and including Billy and Phyllis having sex on Katherine C's bookshelf and on the stairs that Katherine walked up it of the finale time and destroying her(Katherine C's)memories and legacy in that mansion is Cruel, Nasty, Evil, Hateful, Despicable and Disgusting!! Remember Soap Opera, Daytime TV and Entertainment Industries Jill Farren Phelps history of firing GH's Lila Quartermaine(The Late Anna Lee)who had a lifetime contract with General Hospital to continue to play GH's Lila Quartermaine forever and Jill Farren Phelps came along and dismiss her and fired her and 2 months late died being mean, hateful, evil and cruel!! and Remember JFP and What She did to these now cancelled Daytime Soap Operas Santa Barbara, Guiding Light, Another World, One Life To Live and General Hospital and Look At Her Biographies and Her Jill Farren Phelps background thoroughly and fully and completely and Never Ever Hire Jill Farren Phelps For Anything Ever Again!!
  7. ------Characters that you wonder why are still on the canvas------ ------The Young and the Restless(Y&R)------ 1. Colin Atkinson 2. Gloria Bardwell 3. Paul Williams ------General Hospital(GH)------ 1. Alexis Davis 2. Kristina Davis 3. Molly Davis-Lansing 4. Lulu Spencer Falconeri
  8. ------The Young And The Restless' 9 Most Disappointing Moments------ 1. Killing Off Our Favorite Y&R Characters Like:(George Rawlins, Cassandra Rawlins, Dr. Scott Grainger, Rex Sterling, Ryan McNeil, Bobby Marsino, Drucilla Barber Winters, John Abbott, Hope Adams, Cassie Newman, Brad Carlton, Colleen Carlton, Delia Abbott, Sage Newman, Ect.) 2. Katherine Chancellor dies 3. Sharon miscarries Dylan's Baby blowing his baby dreams to hell 4. Bill Bell The Greatest Creator Of Y&R Dies 5. Jill not being Katherine Chancellor's bio daughter 6. Lily Winters Ashby getting ovarian cancer and can't have anymore more kids the normal biological way 7. The Y&R Writers can't let Detective Dylan McAvoy be happy ever and be in Christian Newman's life for good ever 8. The Y&R Writers destroying the greatest half-brothers relationship ever seen on Y&R ever, Which is(Nick Newman and Detective Dylan McAvoy) 9. The Y&R Writers keep putting Detective Dylan McAvoy in very dangerous, very violent and very deadly situations putting his life in jeopardy of getting killed for no reason but The Y&R Writers Hating On Dylan
  9. -------Characters that you wonder why are still on the canvas!!------ ------The Young and the Restless(Y&R)------ 1. Sharon McAvoy ------The Bold and the Beautiful(B&B)------ 1. Ivy Forrester
  10. ------Characters that you wonder why are still on the canvas?------!! ------The Young and the Restless(Y&R)------: 1. The Entire Writing Team Except Kay Alden and Sally Sussman 2. Sony Pictures that owns Y&R 3. Angelica McDaniel the VP of daytime programming at CBS 4. Neil Winters 5. Hilary Curtis Hamilton 6. Lily Winters Ashby 7. Devon Hamilton 8. Chloe Mitchell 9. Kevin Fisher 10. Stitch Rayburn 11. Natalie Soderberg 12. Dr. Barton Shelby 13. Christine Blair Williams 14. Abby Newman 15. Leslie Michaelson Shelby ------The Bold and the Beautiful(B&B)------ 1. Ridge Forrester 2. Quinn Fuller 3. Wyatt Fuller 4. Liam Spencer 5. Sasha Thompson 6. Zende Forrester Dominguez 7. Pam Douglas 8. Charlie Webber 10. Deacon Sharpe ------General Hospital(GH)------ 1. Franco Baldwin 2. Elizabeth Webber 3. Julian Jerome 4. Ava Jerome 5. Andre Maddox 6. Jordan Ashford 7. TJ Ashford 8. Janice Lomax 9. Amy Driscoll 10. Felix DuBois 11. Dr. Liesl Obrecht 12. Ellie Trout 13. Nelle Hayes 14. Olivia Falconeri 15. Waitress Alicia 16. Raj 17. Margarethe 18. Sargeant Robinson 19. Frankie 20. Winston Rudge 21. Nurse Christina 22. Baxter Corbin 23. Mr. Gray 24. Naomi Dreyfus 25. Seth Baker 26. Landon Dixon 27. Aldo 28. David Walters ------Days Of Our Lives(Days)------ 1. Gabi Hernandez 2. Deimos Kiriakis 3. Theo Carver 4. Kate Roberts 5. Hattie Adams 6. Abigail "Abby" Devereaux 7. Lani Price 8. Guillermo 9. Petrov 10. Eduardo Hernandez 11. Janet Bernard 12. Sheila 13. Mark McNair 14. Myron
  11. 10 Worst Actors on GH

    ------The 10 worst GH actors!!------ 1. Kathleen Gati 2. Roger Howarth 3. Tyler Christopher 4. Rebecca Herbst 5. Rebecca Budig 6. William DeVry 7. Nancy Lee Grahn 8. Maura West 9. Richard Burgi 10. Shari Belfonte
  12. The 10 worst Y&R actors

    ------The 10 worst Y&R actors!!------ 1. Eric Braeden 2. Kristoff St. John 3. Mishael Morgan 4. Bryton James 5. Hunter King 6. Miles Gaston Villanueva 7. Sean Carrigan 8. Melissa Ordway 9. Gina Tognoni 10. Jared Breeze
  13. Characters who need to go!

    ------Characters who need to go!------ Head Of CBS Daytime: 1. Angelica McDaniel ABC Cooking/Talk Show: 1. The Chew 2. FabLife(Talk Show) Local News 1. 11:00AM News 2. 12:00PM News Morning Talk Show 1. 3rd Hour Of The Today Show 2. 4th Hour Of The Today Show NBC Affiliates: 1. The 700 Club With Pat Robertson
  14. Characters who need to go!

    ------Characters who need to go!------ The Young and the Restless: 1. Jill Farren Phelps 2. Chuck Pratt, Jr. 3. The Entire Writing Team 4. The Casting Folks 3. Sony The Bold and the Beautiful; 1. Bill Bell(Executive Producer) 2. The Entire Writing Team 3. The Casting People Days Of Our Lives: 1. Josh Griffith 2. Dena Higley 3. The Entire Writing Team 4. The Casting People General Hospital: 1. Jean Passanante 3. Shelly Altman 4. The Entire Writing Team 5. The Casting People
  15. ------3 Current Most Hated Soap Characters!!------ The Young and the Restless: 1. Victor Newman and Neil Winters(tie for #‌1) 2. Billy Abbott 3. Sage Warner Bingham Newman ------The Bold and the Beautiful!!------ 1. Thomas Forrester 2. Steffy Forrester 3. Bill Spencer ------Days Of Our Lives!!------ 1. Ben Rogers 2. Stefano and Andre DiMera(tie for #2) 3. Theresa Donovan ------General Hospital!!------ 1. Sonny Corinthos 2. Morgan Corinthos 3. Ava Jerome, Elizabeth Webber and Nikolas Cassadine(tie for #3)