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  1. ------Worst Character Assassinations------ ------The Young and the Restless(Y&R)------ Nick Newman Victoria Newman JT Hellstrom Neil Winters Malcolm Winters Sharon Newman Dylan McAvoy Summer Newman Kyle Abbott Dina Abbott Mergeron Jack Abbott Brad Carlton Billy Abbott Abby Newman Nathan Hastings MacKenzie Browning Hellstrom Paul Williams(Because the incident long ago whether or not he allegedly sexually assaulted/raped Christine) Diane Jenkins ------The Bold and The Beautiful(B
  2. ------Most Deadweight characters on each soap------ ------The Young and the Restless(Y&R)------ 15. Christine Blair Williams(Lauralee Bell) 16. Amanda Sinclair(Mishael Morgan) 17. Elena Dawson(Britni Sarpy) 18. Ripley Turner(Christian Keyes) 19. Tanner Watts(Chase Coleman) 20. Connor Newman(Judah MacKey)-Recast The Role ------The Bold and the beautiful(B&B)------ 12. Executive Producer and Head Writer(Bradley Bell, The Bold and the Beautiful because He's Damaged The Show and won't fix the many problems On B&B and don't care
  3. ------Most deadweight characters on each soap------ ------The Young and the Restless(Y&R)------ 1. Steve Kent(CEO Of Sony Pictures That's Responsible For All Of The Bad Things That Has Happened To Y&R)-Fire Him CBS and Viacom 2. Anthony "Tony" Marino(Executive Producer and Showrunner Of Y&R Who Allowed All Of The Bad Things To Happen To Y&R and Did Nothing About Correcting Those Mistakes)-Fire Him CBS and Viacom 3. Summer Newman(Hunter King)-Recast The Role 4. Theo Vanderway(Tyler Johnson) 5. Adam Newman(Mark Grossman Recast Him With Actor T
  4. ------Romantic Couples that Should've Been Off-Limits-But the Show Did Them Any Way------ ------The Young and The Restless(Y&R)------ Victor and Sharon Newman Billy Abbott and Sharon Newman Billy Abbott and Summer Newman Nick Newman and Amy Wilson Nick Newman and Grace Turner Nick Newman and Phyllis Summers Nick Newman and Avery Bailey Clark Nick Newman and Chelsea Lawson Jack Abbott and Jill Foster Abbott Phillip Chancellor III and Nina Webster Brad Carlton and Nikki Newman Brad Carlton and Victoria Newman Brad Carlton
  5. ------All-Characters what should have returned to the canvas a long time ago!!------ ------The Young and the Restless(Y&R)------ Matt Miller Dr. Casey Reed Mamie Johnson Marc Mergeron Drucilla Barber Winters Dr. Olivia Barber Miguel Rodriguez John Silva Nina Webster Chance Chancellor Ronan Malloy Jazz Jackson Tyrone Jackson Amy Lewis Lynne Bassett Cole Howard Mari Jo Mason Tucker MCCall Gina Roma ------The Bold and the Beautiful(B&B)------ Ridge Forrester(Ronn M
  6. ------Overrated Vets!!------ ------The Young and the Restless(Y&R)------ 1. Victor Newman 2. Mary Williams 3. Carl Williams 4. Paul Williams 5. Christine "Cricket" Blair Williams 6. Nathan Hastings 7. Leanna Randolph Love 8. David Kimball 9. Matt Clark 10. Danny Romalotti 11. Daniel Romalotti 12. Lauren Fenmore Baldwin 13. Phyllis Summers 14. Sharon Newman 15. JT Hellstrom 16. Summer Newman 17. Devon Hamilton 18. Hilary Curtis 19. Kevin Fisher 20. Lily Winters Ashby 21. Cane Ashby
  7. ------Front burner to forgotten!!------ ------The Young and the Restless(Y&R)------ 1. Katherine Chancellor 2. Jill Foster Abbott Fenmore Atkinson 3. Carl Williams 4. Mary Williams 5. Dr. Casey Reed 6. Colonel Douglas Austin 7. Mamie Johnson 8. Miguel Rodriguez 9. Matt Miller 10. Andy Richards 11. Farren Connor 12. Brad Carlton 13. Colleen Carlton 14. Danny Romalotti 17. Gina Roma 18. Rex Sterling 19. Daniel Romalotti 20. Jessica Blair Abbott Grainger 21. Dr. Jim Grainger 22. Dr
  8. ------Last time a newbie impressed you?------ ------The Young and the Restless(Y&R)------ 1. Michael Muhney and Justin Hartley(Adam Newman) 2. Steve Burton(Detective Dylan McAvoy) 3. Billy Miller(Billy Abbott) 4. Jess Walton(Jill Foster Abbott) 5. Sean Carrigan(Dr. Ben "Stitch" Rayburn) 6. Scott Elrod(Joe Clark) 7. Jessica Collins(Avery Bailey Clark) 8. Angell Conwell(Leslie Michaelson) 9. Jeff Branson(Detective Ronan Malloy) 10. John Driscoll(Detective Phillip "Chance" Chancellor IV) 11. Stephen Nicholas(Tucker McCall)
  9. Dear Mal Young, ------What I Want From Y&R Is!!------ 1. Get a way better Y&R opening credits with brand new theme music(getting rid of the Nadia Theme Music that show has been using every since the Y&R premiered on CBS on March 26, 1973 until this day or currently/presently)that with a better payoff that will set Y&R on fire and one that fits the show and get rid Of the current one that looks like a cross between a children's or sci-fi or detective tv show's Opening Credits and not that of a soap opera!! 2. Fire The Entire Writing and Script Teams On Y
  10. ------Question I've Have About GH's 2 Jason Morgan Twins Storyline That's Bothering Me!!------ 1. Why is Patient 6 whose claiming to be the real Jason "Stone Cold" Morgan is going upstairs hiding from Sonny and not hiding in the back of Julexis old house where Morgan shot him that he don't know they was there's and How did he know where to find it and Why is he not coming into the front door and not the back? 2. Why is Patient 6 whose claiming to be the real Jason "Stone Cold" Morgan having 1 or 2 or 3 memories of Sam and Elizabeth but not a truckload of memories about them? 3.
  11. ------Soap Vets That You Never Got Their Appeal!!------ Eric Braeden, Y&R David Canary, AMC Maurice Benard, GH Laura Wright, GH Roger Howarth, GH Rebecca Herbst, GH Nancy Lee Grahn, GH Katherine Kelly Lang, B&B John McCook, B&B Patricia Bruder, ATWT Susan Haskell, OLTL Thorsten Kaye, B&B Scott Clifton, B&B William DeVry, GH Michael Easton, GH Rebecca Budig, GH Anna Holbrook, AW David Forsythe, AW Galen Gering, Days Christopher Douglas, PAS Kim Johnston-Ulrich, PAS J
  12. ------Worst soap fathers and mothers!!------ Ray Gardner(AMC) Adam Chandler(AMC) Peg English(AMC) Billy Clyde Tuggle(AMC) Enid Nelson(AMC) Les Baxter(AMC) Ross Chandler(AMC) Bitsy Davidson(AMC) Goldie Kane(AMC) Richard Fields(AMC) Alexander Cambias(AMC) Greg Madden(AMC) Wilma Marlowe(AMC) Vanessa Bennett Cortlandt(AMC) Travis Montgomery(AMC) Barbara Montgomery(AMC) Laurel Benton Banning Montgomery Dillon(AMC) Marissa Rampal(AMC) Kelsey Jefferson(AMC) Bobby Warner(AMC) Hector Santos(AMC)
  13. ------Characters That Never Got A Proper Send off!!------ ------The Young and the Restless(Y&R)------ 1. Mary Williams 2. Carl Williams 3. Colonel Douglas Austin 4. Mamie Johnson 5. Miguel Rodriguez 6. Lynne Bassett 7. George Rawlins 8. Cassandra Hall Rawlins 9. Michael Crawford 10. John Silva 11. Brock Reynolds 12. Chase Benson 13. Farren Connor 14. Andy Richards 15. Dr. Casey Reed 16. Sabrina Costelana Newman 17. Patty Williams 18. Drucilla Barber Winters 19. Dr. Olivia Barber Hasti
  14. I think that Y&R Sally Sussman should immediately be fired and let go because the storylines are getting worser and worser and none of the stories that us fans/tv viewers have been subjected through has nothing to do with The Young and the Restless, any of the characters and the history of the show and the standards the Late Bill Bell has set for this once spectacularly sensational soap opera and her don't care attitude and her trying to run and control The Young and the Restless and the cast and crew and have such a mean spirited, cracked the whip attitude and forget that she(Sally Sussma
  15. ------Least Talented Soap Actors Still on Contract!!------ ------The Young and the Restless(Y&R)------ 1. Eric Braeden 2. Elizabeth Hendrickson 3. Mishael Morgan 4. Peter Bergman(It could change!!) 5. Amelia Heinle 6. Doug Davidson 7. Lauralee Bell 8. Kristoff St. John 9. Tristian Lake Leabu 10. Melissa Ordway 11. Bryton James 12. Christel Khalil 13. Greg Rikaart ------The Bold and the Beautiful(B&B)------ 1. Thorsten Kaye 2. Jacqueline MacInnes Wood 3. Scott Clifton 4. Karla Mo
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