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  1. And taking on loads of debt to do it. I like Netflix well enough. I think they've made some pretty good original shows and they have given a platform to a more diverse group of people. They are the ones who gave Sense 8 and One Day at a Time a chance after all, but I have doubts about the business model. I'm guessing they are going to have to raise the subscription fee substantially in the coming years.
  2. I suppose fines and fees might not be taxes exactly, but I think she is right and this should not be allowed.
  3. And yet somehow we don't hear much about boycotting China.
  4. This continues to be a terrible national shame. The place where the far left and the right meet is very ugly. We have to rid ourselves of extremists in power if we can. I still marvel that I ever thought the internet would ever be an unequivocal force for good. In the wrong hands it's a WMD.
  5. Good point. These things are never really clear, especially when you go that far into the past.
  6. Wow. That really surprises me. Not that it should. Nothing should surprise when it comes to celebrities at this point, but I had always pegged RS for a nice guy. Maybe because he always gives his all when he sings "Jessie's Girl". In his place I'd be rolling my eyes and needing a few drinks to get through it after all of these years. I took it to mean he wasn't a diva.
  7. That is insane. Anything for money, I guess. Some people really will believe anything as long as it confirms their bias. It's disturbing to say the least.
  8. I wonder how survivors and family members manage to go on in these situations? One of the most enraging aspects is that there can be no true justice. One person took 50 lives that he had no right to even touch. Nothing can balances those scales. I guess next up are the Alex Jones types to tell us it was all a hoax. It's maddening.
  9. I know what you mean. I think it's easier to feud than to stop and really look this in the face. 49 people dead in their house of worship. All they were doing was trying to pray peacefully. A three year old boy among the dead. And God alone knows who is watching the video right now and being radicalized to commit a copy cat act.
  10. Fragile is the last thing Chelsea has ever been, so whoever said that can KMA.
  11. Coming after Chelsea is just bizarre. She is obviously an ally to both Muslims and Jews. The people trying to force a false dichotomy of Jew versus Muslim are the problem here. Sadly they are succeeding because the American public just isn't that sophisticated when it comes to these types of issues. That's unfortunate because the last thing we need to do is encourage that kind of bitter feud here. We have enough problems with these violent white nationalist as it stands. If only I had seen this post last night, but somehow I missed it. It was a sharp lesson in turning off automatic video playing on Twitter, that is for sure.
  12. I just heard about the mass shooting at a mosque in New Zealand. Those poor people. At first I felt almost deranged when my first thought was "this is Trump's fault". I feel less deranged after seeing he was named as inspiration in the manifesto. What a nightmare.
  13. He knows it isn't and so do most of his supporters, including me. Not that I support him now, but I agreed with some of his ideas before things got nasty. Hillary took on the fight for $15 and I would say that's been proven doable to some extent. Free college though? No, this isn't that sort of country right now. We don't seem to even want to give poor kids food or medicine, never mind college. Just like every other person running his ideas and vision will be limited by Congress, especially if the Republicans keep the Senate. Anyway, I'm hoping that he does not get the nomination, although I would vote for him if he does. There are just too many hard feelings there and he's vulnerable in the general election. He's never released his taxes for one thing. God knows what's hiding there and he won't get the impunity that 45 does. No one will. Plus, let's be real, he's Jewish and he lived in Israel. That may have been ok in 2016, but it surely isn't now. You see the conspiracy nut bags out there already claiming Jews control the U.S. government and the media. Can you even imagine what would come out of the woodwork if he won the nomination? In my opinion it will be harder for women in 2020 as well because of the tide of hate that's risen up in the last few years. Maybe our best hope really is Biden, although that scares me too given his penchant for saying stupid $hit. Trump does it 20 times a day, but that doesn't mean others will get a pass.
  14. No, but when you have unlimited funds you start letting people do everything for you. I'm not saying this person is innocent. Just that it wouldn't surprise me that rich people hire others to coordinate the college application process. I certainly do. Not really as a parent since my children haven't even started kindergarten. This just strikes at some of the myths we tell ourselves about fair opportunity. The system is rigged in so many ways and that someone would take it to this next step absolutely enrages me, even though it doesn't directly affect me.
  15. Hi Slick. I thought it was pretty good. I'm glad Shauna Babcock is still semi human. Her relationship with Clark is interesting. I was sad when Amy left Brad after she saved him. I really hope it gets picked up for a second season. I want to see how is in the compound 100 years from now. I'm also looking forward to a Brad/Amy reunion and I hope his wife is somehow alive as well. How about you?
  16. 🤣 I hear that. I imagine so. Isn't that what the Bernie Bros did last time? Hopefully, we won't need them this time.
  17. I agree with so many of the tweets Vee cited. Netflix can't continue pretending they are everyone's best buddy and then make decisions like this. The way they are burning through cash there is no way this was more than a drop in the bucket to them anyway. https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/18/investing/netflix-cash-burn-stock/index.html
  18. https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2019/03/college-admissions-scandal-9-revealing-moments/584803/?utm_content=edit-promo&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_term=2019-03-13T18%3A51%3A29&utm_campaign=the-atlantic 5. Michelle Janavs, a former executive at a food manufacturer, paved her older daughter’s way into college through side-door schemes, according to the indictment. But her younger daughter got suspicious when Janavs allegedly started a similar process for her. JANAVS: I had a question for you. So I was able to get [my younger daughter] the multiday ACT. CW-1: Okay, you got her extended time multiple days, got it. JANAVS: Yes, so I got that, the only thing is [my younger daughter] is not like [my older daughter]....She’s not stupid. So if I said to her, “Oh, well, we’re going to take it up at CW-1’s testing center] she’s going to wonder why..... She’s smart, she’s going to figure this out. Yeah, she’s going to say to me— she already thinks I’m up to, like, no good.
  19. Absolutely. These people are so entitled and they have no shame. As you say, it's so unfair that people who earned there spot are treated like they took it from someone else, when these rich (mostly white) people are the real problem. The greed is what bothers me the most.
  20. I wonder if they will do jail time. Obviously, they have the best lawyers. I'll be interested to see what happens. At the very least I hope they have to pay fines that actually cause some pain. For sure. I think we can all name a few people in public life who did not get in based on their academic abilities. Trump at Wharton comes screaming to mind.
  21. And to what end? I feel like so many of his policies are conflicting. Are the corporate overlords really going to allow him to put making America white again over money and growth? For once I'm on the overlords side. I'll be the first to admit it's complicated, but I think Japan did the experiment for us. Zero population growth will turn a country like the U.S. upside down. We're born and bred consumers, I don't believe we can change until climate change is much further along.
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