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  1. ^ I'm starting to feel like we are in the Soviet Union. I get that things aren't as bad as that, but the corruption, lies and denial of reality is off the charts.
  2. I'm with you, especially because people have been saying this for over 50 years now. Sadly, as I get older it seems clearer to me that while power is bound to shift, injustice is not going to be eradicated any time soon. I'm surprised about the poll you mention though. I do always think of young people as more open and accepting on the LGBT front. It seems like there are more parents open to raising children with less rigid gender identities than when I was a kid. But what do I know? I'm don't know many teenagers and I'm living in a strange little corner of the world.
  3. This is just so sad. The people who are trying to help are being turned away because of course hurting these children is a feature not a bug. Someone who matters needs to call a national day of protest ASAP, even if all people do is stay home that day. We should be bringing the country to a stop until these kids are out of the camps.
  4. I love the way these judges are looking and speaking to the government lawyer like she is an idiot. How embarrassing for her. Also, I can't believe this is real life.
  5. We need some kind of national day of protest, which I don't say lightly. It's not every day that I'm willing to risk jail or getting my ass kicked by the police, but we have to take a stand.
  6. I'm sorry to hear that. It really is hard living with Trump's instability and evil. It's an awful combination. I can only assume that the people in charge who are beating the war drums have a financial interest in perpetual war. How strange to think that Trump is the one who called off strikes on Iran 10 mins before we hit them.
  7. I think they were in a movie together.
  8. But let's not call them concentration camps because reality upsets some people.
  9. The weird thing is that Trump blew the drone incident off as an accident. If he wanted to escalate that was a strange thing to say. At the same time, I won't surprised to wake up to find we have attacked Iraq for no other reason than Trump felt like it.
  10. Yes they are. Anyone who feels uncomfortable with that term should be uncomfortable.
  11. Yes, I found it. Plus this thread. My God.
  12. Has anyone seen an article reporting that the government has stopped updating the list of people dying in US custody on the border? I swear I saw it yesterday, but I searched and can't find it now. Just want to make sure it's true. It's honestly surreal to see all the people on twitter arguing about whether we have concentration camps down there. I suppose we could just call them internment camps.
  13. I don't really thing Trump can deport millions like he wants to, but he can have enough people arrested to spread misery and fear. The fact that we are even talking about mass internment as a possibility is stunning. We've had some bad leaders, but Trump doesn't have a merciful bone in his body. Now that our norms have been violated so easily we will be vulnerable to bad actors for a long time. That's if we are even lucky enough to change course before things get even worse.
  14. It's horrific. I can't even imagine the trauma these children are suffering. Every time someone says they won't even remember it I want to throw a developmental psychology book at them. It doesn't matter if they remember it, they will still be vulnerable to any number of attachment disorders. Seems like common sense, but most of these people just don't care.
  15. What a low standard, but yes, I would vote for any Democrat. We'll be lucky if these fools don't bankrupt the country with perpetual war.
  16. The front page of CNN is just terrifying right now. The warmongers out there have learned nothing from Iraq.
  17. Well, ok. I tried not to say it because women are so often accused instability when they confront powerful predators, but I admit I think something is off with her. Her social media posts on the topic are erratic. At the same time I won't be surprised if something did happen at some point in her life, but I don't believe Mark Harmon hurt her.
  18. ^ I've seen the first few seasons. I used to stream it when I was sick or depressed. I found the repetition this type of show offers comforting. All I can say is her story seems to have changed a lot of the last couple of years. She has also accused more than one homeless person of assaulting her. They are, but in this case she has never really said what Mark Harmon did to her. She's made some vague contradictory claims on twitter. Now she says he assaulted her, but what does she mean by that? I almost always believe the woman and I DGAF about MH, but don't know what to believe here. What she's saying doesn't quit add up and if you are gong to mess with someone's reputation then come out and state what happened.
  19. ^ Ugh. No thanks. Obviously I will vote for him against Trump, but not in the primary. I wonder if we will ever get a rational abortion policy? It just seems so obvious to me that you have to have generous welfare benefits if you want to reduce abortion among the poor, instead of forcing people deeper into poverty.
  20. Yes. Until that happens we have so many problems that won't be solved in any way that is good for the poor or middle class. I dread seeing what happens to the safety net for the elderly if we don't have more democrats in power soon.
  21. Poor Queen Elizabeth having to entertain the rabble at this stage of her life. I've never really been a big fan of "the firm" but having to deal with this idiot could make me sympathize with just about anyone.
  22. I would sure hope that her own security team does. One problem is that candidates need to be accessible up to a point and press that flesh. How you balance that with security in 2019 sounds like the kind of job I'm happy not to have. The fact that this guy got on the stage is worrying, but at the same time she didn't seem afraid. She was smart (imo) and let him have the mic and moved away.
  23. ^ That was my first thought too. It seems like her people surrounded the guy relatively quickly, but they got caught asleep at the switch for sure.
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