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  1. ^ I don't call them cheaters. I call them criminals.
  2. ^ And he won't get the leeway that Trump does when he starts making those gaffes.
  3. I'm embarrassed to think how blind I was at the beginning of last primary season. I guess I was thinking that if people could get economic justice that other good things might follow, but now I just cringe at what an ass he turned out to be. My only consolation is that I never hesitated to support Hillary once it was obvious she would be the nominee. And yes, I will be grateful when it's all over too. I wish Biden would announce already. It seems to me he has a good chance as long as there aren't any more serious skeletons in his closet. I want to see how much money he can raise. Either way I'm with Kamala Harris when it comes to her sentiments about beating Trump. We have to get rid of him. Anyone who puts their ambitions above that goal is persona non grata to me.
  4. ^ He's never claimed to be a socialist (democratic socialists are still capitalists) so I won't fault him there personally. I'll just fault him for being a jackass. Who claims to be for the people and then tells the masses to go write a best seller? It was really a disgusting thing to say for so many reasons. I don't on any level begrudge him his millions, but to act like everyone has the platform and ability to get rich that way was so utterly republican. I just can't. 🙄
  5. I won't be the least bit surprised if she gets away with it.
  6. I had no idea you were doing so much on your own. Thank you for keeping things going.
  7. Since she decided to do so, do you have an opinion of her candidacy or does running before her time disqualify her for you?
  8. She doesn't realize how far over the edge she's gone. Not everyone is so obsessed with status that they would cheat their way into a school their child doesn't even care about. There are plenty of people who would never do this even if they could.
  9. ^ I can't argue with Seth Abramson there. I think one mistake MA made was raising his profile when he had a lot of dirt to hide. Add to that coming for the villain in our story and missing. That's not a good combination. I can only pray that whoever the democratic nominee is they aren't making the same mistake as we speak. That is insane. Seriously unreal that they would even try to enact something like this.
  10. Definitely, as they probably should. I won't begrudge them that. I wouldn't want to spend even a minute in one of those places.
  11. I think he's going to be a little busy doing the laundry on cell block C. Damn! Taking advantage of someone who has physical and mental disabilities. That is LOW.
  12. I can see it. In some of those pictures you can see that she isn't all sweetness and light. Maybe she'll end up on one of the Real Housewives shows. It sounds like she is rich enough that she could just kick back and live a nice life out of the public eye, if that's her choice.
  13. Bernie telling people that they can be a millionaire like he is if they write a best seller. So much for our working class hero. 🙃 What a stupid comment. https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/10/politics/bernie-sanders-taxes-millionaire/index.html
  14. Yeah, I'm not sure what I think of that. I don't watch the show so I don't know if she has a big part. Still it's not like she raped, assaulted or murdered someone. Does she really need to be erased from the show?
  15. Right! Every child that is interested in school and meets the requirements should be able to go regardless of money. We should also be supporting trade schools for people who are interested in that. I can understand why parents who are middle class try to make college happen. Having a degree makes life easier more often than not, but for a rich parent to force it is really beyond my understanding. It's not like their children are going to have to wear out their bodies doing hard manual labor. We have this strange hyper parenting going on these days that really isn't good for anyone. Lori and Felicity are finding that out the hard way.
  16. Right. I think I was initially turned off by those comments about kids going to vocational school. It struck me as so condescending, but I've come to realize it's true. As a parent, I will not be forcing my children to go to college if they aren't interested. Some children really are better off following a different path. As a society we should be doing a much better job of supporting children who are academically talented and interested.
  17. What kills me as that these kids did not need to go at all. They are already rich as hell. It's one thing if they are scholars and interested in school, in which case they wouldn't need to cheat. Olivia Jade did not want to go. Her mother forced it and basically ruined her gig. It's crazy!
  18. Good point. In the end it's always surprising when they do any time at all. I still can't believe they put Martha Stewart in. I thought she would skate for sure. I suppose in their favor is that they aren't very likely to commit another crime.
  19. ^ Damn. Aunt Becky in prison for two years? I feel pretty neutral about that. I don't root for non violent criminals to get jail time very often, but what she did was so gratuitous. There was no good reason for it. I even found myself feeling sorry for Olivia Jade, the kind of kid I would have avoided like the plague when I was her age. All that child wanted to do was post her feckless youtube crap and rake in the dough for being pretty and almost famous. Then her mother decided that wasn't good enough and ruined it for her. I stand corrected. Looks like it's 4 years: This means if Lori and her husband now want to plea bargain their cases, instead of a minimum range of 2 to 2 and a half years in prison ... prosecutors would recommend to the judge a MINIMUM RANGE OF 4 YEARS AND 9 MONTHS UP TO 5 YEARS AND 11 MONTHS. There's also a very technical rub. Theoretically by charging CONSPIRACY to money launder, the minimum sentence could go even higher -- way higher. Short story ... prosecutors are out for blood.
  20. She's my first choice. Notice people are attacking her for being both too lenient on crime and too harsh. CNN just did a piece basically calling her out for not seeking the death penalty on a police officers murder. Also for not being compassionate to the family. It rubbed me the wrong way, although I understand the family felt they deserved more consideration. Yes. I don't know that much about Ganz. I figure he must be better than BN. At the same time I read a thread the other day talking about how Netanyahu is actually pretty hesitant to go to war. There have been several situations where he could have justified it and people were even demanding it, but he went with a ceasefire after blowing up a few empty buildings. I get that he's a bad guy, but there is something to be said for avoiding bloodshed. Hopefully Ganz is the same in that way, but better in others.
  21. Maybe some good news? Sounds like it won't be definite until tomorrow.
  22. That was my first thought too. I'll admit not because of history, but because of right now. Hopefully the FBI is on the case and whoever is doing this will pay. I've realized that while I'm theoretically behind prison reform there are a lot of people who need to see the inside of a prison cell. We need to get everyone out who is in for petty drug offenses and then lock up these violent people for a good long time.
  23. He almost certainly was, but that doesn't mean they have the evidence to charge him. By complicit, I mean he probably knew about it and didn't turn her in. It wouldn't be that surprising if he disagreed with the plan, but just went along. If they could charge him they would. It seems pretty clear they are trying to make an example of these folks, which I'm in favor of TBH.
  24. I'm not sure what to think. Is this something that will hamstring his policies? If so, good. Or is it a power vacuum that will make it easier for him to appoint "acting" lackeys who will do whatever they are told? That would be not so good. Which I find highly suspicious. One of my friends thinks it's because he's very wealthy and that would hurt his credibility as a democratic socialist. I say B*ll$hit. The Kennedy's were very wealthy and they might not have been DS, but they always had credibility as being pro-worker. Why wouldn't Bernie give up those tax returns as a way of distinguishing himself from Trump unless he had something to hide? Anyway, I feel like I would get all of Bernie's positive ideas from Warren without all that drama and discord that comes with Bernie. Would I vote for him if he's the nominee, yes because I don't believe he gets off on hurting people like Trump does.
  25. He's 77 years old, so I'll have to disagree with you there. 😉 More seriously his hard core supporters were so hateful last time, I'm completely against them getting their way this time. I saw so many people rooting for Trump so the country would suffer and turn hard left. No thanks!
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