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  1. Can The Wire be trusted? If so here is an article. https://www.dailywire.com/news/44807/rep-ilhan-omars-constituents-are-unhappy-her-emily-zanotti But if CNN — hardly a right-leaning publication — is to be believed, it isn't just fellow politicians who are growing tired of Omar's public cause against the right of Israel to exist. Her constituents — including Somali and Muslim constituents — aren't happy with how Omar has handled her first few weeks in public office. “When David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan agrees with you,” Mohamed Ahmed, one of Omar's constituents, told the network, “you’re not doing something right.” The four constituents interviewed by CNN also agreed with moderate Democrats and Republicans who qualified Omar's statements about "dual loyalty" and AIPAC as hateful toward the Jewish people — not mere criticism of Israel itself, or "Zionism."Omar Jamal, Steve Hunegs, Mohamed Ahmed and Avi Olitzky agree on the characterization of language Omar used. When Omar talked about Israel 'hypnotizing' the world, they said it was anti-Semitic," CNN reported. "And when she questioned whether American lawmakers and lobbyists had loyalty to Israel, they said it was anti-Semitic. Local leaders want her to understand why her words were causing so much pain." Muslims and Jews are often closer than you might expect in the Midwest. The synagogue we go to here in Omaha is on the tri faith initiative campus. Look out the window and you see the Mosque. Jews used to do a lot of resettlement work here, until the refugees dried up. It seems to be the same in Minnesota. That said, I don't think any of this means much for her potential reelection, if she gets her $hit together soon and does some good for her district.
  2. Although after I made the comments about her ego, I wonder if I would have said the same about a man? I really can't be sure. As much as I try to root the patriarchy out of my mindset it was ingrained at a young age. On Israel, she has to step back, get her facts straight and then level her criticism straight at the policies of the Israeli government, while being careful not to use a double standard. If I were her I would take the word "Jew" out of my twitter feed all together. It's not needed for what she is trying achieve or at least for what I hope she's trying to achieve.
  3. Message boards can be so hard. I only mentioned Khan because when I said it "was classic Republican thinking", I didn't want Khan to think that I was accusing him of that way of thinking. I definitely did not mean to imply in any way that you were coming down on him.
  4. You'd think after everything Omar would at least try to get her facts straight. Her whole thread is just an ego trip when Netanyahu didn't even say her name.
  5. Amen. That is classic Republican thinking and not a good long term solution. I understand that you didn't mean it to be Khan. I agree that in the short term raising money for things we believe in may be our only hope. Not just from rich people, but from the middle class. As a long term solution charity is not the answer and it never has been. Private charity can supplement, but it cannot take the place of public policy when it comes to supporting important causes.
  6. No, and I didn't think they should either. I did think there should be some consequence, but hey, people have certainly gotten away with worse. Far worse.
  7. OK, I've recovered my outrage or at least my sadness.
  8. That lady ringing the hope bell ❤️
  9. Yes. and it feels like it happened so quickly. Sure, they were on the wrong side of decency for some time. RR not fighting AIDS because it was killing gays, Bush with his surveillance, but to subvert democracy the way they are now is still something I wouldn't have expected.
  10. Yes. I was just telling someone the other day that after to years of waking up everyday shocked that this is happened and not quite understanding how it did, I'm getting used to it. And I even understand that I don't have a right to get used to it because its other people who are in danger, but the constant lying is wearing me down.
  11. Me either, but I certainly hoped in the beginning. As things wore on, it seemed less likely. We are stuck with this man for another two years unless Satan takes him home. Of that I feel sure.
  12. I read about that awhile back. There really is no hiding from the crazies these days. It's too easy to find people now.
  13. I think the only answer is to get offline or to go anonymous. I'm not saying that is right they should have to, but in some cases it seems to be a matter of life and death.
  14. For anyone with a dark sense of humor the front page of CNN is pretty funny right now. On top a story about how the Trump administration wants the entire ACA struck down. Under it is a story about how The Pentagon has informed Congress that the $1B for the wall has been authorized. What a $hitshow.
  15. I wasn't a big Carl fan, but when they killed him they killed the future. It wasn't even conscious for me, but I lost interest when they killed Carl for that reason. They tried to switch that role to Judith, but it doesn't work that way. The show had invested to much in him from the start. Carl's death made so much of those early seasons completely pointless. When shows break faith with me in that way I'm usually done. That said, I understand why they would want to get rid of a troublesome stage parent. He was probably even worse than any of us know, so I bet it was satisfying to hand him that surprise, since he probably thought Carl was indispensable.
  16. It's already here for me. Just thinking about signing up for another service makes me tired.
  17. Even though I agree with some of the criticisms of AOC, I think she's hit the nail on the head. I'll add to it that we shouldn't be so sure that we can get rid of Trump. As far as I can see we are in real danger in the next election. The Russians will almost certainly interfere again and attempts at voter suppression will be off the charts. I also don't put it past the Republicans to try to delay the election by saying that it's compromised by interference. They have shown there is no line they won't cross.
  18. I wonder that as well. Will most people just add Apple or will they drop other services for Apple. I can't guess. For my part, I'm at my limit. I'm happy with the Netflix/Hulu/Amazon trifecta. Sometimes I drop Hulu and pick it up for a show like The Handmaids Tale. Apple would have to have some damn good content to get me to switch. Still, if someone asked me to pick between the two companies, I would choose Apple to win. Apple has a proven track record. They actually turn a profit and they have more cash than the old gods and the new. So far Netflix has borrowed one hell of a lot of money and spent it on content. Don't get me wrong Netflix came up with a great product when they started shipping DVD's. Then they saw the sea change and developed streaming instead of trying to hold onto an outdated business model and getting beaten to the punch. There were obviously some smart people in charge during this time. I'll be interested to see what happens, but I never bet against Apple long term.
  19. Yes, but I don't think it's a coincidence that these 3 people committed suicide within days of each other. Suicide spreads, which is why the rates spike when famous people kill themselves and why so many mental health experts were concerned about the show 13 Reasons Why. Would this man have killed himself if Parkland hadn't happened and two survivors hadn't killed themselves in recent days? We'll never know, but I'd wager it wouldn't have happened yesterday. Lordy. He goes down and Trump is still standing. Can this be true? I can hardly believe it. Blocking child rape victims from getting an abortion. If it is true the injustice is truly appalling. We are descending further into insanity by the day.
  20. Yes, it really is awful. The lives of the people devastated by tragedies will never be the same. NZ is such a different country from the United States though. They changed their laws in less than a week, we could never do that. Notice it's countries with tiny populations that tend to do better in these matters. We have something like three hundred million more people here. This is where arguments for true anarchism start to make sense to me.
  21. I'm finally watching season 4 and I will admit that things have improved. I will always hate that they wasted Kim Dickens, but as a reboot, season 4 worked better than I ever would have expected. At the same time, I wonder how the audience received it. I wasn't paying attention at the time because I had basically written the show off. There were a lot of time jumps involved. I've been watching one episode a day, but for people watching weekly, I imagine it could be hard to keep track of the timelines.
  22. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I wonder why they don't immunize people sooner, but maybe it wears off. It could also be that insurers are just playing the odds due to money. They used to give it 60, but it was lowered to 50 not that long ago. I would think you are immune now, but definitely ask your doctor. You do not want to get it again when you are elderly and your skin is thinner. I volunteer at an residential center and all I can say is no one needs the added misery at that age, it's hard enough just existing. Of course, everyone is different. Its always disconcerting to me how some are mentally acute and getting along relatively well at 90, while others are in a mental fog by 80.
  23. Good point. Shingles tends to strike the elderly. I knew a lady in her 80's who had it when I was a kid. She was in terrible pain for a long time. What a misery at that age. One of my friends in her 40's got it just recently, but she went to the doctor right away and they were able to stop it somehow. All I can say is anyone who is eligible for the shingles vaccine should get it immediately. I'll be running to the doctor to get it the second I hit 50.
  24. Pilots. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/jet-blue-pilots-accused-drugging-raping-female-crew-members-new-lawsuit-101617805.html
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