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  1. This is so San Francisco.
  2. How crazy is that story about the navy hiding the ship named after McCain because Trump couldn't handle it?
  3. The white women who voted for Trump are getting exactly what they wanted. It's not like the 53% who voted for him didn't know that he was going to nominate and appoint pro-life judges. We may not like it, but there are clearly plenty of white women (although not only white women of course) who are a part of the evangelical movement and don't agree with abortion. Maybe there is some hope that we can get the women who didn't vote in 2016 to vote this time around. That's a lot more likely than shifting the vote of conservative white women who were never on "our" side to start with. Still, both non voters and the 53% knew what he was before these bills started passing, so I'm not sure why they would be energized this time around. As for the memes, well I have to assume that's coming from the 47% of white women who didn't vote for him and are pretty terrified about where things are heading. There are something like 60 million white white women in the country it's not like we are a monolith any more than most groups are. There are still a lot of women around who lived through those back alley days and don't want to see young women go through the same thing.
  4. At first I felt sorry for them, but then I realized we have a perpetual election cycle too. It's hellish, but this our reality.
  5. It seems like for some of these guys it's a true compulsion and they can't stop no matter the consequences or how much they have to lose. Some of these cases are pretty mind blowing, but at the same time some men are still getting away with it (Michael Weatherly), so that doesn't help.
  6. That's for damn sure. Truly, I don't think I've ever known (or known of) a person who lies as much as he does. My mind automatically discards everything he says now, I don't even consciously think about it. I just see him talking and put his statements in the figurative trash basket.
  7. Ugh. How sad. We've fallen so far.
  8. ^ I also think a lot of people just thought Hillary had it in the bag. If elections are covered like horses races than the press covered 2016 like it was the '73 Belmont and Hillary was Secretariat. Not even Trump's own team thought he was going to win, so I can see why some people stayed home or thought that they could afford to vote for JS because Hillary was sure to win in any case.
  9. I agree with you spite voting is particularly galling. I'll never understand it. Beyond that all anyone can do now is move forward and vote in 2020.
  10. I'm running out of words to describe how awful some of these events are.
  11. I'm just catching up on season two on Netflix. Season 3 is almost hear. I love this show even though it's over the top sometimes. In fact that's part of the appeal for me.
  12. It's just unreal. We are truly living in a banana republic being led by complete incompetents.
  13. Exactly! I had this same thought. I wish Harris had just evaded the whole issue with a standard "I'm in the race to win not thinking about being VP" for the reasons you stated. No need to make it more personal, when being VP gives you a chance to get name recognition and build up a donor base for the future.
  14. That's not even a close call. He's certainly not my first (Harris) or even second (Warren) choice in the primary, but I wouldn't even have to think twice about voting for him in the general.
  15. ^ You and me both. It's honestly surreal at times.
  16. But let's be honest, they can't ban abortion. They can ban abortion for poor women and girls. The rich and middle class will just fly to California, Toronto or Paris. Unless of course, this really does become Gilead and they don't let women leave. It's sick to try to force a women to have her rapist child. It's even sicker when the pregnant person is a child herself. The people doing this are mostly men and have no idea (or don't GAF) about the emotional and physical toll pregnancy takes on some women. It's nothing any trauma victim should be forced to endure and that goes double for a child victim. Just this conversation has shown how far they've moved the window though. Now we aren't talking about the fact that women have a constitutional right to abortion. We're talking about if a woman even has a right to ownership of her body in cases where a man has violated it. We're talking about whether the state or parents/physicians know best when a 10 year old rape victim turns up pregnant. TLDR: Things are f*cked up
  17. This is so disturbing. This headline is practically ripped from early 2016. Heaven save us all.
  18. Anyone who votes for him again can go straight to hell. I agree that he conned some people on the economic front. There are a lot of very unsophisticated and under educated people out there. I know because I grew up with them. He couldn't have done that if those people weren't willing to overlook the way he made fun of disabled people, the fact that he assaulted many women and the fact that he's an outright racist. To those that have changed their minds, I welcome their vote. I'll take any help there is to over throw this would be dictator. Has a ring to it, although I'm hoping that title goes to Harris or Warren's husband.
  19. ^ I don't think I ever knew who she was. Bye B!tch! Enjoy your stay.
  20. Yeah, I just saw a story about a possible sabotage of ships by Iran. Here we are with the Keystone Kops in charge when we need real diplomats and knowledgeable people trying to cool this situation down. How many failed wars do we have to have in the Middle East before the lesson is learned? Thousands of innocents have died and I have no idea what was gained from any of it.
  21. Unsurprising, yet terrifying.
  22. Well, she probably is, but I can't blame her. She has survived things I doubt I could.
  23. To no ones surprise the times keeps failing.
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