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  1. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    That whole oh-so-80s ending sequence is everything!!! Just watching that 3 minutes makes me want to watch the show and know more!!! I want to know why Evie wasn't asked to be in the shoot, why she's pissed about, if the blonde guy who gets his passport stamped is Estelle's son or her lover, is that guy for real with that beard, why is he holding Estelle captive, is the airport part of the compound, is the entire nation on the bearded guy's payroll........ so much!!!! Wonder if someone posted the next episode... Gosh I'd forgotten what a great group of women SFT had in those days. I loved Suzy, Liza (Sherry Mathis), and Sunny, but Jo, Estelle, Stephanie, Wendy- I really like each character for who they are and find them compelling to watch, even all these years later. My memories of Search are few and far between, as I only watched it from age 3-7, but going back, I can see why certain things stuck with me. I wish Wendy had, especially since I've been told stories about how angry I was at Wendy for sleeping with Warren while he was married to Suzy. I believe that's why I often think of the Suzy that came before this one with such affection. Though I really love the actress playing Suzy in these years now and think of her as Suzy, I remember that as a child, I didn't feel the same way about her. I always missed MY Suzy.
  2. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I think you're remembering it wrong- I'm positive Ana wasn't at that party. I've viewed it many times. She even pats herself on the back for staying home, saying something along the lines of it not being her scene.
  3. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    Ok I love the photo shoot, but can someone answer the following questions for me- Who is Colleen Dion playing? I always thought her first role was Cece on Loving. What is going on with Estelle in the final sequence?
  4. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    @Nothin'ButAttitude- No doubt! Plus season 2 had all those crazy supporting characters that weren't a part of the cast but were in the framework of the story. There was so much to keep up with, so much going on, and they didn't even need to film together every episode for it to be sheer greatness. Hell, Ana wasn't even at Lisa's Lingerie Party, if you recall. Season 3 should have told the story much in the same vein and unlike other housewives shows, they easily just could have added Alexia to the cast and went 8 deep. Hell, she was basically a full cast member in season 2 anyway. They should have BEGGED Karent to return and no way should they have cut Ana. So many mistakes were made for season 3 and they wonder why the ratings went down. The other thing I like is RHOM really captured the essence of Miami in a way no other franchise (save NYC) really does for their city. Living in Florida and having been to Miami many times, I miss that. It's still my all-time favorite franchise and I'd KILL to have it back.
  5. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Ugh, I'd KILL to have Miami back!!!
  6. September GH Thread

    Vee is a he.
  7. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

  8. Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    It's completely true. Rob Reiner discovered her by watching her on SB.. Either he or his wife watched her on the show and when he saw her, he thought she'd make the perfect Buttercup. That's how the story has always gone.
  9. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    I don't think so, at least I don't remember it that way. The Patti/Hogan relationship was in a vacuum of sorts, they rarely shared scenes with characters other than one another. I don't remember Hogan having much of a relationship at all with Jo when he was with Patti. Patti did, but if they were trying to tie Hogan to Jo, they hadn't done it before they went off the air.
  10. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    That's what I remember- the '83-'84 romance. I completely blocked out the Liza affair, even though I know it happened. Sherry Mathis was so beautiful and perfect as Liza. Louan Gideon was one of the shoddiest recasts I've ever seen- and the first recast I believe I experienced watching soaps (MJ on Another World was the next blow for me). I really loved Liza but couldn't stand her when Gideon took over. I don't know what casting was smoking thinking she was a suitable replacement for Mathis. She didn't even look how Liza should have looked, not only because she didn't look like Mathis, but because.... she looked like a stay-at-home-mom with 3 kids. I believe Hogan and Sunny were still working together during and after Liza and I still felt they had chemistry. I don't remember Sunny ever being paralyzed or pretending to- I really hope that didn't happen because it would be so out of character for Sunny. Either way, I was super upset when the show brought Patti on and paired her with Hogan. I didn't care for the actress and didn't feel she had any chemistry with David Forsyth, not even close to what he had with McCabe. They twisted the knife pretty hard when they ended the series with them getting married.
  11. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    I know the McCleary brothers weren't very popular with the majority of the audience because they kind of ate the show, but I always liked all 3, probably because they came on during the period that I was watching and I was never older than 7 years old. Of the 3, Cagney was my least favorite and was the least colorful, but I appreciate the type of character that he represented. He was the good guy, noble, the hero without being showy about it. Just a solid guy and a perfect match for Suzy. He and Eoff have a nice chemistry too.
  12. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    Cynthia Gibb!! That's the one I remember! It took me a while to warm up to Eoff because of her. Now, going back and watching, I really like Eoff in the part.
  13. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    I would like to better understand the Sunny/Hogan relationship as well. I LOVED them together and hated that the show brought on Patti and put him with her. I always thought Hogan belonged with Sunny.. But when I go back and watch clips, I only see them have one date and then he has the affair with Liza. I know they were working together before Patti came back and I remember they had such chemistry- it seemed like the show was going to put them together and then....poof! Patti shows up and they throw Sunny with Bella- I didn't like either of those relationships. I'm going to look for a clip with Swackhammer as Suzy and see if that's who I am remembering. But seeing Eoff- she IS who I associate with Suzy, so maybe I'm mixed up.
  14. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    Just watching that 1 clip Carl got me started watching the Cagney/Suzy/Warren/Wendy storyline on youtube. Man that's some damn good stuff they have goin on there! I don't know what was happening on the rest of the show but that storyline has me hooked! Pretty search when Search fell apart is when that storyline ended and we got NuSuzy and NuLiza. I can completely see again why NuSuzy was so jarring. I absolutely LOVE the actress playing Suzy. The one that followed was just terrible. And I'm actually rather liking Louise Shaffer as Stephanie. Looks like I'm remembering wrong again- Teri Eoff played Suzi until the end of the series it seems and is the re-cast I must be remembering. Anybody know the name of the actress who played Suzi just prior to her?
  15. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    I don't even remember the Louise Shaffer version of Stephanie. For whatever reason, the Wilkins women are completely blocked out of my mind. I mean I know who they are and all but don't recall them from my own viewing.