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  1. juniorz1

    2018 Daytime Emmy Awards Thread

    Maura West won for both ATWT and GH.
  2. SONBC INTERVIEWS ROSCOE BORN SONBC- Well welcome back Roscoe!!! What is this, the 18th daytime serial you've been cast in? Roscoe Born- Actually, Santa Barbara was my 2nd soap originally, I was on Ryan's Hope prior to being cast on SB. SONBC- But this is 'RTSB.' It's not your mother's 'Santa Barbara.' Roscoe Born- My mother actually was more of a P&G soap fan- As The World Turns and Guiding Light were her favorites. But I know what you mean. However, the writing is brilliant, there are surprises abound and I get to work with the incomparable Marcy Walker again. SONBC- Yes, but for how long. Roscoe Born- Well, you know how Greg operates. I'm not at liberty to say. What I can tell you is that the late start is all Marcy's fault. SONBC- Trouble in paradise? On set difficulties already?" Roscoe Born- Nothing like that. She had prior commitments to her church that Greg graciously agreed to work around. He considered an emergency recast, but in the end, the decision was made to delay the premiere and the shooting of the premiere until Marcy was available. Shooting has been a bit hectic, working around her church schedule but everyone at 'RTSB' agrees that accommodating that request in order to have Marcy is well worth it. SONBC- So can you give us a definite premiere date? Are you gonna be around a while? Roscoe Born- The answer to both of those questions is this- stay tuned!!! SONBC- You have to give us something Roscoe, more than that. Roscoe Born- I've been lucky enough to receive 'Special Guest Star' billing. I've been told we'll be on air sometime in August, but that remains to be seen. But I can tell you Marcy started shooting this week and you're not gonna want to miss a minute!
  3. juniorz1

    Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Same- and I was 6 when I started watching- Gina pulls the plug on CC!!! RTSB is coming back as well............. stay tuned................
  4. juniorz1

    Santa Barbara Discussion Thread

    Thanks for the intel! Look forward to watching this. Interesting that the still is on Jean LeClerc (ex-Jeremy, AMC/LOV). Who is the woman in the still? Genie Francis? Christine Tudor?
  5. If I NEVER read the words 'speculation' and 'Sarah Horton' in a DAYS casting thread again, it will be too soon.....and Armageddon will more than likely have already occurred. LOL Maybe she's going to be playing Noel Curtis?!? Would de-aging Sarah really be the worst thing in the world on DAYS? According to their timeline, EJ, who was born onscreen in 1996, is in his 40s and older than Sami Brady, who was born onscreen in the early 80s. Timelines aren't exactly DAYS's strong suit.... SEE?!? I like how you think. Now ABBY- there's a character it makes sense she would be cast as- one can only hope DAYS agrees.
  6. http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/victor-webster/images/6754787/title/victor-webster-photo #ChipOffTheOldBlock #VWGoosesRTSB #TVM #Nudity
  7. http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/victor-webster/images/6754787/title/victor-webster-photo #ChipOffTheOldBlock #VWGoosesRTSB #TVM #Nudity
  8. 556265060163679961_1431840004.jpgReturn To Santa Barbara    July 30, 2018   

  9. RTSB returns Monday July 30, 2018- Major Santa Barbara character and ex-Y&R actress to appear for the first time on 'RTSB' .   


    It's not who you think!

    Episode 107.  Return to SANTA BARBARA

    Be there.



    (L to R) Maura West as Joann Walsh,                         Victor Webster as Chip Castillo                        Kristen Meadows as Victoria Lane

  10. juniorz1

    Major Y&R actress out!

    Fantasy casting would be Brenda going on B&B as Kristen Forrester- The supercoupling The Don so desperately needs on that show. Can you imagine Kristen Vs Brooke Vs Steffy? Throw in Heather Tom's Katie and you've got 30 minutes there with just those 4 characters, maybe a hint of Colleen Dion's Felicia- nostalgia is IN! Why recur on Y&R when she can contract work at DAYS, have 6 months off, and land back to back Emmys!?!?
  11. juniorz1

    Major Y&R actress out!

    The real story here is Mishael Morgan. Y&R dropped the ball on that one. Losing yet another Davetta Sherwood. Hate to hear it but good for her- she has a bright future ahead of her
  12. juniorz1

    Major Y&R actress out!

    Music to my ears. Bring on Brenda Epperson!!! #Brenda #Ashley #Sony
  13. juniorz1

    EPISODE 106

    To be clear, six weeks after I posted that last comment, my father died from Pancreatic Cancer. June 26, 2013.
  14. juniorz1

    Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    To inject some positivity in this thread, can we talk about how fabulous Joshua Morrow was in today's episode. He gave a powerful, layered, fully realized performance. Sharon Case, Gina Tognoni, and Camryn Grimes provided great support but the episode belonged to Morrow. You know I have to chuckle when people on this board complain that Morrow can't act. It simply isn't true. When he's handed the right material, he knocks it out of the park, like he did today. Kudos to him for once again showing why he's been kept on the show for 24 years. F the haters!!