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  1. They did poor Barbara Knox dirty giving her knock off Alan Bennett monologues while lying on the floor. I truly, truly dislike the direction they've taken Gary in. He just doesn't work as a baddie.
  2. RIP Lisa. I remember her interviews in SOD.
  3. Remembering Maggie Jones who passed away ten years ago today. It's sad because her last year on the show was truly her most hilarious.
  4. I hope he accepts help. Addiction is tragic.
  5. The Christmas story for Rita sounds so silly.
  6. Graham

    The View

    Megan really needs to stop with this whataboutism.
  7. Lisa George is putting in fantastic work in the wake of Sinead's death. How funny it's often Corrie's "comedy" characters that excel the most dramatically too.
  8. He needs some Botox while he's at it. Those are some deep lines for 31.
  9. Happy 86th birthday to this dazzling ageless diva!
  10. Two episodes where the main plot revolves around dog poo. 🙄
  11. I'm surprised they were able to get the green light for this. I'll be watching! Marissa Tomei is inspired casting. Harrelson is a hick and Archie is pure New York so unsure on that one. Jamie Foxx gonna turn the ham up to 11 with the George Jefferson peacock strut.
  12. *Aretha voice* I'm gonna pass on that one
  13. Man, what a bummer. RIP Georgia.
  14. If the show was on any other channel, I don't think she would have met the same fate. Hallmark don't play when it comes to "values". I am truly living for Lori revealing herself as the opportunistic, delusional real housewife that she is. I can see Lifetime or FX offering her some villainess roles. She could seriously make a comeback this way. Own your badness, Aunt Becky!
  15. They seem extremely paint by the numbers based on the description. I'm curious to see what their storyline is apart from the closeted younger son.
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