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  1. GH is celebrating Maurice Bernard's 25th anniversary like it was the second coming!   The producers still scrambling to suck his genitalia at every turn I see.

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    2. Graham


      @Soapsuds Chandler is always worth a watch ;)

    3. Soapsuds


      Of course he is...:D

    4. YRfan23


      the sick obsession Steve Burton has always had with Maurice makes me vomit.....

  2. Graham

    Canceled soap you miss the most?

    I will always miss the citizens of Pine Valley the most.
  3. For those that watch the British soaps, how would you rank the three main ones at the moment? 

    1. DRW50


      Emmerdale > Eastenders > Corrie.

  4. Just missing people like Julia Barr and Debbi Morgan on my screen on a daily basis. Sigh. I'm even pining for Bobbie Eakes' early scheming KWAK for some reason.

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    2. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      Bobbie Eakes, character aside, was a fantastic addition to the AMC cast. Krystal and Babe before the baby switch were fun characters.

    3. Soaplovers


      I still miss Bobbie Eakes on Bold and the Beautiful.


    4. SFK


      Rewatching Julia Barr's work when Laura died inspired me to start the thread about good acting. I was just talking about her today, my castmate did production work on AMC in the eighties. I have not even begun to ask her the many millions of questions...

      I did a play with JB's daughter many years ago and met JB and her husband (I had met her a couple of times before at fan events). A very lovely, composed lady.

  5. Graham

    The Joan Collins Fan Club

    She looks divine as ever.
  6. You know [!@#$%^&*] has truly hit the fan when Susan Lucci gets political on Instagram. 

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    2. Taoboi


      I know this much...if anyone tries to come for La Lucci, they are going to have a deadly fan base to deal with.

    3. Graham


      Soapsuds, she made a post coming out strongly in support of the teens pushing for gun reform. 

    4. DaytimeFan


      Susan has her principles and I applaud her for always being true to herself. 

  7. Graham

    Coronation Street: Discussion Thread

    No mention of Barbara retiring or the exit being her choice. She is still capable of getting her lines out and doing scenes.
  8. How LEGENDARY was Grace Zabriskie on Twin Peaks last night?

    1. DRW50


      She was incredible. Mesmerizing.

  9. Susan Lucci is 70 and in yoga pants selling her exercise equipment on QVC. The Queen stays Queen.

    1. Soapsuds


      I saw her. She looks way too thin! The exercise equipment was too expensive...LOL. I have one but a bit different for a much cheaper price.

  10. What's the general status of the British soaps at the moment? I'm getting that summer soap itch and am considering picking one up if any are worth the time. Curious to hear opinions!

    1. DRW50


      Some would say Corrie is good (I wouldn't). Emmerdale is a weird show - you may enjoy it or you may not. EE is very preachy and heavy-handed at present but is watchable, I guess. Hollyoaks is cheap fun with some dark edges. I prefer Emmerdale but I would warn it's in a bit of a lull between stories.

    2. Graham


      Thanks for the recommendations!

  11. Graham

    AMC Actress Joins GH

    I'm happy she's working again! She still tweets every once in a while about life in NYC.
  12. Graham

    YR: David Faustino guests

    When did MAB get back? lol
  13. Graham

    GH: Actress leaving

    I agree with Khan. I'm glad she is leaving on her own terms. Hope she gets a juicy last episode (oh, who am I kidding?) Enjoy your retirement, Jane.
  14. Graham

    Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Yup, that would be my order! Though ranking Queen Joan is useless. She is immortal. It's really insane how amazing she looks at her age.
  15. Graham

    Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    I'm a little late in my comments but the contrast between great vs good vs awful work is on full display here.