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  1. Victor and Nikki would start getting married every year. Nick would likely alternate between marrying Sharon and Phyllis each year.
  2. Funnily enough, I'm not sure whether Shawn was actually SORASed in 1999. Recasted with a much older actor in Jason Cook, sure. But being a sophomore in high school meant his age was still consistent with Collin O'Donnell's version. In any case, Shawn was only three years older than his real age during the Last Blast era, whereas Belle and Phillip were respectively like 9 and 11 years older than their real ages! Not sure if it has ever been mentioned onscreen (Maybe Hayden's mom might have actually said her name) but most sites seem to agree on Carolyn.
  3. New Zealand will go into lockdown at 11:59pm, Wednesday night (NZ time)
  4. Initially it was going to be Monday to Thursday, but now Monday to Wednesday due to the impending New Zealand lockdown:
  5. From Saturday, but outlines the 4 level system New Zealand is using. Currently we are on level 2.
  6. Not sure exactly what happened but it seems she wasn't happy with the storylines she was getting and decided she didn't want to sign another retainer/contract. EastEnders apparently was under the impression that she was only on a break and was coming back (hence the low key exit), leading me to remark at the time that she seemed to have done a "Beverlee McKinsey" Here's the interview with Rani Singh (who played Sufia Karim in the late 80s). She drops the bombshell that she's left 21 minutes in...followed by a limerick she composed about it! https://www.buzzsprout.com/650596/2780620-distinct-nostalgia-ep-5-eastenders-at-35-at-home-with-june-brown
  7. I was going to go to Melbourne on the 30th but in light of these restrictions I've decided to stay home. It's possible they may be lifted by the 8th April when I was due to come home but it seems a bit reckless to leave NZ now.
  8. And Cece told TK about Sophia being a murderer. Which probably means their affair is imminent.
  9. After skimming though the replies, it's not Liason or Q related, it's not Brenda or Lucky coming back, it's not Sam leaving.
  10. Kylie decided to hand herself in after remembering she killed Dylan and her old primary school teacher (but sadly not Ian Reid, so it seems Claire was guilty of that one). It seems Friday may have been her last show. This puts an end to the two year saga of Kylie and Dylan --> Killer Kylie. A bit anti-climatic in the end, the least they could have done is get TK and Kylie to the altar (although a bit hard considering Kylie was still married to Daniel and basically the only grounds for divorce in NZ are a two year separation - it has only been six months or so for Kylie and Daniel, but that hasn't stopped the writers from bending the rules before) and have Kylie remember everything in front of a much larger audience (a soap cliche yes, but I do feel five years of TK and Kylie should have at least resulted in a wedding or a jilting lol). They did do a good job of tying up Frank and Kylie's relationship by having them return to the beach where they went skinny dipping back in 2017. Meanwhile Phoenix has run off after embezzling more than $1million from the hospital, leaving behind his partner Tess and their daughter Amelie. I'm predicting he won't be back and Frank will be paired up Tess soon enough. I'm sure TK and Cece will be having an affair in the near future also. They've already kissed.
  11. Bizarrely enough, TJ was planning to propose as far back as November (when Jordan was opposed to it and TJ had that chat with Stella) but then he went AWOL for three months.
  12. Despite having a somewhat prominent story with Justus and Tom, I'm not sure whether Felecia Bell's Simone was ever on contract...I don't recall her appearing in the credits unlike Mary Mae and Keesha.
  13. And as Kylie prepares for wedding #4, her memory decides to come back and ruin everything! She, TK and Sophia should form a club, maybe bring Maia back too. And Sass (though that was a clear cut case of self defence)
  14. I'm sure I read somewhere (possibly in Days of Our Lives: A Complete History of the Long-Running Soap Opera By Maureen Russell) that they were able to use "The Look of Love" relatively cheaply (or perhaps even for free) because the show was co-produced by Screen Gems (Columbia Pictures).
  15. I think Felix is still around but tbh he probably shouldn't get involved, particularly as both Brad and Lucas cast him aside 6 years ago.
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