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  1. Ummm, this situation is really odd. It seems June Brown's done a Beverlee McKinsey: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2020/feb/21/june-brown-says-shes-played-eastenders-dot-cotton-for-last-time https://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/eastenders/a31028624/eastenders-june-brown-quits-dot-cotton/ Seems her final airdate was last month when Dot left for Ireland! Somebody recorded the radio interview with June Brown's limerick.
  2. The Deconstruction era should have been really great but unfortunately the required reconstruction that needed to happen with Tony, Luke and Laura etc was either sloppily executed or non-existent. Days' point of no return was when John and Princess Gina had sex on that submarine. Instead of trying to get the characters naturally into a space where it would be emotionally credible for them to have an affair, contrived plot points such as brainwashing, microchips etc got them there instead. B&B went downhill when Brooke went through a period of getting married every year. And bring Taylor back from the dead a second time was a sign that Brooke and Ridge would never settle down. Y&R was definitely making Katherine and Jill mother and daughter. It set a bad precedent.
  3. Actually, Lucky was presumed dead in 1999, so Genie Francis wouldn't have been eligible to be nominated for Lucky's death until the following year, when Susan Flannery won.
  4. @titan1978 - It's even more satisfying to watch this with the knowledge that within a year, Rick, Lesley and Monica will all be at Kelly's and Rick and Lesley will completely ignore Monica. And there's nothing Monica can do except plot with Kathy on how to expose Alan's affair with Susan!
  5. (The following is all pieced together from Wikipedia and the whos who profiles on soapcentral which are surprisingly extensive for some of the early GL characters). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guiding_Light_(1937–49) https://www.soapcentral.com/gl/whoswho/ray.php https://www.soapcentral.com/gl/whoswho/meta.php https://www.soapcentral.com/gl/whoswho/mama.php NBC cancelled the show in November 1946, CBS picked it up in June 1947. The CBS version shifted production from Chicago to Hollywood and the show's locale from Five Points to Selby Flats. Rev. Dr. Ruthledge appears to have died just before the end of the NBC/Five points run, with his lamp being transferred to his friend the Rev. Dr. Matthews in Selby Flats. Selby Flats originally revolved around Rev. Dr. Charles Matthews and his interactions with an ex con, Roger Barton sr. aka Ray Brandon, who'd been framed for a crime he didn't commit. There was a roughly year-long storyline involving Ray wanting to reconcile with his son and get revenge on the man who'd framed him, while falling in love with Charlotte at the same time. When that was all cleared up and Ray was exonerated, Ray became a lawyer, married Charlotte, and together they adopted Chuckie who was Meta Bauer's son in 1948. This heralded the arrival of the Bauers. Meta was initially estranged from her family and as @Paul Ravensays, was going by the name Jan Carter. Mama Bauer had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and this was the impetus for Meta's reunion with her family. The show moved production to New York City in 1949, Bert was introduced and she and Bill married at the end of 1949. Mama died whilst Bill and Bert were on their honeymoon. At some point, Rev. Dr. Matthews was replaced by Rev. Dr. Keeler and eventually the religious aspects were phased out as the Bauer's become the central point of the show. Meta eventually reclaimed her son and married son's father Ted White, later shooting Ted dead after Chuckie was killed in an accident while in Ted's care. This lead to the famous trial storyline in 1951. The show stayed in Selby Flats until 1965-66 when it began to transition to Springfield.
  6. Referred to as an infant in this 1969 article about Marlowe joinng AW, so 50, maybe 51 https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1917&dat=19690830&id=_KVGAAAAIBAJ&sjid=Y-kMAAAAIBAJ&pg=3682,6447586&hl=en
  7. My guess is that they would have shown everything up to and including the iconic shot of Amanda looking through the railings and mouthing "Oh my god" before being hurled down the stairs by a secondary blast. After that point it cuts abruptly to a series of shots showing some of the characters starting to get up (Michael first, Peter and Jo next, then Sydney...).
  8. Tuesday June 30, 1981 Hutch and Toby are in the prison infirmary with digitalis poisoning. The doctor says that they will have to be moved to General Hospital. Soon afterwards, Rick, Noah, Georgia and Bobbie discuss the case. Rick gets Georgia to take care of the security arrangements and Georgia says that she has assigned Bobbie to the case so Hutch will see a familiar face when he wakes. Emma is surprised to find the Ice Princess. She rings up the Quartermaine mansion. Stella answers and Emma asks to speak to Lila. Emma and Lila speak on the phone. Emma apologises to Lila for being rude to her at the auction. Lila is shocked when Emma says that she has the statue as she thought that Luke stole it. Emma suggests that she can give it back to Lila over a nice glass of sherry. Alex walks in as Lila is getting Emma's contact details. After finishing the call, Lila tells Alex that Emma has the statue. Lila says that she won't go over and have sherry with Emma, but Alex convinces her that they could sell the statue to raise money for General Hospital. Alex gets Emma's address. Slick brings an excited Laura (wearing her Lucy wig) to the apartment. Luke and Laura are reunited again. Luke asks Laura questions about Duval. Laura reports that Duval got nervous when she mentioned the Ice Princess. Robert asks Laura if she saw a formula, but Laura says she didn't see it. Robert asks for Duval's address but Laura refuses to give it until she receives some answers. Laura asks about O'Reilly and why Robert is there. Robert admits that he is an agent. Luke tells Laura that the cops who picked him up at the mission were Cassadine's men. This is enough to satisfy Laura and she gives the address. Luke, Slick and Robert head off to Duval's apartment. Joe comes over to visit Lesley and asks her if she still has Rick's gun. They check the box and sure enough the gun is gone. Later, Joe accompanies Lesley to the hospital where she picks up some messages from Amy. Rick informs them about Hutch. Joe informs Rick that the gun is missing. Luke and Robert break into Duval's apartment. Slick helps them search the apartment for the formula. They have no luck finding anything, even though Robert resorts to cutting off the heels of Duval's shoes. Bobbie watches over Hutch and Toby. Toby begins to stir so Bobbie gets Noah to come check on him. Meanwhile, Amy asks Georgia if Joe's presence has anything to do with Hutch. Georgia tells her that she is in training to watch patients, not visitors. Joe paces back and forth until Burt arrives. Joe tells Burt about the gun being missing. Burt tells Joe that he still hasn't found the gun. Alex calls Emma. Alex tells Emma that she wants to buy the statue. Alex says she'll come over with her aunt (a lie since Lila has refused to meet with Emma). Emma realises that her apartment is still too messy so begins to tidy up again. Laura visits GH accompanied by O'Reilly. Amy asks her sister where she has been and who is the lady accompanying her. Their conversation is interrupted by Georgia, who sends Amy away. Laura thanks Georgia. Georgia says that Amy has a habit of putting her nose in business where she doesn't belong. Laura tells Georgia that she'd like to see her mother. Georgia tells Laura that Lesley is in CICU with Rick. Lesley says that Hutch is doing very well considering his history of heart surgery and is lucky that the prison got him here so fast. Rick agrees with her assessment. Rick and Lesley note that Toby looks like he's starting to come around. Rick says it should take around two or three weeks for them to recover. Rick and Lesley mention the security at the prison. Lesley notes that it would be safer for them at the Hospital and says that it is very depressing as a doctor to make someone well and cure and release them, then send them back to get poisoned again. Rick says they can;t control that. "Imagine how he's going to feel about going back there" Lesley says. Laura and O'Reilly talk in the lounge. O'Reilly gives Laura some love advice and then sings a line from a song - "A good man is hard to find, You always get the other kind". O'Reilly tells Laura that she can live happily for ever after. Just then Lesley arrives. Lesley tells Laura that Hutch has been brought to the hospital, but that the prognosis is good. Lesley explains that Hutch and another prisoner were poisoned. Laura is enraged and suggests that the prison officials are either incompetent or as crooked as the cons. Lesley says that maybe it's a little bit of both. Lesley says that Hutch was poisoned with a combination of digitalis and arsenic in the coffee but adds that he should recover, but says that no one can visit them. Lesley then changes the subject to O'Reilly. O'Reilly awkwardly introduces herself. Laura then tells Lesley that she can't see Tony anymore as he is involved in dangerous things with the Quartermaines. As O'Reilly, Amy and Georgia look on, Laura and Lesley start arguing when Lesley realises that this is all based on what Luke has said and Laura refuses to go into details. Lesley remembers that O'Reilly was the woman Luke locked in the mummy case at the auction. "I can't deal with this! I can't deal with any of this!" Lesley says as she angrily storms off. James Duval finds that his apartment has been trashed. He tries to ring Alex but when he fails to get through to her he starts packing. At one point he opens the heel of the shoe he is wearing and pulls out the formula (thus showing that Robert wasn't so crazy to check the shoes after all, just that Duval was wearing the pair with the formula hidden in them at the time). O'Reilly says that while she is disappointed that Lesley didn't believe Laura's warnings, she can't blame her. Laura says that she'll have to find some way of convincing Lesley, O'Reilly says that they will have to come up with something. Laura tells O'Reilly that she wants to be alone to do some things but O'Reilly won't leave her alone. "I'm sorry kid, but from now on you and I are sticking together like the Siamese twins, in other words, like glue". Laura wants to go over to Duval's apartment, but O'Reilly won't allow it and convinces Laura to go someplace else with her instead. Slick brings Luke and Robert some soggy fast food dinner. Robert and Luke figure out that Duval must keep the formula with him (in the heel of his shoe like Robert though earlier). Robert suggests Slick watch over Duval's apartment while he and Luke go to Benny (the pawnbroker). Meanwhile, Duval hides the formula in the lining of his suitcase. He tries to call Laura to no avail, before leaving his apartment with the suitcase.
  9. Monday June 29, 1981 A new day dawns over Port Charles. Anne and Amy are on shift together at the Hospital. Amy questions why Anne never goes to the disco, then goes off on a tangent about the way that Joe is treating Heather. Joe interrupts her! In prison, Big Ralph speaks to Toby. Toby tells Ralph that he thinks people aren't happy that he failed to kill Hutch. Ralph says that he will get someone else to kill Hutch and that he'll take care of Hutch. Big Ralph tells Toby that there is a new guard in the prison that can't be bought. After Toby leaves, Ralph starts laughing as the guard walks past for some reason. Later Hutch fakes anger when Toby is sent to bring his food to him. Toby warns Hutch that Big Ralph is still out to get him and that Ralph told him about a new guard who is on the level. Hutch is skeptical. The new guard interrupts their conversation. He tells them that he knows everything and that he is there to protect both of them. Luke finally wakes up with a very sore head. He is surprised when Robert reveals that they are in a secret room in his penthouse. O"Reilly calls and warns Robert that Cassadine's men are swarming all over the place. The two then hear noises and run back into the secret room. Luke is amazed by all the 'James Bond" stuff in the secret room. The two bicker as Robert still refuses to tell Luke the full facts about the Ice Princess. Cassadine's men break into the apartment and search for Luke and Robert but exit to search the other apartments when they don't find Luke and Robert. Anne moans about Amy's meddling to Joe. Anne tells Joe that she spoke to Jeff and says that Jeff and Steven-Lars have settled into their new lives. Anne says that she thinks that Jeff will never come back to Port Charles and that Jeff asked her to consider moving her and Jeremy out there. The conversation returns to Heather. Anne wonders where Heather would have gotten the gun. Joe begins to wonder the same thing. Luke complains about O'Reilly causing him trouble but is somewhat amazed when Robert tells him that it was O'Reilly who cut the power 'the other night'. Luke tells Robert that Alex has been using Laura as a go between between her and Duval and adds that they have to warn Laura about the frame up. Just then, Cassadine's men return, followed by O"Reilly posing as a maid. She absolutely eviscerates the henchmen for causing a mess in the penthouse and drives them out, before giving the all clear to Luke and Robert. O"Reilly then smuggles Luke and Robert out in the garbage cans, whilst complaining about possibly getting a hernia. Anne and Joe continue talking, with Joe saying that he is enjoying being back in his old neighborhood (The Waterfront). Rick arrives and tells Amy off for forgetting an admissions list. Amy leaves to run that errand. Joe then suggests to Rick that Heather could have gotten a gun when she was out of the sanitarium last Christmas. Rick suggests that Joe check Lesley's house. The new guard explains that the warden has sent him down as he wants to know what is really going on. He sends Toby away so the others won;t get suspicious. Hutch is still skeptical of the new guard, but the guard says that it is his job to see that Hutch doesn't get out, but it's also his job to ensure that Hutch stays alive. Later Toby is out in the yard. The new guard says he wants to break Big Ralph's operation in the prison and advises Toby to come up with a system so he and Hutch can help each other. The new guard gives Toby and Hutch 15 minutes to talk. The two figure out that Big Ralph will take them out at the same time. The new guard gives them coffee and Hutch plays a tune on his guitar, but suddenly starts to feel ill. Toby decides to go and get help, but he quickly collapses. Obviously something was in that coffee! O'Reilly meets with Slick and tells him that they have to get Luke and Robert over to Laura's apartment without being seen. Slick is amused when O'Reilly tells him that she hid Robert and Luke in some garbage cans. Soon afterwards, Luke, Robert, Slick and O'Reilly are all at Laura's apartment. Luke explains to Slick about the plan to frame Laura. Robert says that it's likely that Alex would have planted items that Laura couldn't possibly afford. Slick quickly finds the fur coat, while Luke finds the airline tickets. Slick sits down at the window seat, after a while he eventually realises that he is sitting on the money. With that found, the four head upstairs to Luke's apartment. Slick and Luke speak to Laura (unseen) on the phone. Luke tells Laura that he'll send Slick over to get her. After Slick leaves, Luke and Robert share a drink. Luke asks Robert if he is a good guy and whether he believes that good guys finish last. Robert says that they have no choice but to win otherwise they'll all be dead. Robert asks Luke if he can even guess as to who has the Ice Princess. Emma and Charlie Lutz are arguing. Charlie is not happy with the state of their messy apartment and demands Emma clean it up. Emma starts cleaning and is shocked to find the Ice Princess in her closet!
  10. Actually that was pretty much it. After the Shelly storyline (which as you say lasted way too long), there was a brief arc involving a loan shark (about 4 or 5 episodes) that followed on from the Shelly arc (as Jake was broke and needed money to keep Shooters afloat) and then Jake got involved with Jane.
  11. Not sure whether there are two unavailable episodes or whether the show may have been pre-empted. June 25 appears to seamlessly follow on June 22, with the exception that it is a new day. Wish I had episode numbers. Thursday June 25, 1981 It is a new day in Port Charles. Alex and Tony talk on the phone, and Tony updates her on the situation with Luke. Meanwhile, Laura meets with Edward at ELQ and tells him that she is resigning. When Edward probes Laura's reasons for quitting, Laura says that it is the personality clash between her and Alex. When Edward asks her to stay for a few more weeks, Laura refuses, citing "urgent business". Edward accepts Laura's resignation and offers to have her and Lesley over for lunch. Alex arrives, and Edward tells her about Laura leaving. Alex is angry until Edward points out that Laura quitting fits perfectly into their plans for a frame up. O'Reilly rings Robert and updates him on what is happening at the yacht. They believe Luke is still on there. Robert makes a report to Control, saying that the truth serum Tony used on Luke has failed. Control tells Robert to keep an eye on the situation, ordering him to eliminate Luke if it looks like he is going to spill the location of the Ice Princess. Robert later goes over the plans for the yacht. Joe is at GH where Jessie tells him about all the emergencies at the hospital. Joe is looking for Burt who is interviewing people about the car accident that preceded the burst water pipe. Joe heads up in the lift and is greeted by Bobbie who asks him if he heard about all the emergencies. Joe finally meets with Burt and the two discuss criminal insanity. Joe is worried about Heather possibly being sent to an institution for the criminally insane. Burt notes that such places are overcrowded and says that some of them are snake pits. Noah arrives at the hospital and talks to Bobbie and Jessie as they are sorting out files. Noah invites Bobbie for lunch. Lesley arrives at the nurses station, followed by Rick. Lesley tells Rick that Edward has invited her and Laura for a friendly lunch. Just then Rick gets paged. Lesley turns around and finds Jessie and Bobbie looking at her (obviously thinking that things are going well for a reconciliation between her and Rick). Lesley gets all flustered and leaves. Joe tells Lee about his meetings with Rick and Burt about criminal insanity. Lee tells Joe that Heather will make for a very beautiful and compelling figure on the witness stand. Lee says that it can cloud your judgement when someone you know is involved. Joe remembers that Lee was close to Diana, Lee confirms this and says that that's why he was asked to handle the adoption proceedings for PJ/Steven-Lars. Joe says that Diana knew what Heather was capable of but no-one believed her. Lee agrees, and says that he'll never forgive himself for not believing her. Joe asks if Lee thinks that Heather is capable of murder, Lee says that her past actions combined with the LSD suggest that she is but Joe isn't convinced about that. Lee says that Heather will be put in an asylum. Joe says that he'll be the one guilty of putting her there, but Lee tells Joe that they have a responsibility to the truth above all else. Alex surprises Tony at the Yacht and the two embrace. Tony says that the truth serum used on Luke didn't work as expected and that he'll have to use other methods. Alex is concerned that the use of torture on Luke will kill him and suggests trying her plan to frame Laura instead. Laura tells Lesley about quitting ELQ just before they meet with Edward for lunch. Edward is called away to take a phone call so Lesley continues questioning Laura about her reasons for quitting. With Lesley suggesting that Luke is behind it, Laura quickly has enough and storms out, much to the (somewhat feigned) surprise of Edward. Bobbie and Noah discuss rock music over lunch. Bobbie thinks that rick is too common for someone like Noah but Noah goes on about how many rock stars are educated and adds that he is interested in many forms of music. Noah tells Bobbie that he is going to serenade her right there in the cafeteria. Bobbie points out that he'll look really silly. Laura and Slick talk at Kelly's. Laura is anxious to help Luke but Slick isn't convinced that it is a good idea. Laura tells Slick that he is going to call Kurt Wheeler (a.k.a James Duval) and Slick insists on going with her when she does. Slick says he has to go make some money on the taxis and leaves Laura in charge of looking after the coat with the missing button. After Slick has gone, Laura rings Kurt (James) and tells him that she wants to see him tonight. O'Reilly reports to Robert that Alex made another visit to the yacht. Robert says he has a plan and tells O'Reilly to stay invisible until he gets there. Edward tells Alex that he arranged to be called to the telephone, which left Lesley and Laura to argue. Edward tells Alex that he has jimmied the safe so it looks like someone has broken into it. Edward notices that something is up with Alex, so Alex tells him that she has arranged for the Quartermaine fortune to be safe. Lesley tells Rick about Laura quitting her job and that she went bananas on Laura and Laura stormed out of lunch. Rick and Lesley note that last summer appears to be happening all over again. Meanwhile, Slick accompanies Laura over to Duval's apartment. Slick is concerned about Laura's safety and tries to come up with plan to extricate Laura if she is in trouble (he'll knock on the door and tell her that her cab is waiting). Laura is dismissive of Slick's plan and of many potential threats to her safety. Slick is also concerned when Laura mentions that 'Kurt Wheeler' also goes under the name 'James Duval', he insists that Laura stick to the plan so Laura reluctantly agrees. --- Friday June 26, 1981 Monica makes a phone call to confirm an appointment with someone. Soon afterwards, Kathy discusses her new car with Alan and Monica. Kathy says she will go off to the disco and that she feels free now that she has a car. Alan is annoyed (since he wants to visit Susan) Monica wishes that Kathy have a good time. Luke (looking a bit worse for wear) is brought to Tony, who is eating dinner. Tony tells Luke that he'll be free if he tells him where the Ice Princess is, but Luke says he knows that Tony will never let him walk of the boat alive. At the disco, Claudia is mad that Bryan stood her up for their date last night. Bryan explains about the emergency, Claudia says that she understands but that Bryan should have called her. Claudia is enraged when Bryan tells her that he was afraid she'd go off with another guy and then kisses her. The kiss appeases Claudia much to the amusement of Kathy. Alan is watching Kathy and tells Susan that Monica will use all her resources to find out about them, including Kathy. Bobbie tries to talk about work with Noah but Noah says that Bobbie is starting to nag and goes off to dance with Kathy. Bryan and Claudia note that there is trouble in paradise. Laura talks to an agitated James Duval. Laura tells Duval that she has quit ELQ. Laura explains that she thinks that the Quartermaines are hiding something and suggests to James that they are hiding things from him too. Laura plants doubts about Alex in James' head and notes that the way he has been living (cooped up in a small apartment) is unnatural. Laura tells James that she knows he is connected to the Ice Princess and that she wants to help him. Duval asks Laura if he can call her, Laura says yes and the two exchange some pleasantries before Laura exits the apartment. Monica meets with a man, Larry Corrigan at a seedy dive. The two briefly discuss why Larry left the FBI. Larry asks Monica how she is related to the Quartemaines. Monica explains that she is married to Alan, but hopes not to be. Monica explains that she wants her freedom and custody of her son. Monica gives Larry all the details about Susan and her beau. When Larry notes that its strange that Alan isn't more agreeable to a divorce, Monica rages against the arrogance of the Quartermaine men. Robert and O'Reilly go over Robert's plan. Meanwhile Tony continues to question Luke about the whereabouts of the Ice Princess. They are interrupted by Robert's arrival. Tony threatens to make Laura talk if they can't force Luke to talk. Tony then tells Luke and Robert the entire plan to frame Laura. Robert then convinces Tony to let him take a turn at questioning Luke. Robert says that he'll have five point to make and that Luke will be gone with point five. With every 'point', Robert flicks his lighter but after point four, Tony pauses the interrogation to analyse those four points for a moment. Slick takes Laura to the Mission and Laura talks to Brother Alkins (the preacher). Alkins tells Slick and Laura that two policeman took "Lloyd" (Luke) away but that he doesn't believe that he was a thief. Slick also notes that something is up. Slick asks around at the Mission while Laura makes a call to the precinct house. Laura tells Slick that there is no record of Luke's arrest. The two ask Alkins about what happened in the lead up to Luke being arrested and taken away. Alkins mentions a woman that came to visit Luke and Slick and Laura figure out that it was Alex. Laura visits the Quartermaine mansion and demands to speak to Alex but Stella the housekeeper says that Alexis asleep after a tough day. Laura makes a bit of a scene but Slick comes along and takes Laura out of the mansion. Noah asks Bobbie why she is suddenly so quiet. Noah says that he had some 'low thoughts' last night. Bobbie says that there are some thoughts more important than the urges of the season, like trust. Their conversation is interrupted by Kathy again who drags Noah back onto the dance floor. Meanwhile, Susan tells Alan that she wants to go away for a while. Alan tries to persuade her from leaving. Their conversation is interrupted by Kathy who says that she is going home. Tony has figured out that Luke and Robert are up to something. Luke and Robert deny this and attack each other but Tony has his men stop them fighting and tells them that arrangements have been made to dispose of them both. Luke finally lies to Tony that he has hidden the statue in a public locker. Robert offers to stay on the yacht as a hostage while Kemo accompanies Luke to go get the key for the locker. Robert then tricks Tony into lighting a cigarette for him. This gives the signal to O'Reilly to cause a blackout on the yacht so Luke and Robert can escape.
  12. Good question, hopefully we will find someone who was watching all the way back then. I'm not surprised people complained about the Webbers, it seems the show quickly pivoted around them within months. They did at least tie the Webbers to Steve, although I've always thought it was a little out of character for Steve to have an adulterous affair with a friend's wife, even if it was when he was younger. EDIT: Just watched a clip of Jeff telling Rick that Steve is his father and even though it turns out Lars and Helene were separated when she slept with Steve, it still doesn't sit right. That's my feeling too, the first few years after Lesley's arrival (1973 - 75) seem to have been dominated by the continuing drama surrounding Phil Brewer and the Taylors with Lesley playing a supporting role. It wasn't a sudden takeover as in the case with the Webbers. Interestingly from some of the 1975 episodes I've seen, I believe it was her geode that was used to kill Phil and while she was not really considered a suspect, it did give her a small role in that story. Of course, at that time she also had a love triangle brewing with Cam and Owen Stratton - the proto-Rick! (Lesley and Owen even ran a free clinic together and had issues about potentially having children, sound familiar?) so even in the year leading up to Laura's arrival she was starting to become prominent. One thing that's interesting to me though is that Lesley's earliest lead storyline - when she was treating her ex lover's wife - ended up being the catalyst for introducing characters and situations that have driven story for over 45 years.
  13. Steve and Audrey were supposed to go away together on vacation together (June 11 episode with the disastrous dinner party where the Hardys attempted to play peacemaker between the feuding Webbers and Baldwins) but a week later (June 18) Audrey said that Steve had gone off to a medical conference (at the last minute presumably) and their plans to go away together had gone out the window. Rick has been left in charge as temporary chief of staff so we currently have an arc about Rick being grouchy due to overwork (managing the hospital and his clinic) and clashing with Noah over Noah's attitude. Yes, Georgia usually appears when Jessie is not around but it also makes sense that they would at least try to have them both around for an episode such as this where there is a crisis at the hospital and they want to show an "all hands on deck" situation (only Alan and Monica were unaccounted for during the emergency, everyone else on staff was either there or in the case of Steve, not in Port Charles).
  14. June 22, 1981 Hutch speaks to Bob, the guard who he calls Tiny Tim and says that he knows that he told the warden a story about what happened. Big Ralph asks Bob what went wrong but Bob says that the warden is on his case. After interviewing a number of prisoners, the warden is convinced that Hutch is lying. Bob taunts Hutch and calls him a walking dead man. Dan is busy at the hospital trying to sort out the power situation. He rings up the power company but they are very little help. Rick and Lesley arrive. Some time later, Rick tells Dan and Georgia that they have to sort out main power before fails. Dan sends Bryan down to switching room to get a report, while Jessie arrives. Dan sends her off to the ER, and Rick and Lesley head there as well. Dan decides to head down to the switching room himself. Bobbie and Noah are having dinner at Dino's. Noah says that he likes music, art, literature, poetry, wine, women, song, women, women, women... Bobbie asks him to be serious and Noah says that he is serious about the woman sitting opposite to him. Noah starts drumming on the table, but his beeper goes off. Ignoring the beeper, Noah just continues drumming away on the table using utensils. Luke has been brought to the Cassadine yacht where Tony and Robert are. Luke says that he doesn't know what the Ice Princess is and that he doesn't know where he is. Tony mentions the formula which Luke has no idea about. Tony continues to harangue Luke about the Ice Princess and threatens torture. Luke continues to insist that he doesn't have the Ice Princess but Tony doesn't believe him, getting Kemo to apply pressure to Luke's throat. Robert insists on asking Luke some questions. While interrogating Luke, Robert subtly tries to let Luke know he's on his side before pretending to get angry at him, with Tony's henchman having to restrain Robert. Audrey is busy wheeling a patient on a gurney around while Amy talks to a few patients. Rick and Lesley visit a boy who has appendicitis. Lesley comforts the boy and offers to accompany him upstairs to surgery. Jessie informs Rick that everyone has answered their calls, except for Noah. Bryan gives Rick a report on the state of the generators. Audrey tells Rick that the patients are getting panicky. Back at Dinos, Noah refuses to answer his beeper, but Bobbie eventually persuades him to call the hospital. Noah grumbles to Bobbie about the emergency, but the two finally decide to go. Anne is at the nurses station, while Gail is transferring a patient. Ruby walks in and says the supply room looks like a swamp. Anne sends Ruby on an errand. Finally Noah and Bobbie swan in and Rick doesn't look too happy. Later, Rick tells Lesley that he has to decide between two cases that have to go into surgery. To Rick's surprise, Noah offers to do one of the surgeries. Robert heads up to the deck while Tony injects Luke with truth serum. On the dock, Robert meets with O'Reilly and he updates her on what is going on with Luke. Robert heads back downstairs and observes as Tony interrogates Luke about his plans. Luke recounts how he got Bobbie to get rid of Kemo by screaming and how he put O'Reilly in the mummy case. Tony is confused and frustrated when Luke starts talking about a button and a man with distinctive cologne. In the end, Robert has to pull Tony off Luke. Georgia is on the phone as hospital staff mill around her. Bryan gives an increasingly agitated Dan a report on the situation, prompting Georgia to tell Dan to cool it. Bryan says that there is going to be a blackout when they switch from auxiliary to main generators, and that if the main power still doesn't work it will take several minutes to switch back to the generators. Meanwhile, Amy, Jessie, Gail and Lesley are talking when Dan comes along and tells them about the impending blackout. Lesley is worried as both Noah and Rick are operating. Bryan comes along and says that the power will go off in 30 seconds. We are then treated to a tense montage of the clock, Rick and Noah in their surgeries, and the rest waiting. Bryan counts down from 5 and then the power goes off for a brief moment before coming back on. "And Dan said, 'let there be light' and there was light", Dan says. Tony finally gives up as Luke remains incoherent. Tony tells Robert that he'll have to use torture, but Robert says that Luke might just say Tony says that he might have to kill Luke, but Robert says that the house of Cassadine can't be implicated in such a crime and suggests that he let Luke go as Luke won't tell the police. Tony says that he can't have Luke being able to tell tales. Robert then heads back to the dock and tells O'Reilly that if Luke doesn't come up with something to satisfy Cassadine, he's through. "he's going to be so far under the water that Cousteau won't find him", Robert says.
  15. 😂 --- June 19, 1981 Hutch calmly talks to Toby saying that he can't do it (kill Hutch). Toby drops the shiv. Toby admits that everyone in the prison has pressuring him to kill Hutch for weeks. "We're both as good as dead", Toby says. Hutch says that he won't let that happen and that there must be a way to at least save Toby's skin. Robert warns Tony that Alex will double cross him. Robert attempts to leave, but Tony insists that Robert stay for dinner. Over dinner, Tony asks Robert what he knows about James Duval. Robert says that Tony's affair with "the actress" (Tiffany Hill) drove Alex into Duval's arms and that it was easy for her to persuade him to steal the statue. Tony gets a telegram (sent directly to the yacht via wireless) confirming that Duval is in Port Charles under the name Kurt Wheeler. Robert already knew this information and tells Tony that it proves that Alex and Duval are "still thick" (as thieves presumably). Luke sings "Cheek to Cheek" (Heaven...I'm in Heaven...) while picking up trash. The preacher notes his joy. Luke tells the preacher a little bit about Laura. Luke's jubilant mood instantly changes when Alex walks in. "Hello kid", she says. Luke initially tells Alex he doesn't have the Ice Princess (which he doesn't) but then lies and says that he does. Luke gives Alex the run around, imitating a preacher and quoting scripture at Alex. Alex warns Luke that his time is almost over and that he should give her the Ice Princess. Luke compares Alex to the viper in the garden of Eden. Alex threatens Luke but Luke says her threats make no difference to him. Alex says that she'll reach for his weak spot. Luke says he has no weak spots, but Alex says that he is wrong - his weak spot is Laura Baldwin. At the Waterfront clinic, Rick tells Joe about his problems with the hospital and the clinic while eating some soup. The conversation turns to Heather and Joe says that his plan to have Deputy Martin identify Heather failed. Joe admits that he likes being around Heather and that he felt something when Heather kissed him goodnight. Rick again reminds Joe about what Heather did to Jeff. Joe asks Rick what it means, medically speaking, if someone is criminally insane. Rick explains the definitions of insanity and realises that Joe is talking about Heather. Joe admits that he's hesitant about Rick tells Joe that Heather's mother doesn't trust Heather so Joe can;t either. Rick suggests that Joe approach the situation as if it were a doctor-patient situation, as he may be more able to view it more objectively that way. Hutch formulates a plan to get Toby out of trouble, they'll say that Hutch was pretending to sleep when Toby made his move and that Hutch managed to defend himself. The two begin fighting and cause such a commotion that the guards arrive and take Toby away. Robert and Tony finish dinner. Alex phones Tony and says that she found Luke. Both Alex and Tony don;t believe Luke's claims that he doesn't have the statue. Before telling Tony the address for the mission, Alex extracts a promise that Edward won't be punished financially for her coming to side with the Cassadines. Tony gives that promise and Alex gives him the address. Tony sends Albert to fetch Luke. Meanwhile, Luke is in a hurry to leave the mission. The preacher asks him if he is in trouble, and - noting the cliche - Luke asks him if he can spare a dime to make a call to Laura. Unfortunately, Laura is not home so Luke asks the preacher to tell Slick and Laura that he'll be in touch if they come by the mission. As Luke leaves the mission, he is suddenly arrested by two cops for robbery. Hutch tells the warden that Toby attacked him. Bob (the guard) says that he sent Toby in to give Hutch some coffee, but Hutch says that Bob knew about the shiv. Toby backs up Bob's story (as he and Hutch planned). The warden is angry and says he'll notify the parole board. After the warden and Bob have left, Hutch and Toby briefly acknowledge one another. Later, Big Ralph speaks to a bruised Toby and tells him that the job still needs to be done. He sends Toby to get fixed up in the infirmary. Lesley tells Alice about the accident and the water main bursting at GH, adding that she wasn't there as she was at the Clinic. Just then, Rick arrives. Alice and Rick briefly discuss Heather. Rick says that Alice always seems to have something she wants to say to him but Alice denies this. Rick and Lesley then converse privately. Rick apologises for being stubborn, Lesley says that it is his best quality and that some would call it perseverance. Rick asks to sit closer to Lesley. She agrees. Rose and Joe talk at Kelly's. Joe tells Rose that Heather confuses him and plays tricks with his mind. Rose suggests that the reason he sees Heather differently is because he is a different Joe. Joe heads for bed, just as Slick arrives. Slick and Rose talk about the jacket again, with Rose mentioning that Jeremy took a look at it. Slick says that no one is following him now, which worries him. Alice pours tea for Rick and Lesley. Lesley invites Alice to stay but Alice insists that she has to leave. Rick hopes that Noah Drake won't give him any further problems but Lesley says that he is anticipating and reminds Rick to think of the time that he was young and eager. Rick agrees to give Noah a break. Lesley gets a call from Georgia saying that the issue with the water-main has affected the electrical supply and that while the generator for the cardiac unit and surgery is working, the generator for the rest of the hospital cannot be started, and thus most of the hospital is without power. The two rush off to the hospital. Tony learns that his men have Luke and tells Robert this. Robert says that Luke won't give up the location of the statue so easily but Tony disagrees. Robert asks Tony where he fits in now Tony is back with Alex. Tony asks if he had anything in mind. Robert decides to take a stroll on the decks to think. Alex stops by and expresses her glee that her and Tony's plans appear to be coming to fruition. She again reiterates her request that Edward not be harmed financially before leaving. Robert comes back and notes that Tony had a visitor. Finally the two fake cops arrive with Luke: "Well, well, well, good evening Mr Spencer", Tony says.
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