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  1. Never ever trust a Lazy Susan when you're in Port Charles.
  2. I just hope he's a doctor or a nurse coming to work at General Hospital. Yes I know that's too much to ask for
  3. Oh gawd I hope not, it'd just be too weird for RH & RH to go from spouses (albeit with a brother in common lol) to siblings on the same damn show! Perhaps it is Shawn that Alexis meets.
  4. Aha! I had a feeling it was that particular period. I actually remember Sonny being off the show for two weeks while it focused on Lulu's kidnapping. And then he came back just before the 50th anniversary episode for the storyline involving Brenda's brief return. Cheers again
  5. And of course, Steven was actually Franco's big brother too lol - i don't know whether that has been acknowledged on the show since that storyline with Hayden's mother and Heather Webber. I'm also happy that Shawn is coming back. I always liked him.
  6. Yep, I certainly did notice and was wondering about that. What was the second longest gap? Was it sometime during Ron Carlivati's tenure? Cheers for the counts
  7. Post Nighttime Hope, Jennifer (who'd been away for several years except for a brief appearance at Alice's funeral) returned to Salem and reached out to Hope who was incarcerated. Jennifer even got herself a job at the prison after Hope tipped her off about an organ trafficking scheme being operated out of the prison. But that was probably the only time they were involved in a mystery together.
  8. I seem to recall SOD making a snarky remark about Olivia owning a radio station that she never went to, so perhaps it was part of the Richards Communications Group. Also I'm fairly sure that Richards Communications Group owned the newspaper that Vanessa worked at.
  9. Oh yes that's right, I remember that now.
  10. Interestingly, Laura mentioned today that "it's been so long since Amy died" (hence her rushing to have a connection with Martin). Is this the first time Amy (and Shell Kepler's) passing has been acknowledged on the show? (at around 1:40)
  11. Mickey became a prosecutor in the DA's office at the time, so they may have been trying to establish Chris as Salem's new go-to defence attorney. Chris represented Kim (for Emma's murder) and Steve (for Duke's murder) before being written out, with Josh Taylor going full time on Valerie/The Hogan Family; previously he'd been doing that show part time while he was still on DAYS.
  12. Herbert was actually introduced in 1987 and killed off just as quickly in a murder mystery involving the Qs (including Celia's parents Quentin and Betsy), Robert and Robert's love interest at the time. It looks like it was a weird timing though as Celia had already left the show 18 months prior and yet they had finally introduced her immediate family - well Quentin had recurred when Celia was around but he was recasted for Herbert's murder mystery storyline.
  13. Apparently Alexandria was the daughter of an unseen and unnamed brother of Edward's.
  14. Yeah I think everyone knew that was coming lol
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