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  1. And that re-shuffling of love interests left Jax and Courtney out in the cold so they were paired up as well.
  2. If it gets too obvious, maybe they could have an announcer intone: "Due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements, the part of ----------- in this scene will be played by ------------" 🤣
  3. @titan1978 I'd stopped watching by this time so I didn't know this myself, but yes, Lucky burned down the house 😔
  4. I seem to recall Lucky (I think it was still GV then) wanted Liz and the kids to move in there with him when they got engaged in 2009 and Lucky surprised her with an engagement party there. Of course, Liz and the kids never moved in there because her affair with Nikolas was exposed; Liz ended up staying in her house in Queens Point near to Patrick and Robin while Lucky got an apartment for himself (Patrick's old apartment). On April 1st, 2010 (the 47th anniversary, but I don't know if it was intentional or not because celebrating the anniversary every year seems to be more of a Valentini thing), Lucky (now JJ) took Maya Ward on a tour around the house. However, we only saw them talk on the exterior porch, we didn't actually see the interior.
  5. Yes, it is a bit frustrating but on the other hand, the fact that Michaela Rooney already works behind the scenes and probably wasn't interested in having Emily recur does lessen the disappointment somewhat. That said, Shortland Street does tend to rely on serial killers, killer epidemics and Big pharma a bit too often. It's possible but I think that it was intended to be a short stint all along. It was filmed shortly after the show resumed production in May but would have been written earlier in the year when COVID didn't yet have such a foothold; as far as I know, the show hasn't had to make wholesale rewrites.
  6. Michaela Rooney's brief return in front of the camera as Dr Emily Devine has now come to an end with the character being killed off as part of the ongoing 'creep' storyline
  7. Shortland Street's 7000th episode screened on July 3rd. The episode itself was low key but there has been some media coverage. https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/tv-radio/tv-guide/121984423/shortland-street-cast-celebrates-7000-episodes - the photos in this one are cropped in an odd way lol https://twitter.com/ShortlandTweet/status/1278909727884238848?s=20
  8. I think Jay ran (but not sure if he owned) Crimson Lights from 1994 - 99, before Nick and Sharon bought it.
  9. And in a surprise move, Michaela Rooney has reprised the role of Dr. Emily Devine after 23 years. Emily originally appeared from 1995 - 1997. Like many former actors from the show, Michaela Rooney has moved to working behind the scenes on Shortland Street (as a scriptwriter). It will be interesting to see where this goes. I found it interesting that the intruder was planned to be Emily all along, but that Jennifer Ludlam's leave of absence delayed the storyline for a while. https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/tv-radio/tv-guide/121914377/shortland-streets-emily-devine-returns-after-25year-absence hthttps://twitter.com/ShortlandTweet/status/1275692195690012680?s=20tps://twitter.com/ShortlandTweet/status/1275692195690012680?s=20https://twitter.com/ShortlandTweet/status/1275692195690012680?s=20
  10. If you use ctrl + F to search for 'Conn' at the curlyqgirl recaps (Connor and Conner are spelt interchangeably, hence you have to shorten his name to get all the mentions, but unfortunately it will also pick up 'connected' and 'Connecticutt' as well) you'll get an idea of his storylines. http://www.angelfire.com/tv/curlyqgrl/gh/eps/gheps1991.htm http://www.angelfire.com/tv/curlyqgrl/gh/eps/gheps19912.htm http://www.angelfire.com/tv/curlyqgrl/gh/eps/gheps1992.htm http://www.angelfire.com/tv/curlyqgrl/gh/eps/gheps19922.htm Basically the TLDR version is that Connor first appeared June 24, 1991. Mac and Dominique encountered him first and Mac hired him to sing at his new jazz club, The Outback and the now infamous wedding rehearsal scene takes place on June 27, 1991. Connor also became friends with Dominique and Robin. Connor performed again the following month at the opening of The Outback. By September 1991, Felicia had become suspicious of Connor. Connor revealed that he was looking for his father and that Mariah might have some answers since as @AdelaideCate007 mentions, they were connected. Mac, Connor, Felicia and Maxie went to Texas where a friend of Mariah's told them about Connor's father, El Patron. By December 1991, Connor was in trouble with immigration and needed to prove that his father was American. Sean tried to help Connor and was shocked when Connor told Sean that his father was El Patron. Sean revealed to Robert that he was El Patron. This is where the video - "He's my son" - that @victoria foxton posted comes in. Sean saved Connor from deportation by revealing that he was Connor's father. They took blood tests at the beginning of 1992 and the results came back in February. Connor was hesitant to accept Sean as his father (and they still had an uneasy relationship as late as July). Then there was a brief storyline about Connor being hired by Lucy to write a theme song for Deception. By September, Connor had feelings for Dominique but she got ended up getting married to Scott. There is no further mention of Connor in these recaps after October 22, 1992.
  11. It's weird reading about a pre-Monty spy storyline on GH. It does feel very Dobson-ish though. Also good to see what Steve Hardy was getting up to. Those yearly summaries they used to have on Abc.com always seemed to suggest that all Steve did in the early - mid 70s was pining after Audrey.
  12. Not sure why they divorced the first time as I wasn't watching (something to do with Traci having a miscarriage and Lisa locking Brad up in a cage?) **Edit** I didn't see the post by will81** The second time round Brad pretty much lost interest in Traci and had only re-married her because she was pregnant with Colleen. So when Colleen was a few months old, Traci left Brad for her publisher Steve (from memory it wasn't even a big affair storyline or anything, Traci had realized her marriage was over and decided to pursue things with Steve who had been showing interest in her). Taci and Steve left with Colleen to live in New York City. A year or so after that, Traci had married Steve. Brad - concerned that Colleen (now SORASed to 5 years old) didn't know him and viewed Steve as her father - pursued joint custody and/or visitation rights. That lead to a brief quadrangle as Traci still had lingering feelings for Brad but Brad was involved with Lauren. At one point, Brad had a heart attack while being intimate with Lauren; Traci and Lauren feuded over Brad at the hospital. I don't know how that exactly all got resolved because I stopped watching for a while and when I resumed; Brad was with Nikki, Lauren had moved to L.A (for B&B) and Traci and Steve were back in New York.
  13. I suppose we should be grateful that they're not planning on using barbie dolls, cling wrap and perspex screens like in that SNL sketch @Vee posted here 3 months ago!
  14. i guess the inappropriateness of Scotty and Laura's early relationship gets overshadowed by Laura's later storylines with David Hamilton (basically a story about grooming) and Luke (the rape at the disco).
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