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  1. I thought the leap forward was in 2004?
  2. Oh that's interesting. Y&R did often take breaks during the summer for Cricket coverage on Nine but that wouldn't account for the discrepancy as Days would have had the same breaks and yet didn't fall that much further behind (Days started in Australia in 1968 and by the mid 90s was still roughly about three years behind).
  3. Yeah that would be about correct. New Zealand was always roughly four years behind, but the Aussie soap magazines always had articles and later summaries for Y&R that suggested Australia was about six months ahead of us.
  4. I think, but I'm not sure, that the black book wouldn't actually have been used as evidence in court. Rather - as the book had the names and numbers of people involved in the Smith Organization in addition to the location of the gold - once Luke had mailed the decoded portions of the book to Joe Kelly, Joe and Burt Ramsey would have been able to track down witnesses who - provided they agreed to testify voluntarily i.e they couldn't be compelled to testify - would have had enough "attenuation" for their testimony to be admissible. I also believe that finding the gold bouillon was just a way of signalling to the rest of the organization that Frank Smith had been skimming extra amounts that they had not agreed to, thereby convincing enough witnesses to throw Frank Smith under the bus. Disclaimer - I pieced the above speculation together from the scant recaps of that time (curlyqgrl) and a quick wiki search of articles such as "Exclusionary rule" and "Fruit of the poisonous tree" so have no idea whether I am truly correct lol
  5. It is! Here are the scenes First part from 2:42 - Peter Hansen does some great facial acting here, showing Lee's contempt for the Webbers and Laura. Second part of the dinner party starts at the beginning of the clip. As an added bonus, Rick and Lesley later have an intimate conversation at Kelly's - with Monica seated at a nearby table!
  6. @j swift yes it's what Franko says above and also there was the incident where Lee fell off the wagon and burned the divorce papers, which Lee was very apologetic for. One thing that is also interesting is that Lee and Gail weren't on speaking terms with Rick and Lesley for the best part of a year and at one point Steve and Audrey tried to intervene by luring both couples (well Rick and Lesley weren't actually back together yet) to a dinner party that didn;t go down to well lol.
  7. Delta Goodrem is interesting because there was that whole period where Neighbours devoted itself to promoting Delta's debut album. I'm not complaining though, it worked for Delta and Neighbours and the songs were good
  8. Oh definitely. I think, in particular, the straw that broke the camel's back for me was Dante having known Brenda years before. That was a bit too much. But up until then, I liked the show's focus on him.
  9. I believe it was. Lee was drugged with the LSD in January 1968; the ramifications played out for the rest of the year, then carried well into the following year even after Nixon left. And then as has been mentioned Lee was killed off in May 1969. Oh I loved reading about the Danny Fargo saga.
  10. Heck, in such a scenario they all probably just talked about Jo for 15 minutes.
  11. Rachel and Ted were married on July 6, 1971 (according to AWHP) so Rachel actually married Ted during Robin Strasser's first run. And yes it was an impulsive marriage, their courtship literally played out over the course of just two weeks!
  12. Oh thanks for this! You know, this is probably the first time I've seen what the Pre-Monty GH set looks like in color.
  13. I thought this was funny, appears to be a new TikTok dance surrounding the EastEnders theme song EDIT and this appears to be the original...
  14. Oh yes, it's the Horton cabin on Smith Island, my mistake.
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