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  1. In 1987 when (recast) Bill returned to Salem, it was revealed that Laura had been institutionalized. Not sure what they said during this time (whether they said it was a relapse or whether they said she'd been there all along), but until that point Jennifer had believed her mother was in Europe. But I think basically in '93 they could've just made it clear that everything that happened with Kate Roberts happened *after* this point in the Days "timeline" causing Laura to have a relapse, but they instead chose to muddy the waters a bit...i'm not sure.
  2. A fighter. Yes, I remember that part now. Thanks That was so inappropriate and IIRC they even had Victoria going to him for a check-up just to check him out even though Victoria and Nikki had already discussed Victoria's preference for a female ob-gyn (as opposed to Nikki's stated preference for a male one, which it seems was just to pick up another husband!).
  3. Yeah pretty much as @titan1978 and @carolinegdescribe, although the best and worst column itself was actually published about two months before Lois' brief return in early '97 (which was so bad that if it weren't for Thorne and Macy I wouldn't have been surprised if they had gotten worst break-up of '97 as well as '96!). I had this particular issue of SOD once upon a time and I'm trying to remember what the write up actually said. I think it made the argument that - after forgiving Ned for his Eddie Maine lies and marrying Katherine - it was out of character for Lois to have left N
  4. At that time you also had Kristina, fresh from her experiences with Kiefer, running around town calling out Sonny's abusive treatment of women to anyone who would listen. Unfortunately the one person who actually did listen was Johnny, which led to them faking a relationship but Kristina's assessment of her father was absolutely spot on. So much wasted potential with that character.
  5. I've just finished episode 4 and agree with everything you've said. Gillian Anderson doing a great job as Margaret Thatcher too.
  6. Nicole and Maeve are now married And actress Theresa Healey has returned to the show, nearly 25 years after her iconic character Nurse Carmen Roberts was killed off on Christmas Day 1995 Though she is not playing Carmen, she is playing Maeve's mother.
  7. Victoria actually dated Neil for much of 1998 (despite being pregnant with Cole's child!!). After getting Neil to take her to Cole and Ashley's wedding, Victoria then dragged him off to dinner with her parents (who had recently gotten back together after Nikki's shooting). Victor had already known that Victoria was dating Neil (and had accepted it), but Nikki literally only found out when Victoria introduced Neil as her date. This led to a somewhat awkward dinner where Nikki was asking Neil questions about his recent separation from Dru. I don't know if this was there earliest inte
  8. Somewhat. He was introduced in 2010 as the unknown son of Chris and his third wife Alison Raynor. Alison had recently drowned so his uncle decided it was time Phoenix got to know his father. Alison had kept Phoenix's existence a secret as she and Chris had a messy divorce shortly before Chris returned to the show in 2000 (Hence in the timeline of the show Phoenix would have been born around 2000/2001 but they SORASed him and made his birth year 1995). Anyway, it took a while for Phoenix to settle in at the Warner house as he was moody and still mourning the loss of his mother. Harr
  9. Unfortunately it looks like Jack's return stint has already wrapped up, with Phoenix's death being the final straw to make him cut ties with Shortland Street - a bit ridiculous since he and Phoenix never had any sort of friendship, though I guess seeing his dad's best friend lose his own son could be triggering. Michelle's great. Hopefully Chris makes her wife number 6 and Lisa Chappell stays for years.
  10. I'm pretty sure Critchlow's Mike once talked about her with Carrie, but I could be wrong.
  11. I think at least initially. Stefan and the other new Cassadines had a really strong introduction and I think there was enough story and interest to make him a success for at least the first three years. It gets a bit iffy after that but I think Stefan's redemptive arc and 2001 exit was at least a somewhat satisfactory conclusion to the character. Stefan's 2003 return ruined all that however. So I wouldn't call Stefan a flop, but his later years did not live up to the potential of '96.
  12. Speaking of the NZ election:
  13. Now that Curtis has survived his encounter with the creep (sans one kidney)...
  14. Yes I do believe Y&R started from the first episode in New Zealand, most likely began airing here in 1977 as we were always 4 years behind. Finished in 2009 with episodes from shortly after Cassie's death.
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