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  1. It was almost 18 months if you include the periods where Genie only made fleeting returns. Laura basically was away for over a month after her death was faked in the lead up to the Twist of Fate primetime special in December 1996, came back for February '97 sweeps and then left again (Laura moved to Switzerland with Lesley after Stefan threatened her), made a few appearances in May '97 sweeps and then didn't appear again until May '98.
  2. Yes and they also had Marie Alise Recasner as Nurse Lynn who, while not quite a regular, ended up playing a small but significant part in the Sami/Austin/Carrie/Lucas storyline (having previously dated Jonah and would later go on to drug Laura for Stefano). In fact, she probably had more to do than Jonah and Wendy did in their last two years.
  3. I wonder if they would have killed Ridge off had Susan Flannery not decided to leave at roughly the same time as Ronn Moss.
  4. I think 1995 was probably the last year of that 90's period when most of the soaps truly did try to make an effort to increase diversity. B&B had introduced Michael and Jasmine. GH had Justus and Simone (despite them being boring as a couple lol) involved in dramas with the Hardys, and Keesha was involved with Jason. Y&R still had the Voliens (Jack's wife Luan, son Keemo and step-daughter Mai) while the Winters/Hastings/Barbers bubble had expanded slightly with the addition of Malcolm the year before. Noah and Julia were a big couple on AMC and the rest of the Santos clan was involved in storylines. Antonio Vega was becoming a lead on OLTL But yes, during the course of 1996 many of these stories were dropped or permanently consigned to the backburner, characters written out or killed off etc.
  5. Lulu was actually Maxie's rival for a period of time but of course by 2009 they were bffs. Their feuds since then haven't lasted very long; despite Maxie lying about the surrogacy, or the period where Maxie blamed Lulu for Nathan's death. I'd also argue that Spinelli has been the constant romantic pairing in Maxie's life. Sure, they have been platonic for years what with Bradford Anderson only guesting for brief stints since about 2003; but the show has always kept their link alive via their co-parenting of their daughter. True, although it's been so long now that some of the mob crew are as tenured as their Days counterparts.
  6. Manny's identical (even the tattoos! lol) good twin, Father Mateo was one of the hostages during the Metro Court hostage crisis; but other than that, Mateo's story went nowhere. Manny also shot and killed Justus, and Carly's biological father John Durant (played by Corbin Bernsen). He didn't actually shoot Lucky but held Liz hostage at knifepoint and Lucky injured his back when he went to rescue Liz. Manny's shooting of Sam prompted Jason to tell Alexis that Sam was her daughter. Alexis immediately took over and tried to cut Jason out of Sam's life. Manny (all roads led back to Manny) decided to cause a mob war between Lorenzo and Sonny by getting some clowns (that is, his goons dressed as clowns) to target Lorenzo's son Diego (who later became the text message killer but that's another story) at a carnival. However, it was Jesse who ended up getting shot during the ensuing shoot-out and he died. Jesse had only been introduced the previous summer (2005) when they tried doing a summer on-the-run storyline with him and Maxie. After Jesse died, Maxie initially went after Nikolas. But after Nikolas made it clear he wasn't interested, Maxie turned to Lucky and began supplying him with pills for his back injury. Thus began the "summer of sleaze" when Lucky slept with Maxie, Sam slept with Ric and Jason slept with Liz. Contagion was first, that played out over February 2006. Laura woke up in October.
  7. yes, that's correct. Elena was Dusty's 'friend' but was also an agent of the DVX. And correction to my earlier post - the bomb on the train wasn't actually nuclear but it was set to detonate near an early warning nuclear weapons alert system. This would presumably have triggered many nuclear weapons and caused world war 3.
  8. WSB vs DVX I think. Basically there was a storyline where Bobbie's step-daughter Terry Brock fell in love with Dusty, played by Shaun Cassidy. And the two started singing together. But Dusty had been brainwashed by the DVX or something and his song was the trigger. Everyone ended up at Mt Rushmore for their concert and I think Duke, Anna and Robert had to chase down a train with a nuclear bomb on board.
  9. @Mitch And her voice definitely sounds like Parker Posey too.
  10. Cautiously optimistic in light of the fact that other countries have experienced a second wave.
  11. @DRW50Laura has a fair bit to do with Lulu, Valentin, Nikolas and lately Cyrus (I'd like to think that after almost losing her for good in 2018, GH has finally learnt it's lesson where Genie Francis is concerned), but Kevin's only on like twice a month (and Lucy even less).
  12. I think Brenda's Ashley was showing signs that she was about to break down again right at the very end, after Blade died and she found out Rick had posed as Blade and then realised Rick had basically raped her for several weeks/months. But that was Brenda's exit story in the role and Ashley fled Genoa City to Paris immediately afterwards. When Ashley returned played by Shari, the whole thing was glossed over and forgotten. After that, I think the only mention of Ashley's time in Paris post Blade/Rick was when Eileen was back in the role and it was revealed that during that time in Paris, Ashley had apparently gotten herself involved in a caper with her never before or since - once the storyline had ended that is - mentioned step-brother Rafael Delgado (Brent Davis' step-son from one of his marriages).
  13. Number 9 - people being pushed down the stairs - happens a lot in UK soaps, but people tend to survive.
  14. Curtis and Laura are friends, he's probably the closest friend she's had since Mary Mae. And Carly and Laura are close now too, though it's usually more Laura supporting Carly than the other way round. Carly does become somewhat of a decent human being when she is with Laura and actually felt bad for keeping Nikolas' return a secret from Laura.
  15. Here's a clip with three examples for you @Darn - both hit and miss. The first flashback in the clip - Brando and Molly hooking up - is probably the usual, normal kind of flashback you'd expect to see on a soap and imo fits into the scene well. The second flashback with Sam randomly having a flashback to a conversation with Jordan while grabbing a coffee cup (lol) is an obvious insert. And in normal times it would definitely not be necessary for Molly to have a minute long flashback about her and TJ deciding that they would become domestic partners before telling her sisters that that is what she and TJ had decided.
  16. I'm guessing this would be after Blair's miscarriage. I think Blair was feuding with Kelly for most of the year because Kelly had caused the crash which led to Blair losing Patrick's baby and tried to become between Kelly and Ian Armitage. Interestingly, Todd blamed Patrick for the crash (Todd was upset because the baby was going to be a bone marrow donor for Starr) and that ended up leading to the 'Patrick is a terrorist' storyline which is listed as worst story.
  17. And now Shortland Street is set to resume filming:
  18. @John Yes, and WorkSafe Victoria will no doubt be involved too.
  19. Yes it's a cute little term that has caught on in New Zealand. I don't know if the term has caught on in Australia (I don't think it has) but basically what Neighbours is doing is dividing people up into separate 'work bubbles'. Sharon Johal (Dipi) said we're going to start seeing more phone conversations, production tricks, long zoom lenses and limiting scenes to 3 people - https://www.abc.net.au/radio/melbourne/programs/drive/neighbours-sharon-johal-on-long-running-soap-resuming-production/12166504
  20. Jack got married to Matiu! But no, they didn't come back. The wedding was entirely offscreen and only mentioned by Esther and Eddie to create unnecessary drama (since Curtis would be there and Eddie had caught Esther lying about still texting him just before Esther gave birth to Kiwa).
  21. Dividing the cast and crew into (what we in New Zealand would call) 'bubbles' is an interesting idea and I hope it works out.
  22. New Zealand level 4 lockdown restrictions will be lifted at 11:59pm on Monday 27 April, after which the country will be at level 3 for at least two weeks. The NZ alert level system is explained here: https://covid19.govt.nz/alert-system/covid-19-alert-system/
  23. Faith was the name Karen grew up with after she was kidnapped as a baby (and just as mysteriously, grew up as a brunette! lol) I think Eric was faking blindness to hold onto Brooke at this point. IIRC at the party, Eric slipped up and Sally realised he could see.
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