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  1. Fun fact, Oliver Driver once played a nurse back in the 90s (Mike Galloway, 1998 - 1999) but if his character was to reappear today literally noone else on the canvas would know him as he was on during the years (1996 - 2000) Chris wasn't on the show. I have wondered why the number of episodes screened each week hasn't been reduced like it was last year...they must have only like 3 - 4 weeks left at the rate rate of 5 episodes a day.
  2. Oh definitely. They had a catfight over Brad when Lauren's lovin' sent him to hospital with a heart attack! lol
  3. Lucas brought Lynn as his date for a New Years Eve party right at the end of 1997 to taunt Sami but I think she just dropped off the canvas after that.
  4. Nurse Lynn (remember her? I always liked how she was used across a couple of different storylines) had also told Sami that she'd used drugs on an ex-boyfriend to get him into bed, so the idea of drugging Austin came from Lynn. After Carrie and Austin's failed wedding, Sami did try to blame Marlena for influencing her to go after Austin but Marlena didn't remember and then realised that it must have happened while she was possessed. Sami of course thought that it was awfully convenient Marlena could blame her actions on being possessed. But really, Sami's actions were all her own. Not really Sami but one scene that Alison Sweeney was involved in during the possession storyline was when after Marlena broke free from the Devil on Horton Island and sought sanctuary with Father Francis, the devil managed to lure Marlena out by having the late Curtis Reed (now a demon) hold "Sami" hostage. Of course once Marlena rescued "Sami" from Curtis, "Sami" disappeared into thin air and Marlena became possessed again.
  5. Tanner's brother and Molly's mother...there were several posts about how useless they all were in the scheme of things about a month ago (roughly 4 pages back)
  6. I think I read somewhere that Mickey had mumps as a teenager so became concerned that he might be sterile but then was so happy that Laura was pregnant that he didn't bother looking at the results; the idea that Laura might be pregnant by another man, let alone his brother (who had raped Laura), didn't cross his mind at all.
  7. Around 7-8 months, depending on whether you start from Stefano drugging Marlena into a dream state and playing out all those fantasies with her which ultimately left her vulnerable to possession (November 1994); or whether you start from the first acts of the Desecrator (December 1994). Marlena was revealed as the Desecrator and started levitating etc just before Christmas. She wasn't free of the demon until the following July.
  8. Someone did spoil that on Twitter about a month ago but as the Twitter community for Shortland Street is quite small so the tweet was mostly ignored.
  9. I had assumed the same so I was actually surprised to find a scene between Christie's Carrie and Anna during Marlena's 1986 coma. In the scene Anna persuades Carrie (who was still wary of RoJohn at this point) to stay with RoJohn to help out with the twins.
  10. Sheila once spiked Macy's drink - apparently out of revenge for Thorne not supporting Sheila's marriage to Eric. I can't remember if they actually talked or anything though.
  11. I totally agree. It's also very odd how Leann and Christie had scenes together when Christie first started back in 1986 and then nothing for over 30 years. Anna should have been around not only for Carrie's troubles with Sami but for the Tony and Kristen stuff too (Later retconned as Andre and Kristen).
  12. Yeah I found those episodes earlier this morning as well, some musical segments have unfortunately been muted by Youtube but all in all exceptional quality. I binge watched all five. I really did enjoy this caper, in particular I thought the references to Days' history were really well done.
  13. The other "family" was the Russian Bratva. Sonny had a habit of killing their representatives (Mr Serge in 2015 and Petrov in 2017). They often seem to be replaced by whoever Sonny's rival is at the time, for example after Mr Serge was killed, Ava basically took his spot at one of the meetings as the then head of the Jerome family. The Russian Bratva came back in 2017 represented by Petrov and then Cyrus Renault seems to have taken their spot at the meeting in May. If so, perhaps it is intended that the spot is vacant and will be filled at some point by whoever is the current main rival of the Corinthos Organization.
  14. There was a producer actually who was in the process of making a documentary (interviewed Felicia etc) and came to show Kevin the footage. Unfortunately Kevin was actually Ryan at the time and when the producer told him of his theory that Ryan had survived the funhouse explosion, Ryan killed him. This took place at the end of 2018. It's certainly possible that the footage could have been found and leaked. There was also a scene a few months back that established that Ryan does get a lot of fan mail (including from Heather Webber lol).
  15. Daytime Serial Newsletter, the same source that @FrenchFan has been posting in the 1975 summaries thread. FrenchFan did not have summaries from later on in 1973 but @will81 did and posted the September 1973 summary on page 13 of that thread.
  16. Here is a snip of the summary from September 1973 that @will81 posted that mentions Lesley's other child and first husband Bruce
  17. I was very surprised to learn (I think from one of the 1973 summaries that @FrenchFan posted) that Lesley had had another child that died...it's barely mentioned anywhere. I also recall that the backstory was also that Augusta had had an affair with Lesley's husband. Correction: it was a summary @will81 provided
  18. She was married to Lamont wasn't she and Mark and her had an affair, Lamont later died and she married Mark only to be killed offscreen when Mark returned. Lamont was some sort of businessman involved in a scam with David Hamilton and Dan worked for him before joining the staff at GH, Am I correct? I've seen some of the videos of Jeff's paternity reveal post Lassa Fever and Terri did get mentioned a lot during that time. I think either Rick or Jeff went to visit her in Hawaii but after that she doesn't seem to get mentioned at all.
  19. I agree. I was particular intrigued by the reveal that Peter hadn't killed the real Nurse Chloe after all and now it seems she is in captivity with Drew. Also, the identity of the other prisoner will be interesting to find out.
  20. Come to think of it, they could have brought Terri back when they brought Mark Dante back
  21. I've always assumed it was Lives (rhymes with hives) since it was going to be a spin-off of Days of Our Lives, same with Pacific Lives. Just like how Another World was originally going to be a spin-off of As The World Turns.
  22. Willow was working as a teacher for the sick kids at GH, but when Cyrus and Britt took over the teaching program was cut so Willow decided to enroll in nursing school. That was nearly a year ago so presumably she's been attending classes off-screen when not wallowing over whether to choose Michael or Chase.
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