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  1. Lucy's currently too busy undoing two years of character development to listen to Ali
  2. Well blow me down...Curtis is now gone too.
  3. I'm sure Lucy and Ali will break up at some point...then perhaps end up reconciling and marrying at their originally planned wedding date lol
  4. I don't like the way the show has been handling Billie's rape. It feels like a giant plot device to get Billie to pass the baby off as VJ's, and also the aftermath got a bit lost during the explosion episodes.
  5. Were it not for Sarah's current newborn, i'd suggest Todd and Sarah have another baby together.
  6. Yeah, though hopefully they don't get carried away like Neighbours did with their triplets, killing Cameron off and having Robert so totally un-reedemable.
  7. Well I would have loved to have had Carrie back but as with Phoenix's mum Alison they first thing they did was kill her off! One of the tweets last night was that somebody should really warn Grace lol! It's a long complicated story regarding the triplets. Basically Carrie was single but wanted a child. After being turned down for adoption she decided to go via Artificial Insemination. She approached her ex lover Michael McKenna (Rachel's father) first but he'd had a vasectomy so basically Carrie went around the clinic (as it was back then) soliciting donations. The father remained unknown, and during that time Carrie met and eloped with Declan Kennedy, father of Nurse Steve Mills (who was one of the potential fathers!). Carrie initially thought she was having twins but when the birth happened, it turned out there was an extra child, a girl named Sarah in addition to Frank and Finbar (Finn). Being triplets, the babies were premature (I think about 30 weeks or something) and Sarah was especially poorly. Declan ended up fleeing or being arrested or something (not quite sure) for his dodgy dealings and Steve stepped in to help Carrie with the triplets, falling in love with her in the process. Carrie was eventually threatened by Declan's criminal associates and decided to move to Australia. Months later, Chris made a mysterious trip to Australia. It was soon revealed that he was the father and he had gone to donate blood to Sarah who was in need of a transfusion. Steve, who had become convinced that he was the father, was devastated. This (and Chris' interest in a nurse Jo Jordan) led to Steve and Chris having a fateful argument in a car one day. The car crashed and Steve and Sam's first wife TP were killed. Later on, Chris' then fiancee Tiffany was so upset by the attention that her furture in laws were giving to Guy and Carmen's child, that she ended up blurting out that they already had three other grandchildren. As Chris' father was dying, the Warner clan made a trip over to see Carrie and the triplets who were about two years old at that time. That, as far as we know, was the last time Chris saw them.
  8. At this point i'm wondering if Margaret will come back at all. Mo scenes with Cate seemed to be setting a storyline up for them once Victoria leaves. Also if what I suspect is true, the new doctor should be very interesting.
  9. Just to expand on the situation with the Nash family a bit more, Travis Nash and his wife Rebecca (Fisher's daughter) initially took over fostering from Pippa - Sam went to live with Fisher, while Tiegan and Justine stayed with Travis and Rebecca (Sally moved into Travis and Rebecca's old place with Vinnie and Jesse at this time). They were eventually joined by Travis' brother Joel, his wife Natalie and their kids Tom and Gypsy (initially they lived in separate houses but after Joel and Natalie's house was destroyed in an arson by Gypsy's stalker, they moved in with Travis and Rebecca). Travis and Rebecca eventually left the bay, while Tiegan had already gone off to live with Pippa after her break up with Joey. Over the next year, Justine and Tom left and Joel and Natalie eventually split up and left town as well. Gypsy stayed in town and the Sutherlands moved in to the Summer Bay House.
  10. Patricia Hewitt was CEO then, but Rachel was her 2IC and as such was involved in the story. I don't remember most of the details of that story as I was a bit busy with Uni at the time but I do remember Toni (Harry's late mum) being ostracised for going against the strike and looking after her own interests.
  11. There have been two Nurses' strike stories, one in 1993 and one in 2001.
  12. I had a feeling the 'writing was on the wall' for Jimmy when Bella started having feelings for Boyd. A shame really, but Joel Tobeck's not the type of actor who would stay too long. As for Murray, he could be back but I think his exit is permanent as well. I don't know if Damon Andrews is still with the show. Google only brings up mentions of the Virgin Mary apparition in cup from 2011.
  13. KJ Apa has been cast as Archie in Riverdale, a new CW show based on Archie comics. http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/297478/nz-actor-cast-as-archie
  14. http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/eastenders-star-natalie-cassidy-reveals-7361467 Natalie Cassidy is pregnant and due in the (Northern) Summer.
  15. More and more I'm convinced Victoria is the second shooter and I can't wait for her to go down. I hope they explore her misandry a bit more before she goes. I think she shot Drew in part because she believed he was a misogynist, when in fact he's definitely a Philogynist.
  16. Well there goes the best thing to happen to the Masoods in years. Ugh! I'm comforted by the fact that at least it seems to be her decision and not a stupid axing.
  17. "baby-kidnapping a..." - yup that aptly sums up Sean Slater
  18. She's been quiet on CBB, and even reconciled with Chris Maloney. Though I'm still a week behind so things could have changed. John Patridge on the other hand has been playing a strong game.
  19. Yeah I'm about a week behind as I forgot it about it so have been trying to catch up, but Stephanie has definitely been one of the talking points.
  20. Well I wouldn't go as far to say they have form for lying, but sometimes promos over the years can be misleading/misdirecting, 4 examples I can think of: A print advertisement asking "Who killed Oscar Henry" in early 1999, when he actually initially survived and languished in a coma until finally being killed off in May. The episode outline for the final episode of 2007, which said that Luke Durville and Alice would have a scene together, when they didn't - a scene featuring Luke and Alice was released as part of the series of videos mentioned below but (unlike the other scenes) none of their video was never in an actual episode. A series of videos showing various characters being revealed as the Ferndale strangler, but not having one that saw Joey revealed as the serial killer. The first half of all these videos were actually scenes from the show - except for the aforementioned Luke and Alice video - and would end before the reveal seen in the episode eg Scotty and Shanti argued about her arranged marriage and then Scotty strangled Shanti. The argument was actually seen in the episode but the part where Scotty strangled Shanti was of course left out in the real episode. When the whitetails opened gunfire in the hospital operating theatre in 2008, promos said there would be 3 casualties. Of course casualties doesn't actually mean death, so three characters were injured and noone died!
  21. Oh dear I think Jasmine's a drug mule.
  22. Yes Janine literally held the show together during that time.
  23. Oh you haven't heard then? Apparently she's back permanently... She's a doctor now, she'll take over the hospital, they are renaming the show "Jasmine Cooper: Medicine Woman" and she'll appear in every scene...
  24. It's good to see Jasmine and Evan back for Wendy's funeral but a part of me thinks they should have been there to say goodbye before Murray switched off life support.
  25. Oh yes, I already knew about this, she said as much in an interview with one of the woman's magazines here not long after she left. Basically she started wondering in early 2014 why her contract renewal negotiations hadn't started, they eventually came to her with the news that they were planning to kill her off, she was disappointed at first but as she says in the interview, came to realise it was the push she needed to try other things. Another thing that piqued my interest was the reference to her great-great-great grandmother. Apparently she was sentenced to life in Tasmania (i'm assuming during the time of convict transportation) after having been raped by own father. Truly horrible and unfair that they seem to have charged her with incest after having been sexually abused. As for the show, we really should have seen it coming when Wendy got all involved with Murray's sailing hobby and the two started making plans to sail away together. Looking back on it, hat was an obvious portent of doom! I'm leaning toward Curtis being the shooter (haven't watched tonight's episode yet so may change my mind)
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