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  1. Knowing what NBC has been doing recently, they will probably push everyone to the app to view Days if local stations don't air it overnight or have a digital station where they pre-empt Antenna or MeTV or something...yuck.
  2. I wish this episode existed. I would absolutely enjoy it, though I wonder what sort of parody of soaps would be made in that era (non-Carol Burnett style). Thank you for finding the article, which gives us a bit of an idea of what happened.
  3. On WNBC-4 in NYC, Generations was moved from 12:30 pm to 11:30 am, as Santa Barbara was switched from 3 pm to noon. I doubt that helped Generations keep viewership, as the last 30 minutes of The Price is Right was already a huge ratings winner. (Faith Daniels had at least one episode with soap people, which I appreciated...)
  4. I wonder how much flow changed on television in the 80s from previous years, due to more people having VHS in their homes, cable tv, and better remote controls. The whole you watch a certain channel all day became less of a thing when one had more options for programming. With the ABC shows, I wish I knew how many areas didn't air RH or LOV, due to time slot, opting for local news. Or if they showed either overnight, I do recall that Philadelphia (not sure when this started) aired Santa Barbara in the mornings, and they were behind the rest of the country, so Days being successful probably wouldn't have helped SB in that viewing area.
  5. Monika this is great, congrats on the response. Good job on the screen grabs.
  6. Including radio roles and people who were on two soaps only made the list even longer. A lot of actors have appeared on more than one show, but in a lot of cases, I just see it as a career, and not a big deal, for me the hoppiest of hoppers are the people who go from show to show (stay a year, go to another, etc. and hit three or four within a short amount of time.) ETA totally appreciate all of SlickJones hard work.
  7. I'm guessing that is part of Debbi Morgan's memoir.
  8. How is Rick Hearst defining legacy character. I thought that was a character typically born on a show or one who came on screen as a kid, and was a child of main characters. For example Alan-Michael Spaulding who he played on Guiding Light is a legacy character. I don't consider long running characters on GH like Bobbie as legacy as it doesn't fit the definition.
  9. Crystal Chappell already wrote a memoir. There is an archived thread about it on SON.
  10. That episode of Guiding Light aired when there huge snowstorm in the eastern part of the US, and a lot of people were stuck at home. It was on or around President's Day, so most of the schools were closed.
  11. ~bl~

    Star Trek: Picard

    Star Trek Discovery is available on disc so if someone /anyone doesn't want to use CBS All Access there is the option to legally buy at a later date.
  12. Thanks goes to BetterForgotten on the Y&R October thread, but Alec Baldwin (Billy) did a podcast episode with Peter Bergman (Jack on Y&R). The audio is about an hour. https://www.wnycstudios.org/podcasts/heresthething/episodes/peter-bergman-king-soaps Alec couldn't help himself and spoke a bit about The Doctors with some spoilerish material. One non-spoiler related item was how he referenced Jim Pritchett (Matt) he said he looked like Burt Reynolds' Dad with the mustache.
  13. Thanks for sharing that podcast with Peter Bergman and Alec Baldwin, BetterForgotten - sharing that on the Doctors thread, as Alec spoke about that show. Peter Bergman was friends with Michael Minor (not sure on the spelling who was on AMC in the 80s) - he and Alec were neighbors, and this man recently passed away. That's why Peter agreed to do the interview due to that connection.
  14. Soap Opera Digest did an audio interview for their Dishing with Digest podcast with Robin Strasser. In it Robin discusses her and Louise Sorel's friendship, starting from when they met. (Paul Rauch's fault, and Rauch wanted to make the two women enemies, but they became allies and friends. This was worth a listen.)
  15. Health insurance that is another reason and there is an amount of episodes one can do to get enough credit to cover the premiums for years... That has to be it.
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