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  1. Characters aren't allowed to "grow" up anymore, they have adult children and still act the same way they did 15 years earlier. I think that's part of why we have less/few/none matriarchs/patriarch characters. If you get into that role, you may end up off contract or written out, (it has happened enough times) that it feels like it is intentional. When it comes to character types: I recall in one of the soap books that one of the types mentioned - and now disappeared is the sensitive man. (I don't know when they started in soaps, the first reference I saw to them elsewhere was Alan Alda's character on "MASH" being the example.) Others I don't recall seeing as much anymore are charming well-educated playboy - I think they tried this with Y&R's Kyle, to copy his father Jack, but it didn't completely work. As they redeemed him very quickly, and well he wasn't "bad" enough to be a bad boy or good enough to be good, not sure? Actually for the most part professional characters aren't really a thing anymore either they are independently wealthy, a CEO and don't have an actual job, we see on screen. The only Newman child who was educated was Adam. Soaps used to be filled with upper middle class professionals (like Tom Horton, a doctor), GH's Alan was a doctor even though he could have lived off the family wealth. The unlucky in love character aka the "black widow" - could be a good or bad person that goes through love interests every few months or years or contract renewals. The unconventional character (sometimes comic relief other times not) appears less often as they aren't as hot.
  2. Awww that's cool. Then again they could do a skype and air it if that was the only way and I would be fine with that.
  3. The Emmy thing, well Allen Potter was just doing what he did previously except with an image...
  4. I pretty much can't stand Nola now. Her behavior to get money was not justified, so if that was Kathleen Turner's goal to hate Nola than great job.
  5. Guiding Light was moved to the mornings on the owned and operated CBS stations in the mid-90s for a short-lived show called Day and Date. This happened after certain areas started moving Guiding Light on their own to the morning due to OJ related programming in the afternoon.
  6. It didn't make sense because the Christmas episode wasn't a true stand alone. If Tracy was only in the dream section then no harm, but having the wrap arounds at the hospital before and after made it not a stand alone. (That said glad that Monica was reading.)
  7. The one thing we can blame decision making wise for the OJ trial was the moving of Guiding Light to morning in some markets. That mess started due to local stations putting it on in the morning, to avoid the trial, which ultimately hurt the flow for CBS Daytime as then it became a regular schedule change afterwards. Does anyone know exactly how much time was lost for those preemptions in the 80s? Iran-Contra probably had more than the Reagan shooting and aftermath.
  8. jam shared this link elsewhere. It mentions The Doctors being streamed in a new subscription service starting in January 2020. https://www.timesfreepress.com/news/business/aroundregion/story/2019/dec/12/tv-hub-programming-streaming-access/510459/
  9. Matthew Morrison from Glee was a judge/mentor/dance captain on a BBCOne dancing show in early 2019. It is coming back in 2020, so how much of a fall is that?
  10. Chloe Lanier deleted her tweet, what did she say? (That said there have been performers in soaps who aren't Latinx playing those roles - like Galen as Rafe who is not., and others who are playing white characters as far as we know who are not like Vanessa Marcil's Brenda on GH.
  11. ~bl~


    I thought Y&R and GH weren't on Wednesday this week in the US (though they did air in Canada.) Just based on not being able to find episodes posted on the official sites during the week. Days gets preempted by NBC, but everyone has to go to the website or on demand etc. B&B had that weirdness already mentioned.
  12. ~bl~


    This is what Nathan Varni from ABC posted to Twitter about Tuesday's GH for example. (If someone doesn't have Twitter or watch GH I can understand not knowing...but this is not helpful for everyone in the US.) If my local affiliate aired it, I didn't find out where it was.) GH did air in Canada on Wednesday, so they are getting a rerun on Thursday.
  13. ~bl~


    Thanks for keeping us updated edgeofnik I think some people don't realize that ABC blocks people from watching their programs for a week if they don't have a login for a participating cable or satellite company. So whenever someone suggests that GH should pre-empt instead of pushing back, and then make people go to the website, I get kind of annoyed. (Only once has ABC turned this off for a preemption - the ABC twitter account announced it when that happened.) This is not a CBS/NBC issue though so I understand the suggestion for the other soaps.
  14. Knowing what NBC has been doing recently, they will probably push everyone to the app to view Days if local stations don't air it overnight or have a digital station where they pre-empt Antenna or MeTV or something...yuck.
  15. I wish this episode existed. I would absolutely enjoy it, though I wonder what sort of parody of soaps would be made in that era (non-Carol Burnett style). Thank you for finding the article, which gives us a bit of an idea of what happened.
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