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  1. ~bl~

    Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    I used to have a Walkman that was a cassette with a radio, so I think the dial they meant was a radio dial. The analogy though was strange. The cordless phone thing is ridiculous.
  2. ~bl~

    What Are You Watching/Binging/Streaming Now?

    I listened to the Podcast of Homecoming that pre-dates the show. That was really good. I'm currently trying to finish up the latest season of Better Call Saul.
  3. ~bl~

    The Doctors

    Yes on the weekend they show older episodes.
  4. ~bl~

    Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    The Patsy Pease drama in 1990 was years after Bob Woods left Days. I think he left because he never became the star the way he was on OLTL.
  5. ~bl~

    Y&R October 2018 Discussion Thread

    I think they only include Jess if Jill appears in the episode - that said it annoys me a lot when recurring people appear in the opening credits even if they are long term with the show, just because the average viewer won't know the difference.
  6. ~bl~

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Thanks DramatistDreamer, that's how I know him, he's the Pathmark Guy! I never knew his real name, or that he had been in soaps. I remember the Jeffersons episode also, but didn't put that together.
  7. ~bl~

    The Doctors

    The Doctors didn't show court material, not when Steve "killed" Dan, or Penny "killed" John Morrison. So them not showing it in this case, is not surprising. Marland won one of his writing Daytime Emmys for Guiding Light trial material (saw the video clip of his speech online from the awards and the package had courtroom during the Jennifer Richards trial story). Perhaps they didn't want to pay for a courtroom set. When it comes to the writing of the characters, I see this as an evolutionary process. The Pollocks were very plot-oriented, which in the long run hurt things. Other television shows what I've seen of this era have very underwritten characters in drama - the comedy shows that I've seen reruns from the MTM family and such are much stronger. So I can sort of accept this failing, it isn't like today when the characters are ill-defined, when I know soaps did better. The dream line-up I think most of us wouldn't get any sleep if that happened, as it would be too many hours in the day to keep up with these shows.
  8. How many episodes of Sons and Daughters are there and what is the tone? Sounds interesting...
  9. ~bl~

    Doctor Who

    I had an issue with the ads, because how can anyone live tweet the program if we're getting interrupted and the UK is not. Also they didn't really show the end credits, in a way that was visible making things even more frustrating.
  10. Have you read any of her books? Are they worth it?
  11. ~bl~

    The Doctors

    The 67 episodes are there in a playlist, I watched them again over the summer. With Peyton Place, I have the first two sets, but haven't gotten into it solely because The Doctors reruns started so that won...
  12. ~bl~

    Soap Hoppers

    What is interesting to me is some people I know from game show appearances more than soaps, so finding out they were in daytime or nighttime is interesting.
  13. ~bl~

    The Doctors

    If anyone wants a link to a channel to watch The Doctors, PM me. (The people who post the episodes don't want to lose their channels, so they don't want people to link videos in public.) Edelstein knew Carolee Campbell, and was the reason her part was expanded, so I even with the weirdness (like the Althea/Nick dream sequences) I can't loathe him.
  14. ~bl~

    The Doctors

    It is the second time Madison is mentioned. There was a scene years earlier where Mike is bouncing a ball and he says Mike is from Madison.
  15. ~bl~

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    These videos are larger than normal, thanks for sharing them.