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  1. Yes Days did recycle the blackout plot in the 90s. It ran a lot longer than a week though.
  2. Seriously, I'm stunned. Has this podcast done any other unique interviews? Also the link isn't working, please provide.
  3. Ross's house was the Carriage House at the Wexler estate. Amanda gifted that to Carrie and Ross when they got married.
  4. Sending positive thoughts to your family due to your brother's situation. We all hope to hear good news after the wait.
  5. how about masks and what kind is vest if not wanting the n95
  6. If the special guest is EW, I think that would be insane, considering Maureen and Jerry's involvement, how Robert Newman has basically panned Peapack or literally doesn't want to talk about it, and Zimmer spoke negatively about in her book. It would make sense to invite someone that everyone invited actually had a good working relationship with (and not a boss). This isn't a decade ago and a Ryan's Hope chat that had alum actors with creator/writer Claire Labine. With the ATWT livestream, I am surprised that more haven't watched, but perhaps how you have to go to the specific youtube page is a deterrent. What would be cool is if they had clipped a couple of best moments and have the ATWT peeps tweet them to see how much reaction happened.
  7. I liked when they started talking about books, and I realized that I have either read or own them. Who knew I had a similar reading taste to people on ATWT. At least this was a fun way to spend an hour.
  8. On TD, the rewrite of the Aldrich characters being local to Madison happened under Doug Marland, I believe, (it was after Jason became a regular character) before then they were from Boston. On the Doctors, they had an earlier story about something similar called Obonda or something like that - Matt kept his mouth shut and Dr. Ann Larimer had it after being in Africa, her husband Dr. Larimer died from it before we met her.
  9. They are doing that if people are infected but not seriously ill, they are allowed to stay together. If someone gets much more seriously ill, they separate at that point only. Not sure if I get it, but that's what is going on... What is bad is a lot of places you are told you aren't allowed to telecommute and you must go into work or not get paid. If a private business is mandated to close, they don't have to pay you and if you don't have any vacation time, you are out of luck. And if you aren't sick now and do get sick later, and use your time, there is no safety net beyond not having to pay for the test - they haven't done anything like give temporary unemployment due to issues with the illness. And on top of that while it is good that schools are closing, if you can''t work from home, you may bring it back to the kids, or even worse the kids' carers who probably are grandparents who are over 60. It is a mess.
  10. In some places due to the whole issues with tampering they've gone back to the paper, after having it be electronic or levers.
  11. Toni's father was named Paulo, (Italian loved Opera was an extra at the Met). Luke's birth name was Luke, as that is what his mother called him. Eventually everyone started calling him Luke instead of his previously used nickname Lew - I blame Eleanor.
  12. I didn't think Bryant Park had a pond, but I wouldn't recall what it looked like at that time as I was younger than Michael Paul sorry just Paul. The kid is smart enough to want to change his name, let's see if that sticks.
  13. I thought Guiding Light first was on the radio out of Chicago, and then I thought the Schemering said it was in California, before it made its way to the NYC. I wonder if the location changes for the broadcasts, (as it was radio in those days) was influenced by the real life changes behind the scenes. (Does anyone know the timeline of Selby Flats to Five Points to Springfield?)
  14. I was wondering does the above listing include Canadian stations? As far as I know Coronation Street and Crown Court, which are both UK shows were only seen by US audiences if they lived near the Canadian border. This could explain the weirdness with ATWT (or it could be a typo), - also it is possible that the 1:30 pm airing was a rerun or rather a delayed airing of the previous Friday's episode- (of course this tech may not have existed in the mid-70s) to do this, so I can't be certain.
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