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  1. Soap Opera Digest did an audio interview for their Dishing with Digest podcast with Robin Strasser. In it Robin discusses her and Louise Sorel's friendship, starting from when they met. (Paul Rauch's fault, and Rauch wanted to make the two women enemies, but they became allies and friends. This was worth a listen.)
  2. Health insurance that is another reason and there is an amount of episodes one can do to get enough credit to cover the premiums for years... That has to be it.
  3. It aired overnight in a lot of areas where it wasn't on during the day, so no episodes were missing.
  4. Sony has a streaming service, i don't get why they don't put recent episodes of Days from when they started not using new music on it.
  5. That was insane, who/what was that. I wonder what the old ladies watching thought of that.
  6. Is today her last tape day or her last air day? I don't get it either as Loren is talented. Maybe she outshines the faves so this happens.
  7. The main issue I have with The Doctors is the constant focus on Sara Dancy. She is in every story, and not very interesting, to be the core person. Doug Marland basically made all the mistakes on TD that he would share years later as things not to do.
  8. A part of me wonders if they are going this way, so the viewers will be clamoring for Hope to reunite with Rafe.
  9. From what I understand the first episode will be officially posted on YouTube. Since Rick Hearst actually moved to Atlanta having him on this show is extremely logical.
  10. Basically wiping and/or not being alive yet (as having a TARDIS, a Delorean or other time travel device is unlikely) makes creating such a list nearly impossible for most of us. While I know "The Edge of Night" is extremely important, I've only heard about the show, and less than 10 years of its run are available, and that was in its waning days. So how can I judge the quality of something that I wasn't able to see. If one would make it by network, I think it would be easier to come up with a "better"/more accurate list, but you still may be missing something and upset people reading. Bold and the Beautiful being omitted wasn't a surprise, as I think it is more influential in regions outside of North America. As the World Turns and One Life to Live being omitted was more surprising, as they would both be on my personal lists even though I don't have 50+ years as a viewer. While I think Ryan's Hope was important, the big three of ABC are All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital (that order based on time of day they were aired), and I feel like As the World Turns is part of the big three of CBS - whether you put in Young and the Restless as one of the three or not depends on the era of when the list was made/written.
  11. I will miss not having an off-topic area, so please let this be temporary. I wish there was a way that the board would only load that forum to registered users, as I guess the whole guests lurking makes things slower on the board. Since that section isn't the main focus making it only visible to people logged in, would be okay with me.
  12. I was thinking clip earrings back in the big hair era especially, and taking them off to answer the phone.
  13. Gay marriage hasn't even legal for three years in Australia, so I understand why they are behind.
  14. So you all think it will retire with its 55th anniversary? (Isn't that next year?)
  15. There were a lot more videos than what was posted in this thread. Some of them were hard to watch (as they were so sad.) With Eileen Davidson, a part of me wonders if the regime change is why she is back for who knows how long. (Not complaining)
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