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  1. The Doctors

    That's the question, was it someone holding the cue cards, or were they operators of the prompting machines (which weren't computerized yet). Disclaimer: Like I said before I love Steve and Carolee. The Aldriches are my favorite part of The Doctors, actually they are my favorite thing on any soap opera currently airing anywhere that I view (and I keep up with the four US soaps, Hollyoaks and Neighbours.) That said even with that passion, I compartmentalize due to some issues like Steve and Karen's past, which back in 68 would not have been a crime, and now would be a he said/she said scenario and depending on who one believes would be a crime or not. Also the whole rewrite of Steve at 21 eloping with 17 year old Ann, which seems disturbing to me, but probably less bothersome to people back in those days. The one time, where Steve actually blamed himself for Karen and Ann's issues (along with Kathy Riker) made me really happy and shocked. I can't disagree with anything you said about Carolee's development as a character amybrickwallace. On paper the character is stronger than the writing. Also I feel like more than once the show wrote for them because they had to so to speak, and not because they liked them as individual characters or a couple. If you want to hear a rant, get me started on their lack of a real engagement scene, their wedding ceremony, one night honeymoon or how they were married close to a year and knew each other for much longer until we finally saw them in bed. Carolee had that with Dan (though the agreeing to marry him episode got lost/damaged). My issue at times with Steve and Carolee is how dismissive he is of her, and the audience knows Carolee is correct. When Steve finds out Carolee was right, we don't have Steve tell her that I should have listened to you, and that acknowledgment would help. Of course, this is a function of the writing, not the acting. At least after Steve left their bedroom due to Mona, and then told her he was sorry, he did apologize for his behavior, BUT that happened during a writing strike.
  2. The Doctors

    Greta is a form of Margaret, and she was named after her mother. This was actually discussed on the show when Greta and Toni were speaking about baby names. I actually love Carolee and Steve, and well it helps to know that Carolee Campbell had major issues with the writing for three years before she left. They are as they say a "problematic fave"... Perhaps the show got prompters because of some issues they had with actors not knowing lines, the cue cards being in the wrong place and the like. I wonder if they were taking care of mechanical teleprompter machines or functioned more like prompters that work in the theater (who are there at rehearsal and assist with lines.)
  3. Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    I loved to hate Kimberly, I was both entertained and annoyed by her during the SoapNet run...
  4. DAYS: November 2017 Discussion Thread

    Days of Days is open to anyone who can get to California to the event. The press etc. just have better access and can talk to everyone.
  5. Primetime shows that were cancelled too soon

    Homefront ran for two seasons, but the second was on against Cheers at 9 PM ET on Thursdays during its final season. During its first year, it was on Tuesday night, so maybe your grandmother didn't realize it was on at a different day. It is still one of my favorites from the 90s, and wish it had continued though I was glad to get the 40 episodes we did get.
  6. It isn't anyone's fault except the person who crosses the line. People shouldn't have to be afraid to be alone with another person in a private setting as that doesn't give either person the right to do something the other doesn't want. Amy that was brave to share your experience, glad you are getting help, and that you were believed and not blamed. With the situation with Kevin Spacey well the gay part I knew, but the rest I did not because I didn't take the time to look. With Weinstein I knew about the rumors about him before it blew up in the media.
  7. Days of Our Lives General Discussion

    Some of the quality of Days being poorer for part of the late 80s was based on the long writing strike, though the show that suffered the most on NBC was Santa Barbara. Specifically in Steve and Kayla's relationship Days had to rewrite their story once Mary Beth Evans became pregnant in 87.
  8. Neighbours: Discussion Thread

    Does Neighbours still do five episodes in six days? With an additional 18, would that be even possible?
  9. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I saw it on YouTube years ago, I think the lamb's name is Reginald or something. I think it had to do with the whole Meredith story.
  10. Neighbours: Discussion Thread

    258 episodes equals no time off at all, maybe 2 days the entire year though what do they mean by specials. The US soaps don't even air that many episodes a year. I actually welcomed the break, the four weeks was a bit excessive, but I liked having a week or two without the show. (I actually like scheduled breaks if they are a few days.)
  11. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Conboy did a similar plot to MAC at Santa Barbara that's why people credit it to him and Weston.
  12. Another World

    Oh that's very cool. I've never looked for soap things on archive.org
  13. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I thought Elvera in the video said it was a GL actress who had bad things said about in the press, not an actor. Did I misunderstand?
  14. External Scenes in American Soaps

    Days had a special outdoor set called Salem Place, that was at the studio and looked like a shopping mall. People could tour the studio and see that area even if they couldn't go inside the soundstage. This was in the 90s, and no longer exists. All of the US soaps still on the air, have done remotes over the years.
  15. Guiding Light discussion thread

    If you watch the scenes at GL from the period many of them are shared instead of "actor showcase". This hurts an actor's chance of winning, and the year Zaslow did he had the most focused on his character. At the end, the Emmy wins had little to do with quality, but more about other factors sadly.