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  1. Local cable access in the NY area in the 80s — the font typical the spelling oh my. I thought the lead director Bruce Barry was still alive as I don’t recall any discussion of him not being and he has been in photos on social media when parts of the male cast got together. I never saw this before either so thank you for posting.
  2. The PA government has not given any indication that this is temporary, or what needs to happen to lift the order, which they did back in March/April opening in May/June. All they have said is it is going to get worse with cases (even with this shutdown, which they refuse to call that - call it what it is don't act like you are giving people a choice with testing off the table to leave.) They need to be more transparent, as in NY with the clusters you know exactly why things are being closed in certain places. It is possible that things won't go back to normal until Spring or until there is a w
  3. I am surprised what is going on in PA hasn't made it into this thread yet as it was announced on Tuesday afternoon. Starting on Friday they want everyone who comes into the state (who isn't a commuter or an essential worker) to have a negative COVID test taken at maximum 72 hours prior to arrival, and if you decide to leave you should take a test before going and don't go if you are positive. The thing is in most of the commonwealth testing is not widespread and only available based on CDC guidelines meaning you have to be already ill, have a close contact who is positive, or work in healthcar
  4. AddieCate mentioned in another thread it was music issues that made the channel shut down. So that may have been the reason, which stinks.
  5. I was able to download and start reading too much to unpack right now, but thanks.
  6. Reading that Scott McKinsey (Bev's son) will be at the chat about his mother made me smile.
  7. Tonight (Sunday) ABC's 20/20 is doing a special about Alex (at 10 pm ET/9 pm CT). I'm so sad about this, what a year.
  8. Lawrence O'Donnell does seem over it, and they sent Kornacki to sleep again.
  9. The people counting the votes who are subject to intimidation are heros for putting up with it. I hope none of them get hurt.
  10. Oh Canada, will anyone listen to you. I gave up and turned it off the news stations, I was hoping PBS would interrupt what I have on if it does get called.
  11. Only on SON can we discuss Loving in the midst of politics thanks DRW50 for the biggest smile all day. When it comes to the counting it takes time it would be different if they were looking at mail that arrived after the polls closed. I hope people can stay safe.
  12. You do not have to just know it is not all people who voted for the current president. Many go for what they think benefits them not caring what it does to others. I live in a battleground state but under 40% of the electorate went to Biden in my county. part of it is racial motivated sadly but the moral majority of the 70s took hold here and never let go. They won’t vote for anyone who is pro choice or Catholic. Being a Democrat or Independent is seen as wrong. I had a leaflet left in my door last week about the abortion issue from a church and literally that and guns is enough to convince s
  13. I dropped off my mail-in ballot this weekend, and watched someone put it in the bin with the others, as I didn't want it to get lost in a post office. Hope everyone who can vote does as soon as they can.
  14. Before I watched Y&R with any regularity (aired during school) and just read soap summaries, I thought Jabot was pronounced like Jab-ot, no idea why. Due to how some soap magazines covered some shows and focused on only a few characters, I was surprised when I watched them and realized the cast was bigger than it actually was. SOD did a good job with promoting much of the Days cast, but with the P&G soaps for example I knew maybe 5-6 actors at any given time before I watched those shows.
  15. It was after 3 pm eastern, so over an hour, and the chat is supposed to be only that long. And since Alan didn't have anything to announce it did end awkwardly, he could have thanked everyone for coming and said due to the time we can end. Jada and Liz were both friends with David, but their relationships and perceptions were very different. I think if Liz didn't know David was in therapy for years that she'd be stunned. Kind of a big thing to hear about someone you worked with for decades, and never knew that about them. And perhaps Liz was surprised Jada was so candid, but I ap
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