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  1. Yes I was also interested in reading about the different environments and the live to live to tape era that she bridged...
  2. Where I live we have mandatory masks throughout the state, but many stores are not following the rules (for employees or patrons), so I am having things delivered still. Amybrickwallace sending you good thoughts.
  3. That story about the soap that shall not be named is horrifying mikelyons though not surprising. It seems like daytime has been like that for ages if you are in and have a strong ally than you can work, otherwise not. The person who blocked you, argh. I was told decades ago, if someone is seen as too much of a "fan" of a particular program it was more difficult to even get an internship interview, so it seems like they really appreciate people who are ignorant. Of course, if one hires that way in a few months you will probably need someone else. With the writers' room, well again many hires are people who just want to hold on to their jobs, and go from show to show, so the lack of any diversity is not a shock. Also for the most part I doubt they actually have a room, correct?
  4. I barely follow anyone who acts on soaps on Twitter and I know a few that are in the wrong. That said many want proof and give benefit of doubt again and again. If only due to cognitive dissonance and if they knew it for sure it would make watching that show or those people difficult.
  5. For a few episodes in the early 90s someone that wasn’t Maeve played Vanessa there was no reason known at the time behind that. But Bryan Buffington remembered that ofc as it was odd it was not Maeve. In the early 80s when Anna Stuart filled in I believe that was when Maeve took an extended maternity leave. At that time GL being produced by Allen Potter who gave Anna her first job at The Doctors meant that she was known. later on when Maeve was not full time at GL I can see someone suggesting that if Maeve could not be a regular having the part recast may be a good idea.
  6. I think the list thing has to do with getting written proof someone is behaving badly. Also by using a picture of Michael B Jordan who was on AMC and barely written for who now leads in movies is telling. People are getting receipts of this and even if deleted on their feed it would not be lost.
  7. The reason people couldn't stand the Maryanne plot was it rewrote the backstory for many of the characters as it took place in 1977. We know what Ed and Alan looked like (even if you weren't watching in the 70s, they were already in Springfield by that time.) Alan was raising Philip and president of Spaulding Enterprises, he was not that young, same with Ed, he was raising Freddie and Chrissy aka Rick and Blake and was already a qualified doctor and not on his first marriage. Billy was off screen in Tulsa, raising Mindy, Josh would have been starting or already at Berkley in CA, and much younger than the rest. Buzz though was thought to have died in Vietnam during the war, which was already over prior to 1977. When Buzz returned to Springfield in 1993 NO one recognized him (not Ed or Billy who were regulars at the time). Billy and Buzz were in the same story and Billy was married to Nadine who was still technically Buzz's wife as he hadn't died, so why would have Billy ever married Nadine if he knew Buzz was alive. The parts about Ben I agree with you that made me so upset.
  8. Yes Days did recycle the blackout plot in the 90s. It ran a lot longer than a week though.
  9. Seriously, I'm stunned. Has this podcast done any other unique interviews? Also the link isn't working, please provide.
  10. Ross's house was the Carriage House at the Wexler estate. Amanda gifted that to Carrie and Ross when they got married.
  11. Sending positive thoughts to your family due to your brother's situation. We all hope to hear good news after the wait.
  12. how about masks and what kind is vest if not wanting the n95
  13. If the special guest is EW, I think that would be insane, considering Maureen and Jerry's involvement, how Robert Newman has basically panned Peapack or literally doesn't want to talk about it, and Zimmer spoke negatively about in her book. It would make sense to invite someone that everyone invited actually had a good working relationship with (and not a boss). This isn't a decade ago and a Ryan's Hope chat that had alum actors with creator/writer Claire Labine. With the ATWT livestream, I am surprised that more haven't watched, but perhaps how you have to go to the specific youtube page is a deterrent. What would be cool is if they had clipped a couple of best moments and have the ATWT peeps tweet them to see how much reaction happened.
  14. I liked when they started talking about books, and I realized that I have either read or own them. Who knew I had a similar reading taste to people on ATWT. At least this was a fun way to spend an hour.
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