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  1. Days of Our Lives General Discussion

    Some of the quality of Days being poorer for part of the late 80s was based on the long writing strike, though the show that suffered the most on NBC was Santa Barbara. Specifically in Steve and Kayla's relationship Days had to rewrite their story once Mary Beth Evans became pregnant in 87.
  2. Neighbours: Discussion Thread

    Does Neighbours still do five episodes in six days? With an additional 18, would that be even possible?
  3. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I saw it on YouTube years ago, I think the lamb's name is Reginald or something. I think it had to do with the whole Meredith story.
  4. Neighbours: Discussion Thread

    258 episodes equals no time off at all, maybe 2 days the entire year though what do they mean by specials. The US soaps don't even air that many episodes a year. I actually welcomed the break, the four weeks was a bit excessive, but I liked having a week or two without the show. (I actually like scheduled breaks if they are a few days.)
  5. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Conboy did a similar plot to MAC at Santa Barbara that's why people credit it to him and Weston.
  6. Another World

    Oh that's very cool. I've never looked for soap things on archive.org
  7. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I thought Elvera in the video said it was a GL actress who had bad things said about in the press, not an actor. Did I misunderstand?
  8. External Scenes in American Soaps

    Days had a special outdoor set called Salem Place, that was at the studio and looked like a shopping mall. People could tour the studio and see that area even if they couldn't go inside the soundstage. This was in the 90s, and no longer exists. All of the US soaps still on the air, have done remotes over the years.
  9. Guiding Light discussion thread

    If you watch the scenes at GL from the period many of them are shared instead of "actor showcase". This hurts an actor's chance of winning, and the year Zaslow did he had the most focused on his character. At the end, the Emmy wins had little to do with quality, but more about other factors sadly.
  10. The Doctors

    If that exists it is somewhere on Facebook and only members can read it, so I would be interested in that information.
  11. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I'm the person who a long time ago said something about the amount of videos (and long magazine scans as well though those can be placed behind spoiler space, which is good if someone is responding so I don't have to see the same article numerous times.) I have a Mac, and I think it is an Apple issue, the board and embedded videos don't play well together. It has gotten better for me, but it still sometimes acts up, which is rather annoying. I do prefer if there is a caption as to what is being posted, as sometimes that causes discussion or if in the future the video disappears at least I know what people were chatting about. (More than once I've gone back into a thread, looking for something and it disappeared, but there isn't much that can be done to avoid that.) I'm rambled enough hope I haven't upset anyone.
  12. B&B: July 2017 Discussion Thread

    Eric called Ridge a Marone during the confrontation in the living room after he found out what happened between Ridge and Quinn.
  13. The character doesn't live in Port Charles anymore, which is probably why they do this. (I prefer this announcing to characters just showing up on recurring after not being seen for three months or more if I like them or hate them as it is either advanced good news or a warning.)
  14. Victor/Ashley and Jack and Nikki again...oh no
  15. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Awwww they still have the all guy events. Thanks for sharing.