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  1. Gay marriage hasn't even legal for three years in Australia, so I understand why they are behind.
  2. So you all think it will retire with its 55th anniversary? (Isn't that next year?)
  3. There were a lot more videos than what was posted in this thread. Some of them were hard to watch (as they were so sad.) With Eileen Davidson, a part of me wonders if the regime change is why she is back for who knows how long. (Not complaining)
  4. Variety did a long interview about this. https://variety.com/2019/tv/awards/daytime-emmys-rule-changes-2019-natas-1203196509/#article-comments
  5. If you look at the site, they also sell cardboard cut-outs of some of the characters. That's the craziest as who is included. The only thing I kind of like is the Kelly's mug, though I am not sure on the font. If they had a Retro-hospital GH logo item well for nostalgia's sake, I'd like that.
  6. TenPlay on demand has the April 11, 2019 US episode...(Flo's paternity is announced in this episode - no spoilers on the identity as not a spoiler thread.)
  7. It is crazy how Australia is many days ahead of the US/Canada with airings of this show.
  8. When I think about who won and when I remind myself of how people got nominated in the first place before the mess that is prenominations and with only four soaps (the possibility that you can actually know your peers unlike when it was two coasts and a dozen or so shows). There was a book of performers' names, their show, and character listed (I don't know if there was a picture or not depending on what year it was). So everything was based on name recognition to even get to the blue ribbon panel...and in the early years I doubt most of the actors even taped their own shows, (Beta was new in the 70s). The wins of the lead actor tending to be older makes perfect sense from that POV as people within the industry knew of them even if they had not worked at that particular soap. Also there is the issue of show popularity within the genre, some performers their shows were less popular during the years of their best performances or they were huge prior to the Daytime Emmys (so no way of getting an award). Days was shut out for the most part for the 90s for example and in the early Daytime Emmy years there were complaints about bias based on network and coast. So it is a complete mess.
  9. Was there anyone familiar in those episodes? What were your general impressions?
  10. I couldn't take McT and after she was out at GL, I was glad, though when she ended up back at ABCD, I ended up changing the channel on whatever soap she ended up in the headwriting position. There are very few people in that role that ever made me glad when characters I liked to watch weren't on screen. The Brent/Marion thing disgusted me as in those days the long term drug regimes weren't known to be long term yet (they were just starting to come about), and they had Lucy who wasn't HIV positive start a drug protocol or something of that nature. GL became about shock/awe which the show wasn't about.
  11. Thanks for posting all of this information. I'm surprised, but this has been going on for years, though it was things like "we'll buy a building" or something.
  12. I'm more a fan of Tubi, though I also have Pluto.tv (Tubi has more oddball Australian/UK/Canadian shows) than Pluto, though Pluto has a better selection of movies. I have Crackle, but I seldom use it. If Sony put Classic Days on it, I would be a devotee.
  13. Blake wasn't supposed to be Christina, and had another back story, which never happened (no idea who she actually was supposed to be though it could have been a new character not tied to the canvas directly.) The whole Christina thing happened due to Chris Bernau's illness, a phone call to Zas asking if he would play Alan as Chris would not be able to act anymore. Zas saying that it wouldn't make sense for him to play Alan Spaulding, but perhaps Roger could come back to town.
  14. Actually the first time The Doctors was deleted it was due to someone being a jerk, and an argument. This time, it wasn't the case, but someone who was trying to help after LA stopped airing it. I think part of the problem other than time is the technology. I have a lot of weird things on DVD (burned from VHS to DVD - so the quality is questionable as not HD - some things I have straight to DVD non-HD like a lot of RH episodes from its SoapNet run), but the software on a Mac isn't free, and people who have tablets and newer Macs don't even have DVD drives anymore. I don't share stuff as I don't have an easy way to upload. If I know someone well, I actually use the mail. I don't have a large archive of old things, as I only got a VCR in the 90s.
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