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  1. ~bl~

    The Doctors

    At this point, I just want a scene where Steve apologizes to Carolee and blames himself for everything that happened to his marriage to Carolee starting with the sex with Annie. He admitted his wrong-doings to Jason, but not to the person he wronged. I do wonder since The Doctors was taped so quickly before air if things were changed due to audience response, and the reunion ends up happening sooner than planned. Like the first scenes between them when she was back, and then the material where she realized she knew he married, there was a break for a couple of weeks, and then it started writing a reunion right away.
  2. ~bl~

    Y&R December 2018 Discussion Thread

    I wish Lola had been horrified over the $5000 cost of the purse as she could have used the money to fix her food truck. Kyle works in the fashion industry, so it isn't as if he wouldn't have an in to get something that exclusive, so it was a bit weird.
  3. The suit that Leo was wearing looks like what was on offer during Neighbours Christmas 2017. They had an ugly suit party, so that made me laugh.
  4. ~bl~

    The Doctors

    At this point, I am just so glad to see Jada in scenes saying more than just random words. When MJ said that Billy may have issues with what is going on, I was like she should say what happened. The thing about how if Carolee was around would he had married Ann, well the look on his face when the news came that the divorce was final said everything. Did Jason not see that? I guess not. I doubt O'Brien was supposed to make such a face, but it was this look of disgust and apprehension over her shoulder when they hugged. I laughed way too much than I should have.
  5. ~bl~

    GH: December 2018 Discussion Thread

    It was nice to see Monica mention Steve Hardy on Friday the 21st and also how later Alan read the story. Why is that the best part of the show for me?
  6. ~bl~

    GH: December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Betty Rea started casting GL sometime in the 70s, and for a time was also working for ATWT. (Not sure exactly when that was). I think Teschner is hampered by whomever the executive producer is.
  7. They are more than eight months ahead that is insane. If something is really working they can't change it to air more of it, and if it is an epic fail they can't cut it. This schedule is awful.
  8. ~bl~

    The Doctors

    The weekend showings are from the past, and not at the same time frame either. At one point, they were showing twelve "new" episodes of The Doctors a week (Mon-Sat). There are some episodes that are missing, which is a disappointment, but I agree about the whole intriguing seeing years of a show thing. Also with the compressed time frame I think there are certain things one can see that the viewers back in the day wouldn't have noticed.
  9. ~bl~

    The Doctors

    I wish they had played them a little faster, and gotten to other stories. Or else have one run this long and the other end in November... I feel like watching these episodes we're seeing Marland make all the mistakes he tended not to do years later.
  10. I wanted Ciara to mention all of Steve's crimes before he was with Kayla. Yes Steve wasn't a serial killer, but what he did to Melissa, Hope, and even Kayla herself (the stalking) weren't exactly nice.
  11. ~bl~

    Gay Characters in US Soaps

    Has anyone compared what was said on that old Tomorrow show episode (which I don't think is online anymore) with how All My Children handled gay stories, as during that program Agnes Nixon spoke about how gay stories could work though it was the one thing they couldn't do in the genre (of course this was in 1975.) When Banana/Cucumber aired on US tv, they also had UK Queer as Folk available on demand, so I was able to see them together. It was interesting to see how RTD evolved in the 15 years as a writer.
  12. ~bl~

    AMC Tribute Thread

    This is a link to the podcast. https://radiopublic.com/Mortified/ep/s1!6a041 The AMC themed episode is 154 pt. 2 - 154 pt. 1 is about Guiding Light. Eden Riegel is part of the AMC episode, which is how I heard about it. I've listened to other podcast on radiopublic, but not this one, so I can't vouch for the quality as I haven't listened to them yet (in my queue).
  13. ~bl~

    AMC Tribute Thread

    Did you see the Mortified podcast episode about the Bianca story and how it influenced their coming out?
  14. ~bl~

    Soap Hoppers

    Since Phillip Bosco died, and I know he was in soaps, I was wondering if you could do that for us, Slick.
  15. ~bl~

    The Doctors

    TimWil, can you share the date of the episode that Geri talked about with Steffy in the hospital? I'm so glad you finally got to see it.