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  1. I like that in the article where that recreated photo is that Victoria (Ciara) says she doesn’t know if they are this generations supercouple and leaves it to viewers if they say yes. Brian and Ginger did not have sex every other episode or so and took a lot of airtime so they were sort of nonthreatening. that said if Gregg and Wesley were more than friends I would not complain.
  2. Good that Frank being the executive producer wanted it and it was not just NLG posting on Twitter.
  3. They probably just made everyone get tested and if negative back to work, and perhaps some additional cleaning. Only if a lot of people are positive does it seem like things close like schools as in some places they do not even tell people to quarantine, if exposed regardless of vaccine status it is that insane. They think as long as people in building are masking that is enough.
  4. The exposed to it at work hmmm. That is not good due to break throughs even if he is antivax poor other people at the set let us see if the studio gets on the California list of bad workplaces.
  5. Which interview with Laura Wright checked last two pages of thread?
  6. In some central time zone cities, Y&R airs 30 minutes earlier than the east coast and news airs between that &B&B.
  7. The painting plot was in late 2001. I had heard of Douglas Cramer due to his ties with Aaron Spelling though had no idea he worked at P&G.
  8. Some people have Twitter accounts where images by default are marked as sensitive so they are not slammed on their phones and will only see them if they click okay. This is a good idea if you worry about NSFW content accidentally being shown.
  9. I want to hear from Mart about the union stuff I recall years ago reading about he was in the group of actors who was involved in the contract changes as before then every actor could be fired at will without warning. Of course I wonder if this was something that annoyed TPTB.
  10. Sherry became close to the Zaslow family and babysat the girls when at GL so glad she is included in this chat.
  11. Mctavish was gone by this point and Laibson was a lame duck waiting for new regime so some parts are Theirs and some is not.
  12. CBS only allows their shows to be available for about a week without a subscription while NBC has months for free. I think that is part of why CBS does what it does.
  13. And cutting the checks for people who don't have kids will have a blowback....
  14. There is a website for wholly broken and a site on Amazon for the movie that is the pilot. Is that still working?
  15. Parking lot is Wes Ramsey who Valentini met in the parking lot of Gh. honestly them saying it was COVID expenses well paying a recast while he was off cost money.
  16. What I wonder is did any of the actors at OLTL get extra salary once it moved from 30 to 45 to 60 minutes if not I could see being upset on top of the expensive hires from other soaps.
  17. I wish it had been mentioned how Nicholas Walker's stint on OLTL started the same way as Jim Storm's ended. I thought that was kind of amusing... Thought it was a good chat and everyone got to speak, and now I want to see what that cue card guy looked like. It would make the story so much more if I could imagine the guy in the costume.
  18. Considering everything he has done, I hope there is a lot of dirt and he isn't too polite.
  19. Is he a fireman? Asking due to the CFD hat would be sick and ironic with the weapon of choice being a fire extinguisher.
  20. Alan did ask for questions on Facebook and on Twitter —Jennifer from RTV asked. Something like having actors CV would help especially for those with theater backgrounds as IMDb is not appropriate for regional work. Alan seemed to have done that for one of the AMC related chats.
  21. My feeling is if an actor doesn't have a great connection, I'd rather have audio only instead of poor video. Alan does eventually make the YouTube chats into podcasts so I'd prefer that then people freezing and not being able to interact properly. Both Liz Hubbard and Kim Zimmer have done other chats with Alan (with less participants), but due to who they are even a 50 minute video alone or with one other performer, you would be unlikely to get all the stories out. It is one of those problems you want to have doing an interview more to discuss than not enough. The viewers who flocked to Alan's channel first were the GL and ATWT fans (due to who his first chats were with), and Alan knows those two actresses, so perhaps it is easier to deal with than having all performers you may have heard of, but never watched or worked with previously in some fashion. (I still wish someone could get upload provide the interview Jada did years ago with WOST - wasn't a member had a slow connection so it wasn't worth the money as I couldn't watch any videos.) The only thing that could "fix" the over-talking is something I doubt Alan would want to do, which is to mute people if they weren't the one the question was addressed to, as then we'd be apt to see someone moving their mouths and have to find someone who could read lips to figure out what we couldn't hear. Since Alan isn't an interviewer by trade, and hasn't watched TD it isn't as if he naturally knows what kinds of questions to ask or about who worked together. I think having multiple people for chats about TD though is understandable, because of how long it has been off the air and how long some people have been out of the business. It is a bit of a different when it is for ATWT or GL where most of the cast is still alive, so people can interact with their actual on screen partner, character's family and "reunite", with TD that is really not possible for the majority of the performers. I'm hoping that everyone gets a chance to speak on Friday and there are no serious tech issues.
  22. You cannot yell fire in a crowded room. And well they should have set up web services with someone who was sympathetic not the company who also owns The Washington Post.
  23. ~bl~

    Doctor Who

    It has been three series so if Jodie was not leaving soon I would be surprised even if her series were shorter or with less specials.
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