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  1. Yet no one complained when Jamie Luner was parading around as Liza or Linsey Godfrey as Sarah. The sexist double standard needs to stop.
  2. Farah is just fine. It was just a bunch of unfortunate situations (oversensitive fans on the flight she was in/Crystal Hunt & Scott Evans being junkies/people bugging her on social media before the Myspace post) rolled in one.
  3. OLTL was full of this: *Dorian going lesbian for a few months. *1968 Time Travel. *Eterna *The whole beaver plot. *The Stacy pregnancy nonsense. *Anything related to David Vickers during the last years of the ABC run.
  4. Have there been any notable non-parent/child relationships that seem to supersede actual parent/child relationships on soaps? The one that comes to mind is Greenlee/Erica, who seemed more of a mother-daughter relationship than the watered down Kendall. I liked how they were always set up to clash throughout, while Erica just seemed to drop all her issues with Kendall for no discernable reason after she was sent to rehab post-Vegas. I liked how Erica seemed to resent Greenlee's old-money heritage, as it clashed with her being the working-class girl that had to scrape to the top. I never bought the saccharine lovey-dovey thing they were trying to go with Erica/AM's Kendall.
  5. I hope this convinces Shannen Doherty to take part in the reunion. This death is really sad for some reason, and I wasn't even a Dylan stan.
  6. Not Luke Perry...and 90210 was getting relevant again. They better not exploit his death for ratings. 

    1. Soapsuds


      They need to scrap the reboot and just do a reunion movie  with the characters dealing with his death and the aftermath. 

  7. Your faith in the humanity of soap viewers is a bit misplaced. The same viewers who cheered on GH Laura marrying her rapist? Slobbered over Franco? Couldn't be bothered to use "Hula" to watch OLTL 2.0? Get icked out at any sign of homosexuality? Yeah, doesn't sound like a progressive bunch.
  8. It's time to re-build the Winters family, and with the sad death of KSJ, a huge cornerstone black actor has left the stage. Who would you cast as Neil to carry on Kristoff's legacy and ensure the continuation of the Winters Family? Perhaps Terrell Tilford or someone of that caliber?
  9. Young Peggy has a striking resemblance to Lexi Ainsworth. Lexi would be a good SORAS for Sydney DiMera.
  10. I'll always love Farah for getting rid of the insufferable cokehead Scott Evans and the violent criminal in Crystal Hunt from OLTL in one fell swoop. Can't wait for what Mimi will do.
  11. The fact that Farah would deign herself to grace the set of low-budget DAYS is like manna from the heavens. This is gonna be fun.

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    2. Winchester91


      As the wife of a poker champ, Farah the New Money Socialite didn't need to come back to DAYS,  so her doing this seems more of a nostalgia run. 

    3. ChitHappens


      That's right!  Someone did marry her.  Ok.

    4. dragonflies


      I'm not one to bash someone's looks but in the new Days Promo she looks like she's been embalmed.  Damn, Days is too good for her, she's trash

  12. Would it break the budget less to do the show Hollyoaks/Peapack (but better) style? I think opening up the space, can do wonders...and since LA has decent weather for most of the year (except for the blazing July/August), it can be done.
  13. I get it; she loves John now, but she loves Will too and she literally turned a psycho loose on him. Sami isn't above her own unhinged behaviour.
  14. Kristen is a psycho that set all this up, but you're telling me Sami wouldn't have shot John (someone with whom she had issues going back decades) in order to seek out EJ (the love of her life)? This is Samantha Gene we're talking about.
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