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  1. I think of all the English soaps (Hollyoaks, Corrie, Eastenders) that had their soaps in the teatime hours and have been able to court non-housewives in their fanbase, while US soaps seem stuck in the 50s with young adults breeding and getting married and gay people non-existent. While Hollyoaks and the rest take risks with topical storylines, Y&R still idolises a grumpy grandpa as its main tentpole character. Did trying to pander to conservative housewives end up being a losing enterprise?
  2. Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread

    The Ollie story gives me chills, but well done.
  3. Days: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    The racism of the writers wasn't lost on me. They would have never killed off the baby if it was JJ's child. The fantasy sequence proved it. Uh, I swear this show was written for the 50's instead of today.
  4. All this irrational hate thrown Farah's way lately reminds me of when she dragged them all on Myspace flawlessly. 

    1. YRBB


      Shoo. Go back to whence you came from.

  5. DAYS: Actress Back?

    Well, she was forced to be at that event. There was no obligation to be fake. You aren't owed her friendship. Like it or not, Mimi is a huge part of DAYS history and it's great to have her back after months of boredom. I'm living for the Queen of Dragging.
  6. DAYS: Actress Back?

    HELL YEAH. (I bet a lot of her haters are in tears right now.) I missed Mimi. I hope Bonnie ended up being pregnant with Lucas' kid. We need more Hortons..
  7. DAYS: Actress Back?

    I'm excited. I hope they bring in Crystal Hunt as Allie Horton. The rivalry would be epic. As for Farah's 'tude. She knew that the Kish/Stacy actors were unprofessional off-set (one only has to look at Scott and Crystal's respective arrests). Besides, she had no obligation to like that fan work...she might have been a little too honest in that plane, but she was just being her.
  8. Days Actress Quits

    Crossing my fingers for Farah Fath to double role as Abby and Mimi.
  9. B&B: Actor taken off contract

    Automatically the most interesting thing Jacob has done for years.
  10. Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread

    The storyline with Brody and Buster, especially the part where he was made to hug him...totally made me uncomfortable. Great storyline, but it did give me the shivers.
  11. Days: April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Wow, Abe reamed that meddling Valerie a new one. I was cheering him on the whole way.
  12. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    I was cheering Julie on. Gabi and her boring family have overstayed their welcome. Furthermore, Jenn slayed hard going after Sami. Eric was only protecting his sister, but he was clearly in the wrong.
  13. General Hospital March 2018 Discussion

    What kind of victim blaming bs is this? That's like telling a sexual assault victim to "stop dressing provocative" or "stop being slutty".
  14. DAYS: February 2018 Discussion Thread

    Never thought I'd see "Kim Zimmer" and "little dinner" in the same sentence.
  15. ALL: Recasts you mentally treat as separate characters.

    Gina's Kelly was always really neurotic, and always found herself in situations she got herself in, but there's a sense of innocence about her at times. I always thought Heather deliberately got messy for the sake of being messy and I didn't appreciate that. Gina's Kelly would have happened upon a baby and passed it off as Kevin's out of convenience, not go out of her way to deceive.