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  1. How many of these were actually good ideas in the long run, though? There was always something special about the the Lords (OLTL), the Brookses (Y&R), the Hortons (DAYS), the Hugheses (ATWT), and the Bauers (GL), and it was sad that later regimes have spat on their respective legacies like it was nothing and erased such heritage. What happened was frankly criminal. I would always hold All My Children at high regard for not forgetting the Martin/Kane families.
  2. I've been watching some May 1998 OLTL and I've been impressed by the surprisingly good plots going on at this time: -David Renaldi's heartwarming return. -The Georgie Murder mystery being a huge umbrella plot. -Dorian and Mel/Cassie & Kevin -Todd's vendetta against the Buchanans -Todd and Téa being their twisted and problematic best with their constant arguments and such. -Drew Buchanan being the douchebag we can all root against. -Alright, so Sam was a dead fish, but without him...we wouldn't have been introduced to Lindsay (the perfect nemesis t
  3. Thank goodness. I hope his pets, the McQueen family, get wiped out. They have collectively lowered the sophistication of this show.
  4. Jensen might need a job with Supernatural ending.
  5. I was looking back at this thread and I \cannot\ with Travis and Barbara's smugness. They had more of a role raising Bianca, and if anyone were to blame for her issues...it was them, not Erica (who always loved Bianca).
  6. When the best storyline is some half-baked menopausal plot with Nora, you know you've gone from Soap Opera to Lifetime Network.
  7. I don't know why OLTL was considered "great" in '97, considering the Labine writing regime took a wrecking ball to any sort of intrigue or energy from the Gottlieb era. It was endless Patrick/Marty and later Tea and her doomed romance with Todd. Say what you want about JFP, but she had the thankless task of injecting excitement, rivalries, and drama (Georgie's Death, the Bo/Nora/Lindsey triangle) back into the show after the dullness of this era.
  8. Yet no one complained when Jamie Luner was parading around as Liza or Linsey Godfrey as Sarah. The sexist double standard needs to stop.
  9. Farah is just fine. It was just a bunch of unfortunate situations (oversensitive fans on the flight she was in/Crystal Hunt & Scott Evans being junkies/people bugging her on social media before the Myspace post) rolled in one.
  10. OLTL was full of this: *Dorian going lesbian for a few months. *1968 Time Travel. *Eterna *The whole beaver plot. *The Stacy pregnancy nonsense. *Anything related to David Vickers during the last years of the ABC run.
  11. Have there been any notable non-parent/child relationships that seem to supersede actual parent/child relationships on soaps? The one that comes to mind is Greenlee/Erica, who seemed more of a mother-daughter relationship than the watered down Kendall. I liked how they were always set up to clash throughout, while Erica just seemed to drop all her issues with Kendall for no discernable reason after she was sent to rehab post-Vegas. I liked how Erica seemed to resent Greenlee's old-money heritage, as it clashed with her being the working-class girl that had to scrape to the top. I never bought
  12. I hope this convinces Shannen Doherty to take part in the reunion. This death is really sad for some reason, and I wasn't even a Dylan stan.
  13. Not Luke Perry...and 90210 was getting relevant again. They better not exploit his death for ratings. 

    1. Soapsuds


      They need to scrap the reboot and just do a reunion movie  with the characters dealing with his death and the aftermath. 

  14. Your faith in the humanity of soap viewers is a bit misplaced. The same viewers who cheered on GH Laura marrying her rapist? Slobbered over Franco? Couldn't be bothered to use "Hula" to watch OLTL 2.0? Get icked out at any sign of homosexuality? Yeah, doesn't sound like a progressive bunch.
  15. It's time to re-build the Winters family, and with the sad death of KSJ, a huge cornerstone black actor has left the stage. Who would you cast as Neil to carry on Kristoff's legacy and ensure the continuation of the Winters Family? Perhaps Terrell Tilford or someone of that caliber?
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