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  1. I haven't really followed the emmys for around 10 years or more...wasn't there a year when B&B won best writing or best daytime drama? It doesn't even matter the year...ANY year B&B wins best drama or best writing is a joke. The show has never been emmy worthy. The only actor or actress that has been worthy was Susan Flannery and that's it. Heather Tom possibly but they have always just thrown some crazy crying scenes at her that make no sense most of the time. Maybe hair and makeup worthy for nominations.
  2. The Daytime Emmys for soaps has become a joke. They have to announce who gets nominated for Best Drama? There's only 4 left - it will be all 4 every year. And people breaking records makes me sad - most of these people wouldn't be anywhere near an emmy podium if there were still 8 or 9 shows on with quality actors and actresses that are no longer working.
  3. So their wrists and ankles are tied but they can't bunny hop to the door? LOL.
  4. Nope. You're dead on. To be a psychiatrist she sure is unethical and nuts. She's such a constant meddling *itch....Brooke is the same. Taylor basically hates Hope but you're right...will pimp out her own son. LOL
  5. What is it with this show and bare feet? Darin Brooks and whoever plays Sally. My Lord. Whoever on this board said - "we get it. They bone". So true. Whoever you are, go you. Because there were two shows last week that it's their hooves in your face. Don't need to see that. Whatever happened to nice sex scenes? Now we get FEET.
  6. It will get turned into a lie. The longest running daytime drama. They’ll drop in “onTV”. It will be General Hospital. Days will be longer running on TV and people will not know. Then NBC will start with longest running Daytime show - Today. And they will claim the title by “on the same network”. GL was on NBC radio. The GH and ABC will go to no end to boost themselves. Won’t matter that GH killed daytime. They were the ones that really killed daytime and spurred Days and the rest of daytime to dumb down and get nuts. One Life to Live was just as bad or worse.
  7. That was a tough first day for any actor or actress. I’ve wondered where Brooke was. I figured baby talk voice would have been present. Caroline needed to go. If they can figure out how to bring her back as Non-Dead good twin. She was a waste of a character since I started watching again 5 years ago. Flo or Sally serve a better purpose at this point. It’s only a matter of time now anyway until we have Liam, Sally, Flo, Wyatt, Steffy, and Hope - and who gonna sleep with who and figure out contrived dead baby switch. No need for Caroline.
  8. I tuned in at the end. I kind of laughed. I wondered if Caroline had died of the unknown mysterious disease that she had that she never went to a Doctor for. But cough...when Katie said to Bill "this isn't on you". Gag me. And then Thomas informs him that Caroline "forgave" him (Bill). I'm confused...Carloline forgave Bill for what? She went along with that lie that she was "dying".
  9. When Thorne was still on...did he and Taylor ever interact? I didn't see it. Because a few years ago they showed scenes of Thorne and Taylor in bed in Paris. That was around the time Taylor offered up the mental help to Ally. LOL. She had issues with her Dad and Taylor being in a relationship. Then nothing more happened other than killing her off. But then when Thorne and Taylor returned to LA there was almost no interaction at all.
  10. Oh my God don't say that. You don't think they'd be so innovative as to do a triangle with Liam and Wyatt do you? (sarcasm).
  11. Was there any explanation at all as to why Flo would even do this for the Doctor? They knew each other somehow and I guess because of gambling and Vegas...but was there any explanation? Did he pay her something to claim a baby was hers?
  12. Dead snatched baby is absolutely raising the ratings on B&B
  13. Again with "Go back to Vegas" to Flo. Zoey in hysterics. The good Doctor basically threatening his own daughter now..."I can't see my baby girl go to jail!" Huh? Why would Zoey go to jail? LOL. And then he goes on and on about.....that night, that damned STORM and Hope came in - in full labor and then she started PUSHING and, and....I HAD NO CHOICE!! He had no choice but to snatch a baby. I want this storyline over so badly and Wayne Brady gone. Take Zoey with him.
  14. I love how Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon attend court all dressed up with hair and makeup. Where are the orange jumpsuits? The court scenes have been good but stuff like that makes it so unrealistic. They're just walking around having discussions with each other...they all 3 are put in the same visitation room together...so silly.
  15. I did too. But on the previews I saw her threatening to tell Hope again so it's probably only a matter of time until Wayne Brady or Zoey knock her in the head and keep her kidnapped at the apartment. Or plot device, and she gets into a car accident on the way to tell Hope. I know I'm tiring of soaps because I find things to complain about all the time. For Flo - by all means don't take out your phone and text Wyatt or anything, instead of threatening, etc. Just act cool, let the good Doctor and Zoey leave and text the information. I'm sure you didn't exchange numbers with anyone??? LOL.
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