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  1. Actress returns to Y&R

    "Whyyyyyy is everyone being so mean to GRAND PAHHHHHHH?"
  2. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Tuned in for 5 minutes today for the first time in over a week and Hilary lied about being Prom Queen or something? Cringeworthy....changed the channel. How ridiculous that someone that age would still be whining over some story of not being crowned or wearing a used gown? Ugggghhhh.
  3. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    When we find out Victor is Jack's father (because Eric Braeden is old enough to be Jack's father) will you tune out...or will you keep watching? Did you tune out when you found out Jill was Katherine's daughter? Jack is actually Victor Newman Jr., and not John Abbott Jr.
  4. B&B May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Lauren and her very ample enemy on Y&R - Tracy have never run into another and they've been in town together for a few years now. It's just no history or anything meaningful.
  5. B&B May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Melody Thomas Scott when she always goes back to Victor - Insert breathy baby baby quiet voice: "such a strong strong mannnnnn. Such a goooooood stronnnng loving mannnnnn". (Me: like when?) Katherine Kelly Lang: (Insert baby baby breathy quiet voice): "Welllllll....Liam and Hope are meant to BEEEEEEEE together. They ALLLLLLWAYS have beeeeeeeeeen. It's destinyyyyyyyyyyyy, it's LOVE!!!!! (breathe out more and more baby talk). "Taylorrrrrrrrr.....Steffffffffy is baddddddddd baddddd girllllllllll. she did this to herselllllffffffffff" (more breathy baby baby talk).
  6. B&B May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Yep. Exactly. And Katherine Kelly Lang too. I despise when she and Melody Thomas Scott on Y&R do the quiet little baby baby breathy talk. They both do it. Horrible. Breathy horrible baby baby talk.
  7. B&B May 2018 Discussion Thread

    LOL. And how many times will we have a storyline where Bill tells Wyatt he can HAVE EVERYTHING! ALL you do is LISTEN TO ME and you'll have EVERYTHING! Pathetic. What's worse is the writing, but it's the same at Y&R. Anyone and everyone will trust Victor Newman. For absolutely no reason that history has EVER shown. It's just so bad. I tune in to see how bad it's going to get. Back in the day - their filming and production got bad, but ATWT and Guiding Light were NEVER this badly written with the same thing year after year after year.
  8. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Why is it basically None of Victor's children's paternity is never changed, yet every other Male Character's is changed. It's so TIRED.
  9. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Tuned in today - I saw the Dina movie day and a little today. The Jack is not an Abbott story is so silly. We get to find out in a year or 2 that Victor used his psychic abilities to know Jack was having a test, where the test would be taken, and meddle with the results. Maybe Jill slept with someone else and Billy isn't an Abbott. Maybe Dina slept with the whole Country Club and Tracy isn't John's daughter either. Voila, we have no Abbotts really. Way to go Y&R! Wonderful stuff!
  10. LATEST RATINGS: April 16-20, 2018

    I know you hate Scott Clifton but you could start to hate on Don Diamont or JMW Steffy who in months have been on more than Liam/SC. And people bitch about Liam and his women but don’t notice Bill, or Ridge or Wyatt and their women. Or Brooke or Quinn and their men.
  11. Soap Stars and Religious Faith

    Good Lord. Is no one going to mention Kimberlin Brown? She's basically a cross burner. Austin and his Pecs are not devout.
  12. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    What’s funny is that people think Eric’s grunts and groans are Emmy worhy. Rest assured he will win - they’ll make sure of it - but my whole family laughed our butts off. So horrifically bad. God Awful. People actually say his work from a bed are good. Lollll.
  13. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    Josh Morrow is a bad actor say most of you. He's really not as bad as a ton of Y&R and B&B actors that were on their shows. You can pick out alot of bad actors. But you can't pick out the worst. LOL. Acting HAS NEVER been the strength of Y&R. If you don't recognize that, then you need to watch some REALLY old Emmy tapes. REALLY old means like 80's and 90's because Y&R wasn't as good as you think. And GH as well. I remember a Scott Clifton video that made me laugh. From GH. For younger Actor - my God it was bad. Great thing about Eric - he can choke out a THAY THAY THAY every day. Chokes out something with crockodile tears. It's magical. I'm tired of seeing him in a hospital bed, jail, wherever where he's still on screen. The interesting thing is that when it was Reva on Guiding Light, people *itched about her screen time. I'm personally TIRED of seeing him. I'll sign my name. This has gone on so much more time than it did for Kim Zimmer. Eric Braeden is the biggest hog of screentime everyday.
  14. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    I don't even understand why Devon is on the show. People *itched about Stitch and Dylan and every other guy being bad actors. No one *itches about Devon and he is GOD AWFUL as an actor. I saw a post about Eric Braeden being wonderful lying in a hospital bed. Well he SHOULD be. He was also wonderful in a Prison 2 years ago having sex with a Psychologist...Alicia Coppola. PLEASE DRAIN THE SWAMP. There are people who NEED to be off screen, but then they're on screen for 4 MONTHS every damned DAY.
  15. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    And on today's episode of Weekend at Bernie's.....let's haul around a dead guy and bury him in a nice, busy public park. After everything everyone has done on this show why are "the girls" keeping the "secret" of J.T. from Nick?