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  1. Watching a lot of the show today because I saw what re-run it was. Man Y&R was good then. The Ball, the Costumes, the writing, and everyone seemed they had something to do. For the last 2 years or so when I pretty much quit - no show has extras, the sets are empty, nothing looks like this. I know it's happened to every show but man this episode proved it. There was so much interaction between so many characters and the production was so good. I had forgotten. I don't understand why you can't get some people off the street even today and pay them $50 to be an extra at the coffee shop
  2. Not long because they're wrapping it up with the usual plot device about the reason for nutso Thomas that I saw posted on here last year.
  3. Read recaps and spoilers and see the typical stuff. And the Thomas story that will be no surprise whatsoever. So stupid- someone misses a phone call or text or misunderstood something and immediately jump in bed with someone else. Yawn
  4. @Vee the whole administration is nuts. Who even knows who advises him but they're clearly not smart or you can't control him. He's nuts. Like, you lost by around 3 Million votes the last time and like 7 Million this time. The Electoral system didn't save his a** this time and he's a bitter loser. What's going to be fun is trying to see him weasel his way back in 4 years from now after someone else more young, popular, and charismatic rises in the Republican party and defeats him in the primaries.
  5. Thanks - my VP said in a 1:1 call - you know what, no matter how you do you'll know that you got accepted to the program. I'm afraid but I said - getting accepted isn't enough now. I actually thought that way beforehand, that if I got accepted that it would be enough. Now I have to do it and don't want to fail or quit. I need to do research on these types of programs and start prepping for things I have forgotten and God I hope it's not alot of Finance...I stunk at Finance and my checking and savings accounts would tell you I still do. LOLLL
  6. They all paid their way in and through by their parents. Not a one probably attended class. Meanwhile - go Me - I actually got accepted into a Harvard Business Certificate Program this week. Online learning but then reality hit. 17 modules and 3 cold calls (POP QUIZ!) will be required. I was like...wait a minute. I thought this would be a TedTalk. Nope. The shi* got real. I'm 50 years old almost 51 but thought, if people can make their kids learn online and I'm helping nieces and nephews with Algebra and Geometry then lemme just give this a whirl. Now I'm in for a whirl.
  7. I'm sure he blabbered on about the Stock Market. Honey, here's a clue for you. It went up because you lost and people are now optimistic. Go learn about Business.
  8. Next up, the mannequin is going to come to life, grow ovaries, and give birth to another Thomas rape baby. Wow...I saw the rest of the daytime ratings. The Talk is totally tanking. I remember when they competed pretty well with The View. Now completely last.
  9. Haven’t watched but both Thomas on this show and Adam on Y&R need to permanently die and really stay dead. Both made me tune out. The things I read about the blow up doll are embarrassing. And reading these boards about the actor playing Thomas is really pulling this off! Lollll are you kidding me? He’ll be in a bad lifetime movie.
  10. What's adorable is that Christian LeBlanc or however you spell his name/Micheal has to look 90 years old so that Eric Braden can look better. What the hell is up with that man's gray hair?
  11. Watched at the end today. Damn it's bad. So is B&B - it's just terrible television. I remember when people laughed at GL and World Turns. Y&R and B&B are absolutely terrible.
  12. Welcome to the United States. The Freedom Country that discriminates as much as they can and are damn proud of it. If I could afford to leave, I would. And let me say - you have no idea how bad they are. They are a terrible awful bunch of entitled people who know it. And they do not apologize for their greed. And they will not accept that baby Hughey Daddy is a loser.
  13. Hunter Tylo is above coming back to daytime since she's apparently a Billionaire. If Taylips isn't coming back, why can't they re-cast with Lips Rinna?
  14. When is Thomas’ dinner with the mannequin and when does Vinny ever come home?
  15. Thomas talks to and toys with screwing a mannequin = instant hit. This show from what I read really did become worse than DAYS or Passions. Please cancel this mess and bring on another 1/2 hour of Price is Right
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