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  1. Kind of Stephanie and Sally B&B
  2. They should have Victor and Jack fight over Sally since both are so hot.
  3. I haven't seen her but about 8 months or a year ago the show made a huge announcement about their new exciting stylist that would be better than ever. Very qualified and talented. The times I've watched? Haven't seen it. I think she's Italian if I remember. So she knows fashion.
  4. Tuned in the end and saw Hope and da Brick and damn they’re both awful. So is Liam but Hope and Brooke have immediately jumped into another man’s bed before. Hope is just miserable to watch. They’re both whores. It's only a matter of time until Hope sleeps with Thomas and Brooke decides to follow her heart and jumps Bill's bones again.
  5. That's her. I just think it's stupid when they have an accent and then suddenly lose it. Same with Zoe and Xander on B&B.
  6. Zoey and Zander from B&B own this - so dumb. The explanation was to see who could lose the accent the longest. That Pilar girl from Y&R was bad also with the fake Yack Jack. Lost her accent over 1 day. Pathetic
  7. I don't watch the Talk but Sharon needs to go. And I read articles about the 2 new girls and I have no clue as to who they are. Sharon is poison and has been for years.
  8. Yeah and you've made it clear at least once a week that you're the Grand Poobah Hoo Ha of the message board. Thank You, Next.
  9. Me either. And he ate the show and why I stopped watching (along with nothing really happening) but his face was everywhere for a year or more. It's no wonder they started calling the show on these boards "The Adam and the Rest of Them". Thank God The Real is on at the same time.
  10. I had no idea of any of the songs. None. I guess I'm that Alternative. I just had no idea and don't listen to mainstream music.
  11. Adam is not that hot. I'd rather look at Jordi shirtless all Summer long. Just like B&B, give me Carter all Summer long Shirtless along with Vinny and maybe even Thomas even though the character is disgusting. Gimme Sumpin. I'll even take Bill on B&B who has kept himself in shape over any of the storylines. There ARE no storylines.
  12. I don't watch the Talk but Sharon needs to be fired from what I've read and from seeing the clips of the segment. To continue to support Morgan when he flat out said Meghan was lying - what a joke. Why would someone lie about being depressed and being suicidal? The Palace was doing the same thing they did to Diana and then smeared Meghan. Why would you leave the Royal status and move to another country if things weren't really bad? That tells me everything. Fire Sharon. To marginalize someone who is depressed is bottom of the barrel. Send her packing along with the whole show. And aft
  13. These recaps make it sound like it's same old B&B - moving at lightning speed. If all of this is happening why not lengthen out the story so that there is some kind of payoff? I would say at least it sounds more interesting than Y&R but still not anything that I care about. I think fans have had their run of Hope/Steffy/Liam and I just don't care about Thomas or some lame redemption story. The one time I passed by I can't remember what Brooke said but I felt like, you are one insufferable *itch. No thanks. From what I've read why does she want Katie and Bill back together? So th
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