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  1. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    Only watching part time - writing for the Hillary Hour has been awful. I hate Lily too. Devon, boring. They cannot write for a black person on this show. I hope Hillary is really really really truly DEAD. Neil can go also. Send Tessa, Jack, Victor and Nikki and Victoria too. There’s no one likeable. Billy, Phyllis - Bye. No character is likeable on this show
  2. No - they pandered to Stupid people that wanted dumb storylines. Then the same shows tried to say they were intelligent. They committed suicide. Kind of like the recent Presidential election. And if you think a little - very similar.
  3. B&B July 2018 Discussion Thread

    None of this makes any sense. If Xander is Myron's cousin (he is right?)?? Wouldn't Myron know her cousin has a British accent and wonder why he's speaking with an American one? Or had Myron never met Xander? LOLLL. And Brooke/THOT meddling talking to Liam about "character" and Steffy's character. Brooke/THOT who could never keep her legs together and has slept her way through entire families.
  4. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    Y&R has never had actors that could carry it through the bad stuff the way GL did. Sorry, it’s true.
  5. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    I’ll say something awful but true. ABC And NBC destroyed daytime drama here in the US. Weather machines on General Hospital and Marlena is a Demon Panther and Vicki on One Life to Live goes to Heaven - in a space ship. Yep. Happened. Faisons face melted on ABC. So you had our attention for 5 years here and there. But you killed daytime. They made people laugh at it.
  6. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    Why does every writer...no matter who it is....do this to Sharon Case? Today I saw the last 15 minutes and all I could say was "God Sharon...SHUT UP." Given what happened with JT and 'the secret', and she says she doesn't know Nick anymore? LOLLLLLL. SHUT UP and SIT DOWN.
  7. The Tennis Thread

    The camera work in the men's final was awful....they cut to the wives a couple of times and the serve and return happened while the camera was on them...they showed Anderson's shoes and the dirt a couple of times while the serve went off. It's like, OK he has blisters. It's not like you're showing his actual feet, it's just his damn dirty shoes. A couple of points from the side angle....like, LEAVE the camera from the back/end view and STAHHHHP it.
  8. The Tennis Thread

    The way Joker and Nadal are hitting - the men's final (I'll call it now) will be a snoozer. The other semi was a yawner. 2 tall guys serving the ball. Whoever wins this other semi will run Anderson around like a Golden Retriever and both are better returners. He might have gotten through Federer, but I think Joker or Nadal will hit him off the court. If the point starts, it will be over. I've said for years if it gets to 10-10 in the last set, you go to tie break. Each player will have served 4 more times, received 4 more times and you had the opportunity to do something. End it.
  9. The Tennis Thread

    Before Wimbledon started I said to someone when we were talking about the Serena ranking, what's fair, what will happen with her play, is she ready, etc. etc. I said, yeah I think we're going to look back when the end of the tournament comes and find it funny that we wondered if any of that stuff matters. In her semi today when Goerges broke and kinda did a little fist pump I said, "yep sweetie, good for you but you're about to lose this semi on your serve. Ya better start thinking about your serve." And buh bye.
  10. The Tennis Thread

    This Wimbledon has kind of been boring for me...the women's side hasn't really had any good matches to me. I hope the final is decent. The men's side, blah. I keep waiting for the typical "Isner fizzle". Looks like it's going to be Nadal's to lose now although I do think if Anderson plays well he can beat him.
  11. B&B July 2018 Discussion Thread

    It's more funny to me that Emma and Xander and whoever Zoe is are a replacement for other black people who were better actors that they've never been able to write for. Why are the Avants and Myron even on the show now. And they have Carter who can act, so can Nicole but he can't write for them. But we have 3 teenagers so write for them even though we really don't give a shi*. And let's let Liam decide between his women again. He's more like his digusting father than he thinks. Hope is a total Whore, just like her mother. And Brooke is thrilled she's a whore and her daughter is too. It's a blessing that you got knocked up by a married man, Hun. Soon she'll be able to go back to her Stallion, the greatest love of his life, $Bill. Other than Katie. Oh, and other women like Quinn who gave him better sex. And Steffy. She was also the greatest love of his life. But keep the family together, unless it's himself. This show is the total dregs. It's comedy for me to see how they cannot remember day to day what happened. And I always liked Hope....but she really is a total awful Whore. At least Steffy has been who she is. The steadfast honorable clean Hope is a total Whore. Crazy Pam got that much correct.
  12. Best Soap Opera Opening

    Guiding Light in the 80’s and I never watched Another a World but theirs with Crystal Gale singing.
  13. The Tennis Thread

    It's Kristina Mladenovic...her first name/nickname is Kiki.
  14. The Tennis Thread

    I love this.
  15. The Tennis Thread

    Isner is so pathetic. He might be a tennis player but he's a tennis player that doesn't play tennis. He serves and that's it. I keep saying to friends - if the point starts, it's over for him. He'd be better off treating both serves as a first serves and just go for aces on both because if he gets a return back at him, the point will be over for him.