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  1. It'll probably happen soon with someone. I don't even know how you can say that - it's been all Adam all the time for at least a month or two. There's hardly a scene that he's not mentioned or that he's in. He's completely eating the whole show. Maybe it's just because I've tuned in at the wrong time but when I had it on 2 and 3 weeks ago for 1/2 hour here and there - it was all Adam. And I just don't want to see storylines from 5 or 6 years ago. The Chelsea/Adam angst that I'm sure it will become, the Chloe/Kevin, the Chloe needs to kill Adam, Chloe tries to forgive Adam, Billy is going to kill Adam because of Delia and on and on that I'm sure is probably going to dominate the storylines. I'm going to be watching The Real from a day behind that I've already seen rather than The Adam and the RestofUs.
  2. Gave it a shot today, tuned in to see a nice conversation between Sharon and Faith. Boy is she growing up fast. Then, there was THE ADAM. As the ADAM TURNS! Turned it off. It was nice to see Faith again and Sharon. But then.....THE ADAM! No THANK you. I can see Y&R is really getting the message of how well Adam is working. Consistently all time lows now and they just keep having him on. Changed back a little later - and people were talking about - ADAM! And then ADAM was lurking in the park or something. I'm so done with this show at this point. It's just gross. Literally Grossman or whatever his name is. And people just seem to love him - I really just don't get it. Another thing I don't want to see. Eric Braeden/Victor and his nearly 78 year old wrinkled butt with a 52 year old hot woman that just cannot resist him. But people gripe about Daniel Goddard/Beth Maitland and an unrealistic 13 year or 14 year old difference in age. No thanks to any new romances with Victor/Eric Braeden and anyone. Maybe him and Jill? He and Nikki are further apart in age than alot of "unbelievable" romances on soaps.
  3. Lol - it sounds awful if that’s what happened. Douglass has a nightmare so we need to get married right away? Did anything happen with Xander finding the security footage of Thomas following Emma? Thomas hasn’t killed him yet? Thought for sure that would have happened last week.
  4. It wasn’t Chris - it was Mary Jo. What Serena does need to end is the crazy yelling and dramatic stumbling around. She does it when she’s rolling over people and she does it when she’s losing badly. She acts. It’s bad. Just play tennis. The yelling and the stupid stumbling around look ridiculous.
  5. She just needs to play more tournaments. Even being great on grass she didn't play a warm up tournament and that's not unusual for her but when you get older, things change. She's trying to play herself into mental shape during the tournament. It's an amazing accomplishment to make a GS final but I think it hits her in the moment. One thing that has always driven me crazy about her and I've never heard anyone say it because she generally moves well when she's in top form, returns well, etc. But she doesn't bend her knees - she bends at the waist and stands there basically, bent slightly at the waist on returns. And there were several times even during this match where she left Halep an opening, and she just stood up and stood there, even just instead of making a guess to one side or the other, she just gave up on points. But the lack of bending her knees on returns, getting down low, and even on alot of her groundstrokes, not alot of knee bend. And I've never heard anyone say it. With lack of match play, if her serve lets her down like it did today, anyone can be a danger. Her serve was basically on all tournament. I think Mary Jo said it best - Serena is still the best player on tour regardless of her ranking - but she doesn't have a Plan B. I noticed Simona said in her interview - her team and her had a plan and Tom Rinaldi said, "what was it?" And she said we're not going to tell you. I thought that was funny.
  6. the only scene I saw this week...had changed the channel during a Wimbledon commercial(s)...should have watched the commercials. I saw Lola left and Summer reverted to a horny teenager. I hate both characters...I've never liked Summer and all they ever do is revert her into a teenage, horny, brat. Back to Wimbledon I went.
  7. Didn't watch this week - and I'm glad. Reading through the threads since I posted - someone is right, the tumor made him do it. And no one will know that he drugged Liam with speed or anything that he's done. He and Hope are speeding up the wedding? They're moving so slow on this show...why haven't they been married and had it annulled yet? And why hasn't she remarried and annulled another marriage with Liam or Wyatt? They just move too slowly on this show. cough.
  8. I’m sick of the show trying to make Adam happen as the new young Victor and I don’t care who plays him - but Justin Hartley made him likeable. This Billy and this Adam I don’t want to see and hope they both die and take 3/4 of the cast with them.
  9. I think equipment in Tennis has stabilized - I think the composite materials that came along in the 80's - changed a little more but people like Sampras still used one of the first Wilson pro-staffs all the way through his career, and Roger's is basically still mostly the same. I can't imagine someone inventing some other material that will replace rackets as we see them today, just due to the size of the court - there can't be a lot more power in the size of the court. My friends formed a wooden racket league and they love it. It's kind of sad because it would be boring to watch on TV given everything has to be bigger, better, faster, etc...but it sure does take a lot more skill to use a wooden racket. I think about baseball and how they allow aluminum composite bats up through college - but if you play pro, they have to use wooden bats because you shouldn't need the technology if you're good enough. They have to adjust backward. I wish there was a way to bring something like that back to Tennis.
  10. Chrissy threw some shade yesterday about Margaret and I cracked up - said something like, well it's not really a comparison even if Serena were not to break her record - since most of her Majors were the Australian when the field was only 32 or 40 total women and most all of the players were Australian - even good players from other nations didn't go to the Australian back then. And her 2nd most Slam was the US Open, then Wimbledon. She was best on grass and 3 of the 4 slams were on grass then and people forget that. Imagine how many Serena and Venus would have if 3 of the 4 Slams were on grass. So I looked back on Wiki and she's right...there were years after Billie Jean won the Australian and then didn't even go. Everyone is Australian in the 60s and even up through the early 70s.
  11. Y&R - hopefully they see Adam isn't on enough and that's their major problem - the show needs more Adam. LOL And can't wait until these awful numbers pass to B&B - it's a cartoon. I don't know why the slight spike but it's not any of the demos that matter and it won't hold. Haven't watched either since last Wednesday or Thursday....and don't even care about any resolution to the dead baby switch/Hopeless/Beavis/Lame/Stuffy and who knows the truth and who doesn't. The dialogue is so recycled I can't watch. I remember just a couple/few years ago there would be discussion about Y&R hitting (or not) 5 million viewers and it happening a couple days a week. Now they're reaching new lows week in and week out. Well deserved.
  12. Well I had a feeling the first women's semi would be a snoozer and I'm betting both will be.
  13. I haven't watched at all this week and saw only a few minutes of last week. And when I turned it on, it was Adam. Back to Wimbledon. I have no desire to see a re-do of Adam, Chelsea, Chloe, Kevin, whoever. No desire at all. Victor and whatever new disease he had that will be gone in 1 week or he's received a miracle cure. I really don't care about any story involving Victor at this point because nothing will ever happen to him and for whatever he does, no real punishment. Even when he was in jail he was on screen more than when he was walking around town. But the consensus seems to be that everyone loves Adam and he's the best actor ever, Everyone hates Cane, Everyone hates Tessa, Everyone hates Lola. And bringing back "familiar faces" is going to make the show and give us a hot summer. Cough. I've actually never understood all the Cane hate. Tessa and Lola I get. But the Adam love and the Cane hate I do not get. I've completely tuned out. The one thing I actually liked were Traci's fantasies while writing her book but people seem to hate that too. Overall there wasn't anything going on and I don't care about anything Adam. I really don't get the praise for the actor or the character now. Don't care about what happened in Vegas, his Spider character, what Phyllis found out while there, etc. Don't care. Definitely don't care about whatever crazy story brings Hillary back. Y&R has become what I've read about DAYS - no one is ever really dead. Adam is back, Chloe is back, bring Hillary back from the dead....if they were going to bring someone back, make it John Abbott and get rid of Dina's Alzheimers...lost the chance to say that it was Graham drugging her to get her money. The show is a boring mess, but maybe things have changed in 2 weeks because I've barely seen any of it. And really disappointed, still, about Gina Tognoni and the Stafford Phyllis switcheroo for no real reason.
  14. I never look at episode counts but was posting on B&B about The Beavis and the Beautiful (Thomas is Adam on there) and he's leading episode counts and is way up there for the year total as well #7 or #8 and has only been on since late April. I wanted to see where Adam ranked and he's #22 and returned around the same time...I haven't watched at all since mid last week because I'm done until Adam is gone. And that's what I started calling the show too "The Adam and therestofthem". Reminds me of a period of about 6 months on World Turns where I started calling it "As the Molly Turns".
  15. I haven't watched since last Thursday - maybe 5 minutes on Friday, none this week. Is Xander still alive? I would have thought Thomas would have killed him by now. I looked at the episode counts (which I never do) but saw Thomas is at 7 or 8th for most episodes for the year and he just came on the show in late March or April and it's not even mid July yet. Pathetic. Haven't checked Y&R but Adam was just re-introduced 2 months ago and I bet he's edging toward the top if not #1 already.
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