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  1. It took the other 3 in repeats to get Days on top and they’re still at all time lows in categories. That show needs to be cancelled. It’s taken months for them to finally catch Y&R repeats and they’re still at all time lows.
  2. I have watched some of the classics but when I tuned in saw saw last year’s from around the 4th of July I was like ——- andddd what makes this classic? So turned it off.
  3. Thought of another one....Y&R Andy and Paul. I always thought Steven Ford was so cute.
  4. Kind of like the other topic on here - things you thought were true or things you find out were dumb or you didn't know but found out later -- I always assumed Danny Romalotti (Michael Damien) was gay. I always thought wow he is a decent actor to pass off that he's straight.
  5. When I was watching I thought the big secret was that Kyle and Theo had hooked up on Y&R.
  6. They all Have better saved their money very well. No one is going to watch any of these shows again or their houses are going to burn because they’re in CA. They better hope Tamron, The Real, Kelly Clarkson, and Ellen all die. I loved hearing the people on B&B yack about travel shooting and how they were the only show to do remote shoots. So young. Everyone did it in the 70s and 80s. The Monaco thing and Australia things were messes. B&B has blown their budget. And it’s why they’ve rushed to production. They Would be smart to re run the last 2 months of the show before they air new episodes but they’re not that smart. I wasn’t watching but they’re not that smart.
  7. Heather Tom has won more from crying than anyone and she’s terrible A year or two ago - she knows who she’s married to - and they had her scream - and cry - he blew up the building?!!! My god no - falls to knees and bawls. Emmy win. Abso pageant pathetic.
  8. I have never watched Days but I’d watch bad CSPAN OR Guiding Light. I don’t get it. The commercials when I have NBC affiliates On never make sense week to week. I see previews and think what happened to the story from last week? It looks terrible. Stefano is alive! But he’s 40 years younger. Someone is giving a baby away! Here are some gay baby daddies! Here’s Marlena! Patch and Kayla might be back! I just read recaps and see commercials and it’s bad.
  9. Who was the player whose father was banned? It was like banned forever.
  10. What is he talking about? If it’s people not wearing masks and gatherings that’s been a problem all along.
  11. I may tune in once the episodes air because they said the actors and their spouses/partners would be serving as doubles for intimate moments. I want to see what it looks like. Just going to show them kissing from the back or hands on their faces?
  12. I didn't understand the grounds for the lawsuits. You can't force your parent company to choose what product they promote or don't promote. Most of it was the overseas markets - one said that Sony chose to promote Y&R over DAYS. Well, when your ratings are in the dumpster in the U.S. why would you promote the show overseas and spend that money?
  13. I think the lawsuit took the wind out of his sails. I don’t watch DAYS but that would be my guess from what I read.
  14. It was horrible. He stared straight ahead. We both put our hands up and I asked permission to get out of the car. This was when there were no dashcams. He could have shot us both and lied.
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