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  1. Feh. Nice piece of Limburger on that timeout by Bencic. Ultimately stinky cheese.
  2. Wow, I saw this when I woke up and wondered when it was on TV...I'm wondering now if Joker will win the US Open. I remember Chrissie picking the Field for Wimbledon, and I thought he would win that, but in the back of my head I thought he won't get the Open. Now I want to see how he responds to this - will he come out blazing at the Open, or will some guys that didn't go to Tokyo, who quietly just continued their lives at home come through? I don't know why it's interesting to me. I think this is a chip in the armor. I really thought the Olympics was going to be a ho hum cake walk for Joker, with the real test coming at the Open. Well, surprise. Kudos to who keeps posting about the Olympics yielding weird results... And an aside - you know how you like someone or you don't? And don't know why? I don't know why I don't like Medvedev but I don't. He just looks like a *ick to me. LOL. Could be the nicest guy on the planet but I don't like him.
  3. I thought the same thing. I'm hearing mental health a lot now. I don't blame Simone, but I'd rather that mental health not be brought up. Yes, it needs discussion, but not a reason for stepping down. Her reason is valid enough - a lot of gymnasts have it happen. Where you don't know where you are in the air or there's a mental lapse, and no one knows why it happens but it does. And then it's in your head, that you didn't know where you were. It's very similar to figure skaters who suddenly develop vertigo. And I don't know but I also relate it to pilots who suddenly can't discern water from the sky with their vision or how your brain suddenly perceives things. But I agree, I don't want 'mental health' as the go-to all of a sudden. After and still during COVID, we all were in the same boat really as far as adjusting to life, maybe feeling more alone, taxing our mental health. But I sure can't blame it for my job and say I'm not showing up today because of my mental health. Just saying that you're flying blind, something happened, you're physically OK you think, but I couldn't tell where I was is enough. I often think of Mardy Fish who brought this up years ago, and he wasn't a champion or anything really but it crippled him for about 5 years, and really people called him a wuss and a failure. No one rallied and understood. I guess it helps if you're backed by Nike and suddenly use your popularity and clout to cop out. He didn't get the Michael Phelps of the world coming to his defense, and MP got some huge breaks of his own that other people would not get when it comes to alcohol.
  4. I thought the same. Actually I thought, I'll be really impressed with Naomi when she's 38, had a kid, and still in the serious discussions for slams. And had 21 or 22 already. Right now, she just Osaka'd. LOL
  5. I had to laugh at that when I heard this morning.
  6. God I’m tired of hearing about Naomi Osaka. I get it. Depression. But the commentators even the good ones - I just can’t. Earlier they said something like you wake up alone in tennis, you travel alone, you go to bed alone. I mean come on already…they’re not a bunch of hermits, and how many single people live alone? I get it, social anxiety and depression. Just the statement about living such an apparently lonely life just grates for me. That along with a couple of times I’ve heard about her playing for her beloved Japan. Oh yes- Beverly Hills Japan. Very fond of it myself. And it’s so beloved - I have to look that up - but Japan had to change their rules a couple years ago so she could play for them. For some reason - she hadn’t been there for some period of time, or pretty much never. Whatever it was. Very beloved.
  7. Did anyone name Julianne Moore, Judson Mills (ATWT?)? She went on to pretty much everything, and he has been in some things, one Walker Texas Ranger. Laura Bell Bundy, GL, Tom Pelphry GL, Taye Diggs and Tammy Blanchard, GL.
  8. I have a lot of Louis Vuitton, my most prized is the big Pegase and I only take it on the train. My friends are always asking me (well when we were traveling)...where it was when we fly. I'm like, *itch peggy does not get checked at baggage...she might not come back. She goes on the train or to the beach only. Although one time I did check it because it was a small flight and they took the bags at the gate and it kind of was satisfying wheeling her through the airport. A tennis trophy I cannot imagine - that would be going on the plane with me somehow, some way if I had to buy a seat for it. Overall I thought it was a better match than I would have thought. I said before, I can't hate on Joker and there's almost something gratifying that for years he was just kind of there...with the question would he be able to challenge Nadal and Federer...and now it's pretty solidified that he actually will become the greatest of the 3. Yes, there's a pandemic, but it was the same for everyone. And it's not like Novak came along when Nadal and Federer were already decrepit. They weren't and still aren't. I expect Nadal to pull out at least 1 or 2 more French Opens - call me nuts. But I can also see Novak winning 4 more slams. No one is up to the task mentally and that's what it is with him. He not only has the weapons, he makes good decisions. I love Federer and he will always be my favorite, but I can't hate on Joker. He deserves it and I kinda feel bad for him...he's said before, everyone rooted against him for the most part when it came to the other two. It must be a thrill to be able to smile to yourself and be OK with not being the most revered and most loved but doing your own thing and just accepting it and doing your thing.
  9. Well I guess this wasn't so bad for a 3 set sweep in a final. (cough, kidding but probably not).
  10. Saw a clip on Twitter, what a crack up. One of the ESPN announcers was going over a leader's list of some kind and reading it and said, Federer and someone was moving up on passing Uh-Vert. About records or grand slam semis or something. Uh Vert. A girl had recorded it and said 'UH VERT!??" and sent it to Chrissie. And the girl had retweeted it and said, uh, it's EV-ERT and she's kind of your...COWORKER. Chrissie replied with the laughing so hard/crying Emoji. Pam Shriver replied...something like...I tried to beat her but she averted my attempts 18 times in a row! Where do they get these hosts/announcers? Anyone else see this?
  11. Has anyone argued over whose portrait should be above the mantle yet? Anyone fallen or shoved off a balcony and lost a shoe? Anyone texted with someone non-stop and then suddenly texting doesn't work or they need to talk to them in person (for some reason) to tell them something and then (insert accident) happens? Something happens somewhat important, but no one lives in Los Angeles actually because no one ever sees anything important and there are only security cameras when they feel like it. I just read stuff and laugh...the whole show hasn't been anything but stupid plots for years. Just got old for me and I don't even read about it now other than passing by these threads. I don't know how people sit through it. I laughed when I saw Woods say something about how they needed to tell the addiction story accurately and carefully. From what I read it lasted like 3 days or something. Yeah, people address their addictions and get over them in one week I guess. Very accurate and emotional. LOL. It really is a shame that I saw they had Daytime Emmys and they were on CBS??? I haven't even looked at a list to see who won because it would be depressing that it couldn't be a tie that no one won.
  12. The thing I can't believe is just the total discounting that these women were all in it for the fame. ??? How on Earth do they all have such similar stories of how it happened and it's not like they all KNEW each other. I know, we're going back years at this point even with the case itself and this has all been said. I don't know how Phylicia stands herself, and I wonder what Howard thinks about their decision now. And in my head I know that none of these women were more important than another, but I cannot get out of my head Beverly Johnson. OK, so say any one of the other women want attention (it's clear to me that they didn't), but how do you explain Johnson with the SAME story, and she doesn't NEED the attention...her career speaks for itself - there's NOTHING in it for her. And above, you all pointed it out. Men. Hey, I'm a gay man but I say it all the time, when conservative women get on their high horse about (now I'm talking about the Karens out there) - about men should marry women, no Adam and Steve, etc. - you know the old school type. I've more than once said on boards and to faces - hey, I might be gay, but guess what, I could say I'm a man and that makes me up the totem pole from ya sweets. So you can go the biology route if you want and gripe about who is using whose bathroom, but I'm still a man and you can go fight that battle all day but it's true. So have a seat. And lets not forget, these men not only get away with it, they become Supreme Court justices.
  13. It's a depressingly masculine world, Dolores. --Vera Donovan.
  14. I forgot to inform you, unfortunately I will not be playing Wimbledon or any of the tournaments for the rest of the year. It's a very personal choice and I'm listening to my body, my trainer, and I've also fired my coach, and have filed a lawsuit against my financial advisor. For some reason I have what I believe to be missing funds from all of my accounts from all of my Tennis-related income. I apologize to my fans, but this is in my best interest. I'll be tweeting a little later, and I know I'm in your thoughts and prayers.
  15. I keep asking, what did these people do during the layoff/Covid limited schedules for a year? Lay around and eat bonbons? I don't know that I've ever seen so many injuries and dropping-outs. Olympics, I wouldn't go there either, but just the walking over and dropping out of it all.
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