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  1. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Ok. I just saw her in cap and gown with a 2018 on the tassle....
  2. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Is Sharon graduating in September? I didn't see what kind of speech she was giving but saw her wearing graduation-wear???
  3. Sorry - I looked really quickly but didn't check off-topics. I would say regardless if you are a DAYS fan, just hope Kelly's show tanks because it would just be more evidence that daytime has enough talk shows and news shows.
  4. Just read Kelly's show got picked up by NBC to air before Ellen - some are reporting Steve Harvey's show will be dropped (I really don't know if he only aired on NBC or if other networks carry him), others are wondering if they will cancel DAYS since it's only renewed through Summer of 2019.
  5. B&B September 10 Discussion Thread

    Brooke really needs to go. Tuned in today to hear her question Thorne and Katie’s marriage proposal being too fast? Lollll when she shoved her daughter towards Liam’s penis and told her not to wait another moment? Conspiring with Bill to basically become Will’s Mom because we know that’s where it’s going. Argue with Ridge about Will, Bill, Katie, etc.? Someone dump her out of a Helicopter and actually make it permanent.
  6. B&B September 10 Discussion Thread

    You need to look at Winsor's posts back for months. There arent' enough erasers to get rid of the entitled, white, out-of-touch racism. I was shocked when I went to his Twitter page and started reading. Not a nice person. But very haughty. Loves to use the word "Blessed" alot with alot of not-very-nice opinions. But he's blessed. And so is everyone who agrees with his bullshi*.
  7. Plots You're Tired of on Soaps

    Worn out triangles and relationships. Liam/Wyatt/Hope/Steffy - Insert extra person. On B&B next - Brooke being a total manipulative baby-talking whore that never gets called out on it but berates everyone else for similar behavior, not nearly as bad as hers. Now Hope is the same. Ya got the man that Steffy gave to you, ya got the baby, ya got the marriage and ya still can't toss a morsel to someone yet they are the "good girls". Logans are always the good girls. They're whores. And today I tuned in at the end and saw Brooke goin' after Steffy....I wish Steffy would PUNCH her and then go hunt down her daughter. I used to be a Hope/Brooke fan...fan of the Logans since the beginning. Brooke can go now. She needs to be killed off in a nice little murder mystery and let her be GONE. Especially since she mentioned to Steffy - you SLEPT with your HUSBAND'S DAD! And she JUST had LUNCH with him and conspired AGAINST HER OWN SISTER. AND SAID...we can't tell anyone about this!
  8. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    I've never gotten the magic of Devon that so many people apparently see. He's always been a cardboard actor and now is like a 30 or 35 year old crotchity old man. Neal - never to be redeemed from the "I had to Kidnap Hillary and keep it a secret because I needed to save her." storyline. Blah. I don't know what I'll do next week when the U.S. Open is done. I need to look through my channel guide and find 1 or 2 day old Wendy shows to watch or something. I haven't seen much of it since the U.S. Open started but I can only imagine.
  9. Non-romantic Supercouples

    Goes way back but Stu and Jo - Search
  10. I remember a couple of times on either GL or ATWT when someone was driving on their way to either Springfield or Oakdale they would show a green highway/miles to the city sign....and it listed Oakdale (number of miles), below that Springfield (number of miles) and Bay City (number of miles). Looked like a real highway sign and I thought - I wonder who ended up with that sign. I would have loved to have had it for my wall next to my bar.
  11. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Well I posted before somewhere....it didn't take long. I mentioned when Xander would become a photographer like Zende did, since Zoe is basically a replacement for Sasha or Nicole....they ditched Oliver so that Zende could be the photographer, and now Xander is taking photos of a little runway shoot. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  12. Y&R August 2018 Discussion Thread

    I'm happy about the brother because it's Jordi Vilasuso (SP?)....I always thought he was one of the hottest men GL ever had...and he's still got it. I hadn't seen him in years so he looked familiar and I Googled and saw he's been on DAYS and I don't watch that and never knew.
  13. Y&R August 2018 Discussion Thread

    +1. Summer 2.0 is a ho horndog. LOLL. This reminds me a little of Guiding Light and when Vanessa and Dinah fought because Dinah threatened to take Matt from her...this was when Wendy Moniz was playing Dinah. Clips still on Youtube and it was fabulous.
  14. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Now that Bell married Liam and Hope off, I hope they recede into the wallpaper like some of the other couples on this show. It's so silly...drop one marriage and they're married 2 days later.
  15. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    When Nicole left, did she leave a wig to Steffy? She's looked Wiga-licious the past few days.