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  1. l am not for free tuition - a tax has to come in somewhere and I already pay taxes for people to go to school K-12, and I don't have kids. I'm not going to support more taxes, or relieving bank loans...I paid my way through and so can everyone else. I didn't go to my "dream school" and kids today are all about having everything - guess what, you might not get everything you want or if you do then pay for it. I went to a Community College for 2 years with verification my credits would transfer and then transferred in to a University. Wasn't the one I would have liked but I graduated with a BS and owed no money. So they need to learn you may not always get your "dream everything'...that''s life.
  2. I was reading that....I'd take that. In the South we say, I'd sop that up with a biscuit.
  3. Darn it's not letting you share it, but I bet you found it. If you browse his name on Google and look at Images it's really far at the top...
  4. I don't know how to post a pic - but he plays soccer for a team in Russia. Browse his name and if someone could post the delicious picture of him coming out of the Ocean - you will be forever worshipped by me. LOL. Martin Hromkovic
  5. Read some of it but - that is one messy person. Sounds very "poor me" and entitled. They can't wait for all soaps to be cancelled - so where you gonna work honey? Primetime clearly isn't banging down your door.
  6. I agree re: Roger. He's still advancing deep into draws and is still competitive. I was talking with a friend who follows even more closely than I do and he thought the same thing - I think Tsitsipas, Thiem, Zverev are likely the heirs. Medvedev is like watchiing paint dry for me. Kyrgios I think is going to be the player that never reaches potential...I don't know what it is with him...I don't care for him but he has more potential but is such a hothead. When you get into a fight with the chair umpire over wanting a white towel that you shoulda brought yourself is.....alottttttt.
  7. Ugh. Pre-emptions and Tennis channel is running re-runs. The women's year end finals were terrible...people retiring various times. And I just don't think Ash Barty is all that. Meanwhile how have I missed the hotness that is Belinda Bencic's boyfriend? He is tasty.
  8. Hope should die. They're giving her the Katie scene-chewing scenes. 1:37 to 1:42 PM Eastern Standard Time - for 5 minutes. And Ridge bellowing that Douglas needs to be with the "Family" - the "Forresters". HUN, last time I checked, you're only Forrester by name. #EricAinYoDaddy
  9. I tune in for 5 minutes and see Victoria with the Heidi hair braids. Awful. They'll get nominated for hair design and makeup.
  10. What was really funny about the Vat scenes - were that - people walking around in HAZMAT suits, other people who are around it, sometimes coughing, sometimes not. And today - having normal conversations while people walk in HATMAT suits.
  11. Yes - I'm DC - bar was JR's who sponsored our softball team. Ellen's coming-out episode was gigantic also... Whenever Matt would be in a scene the bartenders would take their cocktail strainers or any bar spoon - up and down the bottles on the shelves to make noise. So fun.
  12. And their demos were probably far better. GL had better demographics with it's terrible ratings than any of these today. That's what's most shocking to me...how bad the show looked but had far better demos than this. The audience is literally dying off and no one new is tuning in. But traditional network is dying off. Even nighttime soaps. Was just talking to a friend of mine the other day about Melrose Place (I was never into Beverly Hills 90210 - I was in college at the time and never got into it even though the actors and actresses were my age - high school was behind me) - but when Melrose was trashy good, it was water cooler talk. I'm gay, and the bar I used to go to had "Melrose Mondays", and it was absolutely packed and they showed it on the big projector screen. Such good memories.
  13. I don't really care about the soaps right now, but I'll miss Ellen and Kelly. I just don't understand why every network has to air the same thing - if we want to see the hearings, we can find them. We're not tuning in to any particular network for their hearings coverage...there's nothing special about any particular network the way we care about a newscaster or hosts of a program...they're just airing the same thing. And it's non-stop. I've wondered how advertisers feel about it. I know where to find CNN if I want to watch this stuff - it doesn't need to take up all 4 networks. Someone else posted somewhere - so true. OJ taught them nothing.
  14. Then there's that. Y&R is dropping like a rock. DAYS will never get an audience like it had back again. No one will. It's a ticking clock as to when they all go.
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