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  1. Good lord Y&R is a dumpster fryer. I was so hoping Gina would get the spot at GH. But Cynthia Watros is a 90% upgrade from Stafford. Gina being let go and Stafford coming back - 90% downgrade. Stafford isn't half the actress Tognini is. It's why CBS is Failing. You should have kept World Turns or Guiding Light or AT LEAST ONE of the two over these two ridiculous replacements. These 2 remaining CBS shows are awful. And I grew up watching Y&R. I didn't like B&B fromt the beginning - honestly I still think Capitol was better. But that doesn't matter. These 2 shows will be the last 2 standing but they suck. I've never watched GH a day in my life. I think because of Watros being on there, I want to see something. I think I'll give that a shot instead of the mess that is now CBS.
  2. It's been for years. Clearly some of the look of these rooms are Probably $150 or $200 a night or more. And these characters can pay that but not afford a $1500 or $2000 rental apartment for a month? Or $3000 or $4000 rental a month?
  3. Well I don't know if it's a quirk or not - but people just walking into other people's houses unannounced and people just let them walk in. People in a (new given cheap sets)...but people live in hotels now...so that's a quirk to me. I don't know anyone that could even afford to live in a Super 8 or a Motel 6 for months on end...but on soaps they live in high-end hotels for years but can't afford rent in a house? They live in hotel rooms but never look in the "hole" to see who is on the other side? People on soaps open the door for everyone.
  4. I want Hope dead. I don't care. Wyatt or someone will have bedded her gracious perfect soul before the end of the week. Probably skeevy gross Thomas. Please rape her. She deserves it for being so stupid. Sorry - I just said it. She is an awful awful character and we don't care. Bye. BYE FELICIA. Let her die and no one ever know that Beth is Phoebe. So sick of it. Flo ponders. Her mother ponders. Zoe and the Dad tell everyone they should go back to Vegas. Zoey walks into wherever she wants and acts like she owns the place. "We made a pact." We're in this together. Meanwhile Zoey has NO family connection to LA and is trying to tell everyone what to do. Because she's Scary Spice and a model. Man that girl is uglay. I'm sorry. She Uglayyyyy. This is one ugly girl. Sorry. #truth. Someone haul in some writers for this show please. Or PLEASE cancel. If Guiding Light or World Turns had EVER been this bad you'd have had 100,000 Pyramid and Card Sharks back on the air. Or some God Awful Cooking Show like ABC did, only The Chew was better than this garbage. And I still say - the only reason the ratings are still decent for above 50 year olds is because of Men. Women were smart enough to get over this mess years ago - which is why 18-49 and 25-50 women are so low.
  5. Eric dissed someone? Shocking. New characters could be interesting instead of himself? Shocking. His tired old ass needs to be gone. Along with protectinggggg the familehhhh!? Ok!? I’m trying to protect youuuu my baybehhhhh! Ok?! I know what I’m doing, ok?! Let me help you ok!?!! No wonder a couple of months ago he said the show would be getting better. Because he will be eating it again. God he and Peter Bergman both need to go. No one hesitates about tossing out Jess Walton or the older girls but they’ll fight for the old male goats.
  6. Well it was a good try. I thought maybe I had it...
  7. Best line from yesterday because anyone who tunes in has been thinking it for 2 months - Shauna to Scary Spice: “Maybe you should be the one to leave and go back to England to be with your baby snatching Father.”
  8. Tuned in today. I wonder if Zoey thinks Flo and her Mom should go back to Vegas? If you played a drinking game for every time she's said it your liver would be dead by now. So ridiculous.
  9. I've never watched DAYS but one thing I've noticed from the outside, when I have the NBC 11:00 or Noon news on and I see preview commercials - every single week it shows different people in the promos and I always wonder - do they finish storylines or who are these people and where are the people they showed on commercials last week?
  10. Tuned in today and Baby voice Brooke “Why wouldn’t you trust Beeeel?” Bitch cause you keep sleeping with him Bitch” That’s why I want to know what he’ll do instead of your thirsty vagina Riding the Stallion again! Jealous it could be Shawna instead of you? God Brooke is ridiculous- so is the show but the Logan’s are stupid now. Brooke in front of smarmy Justin spills the beans of Katie’s plans??? Lollll. The guy that dumped Widge out of a helicopter??? Jesus as bad as ATWT and GL were at times - don’t care how bad they looked - no show has been more awfully written than this. So bad. As a viewer you are expected not to remember 2 weeks ago. Shawna to Bill : Remember what great times we had? 2 weeks ago he didn’t remember he slept with you 1 time. And SHE said it! Lolll 2 weeks ago she said - it was 1 night. Now all of a sudden - those were some great times. Loll
  11. Watched today for the first time since the KSJ Memorial- and see Old Man Victor Manipulating everyone to protectttttt the familehhhhh!!! Yawn. Will tune in next month. Eric Braeden needs to go.
  12. Why is Wyatt @itching about Thomas to Liam tryin to steal his Brother’s girlfriends wives and he has done it. Give Wyatt 12 hours and he’ll make a move.
  13. Why are you defending the Winters from 20 years ago as a reason they should be forefront now? And Braeden should have gone a long time ago. Peter Bergman and the Abbots other than Tracy and Ashley have stunk. Bryton James is awful. So is Heinle and she's now a best actress. Doug Davidson has been a crotchety old man for 5 years or more. Painful. I am an equal opportunity critic. We all ain you too.
  14. I'm a gay. I don't incessantly *itch that there aren't enough gay stories and gay writers and gay everything on Daytime. It's become a droning din of people *itching about not enough Black on Daytime. If I see 1 story that is about a Gay person or 1 Gay character, it's enough for me. I'm fine with it. I don't gripe that half the show should be Gay. Or my Gays have been marginalized. In most timezones, Generations was up against Y&R. Why didn't Black people watch Generations? If you had, it should have succeeded enough to exist longer than it did. ? Just curious.
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