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  1. I passed by once this week. How old are the babies now? Stuffy was screaming at Beavis about how she had to tell Kelly, who has been missing from the show for 3 months but I digress - stuffy told Beavis that she had to explain to Kelly why Phoebe was missing because Kelly missed her so much. ??? And Kelly didn’t understand why Phoebe had a different name? Is Kelly suddenly 14 or is this another wtf moment? You can just pass by and see this. I hope both the girls are 12 now that she’s having this discussion with a 1 or 2 year old.
  2. I would love to see her do it - I always thought she was very underrated and was so close on several occasions. She was one of my favorite players.
  3. You know, when I said that I thought I don't know if that's right or not....
  4. Not history that stops mattering because if I like the characters I just choose to ignore some things that happened. One for me was ATWT and the crazy stories in the early 80's. I remember them trying to send Tom and Margo on crazy adventures - one involving an evil little person, Mr. Big played by Billy Barty. I was glad when that stuff ended and they stopped trying to make them Luke and Laura. So I still liked Tom and Margo no matter who played them. But I forget those storylines. Similarly GL and some of the crazy stories - starting with The Dreaming Death. I still liked the show after that but I try not to remember that. But the history of the show and characters always matters to me. Oh and I'd agree with Katherine is Jill's mother. I wasn't watching then but I would read articles and thought - this makes no sense at all. I don't know how they're going to explain that one after all of the history of the 2 characters and I don't want to find out. Then I heard they ended up reversing it...good choice. That said, if I ever were to start really watching Y&R again - I can't think of much in the last 8 months to a year that has mattered as far as history goes. I have trouble thinking of anything I couldn't do without or is having any real long term effect. Chelsea and her kid could have stayed gone, Chloe and Kevin and kid could have stayed gone, Rosales, don't care about Adam's alive and the secret Spider life in Vegas - I can't think of anything I could do without. Lily going to jail and killing off Hillary. There is a mess that has been done I could forget.
  5. It’s all good talk. Good stuff. Go save the show AdamNewManFan - can’t wait to see it. Show has crashed and burned in an awful way. God I love sports and lifetime movies. Always something better to watch
  6. Why is this new? CBS Daytime is dead. Get more Talk, get another hour of Price is Right, another hour of Wayne Brady on Let's make a Deal, and then have him cross over to B&B and maybe Sheryl Underwood could be on B&B, and Drew Cary Could be on Y&R or Bob Barker could be on B&B....wait....alot of this already happened. And the haters - you don't need to worry for much longer. We are out. We're done and we're not coming back. But Go Adam Newman. He is the face and the future of the show. He's everything. So you go with that. I hope you do go with Adam and this version of the show because when i say 1 or 2 minutes a week - I mean it. So maybe that's why the show is so great and I don't understand it. I'll say it again, my entire family has stopped watching. I watch awful Lifetime Movies now and can't wait for Kelly Clarkson's show to start and for Ellen to resume. But disregard me and do what you're doing. Do you know why I still post? Because I see what is so bad. But go do you, you're doing awesome.
  7. I really don't give a crap about B&B or any soap at this point and certainly not any bad actress like her. It's comical at this point.
  8. Laugh if you want - I’d rather see Clone Reva and handheld cameras than this garbage. Bring on 2 more hours of The Talk. I’ll say it again. Never seen a show take a nose dive like this. The Adam Show needs to go. Where is the big B&B location shoot they were talking about? Ohhhhhh budget cuts. Send some more drone cams out.
  9. I’ve not watched from the beginning. Only 1976. But you go, bitches. Bring on more Adam. Show is more popular than ever. Really, you are.
  10. Ellen Parker, Guiding Light. Peter Simon Guiding Light. Ron Raines Guiding Light. All the Margo’s - World Turns. The Toms - World Turns - barely remember Justin Deas as Tom. Would never have thought that. Beth Chamberlain GL. Won’t be popular as I loved Beverlee McKinsey as Alexandra - GL but Marj Dusay grew on me. Joan Collins brief stint was good too. For recasts - no one replaced Brian Buffington as little Billy - GL in my heart. He looked like Billy Lewis (Jordan Clark). Take it back about the Margo’s - there was one who was horrible, maybe someone can remind me. Didn’t last long.
  11. A friend of mine said his shoulder was iffy? I mean, if that's the case (is it?) - I save my body. He doesn't need the money. I quit playing volleyball after 4 knee surgeries (1 ACL replacement, and 3 other cart trims) - and I sure didn't make any money at it. I quit because my ortho said - take up putt putt golf or biking or something or you won't be walking at 40. Was it because of injury or why are people angry?
  12. It's apparently not just my own opinion. People blame the Rosales family, but the show didn't take this big of a nose-dive with them the way it has with Adam. Michelle Stafford has been a complete flop as well.
  13. Adam has eaten the show - that's what I saw anyway, but they can keep going with him if they want. I won't come back now. They had him on way too much and honestly I don't see all the charm everyone else is seeing in the actor. I just don't see it. I felt like when watching him he was a close talker and always up in everyone's face. But anyway, I have no desire to see Adam so there's no reason to watch Y&R if you don't like the character. I flipped from the US Open yesterday and saw something about Chloe and Kevin having drugged and kidnapped Billy? I was like - no desire to see that...back the to US Open. It just made no sense to me but that is the only minute in several weeks that I have seen so maybe it makes sense to people who have been watching.
  14. Heather Rattray as Lily? Good God. She was horrible. Only Martha Byrne was Lily. Heather was like watching paint dry.
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