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  1. I was watching the Noon news and forgot to change the channel because I was on a Con Call. When I looked up, I saw a show that was watchable, and realized it was a rerun Classic Episode. More of this, Please. I might actually watch. It might have been a little campy, but I was watching. I've never watched anything other than CBS. I actually think now that DAYS could romp over this. Never would have believed it.
  2. I've never watched GH but from what I've read the Strahan/Sarah show is doomed anyway. Any lead-in GH could have gotten would have been better. I don't get the magic with Strahan. I would bet Sarah will end up on the View again.
  3. I would have thought B&B would have done better...how weird that they went down in some things rather than up? With Y&R giving it a better lead-in within alot of markets. Those numbers for them are stinky.
  4. I might actually tune in on Fridays. I don't understand all the Josh Morrow hate, and never have, but this return of Michelle Stafford when I was watching was a mess. They don't know what to do with her. If they're rehashing a Nick/Phyllis thing - yuck. All soaps need to hope that the virus lasts forever because maybe people will watch. Because all of it was bad when I flipped channels. I started to wonder if I was always stupid and thought the acting and stories were good when I was young. But I don't think so.
  5. I turn in for maybe a minute or two a week, but this is exactly what I have hated and why I stopped watching regularly. And don't forget Liam and Sally thought they would die under the rubble and admitted they kissed and Steffy threw a fit. Wyatt and someone kissed and that ended a relationship - can't even recall now because the whole show is so incestuous. Or maybe it was hope. One kiss on this show and marriages are over and the annulment happens and they're married the next week. And I had tired of Brooke.
  6. It would become more repetitive than it already is.
  7. No longer a fan of Y&R or B&B. But in the East Y&R was pre empted all week. When you just do recycling- which has been B&B for 20 years? Exactly.
  8. Y&R is played out. Victor/Nikki. Sharon/Nick. Bad acting plus one. Devon (insert girl). Mishael whatever her name is now as a character. Insert name. Hunter King and insert whatever guy they pair her with. Michael Mealor now? Insert. The best thing I saw today was Traci and Ashley and it will be ignored. The best thing Y&R could have done is ignore Dina's dementia at the expense of hot fox who drugged her. Graham. Who drugged her. They won't do it. They'll spend time on Chloe, Kevin, Paul, Christine, Adam, Chelsea. And the chicken broth we need for next winter.
  9. So Sally was dying kind of like Caroline was dying so they could get their man? All this show does is wash, rinse, repeat.
  10. Virginia just closed Schools for the rest of the current School year. Relaxed exam and testing requirements and there's no other way around it...
  11. I'm already so tired of trying to remember not to touch my face. It's impossible. And it's mental...as soon as someone tells you not to do something...like in this instance I feel like my nose or ears or face in general is itching. And because of allergies my nose has been running for the last month as-is. I didn't go out all weekend...and now people are saying what we've been saying. The virus isn't just going to go away - 2 weeks off or closing until mid April....the virus will still be here. The DC metro area had the largest increase yesterday yet. And yes, it's because people weren't being tested so we knew more people had it because of lack of testing, but it's just now really beginning to spread. And the more people that get it and don't follow warnings the more it will spread. I can't even imagine if schools were open in this county. We have 16 large High Schools and countless middle schools and elementary schools.
  12. @Aback here is a link for GL to a description of the character Warren Burton - who accidentally brought home a lab rat in his suitcase and it bit his wife and got Dreaming Death and died. He released a bunch more of them later in the story, and stole the key to the vaccine to try and make money. https://www.soapcentral.com/gl/whoswho/warren.php
  13. I would doubt it. People aren't watching soaps anyway, no matter what. I've switched to The Real, Tamron Hall, Kelly Clarkson, and in my timezone no soaps are on at 3:00 and I watch Ellen. I know people who love soaps, and I was one of them, hate talk shows, but I gave up. When people were dancing at the CBS grave of Guiding Light and World Turns going off the air, and saying that The Talk and Let's Make a Deal would keep CBS Daytime STRONG and #1, I got bitter. Started watching other things and figured out that I liked it. Would tune into The Chew once in a while also. Daytime needs more talk shows until someone can write and act a good Soap. None of the 4 now are good. They can go. Someday someone in the Gen Z or new Gen A when they've run to the end of the alphabet will do a decent soap and the younguns will think they're doing something new and innovative. But we'll know at that point, but the 4 left can go right now. Soaps always come back around. Charles Dickens pretty much started Serial story telling and it'll come back around. But the 4 left have run their course. How many times can Brooke ride the Stallion and go back to Ridge, and the Steffy/Liam/Hope (insert other boy)/Wyatt play out? Victor and Nikki on Y&R, or Victor is dying or Nikki has M.S. but nothing ever comes of it? Sharon/Nick/Syphalis, Adam and Chelsea, and on and on? I don't care anymore. On B&B, Katie cries and needs an organ donor. YAWN.
  14. Oh my gosh. I watched Family Matters and didn't remember this until you said it. I guess it's a pretty regular thing. It does give me a little faith that shows like Valerie became Valerie's family, and Roseanne became The Connors because at least they explained it in some way.
  15. LOL. Chuck on Happy Days disappeared after going upstairs and I remember people talking about a character on AMC going to go get their skis and never returning. And now that I think about it, when I was watching the whole new Spectra clan just disappeared. Who was the cute photographer at Forrester? The one before Zende took over the photographer role? Oliver? Or something. He just kind of disappeared.
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