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  1. Fevuh

    B&B January 2019 Discussion Thread

    I disagree. I'm sick to death of Hope and the actress. She might be doing a good job, but the storyline and plot is horrible. I'm sick to death of both her and Brooke at this point. Over the years the constant propping up of Brooke and Hope and always making them the victims and the winners and every Male must have them and wants them for being weak, sniffling characters....tired. They're making an Emmy Reel for Hope. Surprise. Pathetic is what it is. Tired of hearing about Hope's almost dead baby and how much she misses Beth. And Wayne Brady's lopsided head. And characters that should at least have some kind of suspicion, the dumbing down of Taylor, etc. The show is pathetic. I watch because it's comical and funny at how bad it is. And this show has been tired from the beginning with finding a way to make the Spectras the "bad people". And here it is again. Sally is awful for trying to give the perfect Hope a pet. When therapy animals are all over the news...I can see what Bell is actually trying to do here, but it gets lost because the Spectras always have to be awful people. Tired. I think her motivations were nice and trying to help and be a good person, but it gets turned around because she's a Spectra, and giving a pet to someone or trying to help has to be turned into something nasty because it's Hope, Brooke, or a Forrester. So she's evil for trying to pick someone up. Tired. Whoever plays Sally - needs to move on. She has a shot at a career elsewhere. None of the rest of the cast do. She could get a role somewhere else in Primetime, Netflix Series, etc. She has a chance. I hope she's going on alot of auditions and moves on because she can. The rest on this show are definitely stuck on Soaps for however long they last.
  2. Fevuh

    The Tennis Thread

    Not that it bothered me that much because I don't like Kyrgios...but what a rotten early opponent/match to run into. Has he fallen that far down to run into Raonic this early? I kind of only follow the slams and a couple of other major tournaments during the year.
  3. Fevuh

    B&B January 2019 Discussion Thread

    How to end this fast and get rid of Wayne Brady. Taylor, instead of wanting Steffy to have the magically appearing baby at just the right time - has a meeting with Steffy and Hope and Liam to recommend that Hope and Liam adopt the magically appearing baby. Hope and Liam adopt their own baby, and say goodbye to Wayne Brady however they want. Don't care. They can find out years from now that she's really theirs. End it. Dr. Buckingham says ...given what happened to Hope on Catalina and since Zoe works at Forrester...it's best to leave my name out of it when talking about this adoption. LOLLLLLLLL. Like, Taylor wouldn't be suspicious of that????? What does Zoe working at Forrester have anything to do with anything? They're dumbing down every character for Wayne Brady.
  4. I hated the crazy Barbara story on ATWT. I don't think it was that popular but I remember "Holly is suddenly nuts" was awful. I remember she kidnapped a bunch of kids or something...was always glad to see Maureen Garrett get airtime but not for something like that. I never thought of her the same after that. Thought of another one...Neil on Y&R. The (basically stalking) and kidnapping of Hillary (wasn't it Devon's and her honeymoon? I can't even remember - didn't they get married ??) to "save her" was the dumbest thing ever and I have hated him ever since. He's somewhat coming back around for me but that was bottom of the barrel stuff. He kidnapped her to save her? WTH was it?
  5. Fevuh

    B&B January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Wow, they really are going to do it. LOL. I made jokes thinking it couldn't get that bad. Wayne Brady's speech about how distraught he is over Hope's baby, and then goes into another room and comes out with a baby. Basically - "Here's a baby for ya!" This is so stupid, LOLLLLLL. Even if Taylor "figures it out" and gives the baby back to Hope...what was the point of all of this? And are they really going to make her so EVIL as to know that the baby is Hope's and give it to Steffy? And not tell her where it came from? This is such garbage, no matter what happens...so ridiculous. Like people wouldn't know that the Doctor who was with Hope suddenly has a white baby the next day LOLLLLLL. Even if he says it was another woman who gave birth that day and wanted to give the baby up...how many women gave birth on Catalina that day? So bad. So contrived...and Hope "I feel like she isn't really gone." Uh do ya now? The depths - you can't even measure how bad and how low it is. It's honestly why I keep watching...it's my half-hour of awful comedy.
  6. Fevuh

    B&B January 2019 Discussion Thread

    It is all just plot. I don't care about the Dr. Buckingham character and it makes no sense...blow into town and 3 weeks later you're baby stealin' because you're already madly in love with Taylor? You're going to risk your whole career for someone you don't know? And then all the plot devices and tragedies...cook up the Santa Ana winds, and have Kelly get sick so that Liam misses the copter, etc. etc. And none of it matters because I just really don't care about these characters - who Liam ends up with, whether Hope is happy or not, Dr. Buckingham and daughter Zoe, and keep the list going. The Doctor character had no development...bring in Wayne Brady and plop him in a front burner story immediately. Makes no sense.
  7. Fevuh

    B&B January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Yawn. To AN and to Wayne Brady and his lopsided head. And to Scott Clifton and the suddenly OK Don Diamont and Thorsten Kay tolerance and baby-talking Brooke. Yawnnn.
  8. Fevuh

    Y&R January 2019 Discussion Thread

    I had liked Lola but now it's grating on me. She wasn't aware she was dating a rich man who would likely buy her nice things? She needs to be slapped. What's Kyle supposed to do, give up his life so that he's 'more like her'? Why is she trying to be a well known Chef and improve her situation if she doesn't want money? LOLLL. Then go back to your food truck and have a struggling life so that everyone can truly "get you". I haven't seen the past few days....my Cable provider dropped our CBS affiliate. What's she going to say if someone asks her why they split? "Well he did something horrific. He GAVE me an expensive purse!" I agree with the above....he's no prize. But to live the good life for awhile...yeah, how terrible for ya Lola. And I agree with Darn....yeah, Fen's a poor pauper hahahaha. Please.
  9. I wondered how many people here have Verizon Fios and are in DC, Buffalo, or Norfolk (VA)? The owner (Tegna) and Verizon did not reach an agreement and I'm in DC and lost WUSA9 (CBS) yesterday and still don't have it back. The Norfolk station is an ABC affiliate, and the Buffalo station is an NBC affiliate....so if you have Verizon Fios your stations will be dark until Tegna reaches an agreement with Verizon. This is the same issue that Disney networks had but they reached an agreement. It should be interesting to see what a dip/tank the soap ratings will take when this particular week's ratings come out in a couple/few weeks....it was already New Year's week with a couple shows running re-runs or not airing because of football games or hockey games so viewership would already be tanking....but now since this major service affects all 3 networks, depending on the city...it will be interesting to see how much Y&R/B&B on CBS, and GH on ABC, and DAYS on NBC dip. Not that Verizon is the only provider in these areas but it's a major one...and if they remain dark over a couple/few days how much these particular cities affect the overall ratings for those shows. I know DC is a major TV market, I would guess Buffalo is as well....and Norfolk I know is the largest metro population in Virginia so that could affect GH alot.
  10. Fevuh

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    I also wish that Steffy would cut Hope and Brooke out of her life and the babies' lives. If it's fair for them not to want Taylor around Hope's baby, well, when she "loses" her baby I wish Steffy would tell Hope that she doesn't want Brooke around her children because she's manipulative and has proven it again and again, and because of it, she doesn't want Hope around her children either. And rather than use this as a long drawn out saga for more Hope sympathy and the baby give-back after Steffy is attached (once the truth is discovered), I'd rather that it not be discovered until they are adults and have Brooke/Hope really drilled, since Steffy had nothing to do with it and the child will think of Steffy as her mother.
  11. Fevuh

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Liam needs to have the Santa Ana winds explained to him and is shocked that it can last for days at a time. Lived in Southern California for how long and you've not heard of this? Great stuff. There are Ferry Services and private charters. But Liam wouldn't know that because he doesn't live in LA? Or he doesn't have the money? So bad.
  12. Fevuh

    Y&R December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Does anyone call Niiki’s Sister (or is she dead?) to tell her that her sister is dying? At least mention her? I guess no one remembers her. That said - Loved that Traci has been on so much this Christmas season. It’s been great. I guess she left town with Ashley?
  13. Fevuh

    Y&R December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Do you think Victor took Nikki? Could that even be possible? Yawn. Because he knows how to care for her better than anyone? Or was Stefano DiMiera behind it!? I really wish a better bowl game was on today.
  14. Fevuh

    Y&R December 2018 Discussion Thread

    I'm shocked Nikki didn't die (sarcasm). Victor creeps around the hospital with all of these people coming and going - and no one sees him. Awful stuff. This must be the beautiful awesome story "coming soon" that Eric Braeden was talking about. Nick: "Ma - we're here to tuck ya in!" Phyllis: "Well where'd she go?" LOLLLLLL.
  15. Fevuh

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Me also. Could they not have Steffy give her loving little speech and then pull Brooke and Hope aside and say - don’t think I haven’t forgotten both of you made me choose between this, Christmas, and my Mom and where my daughter should be. You can candy coat It however you want. I know what you said to me - etc etc. But instead it’s all Christmas and zero Drama.