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  1. B&B Actor Returning for a Small Arc

    I see this as about 1 week of story, if that. He returns (yawn), he confronts Liam and Steffy about how honest Steffy has always been...she might have made this one big mistake - but she loves people, she loves her family, etc. etc. Liam gets mad and says, "oh really...did she love you when she kept a secret that Caroline wasn't really dying? It was all a lie by guess who....Bill Spencer who she then went and banged boots with?" That whole SL was another in a long line of stupid storylines. They went to NY to be close to her doctors. Did he ever go on an appointment with her? Was he there when they told her it was a miracle and she was cured?? So many holes when they have a SL that plays off-screen. Did she lie to her Moms too?
  2. Bradley Bell "The Horrible HW of B&B"

    People Bi*tch about Liam but don't about Rena Sofer. The ridiculous stories that have been written around her are the most awful of all. Anything QUINN has been AWFUL. She pushes people off bridges, She KIDNAPS people and has SEX with ADAM/LIAM - but she's a woman and DRAGS a MAN into a CAR. SHE SHOVES DEACON off a cliff. SHE's QUINN! SHE's WONDERFUL. She MARRIES ERIC! She DESIGNS BROOKE'S WEDDING RING!
  3. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    You know, if we're going to go off the edge and get nuts. I was so hoping someone would remember that Chloe had that upstairs room, by the "secret passageway" and when that bag of money came falling out, it being Chloe, and her turn around "Hey. Remember me?" And have it be a stash of Victor's Money that he paid to her. "And I have your husband". "Were you looking for this?" If we're going to go down the slow alley to hell, let's go do it.
  4. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    I don't know if anyone else has mentioned it....but I tuned in and am completely not surprised that it's "Victor" is behind it with the money missing. This show has completely made Victor the Stefano of Y&R. Victor always knows all, finds out all, and is behind it all. They just can't keep him out of a story for very long and I hate it.
  5. Bradley Bell "The Horrible HW of B&B"

    Anything with Crazy Quinn eating the show. Some of that was the worst. Along with what I said previously about no one from the public recognizing any of the Forresters.
  6. Bradley Bell "The Horrible HW of B&B"

    In general it's always bugged me that the characters on this show are apparently world-famous but no one ever notices them or recognizes them. Myron was the "lead model" but no one notices her and there's no papparazzi and there wasn't when the 'big reveal' happened. Stephanie Forrester being homeless (that was in the fairly early days) but that one cracked me up as well for the same reasons. She's Stephanie Forrester but no one could identify her....like she was homeless on the street and in a shelter and no one recognized her. But they're world famous.
  7. B&B February 2018 Discussion

    I didn't watch any of the wedding scenes....when Katie Cryer started talking about how happy she was for Brooke and how much she loved her and the destiny garbage I was like....yeah, that's why you faked a pass out the last time??? And turned the channel. I don't care to see another Brooke/Ridge pairing just for it to end again by next year or by the end of this one.
  8. B&B February 2018 Discussion

    And Bill *itching about needing to keep the family together, and save the Baby. Then why aren't you with Quinn or Katie??? Wyatt still needs a Dad or Mom and you put a baby in Katie too. Why are you *itching for Liam to be a Baby Daddy when you've got a trail of kids in women's wombs that have been birthed without you paying any kind of attention???
  9. B&B February 2018 Discussion

    I guess someone has to say something. I despise Steffy at this point and whether you like Liam (most don't) or NOT....my God these people are RABID. RABID to rib him, visit him, continually molest him. People. His wife couldn't stay out of bed with his DAD. Today I laughed because of COURSE BROOKE would be the one to understand Steffy. LOLLLLL. We don't care about your wedding Brooke/Ridge. We don't CARE. Steffy - stop trolling around town looking like Grizabella - and do your hair/makeup for a day or two. Your hair looks like your fellow cats sucked on the ends of it. And we don't care about the baby, either....I'm personally sick of hearing everyone *itch about "what about the baby!"? What about Steffy's very thirsty vagina when it was neglected for 1/2 an hour? She went to knock boots with Bill as fast as she could because - probably of Liam's very small member, but still. God shut up Steffy. If we just GO to their wedding we'll learn what marriage is about. GOD SHUT UPPPPPPPP!
  10. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    Right? I wasn't really hungry for lunch but ate something anyway because I had to put something on my stomach to keep down what was trying to come up.
  11. Y&R February 2018 Discussion

    I only watch part time but - is it just me or my imagination but - so many of the men on this show are such douchebags...there's hardly a male character that is even likeable to me. Ravi maybe...maybe J.T but he's with Victoria so I don't care....but the other day I was watching....Devon suddenly ordering everyone around and being a douche. Jack, douche. Victor, pretty much always has been. Paul is miserable. Billy - douche. Noah with the whining over Tessa and 'the kiss'....douche worthy. Michael "Summer's Eve" Baldwin... The men are so unlikeable to me....
  12. Celebrity Big Brother

    I don't even recognize most of these names....
  13. Last time a newbie impressed you?

    I was going to say CH also....+1
  14. The Tennis Thread

    +1 I said to myself after the semis - well, it was a blood bath for the women, but I guess in the end, ya know what? #1 and #2 came through...
  15. Y&R Actor Being Furloughed?

    I haven't gotten the character/actor from his appearance. I just didn't care and his acting sure didn't make me care. Sometimes I don't like a character at first but an actor or actress can win me over...I don't see that actor winning anyone over no matter what the character.