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  1. Funny. I only somewhat agree, but anyone could have won this year really. But it took a perfect draw really for Pennetta to win. I guess Emma didn't have powerhouse players like Jarmila Gajdosova, Monica Niculescu, Petra Cetkovska, and the quarterfinals before she really met anyone (Stosur at a 22 seed - a daunting task for your first seeded player you meet - and a 22 seed at that - very tough). While your country-woman follows a similar path, getting the benefit of a walkover injury, who then beats Serena for you in the Semis so that you get to meet the player you know the best of anyone for a final. The only problematic player Pennetta really met was Kvitova that year. Probably not the best comment from a one-hit wonder herself.
  2. Is her Dad there again? That would explain it. Not watching and have no idea but it sounds right.
  3. I loved every second of the Coopers on GL, and I know that's an unpopular opinion given that they focused on them rather than the Bauers. But I loved Frank, Buzz, Nadine, and Harley...Lucy not so much because I felt it was a swap for Harley when Beth Ehlers left. And I didn't feel like they hogged the show. I also never tired of Reva - another unpopular opinion. I still never felt like she was a one-woman show...other characters were involved most of the time through the years, whether it be Sonni/Solita, Josh, Billy, HB, Vanessa, her Mom and Dad, Cassie and Roxie, Kyle, Buzz, her kids and others. I never felt like 1 person ate the show. On the other hand, I turned off Y&R from the second they had nu-nu-Adam eat the show...every time you turned it on it was Grossman's Adam all over the place and it felt like 24/7. I have never gone back. I just didn't care about Victor hating him, Victor now loving him, Adam hates his Dad, now Adam loves his Dad, and on and on and on. I saw people calling it the Adam and the RestofThem - for good reason. No thanks.
  4. Not to do with what's going on right now, but I saw an interview with Eva Longoria, and Mario Lopez. They were talking about how long they'd known each other...awkward. He said something like, "you weren't even acting when we met!" and she said, "right, I was on the Young and the Restless"...or something VERY close to that. I guess they dated. But it was a bad little sounding comment. News honey, you're still not acting. LOLLLLLL.
  5. Me too - I love Fire on High, one of their lesser known but as of about 10 years ago, DC101 would sneak it in once in a while. Love these guys. Back when I lived in DC, they used to have free concerts in Annapolis during the evenings some weekends and friends thought I was crazy to drive over to just sit and listen. The Techno dance clubs and raves were more interesting to recover from on a Sunday. LOL. Was always fun to just go listen, and it's funny to see - people are so used to it there, they just walk by shopping, driving whatever...right by them and don't even stop. So talented.
  6. I found this thread just to see what had been posted about Morales. I never watched The Talk regularly, and because I loved World Turns it always naturally rubbed me the wrong way. I remember seeing a clip of the show a few months in or 6 months or a year in or something and they outwardly were talking about their improved ratings in the timeslot for CBS. I wanted to throw things at my TV when I saw and heard that. Like, don't talk about how you're doing against the other networks, they made it a POINT to talk about how they were improved over the show that got cancelled on their OWN network. Your own network isn't really your competition if you're winning your timeslot. I hate The Talk.
  7. And really love Cannons right now...reminds me of someone and I can't figure out who...almost a Stevie Nicks vibe except she can sing (sorry, I love Stevie but she's not the greatest vocalist)...this one is almost an old-school Fleetwood Mac kind of thing...although I shouldn't say Stevie can't sing, because of course this is Nasa engineered like everything today...
  8. Well I shouldn't have put it that way but I meant those not in demographics they even track because we don't count - the elderly over 54 crowd, the ones who are bedridden and unable to change the channel.
  9. I was talking to my sister today and she asked if I had seen B&B, and I said just reading about it. Without prompting she said, it is SO STUPID. I said, yeah, I've been reading. hahahaha. I noticed the ratings posted and saw...wow, GH is almost up to B&B in demos or right at them, and has like 500K less (or even less) total viewers. Pretty terrible. The 18-49W and 25-54W aren't watching B&B. The show has always skewed older since day 1, but now it's really glaring. They have to get the geriatric over 54 viewers because no one else is watching...and it's looking like they're tuning out also. You'd think they'd figure it out.
  10. Love them, another with the top down favorite
  11. I swear I remember instances of the time differences happening on ATWT. I remember people being at the office late working and in other places it was mid-day at the Snyder farm with people milling about or at Fashions talking about going to lunch or something.
  12. I was just reading through threads I normally wouldn't pay attention to, but this one interested me. I would have said exactly that. My Mom was a lifelong SFT viewer and had fallen off a little with SFT on CBS but she never even knew it went to NBC. I remember (I was young, like 10 or 11) and telling her that SFT was going off the air, and wouldn't she like to see the final episode? I happened to be home from school I think for some reason and I remember turning it on for her. She thought it had been cancelled when it disappeared from CBS. I think a lot of people who had been fans didn't follow it to NBC. Similar to Edge of Night moving to ABC.
  13. I had an Italian in me a few times and he made me a Soprano, not a Tenor.
  14. Well one thing is that when I saw this whole storyline being talked about - I am not the one to call racism or play a race card. In fact I'm a bad Democrat because of that. Sometimes I'm one to think twice and look at all angles before I agree or disagree with whether something is racist. But I listen to what people have to say. In this case, I didn't need to read other people's opinions on it. It made me feel uncomfortable from just reading about it. I feel like it's a bone to throw to black characters at the very very least, and the more obvious thing to me is what it is and what it looks like. It reminds me somewhat of a mutual friend I have with someone. Went to her house and she had a collection of mammy dolls. Now, I know. I know that some are made by black women or craftspeople who are black and they're proud of it and see it as an art. But there's something about a Southern white woman collecting them that bothers me. It just does. I don't know why, but it does. Reading about this storyline makes me feel like that. And last, Carter is probably the most handsome man on Daytime. I'd put him up there and I've said it before. Ok, Rena is very pretty (Quinn). Ok. But we've spent years now that Carter isn't noticed basically and plays 2nd fiddle to the white guys...he has. It's happened. It happened with Maya picking Rick...black woman picking the rich white guy. I mean, I'm not calling that racist at all - but it happened. Now we have a really handsome black man (STILL) who apparently can't get a date so he takes up with his rich white boss's woman. Now, rich white guy has given him "permission", like he owns him or something. So....it looks like what it looks like to me.
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