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  1. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    The Bells found a Formula type of writing. Ashley on Y&R should be a chemist in a lab. Brooke is the girl chemist in a lab. No one notices this. Jill and Katherine were the young woman vs. old woman on the show. Brooke and Stephanie were the young woman vs. old woman on the show. Victor is the evil on Y&R, only better. Don Diamont today - trying to be Victor Newman - only he's horrible. On B&B - the two warring Fashion Houses - Stephanie vs. Sally. Now it's Steffy Vs. Sally. And have no really good actors that are black people on B&B. B&B has done this for their entire tenure. Need extraneous characters? Hey, they had the Marones. We have the Lavants whenever they show up. We have Justin, the evil $Bill black guy that remains loyal. We also have secretaries...one goes with Wyatt wherever he goes because she's his wife. The one casting thing they've done so well is Steffy - more and more lip injections to look like Hunter Tylo. Was Lisa Rinna ever on this show? Steffy looks like she stuck her face in a beehive. I saw 5 minutes this week, and did Brooke say to Steffy - "I thought you'd be happy about me being with Ridge? I could be back with your Father." And Steffy said something mindless..."So...are you? Is that what you want?" Is Steffy Brooke's daughter? LOL. I thought Taylor gave birth to her. I know Taylor is Steffy's mother...but for Brooke to say - I thought you'd be glad I could be with your Father? NOTHING MAKES SENSE. LOL. Just like everyone's love for both Quinn and Sheila. You cannot have a memory of yesterday and watch this show. Oh - and...Wyatt: "Yo BRO. you won't be sitting there in that chair LONG BRO!" Liam/Lame-o: " HEY BRO....KNOCK BEFORE YOU ENTER BRO!" WYATT: "REALLY BRO!? MY DAD. MY DAD OWNS THIS COMPANY BRO!" LIAM "RIGHT BRO BUT I OWN IT NOW BRO!" Ok - so it's not quite that BAD - but it's so CLOSE it's not funny.
  2. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    Breathy Brooke/Nikki voice: "But BEEEEEEEEEL? CRIMINAL acTIVITY????" Bill: "I'm TRYING TO MAKE MONEY here! What's so WRONG with THAT!?" Brooke: "But you could have KEEEELED SOMEONE BEEEL! I don't even KNOW YOU RIGHT NOWWW!" Crocodile tears. Bill: Director's note: LOOK ANGRILY INTO THE CAMERA RIGHT NOW! NOW LOOK OFF CAMERA! FADE TO COMMERCIAL!
  3. I hadn't seen this - Hopefully they leave Caroline gone as well - there's no point to the character and she's not necessary. Her return was a waste of time. What's so funny is there is never any payoff with this show and storylines. We have a catfight every once in a while with Quinn and Sheila - and - then Bill's lies - nothing comes of it, etc. Steffy is an annoying whore. Liam is - Liam. Wyatt is a whiner. Katie the crier gets her emmy reel scene a few times a year. Ridge still never shaves or bathes and phones in his work/lines. This show is a waste of 1/2 hour. I hated that The Talk was basically World Turns' replacement, but they really could just give it another 30 minutes or make Price is Right an hour and a half and be done with this mess.
  4. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    This show has been awful since I started re-watching 4 years ago. Quinn and chasing someone across Paris on a scooter and chasing people down and shoving people off of bridges? Recently - everyone has alzheimers not remembering what Sheila did. Brooke does the whispery "Melody Thomas Scott" Nikki voice like she does with Victor - Brooke does it with Bill. "my strong strong wonderful man. My mannnnnn. My stallion.....why won't you tallllk to me" "my strong strong mannnnnn" all breathy and whispery and awful the way MTS does on Y&R. These shows need to go. They laughed at World Turns and Guiding Light and said how awful they were....they were never this bad. The production wasn't great but the acting was never this bad. When B&B actors go on talk shows they always talk about how lucky they are to get to go on "location shoots" because no one does it now. Well - back in the day everyone did. Now, B&B might be the only show that does, but that'll be ending soon sweets because overseas ratings won't save you here.
  5. LATEST RATINGS: September 4-8, 2017

    About more than a Million+ more viewers than the other bottom feeders and still - last in key demos. TONK TONK TONK. The gain in viewers are everyone 50 and older. Who must share TV's.
  6. GH: Dear Shelly Altman wish list

    More Mob like the last 30 years. More Mob. Sonny, Mob and gangstah. That'll do it. GH fans love that.
  7. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    Like you I tune in a couple of times a week for the laughs; it's so ridiculous. Yesterday they showed Wyatt and Katie in bed and Katie said something like "you are top 3 for sure" or something to Wyatt. I was hoping she would say - well, you know, your Dad is better in bed than you, he is the stallion after all. hahahahaha. The whole Steffy angst over Liam taking over Spencer makes no sense whatsoever, it's like she's completely distraught over it. For what? They really just blow opportunities for decent dialogue writing. Liam confronting his father and Bill calling out his blackmail the portions I saw - I was waiting for Liam to say something like "well you always call me out for being too ethical and always doing the right thing and saying I'm not enough like you, that Wyatt is...well, now you see. You just didn't know that I'm alot more like you than I thought and, you know?...I kinda like it, Dad. See, I really am like you and I get what I want too", etc. But they didn't...they had a lot of yelling from Wyatt which was weird - I can't stand any of them. How old is Wyatt anyway? In his 30's? All he's ever done is run to Mommy or Daddy when he doesn't get what he wants. Then in another scene I saw Brooke so surprised over Bill and the arson....she said something like, "BEEEL....but CRIMINAL activity!???" Are we not supposed to have a memory? He had Ridge dumped out of a helicopter hahahahahaha. She doesn't know he does this stuff all the time??? And I really for some reason never noticed how bad Don Diamont is as an actor. He delivers lines so fake most of the time and is so cartoonish. I said before even when he is supposed to sound evil it sounds stupid and then the staring off "angrily" at the end of every show or scene.
  8. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    Most people are picking the totally over the top moments - but I'll pick the ones that are just stupid, obvious, and dumb because they're not well thought out. B&B - Quinn has an outdoor shower built for Eric. I guess they couldn't afford one before, they said he'd always wanted one, so Quinn had one put in. (??????????). In what is clearly the driveway set of the Forrester mansion. Where suddently trees are everywhere so that Katie can take an iPhone video of Ridge and Quinn. The Newman Towers burning for 3 days while the Genoa City Po Po used their only helicopter on at least 4 "last trips" before the building will fall to rescue people....Newman Towers has a helipad but no helicopter. Neither does the hospital apparently. Or any other county. Only 1 helicopter. Victor has a tower with a helipad but no helicopter He's got a jet, and no helicopter for his helipad.
  9. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    You should have seen Steffy nearly hump Bill. And Wyatt do a lot of yelling for - no reason.
  10. The Tennis Thread

    I know people hate the American Men - Sam Querry. but my God - Someone tell Kevin Anderson to get some sunblock. I have never even heard of him, looked him up and he's only 30? I would have thought he was 42 years old. I haven't taken care of myself and I'm 47 and I look better than him. Jesus. SPF, Kevin. Find it.
  11. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    The Sheila storyline is above stupid. They act like viewers are supposed to somehow believe she has something on everyone. She can blackmail and threaten everyone. She doesn't have ANYTHING on Charlie, it's so funny. Her big secret is that she could expose Charlie because he's been TALKING to her and TELLING her a couple of things. WELL she MANAGED TO LIVE IN ERIC'S HOUSE - so what's the big damned secret that Charlie has talked to her?? Eric HIMSELF has already eaten the Koo-Koo cereal. It's just so STUPID.
  12. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    I've been dumbed down like Fox News. Didn't even think about Rick and Ridge. And I thought...if they're in New York do Caroline and Thomas even visit the "Moms"? hahahahha. It's just so stupid.
  13. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    I caught the very end - didn't see Friday. Steffy is a self serving *itch. How she can even reason letting her brother go through mental torture is ridiculous....and letting Caroline carry out the lie? I saw her saying, but do you really want your father in jail? He's done awful things and gone way too far but we can't say anything. It's so silly....so you just let Bill run over everyone but, don't say anything? I still don't understand - but maybe I've missed it. Caroline's 2 mothers don't know she's "dying"? Why does Bill know but not her mothers? And why hasn't Thomas asked about her "doctor" or why she isn't going or there aren't any medications she's taken? And Caroline's hair looks like a cat sucked on the ends of it.
  14. The Tennis Thread

    With Keys I'm always waiting for her to do the Lindsay-kicking-the-tennis-ball around thing, then you know she's done. I'm honestly not sure if Lindsay is the best coach for her but she does seem to be doing better this time around. It would be nice to see a couple of the U.S. players make it through another round...excited but anxious. I'm always so negative, waiting for the big flop to happen. All 4 have been playing pretty well...I've been very surprised by Coco - this next matchup will likely be the end for her but we'll see.
  15. B&B's Monday numbers are likely just because Y&R airs in that timeslot in alot of the country and people probably tuned in to see that and just left their TV's on. I turned it on about 12:55 or so because of the Eclipse coverage...overall everyone's numbers stink. Continued record lows for 18-49W?? And B&B skews sooooo old. They've got like almost a million more viewers than GH but the same demos....