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  1. I totally forgot the Australian Open was going on. 😞 It says Gauff and Venus are playing again - does anyone see that match in this draw? I can't find it...? https://www.google.com/search?sxsrf=ACYBGNQvJzLdWvnB7QPpdy7xQW3yH0to1w%3A1579227261378&source=hp&ei=fRghXuyrFIm55gKS76G4BA&q=australian+open+2020+draw&oq=australian&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.35i39j0i131j0j0i131l3j0j0i131l2j0.4484.14082..16149...10.0..0.137.1428.18j1......0....1..gws-wiz.....10..0i67j0i131i67j35i362i39j35i305i39j0i10j38j0i10i30j0i30.JUgDp7IADw4
  2. I watch about 10 minutes a week so there's that.
  3. Can Thomas, Hope, and Scary Spice please die in a car crash?
  4. I've said from the beginning and people hated it - Jason Thompson is awful as Billy and the guy playing Adam is eating the show. He has killed this show even more than Jason as Billy. Either we need better writers or they both have to go. No writer can save this show now. Billy is horrible. Adam is worse because he ate the show. There's nothing that will bring the audience back. It's done. Show is over. Just send off Nikki and Victor in a nice ceremony before the show ends.
  5. What was funny to me, everyone knows how obsessed Thomas was with Hope, but now he has insta-relationship with Scary Spice? And she believes it too?
  6. I tuned in today briefly. God I cannot even watch Hope. She is so damned stupid and easily manipulated. No one should be so stupid or written so pathetically.
  7. I've never watched DAYS but when I see commercials for it I always wonder what must have happened. Every week's commercials have different characters with something different going on it looks like and I always wonder what must have happened to the other storylines they advertised the week before.
  8. People write books about what is not happening on Y& R . They’ll write days about it and there isn’t anything to see here. It’s really the same with DAYS. GH and B&B. Bring back The Chew, Bring on Drew Barrymore and Jen Anniston’s new talk show
  9. Tried to watch again today - Adam is attending New Year's Eve, Chelsea and Adam Angst, will Nick and Adam get along? Billy and "Amanda" who is really just the same character as Hillary. YAWN. This show is just existing at this point. It's just kind of there. I swear to God I'd take Chuck Pratt back now. Any writer at this point. Nothing happens on this show. It's just sad to see an old friend die. GL went downhill with production but we had THINGS going on. World Turns was cancelled and was so much better than this. What happened to Genoa City Athletic Club? Didn't people live there? Wasn't Phyllis living there? Where does she live now?
  10. My trick is to record a rerun of Wendy or Tamron Hall so that I don’t see Thomas on B&B or Adam on Y&R. It ain’t a werkin.
  11. I watched yesterday because it was a Christmas episode and about all I liked was Tracy and Ashley. I read through some of the threads and am shocked to see people writing/talking about so much. I didn’t see anything going on - again. Whoever the guy playing Fen is hot to me and looked big compared to the other guys. I might tune in for him. And I have never liked this actor as Billy. In regard to Stafford - GH would be crazy to take her back. Never watched GH but a few days ago passed by and Cynthia Watros was on and was excellent. Makes Stafford’s Phyllis look like an amateur. From the scene I saw on GH it looked like Watros was being paired with Maura West in some kind of scheme. I might switch back and forth between that and Kelly Clarkson. At least it looked like something was going on. And two great actresses
  12. Anyone watch Tamron Hall or Kelly Clakson “y’all?” Or wish The Chew was back? The Real or Wendy? The Talk? These people needa be looking for work. Daytime dramas are crashing and burning and nothing is saving it. Too many actors, too much expense, too many crew. It’s going down. I hope the veteran actors and actresses invested and saved well. Most will never work again - and sorry - I think have been stupid. I remember several dancing on cancelled soaps graves. Now it’s you. I remember 2 years ago Scott Clifton from B&B saying that we’re unique. We do on location and travel shoots and no one else does. Hunty in the 80s and 90s everyone did it. It’s not paying off now and it’s why that big location shoot didn’t happen the last 2 years.
  13. Any day if I turn it 0n for 5 minutes it's the Thomas show (along with Liam and Hope.) It was clear to me that Thomas is their answer to Adam on Y&R. Too much of one face. I had it on the other day and Ridge was arguing that Thomas is magically all better. I was like add him to the list of dumb characters. Hope gets whatever she deserves from Thomas for continuing to mess with him. Already forgot he kept dead baby swap secret.
  14. I think the downfall is also the outlandish stories instead of character building and relationships. I remember The Doctors doing some shrinking potion story. But then really GH and DAYS got into a competition to one up the other in crazy stories and then practically every show started trying it. It became plot driven crazy instead of character driven. It’s B&Bs problem today - characters you really don’t care about. Plot - someone falls against an electric panel - someone falls in a fake vat of acid - someone falls off a cliff - dead baby switch by a character who nobody cares about. There are virtually no characters to like.
  15. I've never watched Days - but saw a commercial that someone is Stefano? Is it his son? The guy that played Stefano was older, and I knew him as who he was on B&B. In the commercial I recognized the guy they said was Stefano as another Days character but he's much younger. How is this explained?
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