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  1. Good Lord....I just turned it on for 2 minutes. Brooke and Ridge concerned for Eric and his marriage. I really did see a conversation between Wyatt, Quinn and Carter. Carter saying that Quinn is doing everything she can for her marriage. Quinn explaining Eric needed to see her happy and she needing to give him what he needs. Change channel...what utter trash. I can't even. No words.
  2. Thank you for posting this picture! I'd never seen it. What a great group of actresses...I loved every Blake. I still think maybe the most successful re-casted role in all of daytime, for the number we had. I loved Dennehy (sp?)....during the time Glenn Close was so popular, it was like you were watching her sister on Guiding Light.
  3. That's her. I could have googled it...I really don't remember much of her as Dinah, but that's her. I know she went on to a lot of other things and was popular.
  4. I think the best recasts could be Christina/Blake on Guiding Light. I think all 3 adult Blake's were great. I also think McKinsey will always be the best Alexandra, but you know Marj Dusay and Joan Collins were really good. I also liked Peter Simon as Ed, and Ron Raines as Alan. For recasts, GL did pretty well over the years. Laura Wright would always be the best Cassie but Forrester did OK. The Mindy's, ditto - I liked Krista Tesreau but the Kimberly Simms and Barbara Crampton were fine in the role for me. Ann Hamilton not. Maureen I thought was Ellen Dolan until Ellen Parker took over the role...EP was better. Oh and as someone mentioned, Wendy Moniz was Dinah to me...but Gina Tognoni was also very very good. The previous Dinah...can't remember her name but went on to other shows, but I don't remember her as great as Dinah. I know a lot of people had issues with Nancy Alban as Michelle but to me I thought she was much closer to the way Rachel Miner would have played an adult Michelle.
  5. I'm just reading this...did that really happen? I posted something like that 2 weeks ago or something. Bad Santa/Sean Connery "shatishfying my wife..." I just can't believe that if it happened...I should know not to make jokes like that. It'll probably happen...
  6. I hadn’t commented on the opinion of the NY fans being the worst. I didn’t think so. Now I do. All the extra yelling during serves was just enough for me - so ghetto terrible. Yell a little OK. But it was over the top and obnoxious. Just gross. I can’t imagine paying that amount of money and acting like that no matter who I wanted.
  7. Yep. And 99.9% of the time, the neck/decollatege (sp?)...why turtle necks become your best friend.
  8. I don't know if this is meant to be just daytime, but Joan Van Ark. When she was young she had a simple, natural look and beauty. Girl next door, pretty. Then went way overboard. In a Kim Novak kind of way, not quite as extreme but close. (Not totally on topic but in Kim's case, and kind of Joan's, you wouldn't even know they were the same person as when they were young....at least I can say with Hunter T., and Lisa R., they have gone overboard but I can probably recognize them as the same person, had you not seen it all happen on screen over the years. In Kim and Joan's case, if you hadn't been watching along over the years, I think you may not know they were the same people).
  9. This whole Open has been a total surprise (I thought for me, but it looks like everyone now)...I think we're going to look back at this Open as when the new guard popped up and at the beginning we didn't see it...and now we are. It really has been a total blast and surprise that came from no where. I thought every Slam this year was total blah. The Olympics were blah. This has not been blah. And this would be awesome but kill me because I want them both to win now. Either would be great but I'd somehow want both.
  10. I heard Delpo's voice last night and my heart fluttered. LOL. Kind of a favorite of mine over the years, I'm near DC and saw him in the DC tournament two of the years he won. He's kind of a throwback player and I would love to see him come back successfully and at least be in the mix in some major tournaments. He sounded really positive. He would make a nice husband for me.
  11. I'm impressed with Fernandez...I keep expecting that she'll wane and lose. I still can't get the thought out of my head that this is just a flash in the pan. At some point you have to think it's real. You can't take out players at this level repeatedly and go on to be a nobody. They're not having bad matches or playing badly. They've been playing like they play and she's just beating them. The guts of some of her shots at the right times have been unreal, the thing you can't teach. She's my hope for the winner on the women's side. I just really really don't want Bencic. But I don't think Raducanu is going to beat her. I feel like I'm on eggshells because it looks like a US Open win for Bencic right now.
  12. I'm happily surprised - I don't know whether it will hold or not, but I'm kind of shocked that Fernandez is in this match, just checked the score. I really thought she would get blown off the court.
  13. Perfect riding with the top down in my convertible song.
  14. I was rooting for Jack...nice guy. A friend of mine dated him briefly several years ago. I was messaging with her last night (she had no idea who he was at the time), she's not into sports at all. She didn't even know he really was a tennis player at the time, and doesn't follow tennis at all. She said, wow, I could have been rich! I said, well no...a lot of tennis players, most really are not rich. But anyway, had hoped he would win another round.
  15. The Alca match was unreal...I said to some friends while we were watching, I've never ever seen someone with touch like this repeatedly/consistently. I've seen players that have it, but his drop shots are second to none of anyone I've ever seen. Already. Who knows if he'll hold on to that as he ages, but he also basically has an average serve, which will improve. When this kid gets a serve that is 10% better and gets free points...look out. The other thing that made me smile really big was his passing shots...a very old coach told me once - I have no topspin practically, I hit flat. I was so disappointing to her, LOL because I'm left handed and she so wanted me to have a strong forehand...and I never did. My backhand was always the best. But of the flat hitting, she said God if you ever do anything in your tennis life, put some kind of topspin on your passes. It's deadly if you can do it. I always remembered that. She said, it doesn't matter where you put it if you can get that ball to dip, it makes it difficult for them on the other side. You are forcing them to close on the net or they're volleying UP to clear the net, even by an inch or a centimeter to volley up is difficult. I smiled and knew she was watching up there somewhere (sappy I know), but Alca dipped those passes and Tsi couldn't handle it. Several volleys dumped up into the net, and he was right there.
  16. Alexandra Stevenson...on Pegula and Bencic. Picks Bencic in a runaway in that part of the draw.
  17. I'm hopeful. I like Danielle, but she has temper issues. Game like Mary Pierce and is streaky and generally one speed. But I'm UVA, so. I've always liked her, and I think her BF coached her for awhile, and one tournament (last year?)?? She told him to go sit somewhere else because the whole stadium was empty and he sat right behind her and she didn't want to see him, LOL. I don't know if she's still with him but I thought, yeah that is a relationship that won't last.
  18. I might have to tune in just to see this mess...reading about it might not be enough. I'm dying laughing over Donna tripping and spilling Honey...or maybe Brooke and Shelia can become ultra concerned for Eric and team up for a hot threesome...Eric can claim to have gotten drunk and accidentally fallen into both of their vaginas....
  19. Very proud of himself - gloated in the press conference afterward as well. There might be a player on tour that can single-handedly change the way they think of Joker. I would almost relish it, to see them behind Joker in a vs. Titsy match. And have Joker take repeated bathroom breaks, or take one first.
  20. Lordt. Insert lame lines for Bad Santa/Sean Connery..."Shum-one needsh to shatishfy my wife...she'sh proven she should be shatishfied... "
  21. The on court interview afterward that (whoever did) with Tsitsipas got a tepid response from the crowd. I know it wasn't full and people probably didn't stick around afterward but usually after the person speaks or answers a question there will be applause of some kind and there was very very little. I would say he didn't endear himself to the crowd for sure.
  22. Looks like titsy needs to spend as much time at the Doctor's office as he does in bathrooms.
  23. James Blake: said something about it's clear that Isner doesn't want to get into any kind of rally. ????? Since when has he ever? He's never been a Tennis player. He serves the ball and that's about it...if the point actually ever starts with him, it's over. That's been the case his whole career, throw out his age or injuries or anything else...
  24. Yikes. I turn on the TV and some of these 1st round match pairings look like (by the names) they could have been Quarterfinals or Semis. To me that says the whole tournament is going to stink as far as quality goes...
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