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  1. B&B - October Discussion Thread

    5 minutes of stupidity today: Quinn/Rena Sofer runs around multiple sets and screams her head off, add a sprinkle of extra extra scenery chewing. Lines like "How could YOU DO THIS! GET AWAY FROM MY SON!!!!" And then says similar things to Eric. We have to be HONEST WITH EACH OTHER! THIS Is our MARRIAGE! From the woman who went kissy face with his son for a couple of months. (P.S. - she still needs sex with Wyatt - that's her real issue). Katie should be with someone her OWN AGE! Says Quinn. Are we forgetting you slept with your son's Brother (Liam) and tried to convince multiple people you were in "love" with him, and that's why you actually kidnapped him, slept with him for a couple of months...your own OLD AS*??? Compared to Liam, she's old. As old as Hatie and Wyatt.
  2. B&B - October Discussion Thread

    No one on the show has locked their doors for years. And they're all rich - I think. So you'd think they'd have alarms. However comma - Quinn spent 2 years running into people's houses - walking right in to Liam's, Steffi's. Katie questioned at the police station about Sheila basically living in her house - "well - I guess I did leave the door unlocked." Lolllllll hahaha what a joke Companies have no security- Bill walks into Forrester - no badge needed. Walk right into the CEO's office. Bill is removed as CEO but walks right into the building and CEOs office. Steffhoe visits Spectra whenever she wants. Sheila goes to the Forrester mansion and walks around. With a restraining order against her. E-Dick converses with Sheila who he kicked out of his house but Quinn doesn't know she was there. Even though E- dick knows Sheila duped him for like 3 weeks.
  3. Y&R: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    I haven't watched regularly in about a month but tuned in the past few days - the writing seems better. The Jack/Billy/Phyllis laptop business story is pretty good. nd the Ashley/Graham mystery which I pretty much figured out a couple months ago is pretty good. Show is slow, but it kind of always was. When it comes to extras and things like that at a gala/ball - what I don't understand is why they don't just have some of the people on the studio/crew at Y&R just dress up and come out and sit there with some champagne and clap, or dance if it's a ball or whatever. You really don't need to be an actor to do that. I'm sure there are people around the studio they could haul out just to make it look more full and wouldn't take extra $$.
  4. B&B - October Discussion Thread

    Did I hear her say $200,000 for the Mateo guy? hahahahahahaha. So ridiculous. I tune in for the laughs when I do now. And by no means consult with a doctor about your back - just get massages. hahahahaha. Was there any fall-out or discussion after Sheila's bedridden stunt that James obviously just lied for her - did anyone ever tell Brooke what Sheila did or anything? Bill: You are a QUEEN! hahahaha. That'll be coming. Bill: "Steffhoe - you are my QUEEN!" Steffhoe: "And you are MY STALLION, and we shall BELONG to each other!" lolllllll so awful.
  5. Two of mine are from shows I never really watched so probably not fair. But my sisters did...they would always get so mad when Susan Lucci didn't win the Emmy - and I remember thinking - she sounds totally fake when she delivers her lines. Tony Geary - only because my one sister would rave over how handsome and hot he was and I was like (me being Gay but they didn't know at that time) - I don't see anything remotely close to hotness there, but OK. I could see his acting was good but the portrayal as the ultimate sexy bad guy turned 'good' - I never understood. Y&R - definitely Peter Bergman. Cady McClain - horrible. Eric Braeden.
  6. B&B - October Discussion Thread

    I am only watching whenever but the whole show is a wreck. I saw a few weeks ago Steffhoe said something to Liam (when griping about his blackmailing) that she thought she married the "nice guy". She wanted to marry the nice person. But now she's going to end up with Bill? hahahahaha. I turn it off when the yelling starts - Bill and Wyatt. And I don't understand the whole Mateo thing...Sheila pulls in another sucker.??? He needs money...but he wouldn't go to Eric/Quinn - who gave him a promotion as 'Estate Person' or whatever...? He wouldn't go to them and ask for help rather than some random crazy...who is asking him to deceive the people he works for, and he knows basically nothing about said-crazy other than the fact she was kicked out of their house??? And where is Sheila getting all of this money?? Wasn't she in jail or thought to be dead??? But she has all of this money from being a server at the only restaurant in LA??? So bad. And I saw a part like a week ago where Liam told Wyatt about Bill's lie to Thomas that Caroline was dying. The Caroline lie and all of that taking place off of camera was a waste. Wyatt's response: What? Well that's just CRAZY! LOOLLLLLLLL Like, this doesn't bother you just a little??? Your father is making up nutso lies and burning down buildings??? I'm down to about 5 minutes a day or I skip and then just read recaps which is bad enough. And every time I do tune in I feel like I'm listening to all of the same conversations. So Bill's big revenge is to steal his son's wife? Just creepy. Does everyone know about Katie/Wyatt yet? What is really the reason for keeping it a secret? It's not like everyone hasn't slept with everyone on this show. And I was disappointed to read about the Thorne recast on the board yesterday....I see it was posted some time ago. I don't understand the need for a recast - and why we keep picking up castoffs from other shows. I hope Caroline stays gone, and no Thomas recast - there's no point in either of the characters.
  7. The future of US soaps

    That is the quote I remember. And I remember thinking - but - you won't go to 1 hour because you're really not that good and it means I'd have to have either Guiding Light or World Turns cancelled or reduced to 1/2 an hour for your inferior show to get to 1 hour. And that ain't gonna happen because they're both better than you. Fast forward 20 years, and they're still not a 1 hour show because they were never worth it even if both GL and ATWT were cancelled. So Bell can eat it. And my other beef now that you posted the quote - he mentions they started out in 8th place with ratings in the low 5's. Which is exactly where Capitol was when they were cancelled. Only Capitol never got to follow Y&R which B&B always has followed in the East. Capitol was cancelled with a 5.2 or 5.3 (which was "very poor" according to Bell)...but you got to start out with those ratings and they let you stay? Yeah, no.
  8. The future of US soaps

    Me also - I watched Y&R first, but when I started watching World Turns and Guiding Light - Y&R never really held the place in my heart that ATWT and GL did. I stopped watching Y&R for years because it was just so SLOW. B&B has always stunk to me but I did watch it very early on - from its premeire until around 1992 or 1993 just because on the East Coast I taped the whole lineup and was waiting for World Turns and Guiding Light. B&B should have been cancelled many years ago. If Daytime were treated like primetime, B&B ALWAYS lost so much lead-in and handed off horrible numbers to World Turns. And it didn't matter if it was Y&R lead-in or local news lead-in. They NEVER have held lead-in numbers. I'll also never really loved the Bells - not any of them. I remember an article in Soap Opera Digest when B&B finally rose in the ratings and I'll never forget a quote by Bill Bell - he said "first we caught Guiding Light, then we caught As the World Turns!" He saw the shows on his own network the competition. He didn't say "First we caught Another World!" or - "First we caught All My Children!" or any other number of shows. He wanted to pick off the shows on his own network rather than who should have REALLY been the competition. B&B can get cancelled to me - but it will likely be the last one standing on CBS because of its popularity overseas. And it's 1/2 hour - they can afford to cut corners. ABC and GH - I'm shocked ABC hasn't chopped GH by now. They have had success with things like The View and The Chew - they've had misses but they've found footing elsewhere and some other show formats would be so much cheaper they wouldn't feel it at all. The demos and the ad dollars are just not there with GH. Days on NBC I have no idea why it's still on. The numbers are so low - it's like no one is watching. The 18-34 numbers have been under 100,000 for so long now - on all the shows it's been similar. New viewers are not tuning in and there are more women that age in 2 or 3 NFL football stadiums on a football Sunday.
  9. B&B - October Discussion Thread

    Like others - I turned it on the last two days to escape the awful news. Sheila keeps creeping around the Forrester mansion and it takes them 6 months to address the fact that she should probably have a job - so she gets a job as a server at a restaurant and I guess pays her bills at a seedy Hotel where Eric also stayed a couple months ago. But Sheila creeps and creeps and shows up at the Forrester Mansion and Eric doesn't really care. They just keep TALKING to her, hahahahahaha. And She says to Eric, "I always always told you I'd be truthful. I would NEVER EVVVVERRRR HIDEEEEE ANYTHING from HYOUUUUUUUU!" And he's for some reason so interested even though a nutso crazy woman is standing in his house. Just like the ONE HE MARRIED. BUT ANYWAY. She keeps CREEEEEEPING AROUND. And then HAULS in another stupid person, who is of course Latino. Poor MATEO! or MATINO! or whatever he calls himself. Sheila "QUINN really REALLY LIKES YOU! ISN'T SHE PRETTY!!!? SHE'S PRETTY ISN'T SHE!??" And the stupid Latino boy salivates. It's just so all kinds of bad. It's PATHETIC. And who CARES if Wyatt and Katie are sleeping together? LOL. Eric Slept his way through the Logan Family other THAN Katie. Quinn would have slept her way through the Spencer Family and would do so if she finds out WYATT is not her son, she'll sleep with him also. What is the big blackmailing secret? Please let Bill Sleep with Steffi before Liam sleeps with Sally. That way Big Lips will be the villain.
  10. I never watched Search but loved watching the last episode - and Ryan's Hope - the last episode. The things I've looked up on YT over the years are usually Guiding Light or As the World Turns related. GL - Maureen and Lillian when Maureen finds out Ed cheated with Lillian - and Michelle was a grade schooler or so. World Turns - nothing beats Lily's reveal at the Snyder's/Iva that she was a child of rape. But the opening themes too. I loved Guiding Light's opening theme in the 80's before it changed to the Lighthouse whip-around. I liked that one too but the one before it was so fabulous. And I was never an Another World fan, but the opening of "You are my Way" by Crystal Gale - I used to change the channel just to see that opening.
  11. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    JMW/Steffy is perfectly cast to be Hunter Tylo's daughter. Yipes.
  12. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    What on earth is she doing? I'm glad I missed it. Is it the Spectra building fire? Wyatt knows his father is an awful human being why would this be such devastating news? LOL. Glad I missed it...it looks like she found out her whole family died in an accident or something or an axe murderer has struck.
  13. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    When Liam blackmailed Bill there was a good opportunity, but this show doesn't have writers. Liam easily could have said, - well I really am like you, Dad. When Wyatt is so confused about Bill, they could have him acknowledge that they are their own father's sons, and they're actually a little more alike than different. Today I had it on for 5 minutes and Wyatt was yelling in disbelief again. "ALL these CRAZY POLICIES at SPENCER!!??" it's all rehash. Katie instituted daycare for working mothers a few years ago when she ran Spencer. She had all kinds of policy changes and Bill freaked. It's so over the top and stupid. Liam gives women time off for giving birth, and people better health insurance and he's an awful person/human being and Wyatt and Bill feak out. It's so cartoonish. I never noticed how bad of an actor Don Diamont was - he's so bad. Just God Awful. But at least he's more fit than Darren Brooks who must be 1/2 his age and is even a worse actor if that's possible.
  14. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    I tuned in one day last week and Steffy was going from Liam, to Bill, to Liam, to Brooke - I turned it off. Tuned in another day and there was so much yelling from Wyatt and Bill I turned it off. Are Brooke and Bill divorced yet and has Bill married Steffy yet so that she can be Liam and Wyatt's new Mommy? Has Wyatt become his brother's Daddy yet? LOL. From reading what's going on it sounds awful hahahahaaha.
  15. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    The Bells found a Formula type of writing. Ashley on Y&R should be a chemist in a lab. Brooke is the girl chemist in a lab. No one notices this. Jill and Katherine were the young woman vs. old woman on the show. Brooke and Stephanie were the young woman vs. old woman on the show. Victor is the evil on Y&R, only better. Don Diamont today - trying to be Victor Newman - only he's horrible. On B&B - the two warring Fashion Houses - Stephanie vs. Sally. Now it's Steffy Vs. Sally. And have no really good actors that are black people on B&B. B&B has done this for their entire tenure. Need extraneous characters? Hey, they had the Marones. We have the Lavants whenever they show up. We have Justin, the evil $Bill black guy that remains loyal. We also have secretaries...one goes with Wyatt wherever he goes because she's his wife. The one casting thing they've done so well is Steffy - more and more lip injections to look like Hunter Tylo. Was Lisa Rinna ever on this show? Steffy looks like she stuck her face in a beehive. I saw 5 minutes this week, and did Brooke say to Steffy - "I thought you'd be happy about me being with Ridge? I could be back with your Father." And Steffy said something mindless..."So...are you? Is that what you want?" Is Steffy Brooke's daughter? LOL. I thought Taylor gave birth to her. I know Taylor is Steffy's mother...but for Brooke to say - I thought you'd be glad I could be with your Father? NOTHING MAKES SENSE. LOL. Just like everyone's love for both Quinn and Sheila. You cannot have a memory of yesterday and watch this show. Oh - and...Wyatt: "Yo BRO. you won't be sitting there in that chair LONG BRO!" Liam/Lame-o: " HEY BRO....KNOCK BEFORE YOU ENTER BRO!" WYATT: "REALLY BRO!? MY DAD. MY DAD OWNS THIS COMPANY BRO!" LIAM "RIGHT BRO BUT I OWN IT NOW BRO!" Ok - so it's not quite that BAD - but it's so CLOSE it's not funny.
  16. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    Breathy Brooke/Nikki voice: "But BEEEEEEEEEL? CRIMINAL acTIVITY????" Bill: "I'm TRYING TO MAKE MONEY here! What's so WRONG with THAT!?" Brooke: "But you could have KEEEELED SOMEONE BEEEL! I don't even KNOW YOU RIGHT NOWWW!" Crocodile tears. Bill: Director's note: LOOK ANGRILY INTO THE CAMERA RIGHT NOW! NOW LOOK OFF CAMERA! FADE TO COMMERCIAL!
  17. I hadn't seen this - Hopefully they leave Caroline gone as well - there's no point to the character and she's not necessary. Her return was a waste of time. What's so funny is there is never any payoff with this show and storylines. We have a catfight every once in a while with Quinn and Sheila - and - then Bill's lies - nothing comes of it, etc. Steffy is an annoying whore. Liam is - Liam. Wyatt is a whiner. Katie the crier gets her emmy reel scene a few times a year. Ridge still never shaves or bathes and phones in his work/lines. This show is a waste of 1/2 hour. I hated that The Talk was basically World Turns' replacement, but they really could just give it another 30 minutes or make Price is Right an hour and a half and be done with this mess.
  18. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    This show has been awful since I started re-watching 4 years ago. Quinn and chasing someone across Paris on a scooter and chasing people down and shoving people off of bridges? Recently - everyone has alzheimers not remembering what Sheila did. Brooke does the whispery "Melody Thomas Scott" Nikki voice like she does with Victor - Brooke does it with Bill. "my strong strong wonderful man. My mannnnnn. My stallion.....why won't you tallllk to me" "my strong strong mannnnnn" all breathy and whispery and awful the way MTS does on Y&R. These shows need to go. They laughed at World Turns and Guiding Light and said how awful they were....they were never this bad. The production wasn't great but the acting was never this bad. When B&B actors go on talk shows they always talk about how lucky they are to get to go on "location shoots" because no one does it now. Well - back in the day everyone did. Now, B&B might be the only show that does, but that'll be ending soon sweets because overseas ratings won't save you here.
  19. LATEST RATINGS: September 4-8, 2017

    About more than a Million+ more viewers than the other bottom feeders and still - last in key demos. TONK TONK TONK. The gain in viewers are everyone 50 and older. Who must share TV's.
  20. GH: Dear Shelly Altman wish list

    More Mob like the last 30 years. More Mob. Sonny, Mob and gangstah. That'll do it. GH fans love that.
  21. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    Like you I tune in a couple of times a week for the laughs; it's so ridiculous. Yesterday they showed Wyatt and Katie in bed and Katie said something like "you are top 3 for sure" or something to Wyatt. I was hoping she would say - well, you know, your Dad is better in bed than you, he is the stallion after all. hahahahaha. The whole Steffy angst over Liam taking over Spencer makes no sense whatsoever, it's like she's completely distraught over it. For what? They really just blow opportunities for decent dialogue writing. Liam confronting his father and Bill calling out his blackmail the portions I saw - I was waiting for Liam to say something like "well you always call me out for being too ethical and always doing the right thing and saying I'm not enough like you, that Wyatt is...well, now you see. You just didn't know that I'm alot more like you than I thought and, you know?...I kinda like it, Dad. See, I really am like you and I get what I want too", etc. But they didn't...they had a lot of yelling from Wyatt which was weird - I can't stand any of them. How old is Wyatt anyway? In his 30's? All he's ever done is run to Mommy or Daddy when he doesn't get what he wants. Then in another scene I saw Brooke so surprised over Bill and the arson....she said something like, "BEEEL....but CRIMINAL activity!???" Are we not supposed to have a memory? He had Ridge dumped out of a helicopter hahahahahaha. She doesn't know he does this stuff all the time??? And I really for some reason never noticed how bad Don Diamont is as an actor. He delivers lines so fake most of the time and is so cartoonish. I said before even when he is supposed to sound evil it sounds stupid and then the staring off "angrily" at the end of every show or scene.
  22. Most Ridiculous Soap Moments

    Most people are picking the totally over the top moments - but I'll pick the ones that are just stupid, obvious, and dumb because they're not well thought out. B&B - Quinn has an outdoor shower built for Eric. I guess they couldn't afford one before, they said he'd always wanted one, so Quinn had one put in. (??????????). In what is clearly the driveway set of the Forrester mansion. Where suddently trees are everywhere so that Katie can take an iPhone video of Ridge and Quinn. The Newman Towers burning for 3 days while the Genoa City Po Po used their only helicopter on at least 4 "last trips" before the building will fall to rescue people....Newman Towers has a helipad but no helicopter. Neither does the hospital apparently. Or any other county. Only 1 helicopter. Victor has a tower with a helipad but no helicopter He's got a jet, and no helicopter for his helipad.
  23. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    You should have seen Steffy nearly hump Bill. And Wyatt do a lot of yelling for - no reason.
  24. The Tennis Thread

    I know people hate the American Men - Sam Querry. but my God - Someone tell Kevin Anderson to get some sunblock. I have never even heard of him, looked him up and he's only 30? I would have thought he was 42 years old. I haven't taken care of myself and I'm 47 and I look better than him. Jesus. SPF, Kevin. Find it.
  25. B&B: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    The Sheila storyline is above stupid. They act like viewers are supposed to somehow believe she has something on everyone. She can blackmail and threaten everyone. She doesn't have ANYTHING on Charlie, it's so funny. Her big secret is that she could expose Charlie because he's been TALKING to her and TELLING her a couple of things. WELL she MANAGED TO LIVE IN ERIC'S HOUSE - so what's the big damned secret that Charlie has talked to her?? Eric HIMSELF has already eaten the Koo-Koo cereal. It's just so STUPID.