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B&B: March 2024 Discussion Thread

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One thing I don't understand is why is Bradley trying to convert Hope into Brooke... They are so different and the archetypes are not the same. This pairing now that is coming probably of Hope and Finn reminds me of Brooke back in the day... This man changing every year a new one... Not a good look.

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The last episode is the worst so far.

Now we have 180 on Finn... who is acting like he and his MOMMY dearest Sheila were best of buddies and loved each other.  On the other side, we have Ridge acting like a sociopath, talking to Finn like - who the hell are you to mourn, when my daughter was in danger. He is actually right... but in this situation both Finn and Ridge looked foolish.  Finn crying for his mother is way too much. Ridge acting too cold is way too much. We also have Steffy acting bizarre and TOO strong for my taste in a scene, where she should have been more close to Finn. Or really broken to pieces herself and in shock. If you have killed someone just an hour before... you don't act like that, even if it was Jack The Ripper that you slayed. But again... this is a bad bad script. I actually thought JMWwas doing a superb job in the last episodes and was the best one in the scene, acting wise. 

Steffy looking with semi-disgust and anger at Finn and standing next to her father - like they are part of a mob, that killed the great big wolf... is so predictable and one-dimensional. Bradley doesn't even let 1 drop of uncertainty - He wants us to BE 100000 PERCENT sure Finn and Steffy will break up. It would have been so much more interesting if it was not so IN YOU face. It's absurd how low Bradley thinks of his viewers. I think even a monkey can get what he is trying to tell us. 

Now this is going to be risky to say - Tanner acted at the level of Ronn Moss, which for this show... I think is somewhat OKAY. But I laughed a little at some of his facial expressions and reactions. He was really struggling in the scene. Poor guy didn't have much material to work with, so I can say in defense to him, so that the girls in the forum don't attack me and get me banned, lol. 

OVERALL in the episode - It feel like the whole plot was switched in a David Lynch schizophrenic speed.  One moment Finn is defending his family against the big bad wolf, the next - he is missing his mommy. The other scenes were absolutely stupid filler that we didn't need to see.  The end was 1 level higher of CRINGE - Finn touching his mother's BLOOD and staring at Steffy... yeah we get it - they are done. Why... Because this show lacks logic and realism. 

And now... who will he turn to... to mourn with... Hope effing Logan....  All of this is so unnatural, so off-putting. They are basically telling all fans to f-ck off. I don't see 1 pairing or a character not destroyed by this.



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It sounds like they're trying hard to get canceled. Or there is a market out there for hate-watchers. It's a race to the bottom in terms of how bad they can crash this show into the ground. Bradley Bell is like the Madonna of the soap writer world. Cheap thrills and shock tactics. No shame.

Madonna would make a better writer. At least SHE can reinvent herself.

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Posted (edited)

Reminder B&B and Y&R (either or both depending on your location)
will be disrupted by European football(soccer)
-- for CBS broadcasts in western timezones
Tuesday March 5 and Wednesday March 6. You may need to watch at another time of day/night, on another channel, or online.
It's not an official preemption because the episodes air in full in Eastern and Central timezones.
Details here:

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