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    • IA.  And I do apologize to everyone for bringing up past allegations against Kobe at this time.  However, when I hear or read all the glowing tributes to the man -- not just to his skills as a basketball player, but his personal life as well -- I must admit it...concerns me, for lack of a better word.   Again, though, I apologize -- and you won't hear anymore from me on this particular subject.
    • Actress Lisa Figus was hired to play another nurse named Georgia, not Jessie Brewer, when EM was unable to work. By that time, Jessie was basically being used as day player whose nondescript lines could just as easily be recited by any anonymous nurse. Figus apparently did a good enough job that GH kept her around and still used her occasionally even when EM was up to performing. But if EM was absent from work, Figus got Jessie's lines.
    • From Delhi, India 🇮🇳             
    • Yes. I just watched it. I was scheduled to air 1/21 (Tuesday) posted briefly on 1/24 (Friday). What a mess. 
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