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General Hospital: Night Shift

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    • I feel like at this point, the "core" of Atlanta is Kandi, Cynthia, Porsha, and Kenya. Yes, even Kenya. Others around them, including Nene, can come or go as long as these core four remain on the show, and RHOA will continue to coast along just fine.    Re: OC, so apparently the rumor is that Tamra, Shannon, Kelly, Braunwyn, and Emily have gotten invited back. Vicki is being invited back as a Friend Of with a salary that's further reduced from last season. They're on the fence with Gina and it could go either way. However, Messy Boots Andy says it's just a rumor and that no contracts have been sent out yet. Furthermore, apparently for whatever reason Tamra was thisclose to getting the boot, but will be welcomed back.  Hmm...    Re: NJ. Even though it feels a tad forced for the cameras, I appreciate Jennifer bringing her family issue to light about her mother's hesitance to acknowledge her son as gay. It's an important topic to address; old-school people struggling with their longstanding beliefs versus the reality of life. However, it looks like Jennifer is back to being outlandish next week.    Side note: Something about Dolores sometimes resembles Senator Kamala Harris to me (P.S. If Joe Biden gets the presidential nomination, I hope she's his VP. But that's for the Politics thread) 
    • She said when she came back that she and Hays and Hastings still spoke and saw each other from time to time, and when she came back for that day Wagner was giving her tips on how to do her scene and she was totally cool with it!
    • BeatleLudo (@LudoJanssens) tweeted at 9:44 AM on Fri, Jan 17, 2020: “Just FAB” This was the Beatles calendar in 1964 ... it could be used again ... because the date and the day were the same as in 2020 ... (after 56 years)... https://t.co/ceArX2GK4z (https://twitter.com/LudoJanssens/status/1218197486633807872?s=09)
    • I have noticed it too. I wonder if Varni has realized micromanaging the writers wasn't leading to good ratings. Like, let the creatives do their thing and stick to your business ish if that's what you're good at. 
    • I am SO looking forward to the flashback week!
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