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    • I don’t even recognize Ashley in that photo. I was like, who’s that brown-skinned, heavy-set woman? Did Heavenly join the cast of RHOP? Ashley is just pregnant and in shadows.   Why is Robyn on that side? And I suppose Candiace didn’t want to sit close to Monique, but usually those with the most drama have the seats next to Andy. But I suppose you could argue that the Karen/Gizelle feud was underpinning the whole season, even beyond Monique/Candiace.
    • That archive site is such a great find of random episodes...imagine what is out there, on people's VHS tapes and DVRs, such treasure to be found...if only... nice find BoldRestless! Tx!!!
    • Ratings are up sharply since Trebek died, as viewers tune in to watch his final episodes. It’s been the top syndicated show, even topping Judge Judy. Also, Ken Jennings will first air January 11, and there will be two weeks of classic Trebek episodes in December. Trebek’s last week of originals will air the week of January 4. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/jeopardy-ratings-rise-after-alex-trebeks-death  
    • Holy crap she's up to 90 episodes! Be sure to thank her for us! I have access to rename things so I'll do that using the dates from @YRBB hopefully they just continue after those dates.
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