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    • Tyler Perry uses this mysterious ratings drop as the reason he doesn't have a writing room, but the real reason is because he didn't want the writers to be in the union and didn't want to pay them. Nobody ever calls him out on it, but that is literally the only reason. His shows are horrific and it's a shame because they could be better with more people involved to execute his vision. It amazes me he has a show called SISTAS, with no black women writing.
    • 1954 NBC investigating bringing radio soap "Big Sister ' to TV. It has previously had a short experimental TV run in 1945 with Mercedes McCambridge.
    • I never knew what Ariel did after she split with John. I wish they'd kept her around (unless it was Judith Blazer's decision to leave) - there's something very special about her. Instead they just pretended she never existed.    It's been so long since any new early '80s material popped up and now we get various episodes in the space of a week. A pleasant surprise. I'm glad it's 1984 instead of pornstache Brad and all the low energy 80-82 material.
    • If y’all can find Bernie’s full interview on 60 Minutes, I highly recommend it! Anderson Cooper took him to task on so much, including his piss poor record in the senate.     
    • Never knew Kim and Ariel took turns writing a newspaper column. It's great see more of Ariel. The Dr.Z/Cassandra North stuff amounts to filler .Ariel was to fabulous for that. The family scenes with John, Karen, Dusty and Andy were sweet and cute. Betsy Von Furstenberg looked some much like Eileen Fulton. I thought it was Eileen. 
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