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    • Why was P&G determined to keep Gillian Spencer as a co-headwriter? She was paired with Sam Radcliffe, then David Cherrill, then finally Sam Hall all within a few months. Not sure if it was hack Shenkel who hired her; he had no business as a soap EP.  He went over to AMC as EP for a short run (I think he developed cancer and had to quit) and he hired Spencer as a story consultant on that show.  Sharon Gabet mentioned that Spencer created the Brittney character. What a mess.  But Whitesell and DePriest did even more damage. Whitesell was a good director period. Spencer was a good actress and good script writer period.  End of story, P&G often overlooked the veterans on the production staff for EP roles.  When I watch episodes from 82- to early 85 I'm struck by how good the show was; it had stabilized especially under Potter/Soderberg/Purser and they gave the show legs again. It felt more like a more up to date Lemay version without all Lemay's boring scenes and awful dialog. Casting was stellar. Sets, costumes. It all worked. I suspect NBC kept interfering as Days became more popular and cultish and outlandish.  
    • Nick behaved like a tool today. Why does he need to keep Adam away from Sharon when he has his cold shouldered lover to keep happy? Its Rey’s concern over who is in the house, not Nickys.
    • Great minds think alike. I was about to post a video of them with this song. I love this song.
    • Love that song. And I loved Horita. Definitely one of DAYS' biggest missed opportunities.
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