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  1. 2004: As The World Turns

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    • soapfan770

      The people who comment on SON’s Facebook page clearly and obviously don’t post on the SON boards and probably never have. 🤢
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    • slick jones

      GENERAL HOSPITAL Wondering where the LBGTQ+ characters are during Pride Month (as well as the rest of the year). #firefrank Why have diversity solely in the list of cast members rather than on the screen? Less screen time for Frank's pets might open up some room for characters that are trotted out to say "look, we have gays and trans characters" for press releases. JMO.
      · 3 replies
    • soapfan770

      JFP to be interviewed again? Didn’t we have one last year? I can already the hear the spin “Ya I killed off Maureen but I didn’t realize it would be bad! I didn’t kill Frankie Frame blah blah blah oh and I think Josh Griffith and Chuck Pratt were great at Y&R!!!” 🙃
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    • MichaelGL

      Had an influx of ideas late last night, thinking about how JFP's tenure on GL had not went off the rails; Maureen never died, Bev and KS never departed, Buzz never ate the show. Has me wanting to pen a fan fiction.  
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    • Soapsuds

      Anyone seen Khan? He's been MIA for a while now.
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