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    • @KMan101I think CarSon is "untouchable" because Frank can't be bothered with them as a pairing or individuals but knows he can't get rid of them.  He just deals with them because of Benard.  LW and Benard are going down with this ship so Frank allows them to believe they are the patriarch and matriarch of GH.  I watch about twice a month and neither really has a story and haven't for quite some time.  Back in the day, they would have been toast.  
    • LOL Mumbles Benard is so awful. It's embarrassing.    I thought DeVry looked better too! lol    Yeah, between the ABC/Prospect Park [!@#$%^&*], Todd/Starr/McBain, 2014 and then 2015 were hot messes. HOT messes. The wheels fell off and honestly didn't recover. It also became a lot of "here's Y&R stars we stole! Look at Billy Miller! Look at Michelle Stafford!" and now, six years later, neither are here. Of course Nina's "legacy lives on" (gag)   Jason's return got me interested again in 2017 and there was definitely some momentum but it totally petered out (EDIT: reminds me of 2019 with Nikolas and Brook Lynn returning; the show had momentum and then petered out) and the show was afraid to really play the Sam/Drew/Jason triangle. It's clear Sam and Jason shouldn't be together. Sam has grown up. Jason still wants to be Sonny's bitch. Can we get a scene of Liz telling Sam "see bitch, told you". Didn't Sam judge the HELL out of Liz under Guza?   Speaking of that, I agree it's time to shake that orbit up. Jason/Sonny/Carly/Sam is stale. It's not cute. Jason isn't a confused 20 year old anymore. Sonny isn't slightly charming anymore. None of it works. Carly as their enabler works the most, weirdly.   I think under better writers (and less catering to Burton and Benard), Jason and Sonny could be much better characters and I do think they have earned a place on the show. I have to say that Sonny is the more tired of the two, IMO. Mumbles is checking out and he's painful to watch. Burton seems afraid to do anything but Stone Cold. Still.   I agree with others that they just gave up on finding a love interest for Sonny not named Brenda and stuck him and Carly together. Really don't understand how they became so "untouchable" though. It's such a toxic relationship. It weirdly works but also doesn't at the same time. I see a lot of Brenda in the writing for Laura's Carly mixed with some OG Carly. It's weird.
    • LOL at Playdoh left behind. It was bad even for late 70's standards. It was straight out of Eight Is enough. That karate clip was a surprise. I wish we could have seen the entire segment. I wonder if Greg and Paul got into a confrontation over Nikki ? Wings Hauser was just seedy. They should have re-cast a better Greg than that, especially to pair with Melody's Nikki. 
    • I never knew Kathy Bates was on The Doctors. She appears at the 6:24 mark    
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