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Daytime Emmy Nominations/Winners

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    • Same. I thought it might feel... ghoulish, but it doesn’t at all. I saw the other day he did a little tap dance during an interview with one of the contestants. I just admire how he was able to push through what must have been great discomfort as he deteriorated.
    • I remember when ABC came out with those VHS documentary shorts in the 1990s (All My Children: Daytime's Greatest Weddings, All My Children: Behind the Scenes, etc.) there was an article in one of the soap magazines about how ABC had to get permission from all the actors who were featured in those old clips.  It was, to say the least a huge undertaking on their part.  I imagine those original agreements did not cover special projects or repeat episodes.  These days, I'm sure current contracts that actors sign cover everything under the sun so that the network has more control over how footage is used in the future.
    • Interesting, they must have decided to put those reruns in for the holiday season as it was previously said that there enough Alex episodes to last through Christmas Day. It'll be nice to watch the repeats. I'm sure it'll be some of the ones they already aired during the quarantine, but still.   It still doesn't feel real. I've been watching just as regularly as I ever did, usually 3-4 times a week, and I have to remind myself during the show that he's gone. It really feels like business as usual, which of course is what he wanted.
    • I don’t even recognize Ashley in that photo. I was like, who’s that brown-skinned, heavy-set woman? Did Heavenly join the cast of RHOP? Ashley is just pregnant and in shadows.   Why is Robyn on that side? And I suppose Candiace didn’t want to sit close to Monique, but usually those with the most drama have the seats next to Andy. But I suppose you could argue that the Karen/Gizelle feud was underpinning the whole season, even beyond Monique/Candiace.
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