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    • Poor Shannon in 1990, Marland had a pre-JER moment with that one.   A few more for that era:   ATWT: “Why Tom & Margo will never have a kid...blame Eileen Fulton!” AW: “Where’s Sandy & Cecile at?” B&B: “This Karen story is so stupid!” Days: “Marlena, Hope, Patch they keep killing off my favorites!” GL: “Josh & Harley...yuck!!” Y&R: “Whatever happened to the Brooks and Williams family members?”
    • I have yet to see the new season, so I am scrolling and skipping past all discussions but I saw this AP article, which made me halfway roll my eyes and halfway chuckle at the complaints regarding the portrayal of the royals. I would think that the very fact that the show is using actors and not relying on newsreel footage would tell people that this is not a documentary. And the Churchill biographer had a point in that, nobody was complaining when the portrayals were more sympathetic or flattering, though there were clearly fictionalized scenes and characters.
    • In 1987 when (recast) Bill returned to Salem, it was revealed that Laura had been institutionalized. Not sure what they said during this time (whether they said it was a relapse or whether they said she'd been there all along), but until that point Jennifer had believed her mother was in Europe.   But I think basically in '93 they could've just made it clear that everything that happened with Kate Roberts happened *after* this point in the Days "timeline" causing Laura to have a relapse, but they instead chose to muddy the waters a bit...i'm not sure.
    • So did they not post the Thanksgiving classic re-airing of the Ball on CBS.com? I don't really care about that one since we have it, but I hope if they air something on Christmas it'll be posted.
    • GL: I still don't understand the Sonni/Solita storyline...   OLTL: When will Paul Rauch go????   Are Robin Strasser and Susan Lucci really sisters? Is Phyllis Diller Really Susan Lucci's mother?    Is that Eileen Davidson rumor true???   AW: Anne Heche on the way out?    AW: Jake - ruined!!!   AW: Bring back Alice and Steve!   OLTL: Eterna - What the hell are they thinking?????    B&B: I don't care, I like Brooke!    GH: New Duke's not so bad!    ATWT: Doug Marland - time to leave?    ATWT: I can't take the new Lily!   ATWT: They did WHAT to Shannon?!?    Loving: Why all the recasts?    GH: Give Lucas to Tiffany, not "Saint Bobbie!!"   AMC: Is the Bobby Martin story true?   Y&R: Didn't Nina have another baby???   Y&R: Why didn't they kill Nikki or Cricket instead of Cassandra???
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