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August 7, 2008 - Final Episode

Created By

James E. Reilly

Executive Producer

Lisa De Cazotte

Supervising Producer

Richard R. Schilling


Mary Kelly Weir

Directed by

Peter Brinckerhoff

Written by

James E. Reilly

Shawn Morrison

Marlene Clark Poulter

Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr.

Clem Egan

Pete T. Rich

Senior Coordinating Producer

Jeanne Haney

Associate Producer

Tim Stevens

Consulting Producer

James E. Reilly

Original Music By

John Henry Kreitler


Wes Boatman

Music Produced by

Ed O'Donnell

Music Director

Paul F. Antonelli

Theme Song


Words and Music by

Jane French


John Henry Kreitler

Performed by

Jane French

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