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  1. It's difficult to stomach the show. I mean, when soaps could talk about real-life social issues for discussion, it was done with a sense of realistic perfection in my opinion. But this immigration storyline is so stupid that I don't see any redemption at all from these characters like Jack and Eve. Or, even Claire for that matter. Jack has amnesia or whatever, but Eve and Claire have internalized microaggressions and racial biases towards people of color? Seriously. Get the #*c! out of here. I do not like the character of Sarah probably because she's Maggie's daughter, but she's also so irritating that I want to smack her hard into next week. And "couples" on this show get paired together like instant coffee it's pathetic. For example, you expect ME, a DAYS viewer, to root for Chloe and Stefan when all that happened to Stefan was that he got lightly shot by the side of his arm from "an evil-doer Mexican"? Wait. I think I just discovered another racial undertone on this show, and I'm merely here trying to talk about how pathetic the writers are by their lack of character development. And now Hope sees a new light in Ben? Give me a break.
  2. I had to go with Guiding Light minus the Peapack, NJ memories. Recently, I watched Ellen Parker's Emmy win (ex-Maureen; GL), and I was gobsmacked at her performance and I still am! And she was up against Tonya Walker and Kimberlin Brown! It made me realize why I missed GL so much. Because when GL was good, believe me, it was good!
  3. I always tend to laugh at the contestants who are trying to get the big money on 'Lets Make A Deal'. It's sooo freakin' HILAAARIOUS! And I'm always laughing my ass off when they open up the briefcase and it's $25 or something.
  4. Tomorrow He'll Arrange Neon Kites Successfully NOTICE
  5. Iris Wheeler (AW) v/s Annie Dutton (GL)
  6. I meant Noel...LOL...hahaha...my brain isnt working..its morning..give me a little break here..lol

  7. Waves and says Hi to Evan....wink...wink.

  8. 5 Tourist Attractions in NYC 1. Statue of Liberty 2. Broadway plays 3. Metropolitian Museum of Art 4. Empire State Building
  9. Paraglide Would you rather watch Dexter or Weeds?
  10. Give me 5 things that are green: 1. Grass 2. Emeralds 3. Frogs 4. Shamrocks
  11. Give me 5 things that are green: 1. Grass 2. Emeralds
  12. Give 5 colors of the rainbow 1. Red 2. Yellow 3. Orange 4. Blue
  13. US Weekly Would you rather fire Christopher Goutman or Ellen Wheeler?
  14. Jack McFarland- Will & Grace
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