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    • Here are some upcoming spoilers, including some from SOD:   Adam will fight for Chelsea, Paul will interrogate Phyllis, Jack will quiz Billy's condition, and Jill will come home for a visit.    Also Adam and Nick will almost come to blows but Chelsea will show up. Her appearance will shock both men, and Adam will tell Nick to leave so that they can talk to each other. Nick will not want to leave Adam alone with her. Nick will end up reluctantly leaving and Adam/Chelsea will be left alone. Chelsea will end up telling Adam that she just returned to town to tell him to ask him to let her go.    Chelsea's husband has also been cast. The actor's name is John Burke and he will appear on July 2.   Also, according to the daily recap for tomorrow's show from soaps.com Esther will find out that Chloe is alive tomorrow. They will have an emotional reunion. Esther will want to go to Portland with Chloe, Chloe will tell her to meet her at the airport. Billy will also get a text from someone to meet him at Delia's grave and he will go there and Chloe will show up.
    • Stop feeding the trolls guys, and they'll slither away LOL
    • Pamela Bach or Diana Barton? Although if they rescurrect Diane Jenkins with Alex Donnelley is the role, Id be good with that.....
    • Sanaa Lathan, Shannon Kane, Mishael Morgan, Hell call Renee Jones out of retirement, she lives in GA. 
    • I agree. I try to give the benefit of the doubt, lol.
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