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    • Weed stocks were my first investments.  LOL   My big one, my extreme long shot is 1933 Industries (TGIF).  I have 5 digit number of shares.  And I have around 4 other companies that I invested in, though not that much (less than 200 shares).     Last month, I got into a gaming/gambling stock called TheScore.  It's a small Canadian company with the #1 sports app in Canada. They're starting to break into the US betting market, and they also just listed on the Nasdaq last week.   TheScore isn't close to any of the big American players, like Penn Gaming, Draftkings, or Fanduel, but I'm thinking it could be a buyout one day.     I think the weed and gambling markets are going to be huge in 5-10 years.  Fingers crossed for the Democrats passing more weed bills and decriminalizing it one day soon....like before 2022 elections.  LOL   Looks like WSB is targeting Rocket Companies (RKT) next.  It's up 71% today. 
    • Wow. Tristan Rogers came out and said Wes was miscast as Peter August, and that the writers failed with their stories for him:    
    • Yeah, I'm loving the Ice Princess. 😙
    • Something tells me he's still going to try.
    • That's Frank's way of keeping his friends and pets on the canvas: tie them to existing, likable characters in order to get fans to like them as well.   And honestly, they've tied so many characters and storylines to Peter and all of his stuff that I'm starting to forget some of it.
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