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    • I only watch this show sporadically cause it stinks but is Phyllis basically a bartender or waitress now? Every time I see the show she is behind the bar serving drinks. What an odd turn for that character.  I guess JG likes her being comic relief and nothing more but really....   Also can anyone explain to me why this show LOOKS so bad? Like why are all the sets small? The only part of Jabot we see is that tiny boardroom, all we see at Newman is Victor's office, half the cast lives in a hotel room, and most of the other scenes either take place in the lobby of that hotel where Phyllis bartends, that other place where Lola works and the coffeehouse.   I get budgets are being cut but GH does not look nearly this bad. In fact GH looks downright plush compared to Y&R these days (even with GH's sets being way too dark)
    • I agree. I sampled most of the soaps from the 70s on and I strangely never could get into any of the ABC soaps. I say "strangely" because I don't know why all the soaps I never liked just happen to be on the same network. I have nothing against the network and they all had different writers. storylines, actors, etc. The only one I sort of, kind of got into was Ryan's Hope but it was never one of my favourites. I just had an aversion to ABC soaps and I don't really know why.  
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