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    • It's the three stooges with a dozen donuts.😂
    • Yeah, I just finished the episode and was totally expecting the fire. A little disappointed.    Those production values for the gala were AMAZING and it was just simply using the Newman ranch. Was most of the cast still islanded at this time? I loved all the small beats and you could tell who did and did not get along. I wish we got to see more of Diane/Phyllis/Dru going at it. They seemed to write Raul so angrily (but I see why he was upset) and I agree the Neil/Lily scenes just came off real, they barely do any natural family drama anymore on the remaining shows. GH tried a little but no matter wjat any of them do it comes off flat. 
    • aw, I thought they were actually going to show Kevin burning down Gina's. This episode was great, but wanted to see the fire in HD.   This was such an oddly transitional time on the show. They had every woman interested in Damon to try and find one that would stick. I had completely blocked out that Lauren was with Raul.... WTF.    To be honest, Neil flat out giving it to Lily for her stupidity was the best part. This story was so timely. They don't do stories like this anymore.  
    • If I didn't know any better, I'd say that was a Christmas fruitcake.   
    • I'm sure there were a lot of Q&As that were edited down for time.  It would be great to see the unedited interviews.


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