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    • I love we all can agree Victor Webster was super hot, so I let that all slide as far a SORASing.  Because Nicky Alamain was always a strange choice for a character to bring back. So glad he was able to met Melanie lol.  I mean it's bizarre we have never seen Andrew Donovan but we brought back Eve?  That seems like a weird missed opportunity.  It's like on GH where we have never seen Tommy Hardy, who is a dr.  or Liz's mom.  Does poor Liz's mom even have a name?
    • The most I remember about that was Michael Logan back in 2004 writing something that the deaths were to be permanent but Stefano was behind the murders using witchcraft. Remember Matt Ashford got himself a gig on OLTL or something lol? I almost feel sure by the time Marlena was revealed as the killer they had changed course, most likely after the swift backlash the show got for Maggie and Caroline’s murders or the infamous bloody piñata scene on Thanksgiving (It was made fun on Passions a year later 😂)
    • I don't believe so.
    • Actually, that's not accurate according to a Jon-Michael Reed article that just surfaced online. It was published in October 1980. Reed said that NBC fired Quinlan in late September/early October 1980 after Colgate-Palmolive sold the show to NBC. She was replaced by Jim Baffico. Rothenberger did join the show but was a line producer, not executive producer. The article also says that Ellis and Hunt were hired as head writers in 1979. That actually matches what the woman who transcribes The Doctors for Retro said. About a month or so ago, she indicated that Ellis' name already showed up in the writing credits. So Ellis/Hunt were onboard by late 1979/early 1980. The article also states that Quinlan and Colgate-Palmolive wanted to fire Ellis and Hunt and replace them with Harding Lemay. But then the show was sold to NBC and NBC opted to keep Ellis/Hunt as head writers.
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