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    • Please feel free to add anything I may have missed, and comment if you prefer any of the 'originals'   CBS   The Clear Horizon... Far Horizon/ Army Wife   Search for Tomorrow... Search for Happiness   As The World Turns... Journey's End/As The Earth Turns   The Edge of Night... The World Within   The Secret Storm... The Storm Within/ Bright Star   The Young and The Restless... The Innocent Years   The Bold and The Beautiful ...Rags   Falcon Crest... The Vintage Years   Secrets of Midland Heights ...Heartland /Midland Heights   NBC   The Bennett Story... The Bennetts   The Greatest Gift ... Dr Eve   Our Five Daughters... Five Daughters   The Doctors... House of Hope   Paradise Bay... Point Paradise   Bright Promise... Look To This Day/The Best Years   How to Survive A Marriage... From this Moment   Lovers and Friends... Into This House   Sunset Beach...?   Somerset... Between Two Worlds   ABC The Young Marrieds... That Young Marriage   General Hospital ...Emergency Hospital   One Life to Live... Between Heaven and Hell   Ryans Hope ...A Rage to Love /City Hospital   Never Too Young ... No Time for Love   Loving... Love Without End   The City ... Lov NYC   Port Charles ... GH2   Dynasty ...Oil   The Colbys ... The Colbys of California
    • A little piece of trivia: Lee’s brother was a renowned florist and it is because of her that Y&R and B&B always have fresh cut flowers on set.    She lived an accomplished, graceful life and was surrounded by many who loved her.    I hope she was greeted by Jeanne and Darlene and has been reunited with her beloved Bill.
    • No, he wasn’t. He was trainwreck terrible AGAIN. Just horrendous.   i cannot believe Ron and production give him heavy material like that. It’s tragic that they can’t see he’s unable to handle it. Either that or they just don’t give a damn.
    • I think this might be CBS Sports coverage of the Lillehammer Olympics.   I think this might be CBS Sports coverage of the Albertville Olympics.   CBS Sports' last Olympics was Nagano in 1998. If CBS did pre-empt the weekday daytime schedule for coverage of the Nagano Olympics, the most likely date would be Monday February 16, 1998, which was also President's Day.
    • This is just next level bat$hit crazy. It's pure intimidation.  
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