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History of Executive Producers and Head Writers


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Courtesy of Ryan's Bar Online and Finn McCool

Executive Producers

July 7, 1975 - 1982

Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer


Joseph Hardy

1988-January 13, 1989

Felicia Minei Behr


Head Writers

July 7, 1975 - Early 1982

Claire Labine and Paul Avila Mayer

Early 1982-Spring 1982

Claire Labine

Spring 1982-January 1983

Mary Munisteri

January 1983-Fall 1983

Claire Labine and Paul Avila Mayer

Fall 1983-1985

Pat Falken Smith

1985-Spring 1987

Tom King, Millee Taggert, Dorothy Ann Purser

Spring 1987-March 1988

Claire Labine and Eleanor Mancusi

March 1988-September 1988

Writer's Guild Strike

September 1988-January 13, 1989

Claire Labine, Eleanor Mancusi



July 1975-1975

George Lefferts

1975-August 1978

Robert Costello

August 1978-1982

Ellen Barrett

1982 - 1988

Felicia Minei Behr

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