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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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    • Agreed. Although I'm not sure LVP's kitchen renovation is scintillating TV, I did notice how her Vegas opening was in the mid-season trailer! Production clearly needs her. As you point out, the other women are going to have to bring it in order to convince the audience that the show can go on as it is without her. And while I unexpectedly enjoyed the episode, I wasn't crazy about the trailer. Not that I want to see even more petty drama, but where are the organic relationships between most of the HWs? This is a big problem. Even the discussion about Kavanaugh -- and I do not agree with Camille at all -- was prematurely terminated by Kyle who wanted everything to be happy-happy-joy-joy, which is fake and ridiculous. She should have let it play out to an organic conclusion. Instead, Camille was left on the outs with everybody, and it felt like an excuse to go after someone else because LVP wasn't around. At least we saw Kim. Rinna was so shook!   I like Lois too, even though Rinna is trying overtime to make her happen. There is no need -- Lois works on her own! The discussion about the serial killer was fascinating and real. I did not realise until the end of the scene that the attacker hit Lois in the frontal lobe with a hammer! Horrifying. I also can't believe those insipid Hamlin daughters didn't want to spend time with their grandma, but I've never warmed to them and still am in shock at their 'Instagram model' status.    The Erika scene was telling. That was clearly an accident but the silent drama queen attitude of hers made me think this unlucky dancer is not long for a job. Also in her VT she was building up to a good point about embracing your dreams, but she spoiled it with yet another champagne gulp (are we going to get one every episode) plus her 'and a big chequebook ' line. Really? That's the best you can do? I like Erika despite everything, but she ruins it with contrived, superficial bs like this.   NYC is such a relief by contrast. The relationships between the women, their lives, are watchable and enjoyable. I really liked Tinsley, especially her convo with Luann. I was also on her side when the women were pressuring her to call Scott. They just wanted to see her humiliated. And Bethenny is bothering me yet again. She is so demanding of validation. You can't just tell her she's fabulous -- she has to be the most fabulous in the room, the smartest, the thinnest, the richest, the most fuckable. She is hyper competitive with everybody, including the audience. It's exhausting. Even her 'advice' was all about Bethenny's happy-go-lucky ways (snort) and designed to put down Tinsley.
    • Not great for any of the shows, but the primetime ratings for everything not Game of Thrones are as bad if not far worse.
    • Ratings for the week April 1-5, 2019
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