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    • A necklift - aka a lower face lift - can be done subtly and in MTS' case it's been done very skillfully and you really wouldn't know. I'd simply assumed she'd lost weight. 
    • MTS had a necklift back in December according to this interview with ET:   https://www.etonline.com/the-young-and-the-restless-star-melody-thomas-details-her-traumatic-childhood-exclusive-151118   I knew that she started looking more youthful recenntly, This was excellent subtle work.
    • Thank you. This shows how low energy Y&R back in April with these storylines. I know SC will deliver beyond our wildest expectations but overall it’s pretty clumsily thrown together much like Nikki’s MS story JG did back in 2013.    Adam’s story is the same old dreck about Adam vs Victor and trying to put each other in jail. It’s already bad enough MAB & Sheffer’s  era suggested Cliff was a bad negligent father to Adam (shades of what Hogan did to Mike Horton on Days), but to retcon and twist up Cliff’s 1996 death even more so is not feasible at all. I’m waiting for an umpteenth forged diary to come out that Victor and Adam try to use against each other. Lame.  
    • That is just gross and evil of Gizelle to even contemplate a rumour like that about an unborn infant.    Cancel culture should be coming for her. 
    • I believe the daily testing over GH having movie level CGI.


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