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    • Mashaholic (@mashaholic) tweeted at 6:56 PM on Fri, Feb 28, 2020: Did You Know... Top five all time watched series finale are 1- M*A*S*H 2- Cheers 3- The Fugitive 4- Seinfeld 5- Friends M*A*S*H remains the only show over 100 million viewers #ClassicMASH #GoodbyeFarewellandAmen (https://twitter.com/mashaholic/status/1233556658971762688?s=09)
    • A site to bookmark: Johns Hopkins site tallying Coronavirus in real time.
    • Is that the same Todd doll that was pulled in 2002 after backlash or is this an earlier version?
    • I read about that. Disgusting and unsurprising. I had wondered if he might try to take this seriously given the huge hit the economy is going through, with the economy being his main election tool beyond paranoia and the culture wars - I guess he's doubling down on the culture wars and deciding to just let the country burn. And sadly many, many people will go along with him on this.    I've been guilty lately of all but saying that Bernie and Trump are two peas in a pod. This response has been a needed reminder that that isn't the case, and even though I still don't think Bernie can beat Trump, I will vote and try to help him win if I can.     
    • Yeah. He has done a lot of f*cked up things, but this easily cracks the top 50. So irresponsible, it's unreal and the Fox crowd just eats it up.
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