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    • Lol I saw that after I found clips of it on YT, it was lousy as I remembered. One saving grace from the clips I watched was Phillip was rather repulsed when he found out that Buzz was married to Reva lol although weirdly for all the talk of how long Phillip and Reva knew each other not once did Phillip even acknowledge Reva’s return from the dead. 
    • Sonny walked in on Will with one of his brothers? 😂😂😂   It’ll probably be that they were finally able to adopt a baby 
    • Limited in the sense that she’s not given much to do. She’s either in lawyer mode or butting her nose in Lily and Elena’s relationships. She does loosen up around Devon, but that story feels like it’s stalled. I actually don’t feel like she’s stiff. I think she’s enlivening a character that would be totally forgettable without her natural presence.
    • Please define limited in this context? I don't think I'm following.   But, Mishael is choosing to play this character cold and stiff with dry humor because she thinks this is how a lawyer would behave.  She could infuse more life into the character if she chose. But she wants to make a clear distinction between Hilary and Amanda.  Sometimes, I see more pizazz in her portrayal when she loses up. Even if Amanda had a clear goal/throughline and was driving story, Amanda would still be quite dry personality wise. But by no means do I think what you're seeing is the writer's fault. This is on Mishael.   
    • My problem with Alan is his timing with interjecting when someone is in the middle of a story.  A good host knows when to interject and when to let the conversation flow.   I find when it's about a show he has no connection with, he doesn't say much.  I think he let Susie Pratt go off about GL cause it was before his time..same with Sharon G about AW and Holly G about OLTL.   And in his SFT one..Marcia and Michael spoke and in some cases had more knowledge of soaps than Alan did.    
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