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What Are You Watching/Binging/Streaming Now?


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Just thought I'd start a topic about what everybody's currently watching...like, maybe your regular shows aren't airing right now so you're tuning into something else, or you found time to watch something you'd been meaning to see, or something you discovered recently. Here are some of mine:

Detective Anna - a Russian show (with subtitles) on Amazon Prime. Takes place in the late 1800s in a small Russian town and it's about a 19 year old medium who unofficially helps the police solve crimes. It's pretty good.

The Doctors - I'm way behind but I've watched most of 1970 the last few weeks

I started some other older shows on my watch list during the summer but haven't binged them at this point:

Babylon 5 - couldn't last through 5 minutes of it and took it off the list. I think the silly spiked hair makeup jobs turned me off.
Earth Final Conflict - about the same as above. Just zzzzz...
Torchwood - watched 2 or 3 episodes so far...can't say I love it but will give it another chance or two before I decide
The Time Tunnel - 60s classic...kinda meh about it but that may partly be because it's on youtube in reduced-screen fashion (to avoid the copyright bot I guess)
Unsolved History (not to be confused with Unsolved Mysteries, which I binged earlier this year) 
Star Trek Into Darkness (film)....wow, that sucked on so many levels

I've made a bit of a game of things. Since I have a bunch of stuff on my watch lists and sometimes don't know what I feel like watching, I wrote them all down on little pieces of paper and folded them. When I don't know what to watch next, I'll pull one of the papers and watch at least an episode of whatever is written on it. 

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Paramount Network's Yellowstone.    Kelly Reilley's Beth is the character Fallon Carrington could have been.


Just finished catching up on Into the Badlands.


Next up Season 2 of Snowfall.


I saved the final season of The Americans for Labor Day Weekend with a good friend that is coming  to town for the weekend.

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Hulu - SVU, I Love Lucy, American Dad, Family Guy and The Golden Girls


Netflix - Charmed, Dynasty, Queer as Folk and All Star Treks


Amazon Prime - A Different World, Unsolved Mysteries and Dynasty original 


I wish one of them will pick up Designing Women and Murphy Brown!

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DS is on my watchlist but haven't started it yet. I've never seen a single episode of the original but they have it on several streaming platforms, I see.

I see a few of us got into Unsolved Mysteries lately. Love that they brought it back, and with updates, where possible. I'm almost done with the Stack episodes.

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Sharp Objects

Castle Rock

Doctor Who

The Keepers


One Day at a Time

Channel Zero: Butcher's Block

Iron Fist (oy)


Fuller House


very behind on:

The Staircase

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Bloodline (final season)

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Been binging The Edge of Night this week. Almost to the end of Draper's amnesia story which I actually ff-ed through as I saw it when AOL first streamed the episodes years ago and once was enough. Feels long even ff-ing! Always found Draper and April (and Emily) rather boring. 

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 But I originally saw the show only in its last few years so I missed a lot of its history.

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