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  5. DTS: Cancelled Soaps

    They are no longer on the air but these never forgotten iconic soap operas have stood the test of time. Share your fondest memories, find out what the cast is doing now and more.

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    If it's not airing in the United States it's probably new to you but well known abroad. Keep up with the latest happenings on international television, including multi-language serials.

  7. Daytime Emmy Awards

    It's been 47 years since daytime television first was recognized with its highest honor, The Daytime Emmy Award. Reminisce, talk rule changes and share your congratulations. 

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    Soaps are known for their fandoms. Whether you love it or hate it nothing is off the table.

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    Soap fans love to write about their shows but what if you were the head writer and could dictate what's going to happen next? Check out mySON TV, a forum dedicated to blog and fan fiction writers who have plenty of soapy ideas.


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    • It’s a bit confusing. I believe that, through August 4, players will be able to hold on to 50 percent of points from 2019 events that were not held in 2020 (like Indian Wells, Miami, and Wimbledon). They will also be able to hold on to 50 percent of points from rescheduled 2020 events like RG into 2022. Of course, if they better their 2019 or 2020 performance during 2021, they’ll keep 100 percent of their points.   So basically Roger Federer won’t be penalized that much for skipping Miami, since he’ll be able to keep 500 points until they drop in 2022. Which I’m sure he knew beforehand.
    • It's amazing to watch people on the left talk about who won't be showing up to the polls in 2022 or 2024 as if everyone lives on Twitter and nothing could possibly happen in the interim that would affect how and why people vote.
    • That's Manchin for you. But while I don't agree with cutting the income level and that will affect some, I don't think that many of the general public will notice any of this skullduggery much. What trends on Twitter for a few hours is not what drowns out public discourse. And they're not cutting UI.
    • Who are YOU to tell Erica Kane about ‘GLAMOUR’??...  I wrote the BOOK!!    
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