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    • In an old archived article, Patricia Smith said she had appeared on SFT from 1959-60. She played Cynthia Bradley, Arthur Tate's secretary that was married to George Maharis. Since Maharis played Bud Gardner (Jo's nephew), I just assumed that was her married name.     I hope the article was accurate.😎  
    • I can't with this time jump.  Also, tried explaining this to my mom, a faithful viewer over the decades, but has dementia now, she doesn't understand...who can blame her.
    • Christina Pickles is unrecognisable!   Can I ask about Patricia Smiths role of Cynthia Bradley Gardner on SFT in the late 50's. As Gardner was Jo's maiden name, how were they connected?
    • At least some of the cast members are doing what I suggested - get out there and push the narrative. It's their show/livelihood, so they have everything to lose by being complacent and nothing to lose by being out there promoting the show. The beauty of social media is that actors don't need to be booked on a talk show - they have their own platforms.   Even a relatively small percentage increase in streaming (it ain't happening in live viewing) regardless of the source (TJ, cast firing, actor visibility), only helps further the case DAYS is still an asset to SONY/NBC. But if there's no increase after all this buzz, it solidifies the argument that a viable audience just isn't there. 
    • GEORGE PENTECOST   ANOTHER WORLD        Anthony "Tony the Tuna" Jones    1984-85; 1986; 1987;1988; 1994-95 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW     George Carver     1985 GENERATIONS       Dean Walsh     1989 KNOTS LANDING       Marcello     1989 ALL MY CHILDREN      Dr. Davis      Unknown Year     BLANSKY'S BEAUTIES         Horace "Stubbs" Washington     1977 FAMILY       Apartment Manager      1978                   CHRISTINA PICKLES    THE GUIDING LIGHT      Linell Conway     1970-72 ANOTHER WORLD    Countess Elena (Helen {Strauss}) Carter De Poulignac     1977-79 SISTERS                  Didi Poncell       1994 PARTY OF FIVE          Barbara     1998 GET REAL         Elizabeth Parker   ALSO  SAINT ELSEWHERE Nurse Helen  Rosenthal    1982-88 THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR     Cissy MacIntyre     1989 FRIENDS       Judy Gellar    1994-2003 JAG               Trish Rabb Burnett      1998; 2000 BREAK A HIP        Biz    2015-18               GENE PETERSON   THE GREATEST GIFT   Ned Blackman  1954-55 MODERN ROMANCES     Unknown Role  "Not So Smart"  week of 7/23/1956                                        Unknown Role   "Message for Margaret"  week of 1/7/1957 LOVE OF LIFE    Noel Penn     1958 THE EDGE OF NIGHT     George Holman  (?Holmes)    1962 DAYS OF OUR LIVES     Dr. Peter Larkin     1968-70 DYNASTY        Natale         1981   also.... MEDICAL CENTER      Dr. Merrill Weller        1970-75 
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