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    • Happy Birthday, The Guiding Light!   Today, in 1937....   Thank you for 45 great years of solid entertainment (from 1937 to 1982), and then another four or so more (1989 to 2003), which were an unexpected but welcome (if temporary, alas) rebirth.   49 out of 72 ain't really so bad.   The painfully atrocious years with clones and time travel and mobsters and a crappy foreign island will never diminish the light for die-hard fans!😘                
    • From China 🇨🇳         
    • But that might be a good thing--a recast that could've taken Harley in a different direction. Again, I would just want her to be on the canvas for her reaction to Phillip's return and being a sound board for her boys, who are reeling with the fact that both their fathers caused Ross' demise.    All these what if scenarios just saddens me b/c it just shows how this show didn't need all that flash to restore itself to greatness. All GL (and ATWT too) needed was to rest on their rich history and character connections to bounce back. Sucks that the sh-tty writers, producers, network, and P&G didn't see that. 
    • I see Amanda in the likeness of BevAlex...smart, savy, ruthless when needed...but with a heart. Battling the boys for dominance by pitting Phillip and AM at each other. Phillip trying to step into Alan's shoes and finding its not easy to be the Spaulding patriarch. and Alex taking Phillip's side against AM and Amanda and AM having his Bauer side finally coming out and being conflicted with the whole thing.   A Harley recast who wasnt whiney and shrill, I don't think I would recognize her..    
    • I have an episode synopsis for that day by CBS itself (was on their website, retrieved through the internet archive), so that pre-emption did not apply to ATWT.   Still, thanks for letting me know!
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