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    • I had no idea that the Rorschach guy looked so much like David Tom.    
    • Terry definitely left the show in 1985 to do a pilot for some show called Hong Kong Nights or something. it was filmed on location. They didn't recast in case the pilot wasn't picked up (which it wasn't) He was gone for several months, maybe six. I am not sure he was ever really off screen other than that time. He was featured heavily in 1986 for the Abbott Divorce story and seemed to have plent to do in 1987 and 1988 as well. Though maybe there were smaller stretches of time he wasn't featured as prominently. I started watching episodes from 1985 and Jack always seemed to be there once he returned.   John left the show in Feb when Lance divorced Lorie and moved to Paris. When Lucas was shot in the San Pedro story (I think it was San Pedro) with Sebastian and Jonas and Leslie, Lance returned briefly in May 1980 for about two weeks. I assume it was McCook, but Broderick might know better. I think Lance was already dating Simone at this point.   Not sure about Beau. I remember reading an interview with Conboy where he said he gave an out clause to any actor who joined the show prior to the expansion, as he felt they never agreed to act in an hour long show, I am not clear if there was an expiry date on that out clause or if Beau was actually let go. Brock never seemed to have much luck in the romance department, pretty much every woman he went after just wanted to be friends, lol.    In terms of Victor and the Dungeon story. Bell was pretty good at washing over such things, if he made a mistake or wanted to go another direction he simply pretended it never happened. He got rid of part of the problem by having Julia and Michael leave town. Then when Julia returned I don't think the dungeon fiasco was ever mentioned and she was totally in love with him still. Nikki and even Douglas helped soften Victor up and Bell had already connected Victor to Lorie which would have helped. What seemed worse from synopsis I have read is Victor seemed to be abusing Julia, at least in the very beginning. Not sure if he was ever violent with her on screen though or if Brock just suspected he was.    Also it might have been in Bell's favour that the ratings dropped between 80-82. Most likely many people who started to tune in again or for the first time in 1982 were most likely not even aware of the dungeon story or Victor's more villanous beginnings.
    • I know it was much rumored that in the original "Fluke" mess planned on GH a few years ago, Julia, Sly and Jenny would all make appearances. It was clear Fluke was initially Bill due to his veiled references to the Eckerts, the Barretts and making Tracy pay for what she did to his sister (Jenny).   When fans figured the twist out and Tony Geary went out for extended medical leave, Ron Carlivati threw out the outline and turned it into cut-rate DID. Sigh.
    • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNpPbmgIPSTE0P4nHXwHrsg For those who love Julia it looks like Crystal Carson has uploaded most , if not all, of her scenes as Julia including the late 90's stuff on you tube .  GH saddled her with Bill for too long but she was enjoyable with both Ned and AJ.  It's so strange to me they basically got rid of her and never brought her back considering she had strong ties to a lot of characters that dominated the mid to late 90's.  I didn't like Bill and Julia together because he seemed too old for her although I am not clear how old Julia is.  Did they ever establish that?  She can't be more than 5-7 years older than Brenda because they had clear childhood memories and interactions together but she acted like she was in her 30's.  Plus she's only 2 years older than VM.  Anyway, Bill sucked but Jenny was my least favorite Eckert.  She was the worst.  Hated her and Ned.  Hated her and Paul.  Hated everything about her.   I liked Sly though.  They should have brought him back as a teen to be in the Lucky/Liz/Emily/Nik teen scene  
    • Brolden, Will 81 - really enjoying your insights.    Yes, characters were often written as dumb to service the plot even by masters like Bill Bell. However, as you pointed out there could still be drama and conflict in having characters act more logically.   Looking back on the 1980- stories, most of them were ill conceived and wrapped up or revamped.   Some questions I hope can be answered.   I believe that Terry Lester had stretches of time where Jack had little to do and he was barely on, while Bill Bell figured out what to do with him.Is that correct?   Did John McCook depart when the show went to an hour in February?  Lance is mentioned later on so did McCook return for short stints?   It is stated that Beau Kayzer along with BD and McCook left when the show expanded yet Brock stayed for many months after to play the Brock/Julia story. It seems Bill Bell decided to finally give Brock a chance as leading man. Did Beau have some kind of out in his contract or did Bill decide to dump Brock when he revamped the story?   Interesting that Bell dropped his original plan of Victor being killed as he decided EB had staying power yet he wrote the dungeon story that made Victor pretty irredeemable, especially back then when characters didn't usually get away with that level of villiany. what do others think?  
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