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  1. Yes, I remember all of it. I remember how frantic they were over Johnny and poof solved...LOL...and I do recall the Will, Chad gambling story....which disappeared and then in one episode finished...LOL
  2. I wonder if thats why her Days was so boring...boring as hell. All her stories were shut down. Remember all the promises she made in that interview with Errol? None of them happened...
  3. Looks like Passion trash. The Billy stuff is horrendous beyond words.
  4. It should've considering how much Will loathed Sami at that time. @DRW50 reminded us how many times Will called he a whore...lol. Lol about Shawn. The rumors are out there about him. I'd love to hear MM if she had planned a Will/EJ pairing or not. pics was a spell check error.....PAS was is cute but I doubt women would be throwing their undies at TG....ewww
  5. Isn't Ryan Carnes gay though in IRL? Him kissing another man would be a pics a cake for him. I say hire two gay actors to play a gay couple on soaps.
  6. I don't believe that first gif ever aired or did it? There was so much flirtation and sexual chemistry but they never went there unfortunately
  7. Soapsuds

    MTV's Ghosted

    Saw the first episode. Looks like they did them out of sequence. Another foist where femal best friend missed her best friends coming out party and he got mad dissed her....and later we find out her ex bf lied to the gay guy about why she didn't attended party...and he admitted sleeping with her ex who lied about everything to get revenge on the ex...lol....looked fake as hell..lol
  8. LOL....I always thought Guy looked too young for the role of Will. He started off really well as Will and then it just fell apart.
  9. First..I went back to look at kisses between Chandler and Christopher on Days and it's on the lips. It must be a Freddie Smith thing then. And it looks like YouTube yanked the steamy Will and Paul romp scenes. Thus is the best that I could find after the editing they did.
  10. You're talking about the those hot bed scenes where Will was riding Paul so hard. Guy Wilson had some big pecs. Ding ding ding ding ding....we have two winners!!!
  11. Caught red handed. Will is kissing Sonny nose....and Sonny is 💋 Will chin.... Saw the last 5 min of today's show and noticed Chandler was on again...
  12. I've seen this pic. I always wondered what he looked like without his famous bun. He looks good. David Goffin can't dance....lol
  13. @Paul Raven What happened to your prime time ratings? Was watching episode 1 from 86-87 season and was wondering where it ranked. It's the episode where Bobby jumps out of the shower...LOL
  14. Yummmm...why because he is hot or you hate that shirt or both?...LOL
  15. Not any worse than Billy fighting with himself and trying to punch himself out. Just ridiculous!
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