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  1. That's when they lived in LA. They had Chandler a lot and it got lots of viewers.
  2. Yeah right... I don't buy his bull [!@#$%^&*]! Kill off Sonny and bring back Paul. Have Will play the field in Salem.
  3. Listening to an old Casey Kasaam countdown from July 1985 and Whitney Houston had a song at #3 at the time and Casey mentions how she was on ATWT.
  4. Loving me the men's water polo.
  5. FAA lost to Sarah Purcell Murray needs to retire. God I love her game. She makes you work for the win. @Faulkner Rublev loses to your guy Kei. Rublev has played too much tennis. He looks burnt out. Tsisitpas.. God his hair... For a minute there I thought it was his mother playing He looks burnt out too..Tiafoe next. Newlywed Monfils loses to Ivanska.
  6. He appeared on 60 minutes a while back. He is so adorable. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRl55LnBtOi/
  7. I was watching on NBC and for second there I thought Chandler Massey is in the Olympics as a gymnast.
  8. Nice to see you posting again Dan. I got the spelling wrong but oh well..lol
  9. I'm surprised the ball didn't hit him in the nuts. Racquetball is fierce.
  10. Not bad..never heard of it before.
  11. @AbcNbc247 I was like where is Mikey.. I left him something
  12. I can't believe ATWT didn't keep Heather Hill. She was an outstanding director... better than Maria Wagner. At one point ATWT had Heather Hill and Paul Lammers. Talk about greatness.
  13. I believe ATWT also had Heather Hill alongside Maria Wagner. YR had Heather Hill and Kathryn Foster and Sally McDonald. GL had Irene M. Pace and Sheryll Hoffman and Jo Anne Sedwick and Susan Stickler.
  14. I didn't know Eric had posted AMC episodes on YouTube. He posts on here and I'm friends with him on Facebook.
  15. Olympic Channel 10:00p 2:00a TENNIS First round (men and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles) LIVE
  16. I didn't know that. What a shame...sad that a some of the 80s/90 stars have gone that route.
  17. That's what I thought too. If boat becomes too Trump then out he goes.
  18. He looks a lot like Brian. He could pass as Will half brother. He's a singer too. I wondering if he has his dads great voice?
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