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  1. Goodbye! I can no longer take Toups. I'm here to have fun and he's taken it away. I'm not wanted here by him. It is obvious. Other trolls and posters get away with a lot and there still here harassing posters.
  2. It amazes me how actual trolls have more leeway on this board than its longtime posters. I'm near my end for this board. Being reprimanded constantly is getting tiring. I come to this board to have fun and it's not anymore.
  3. I was interested in Chandler of course.. Lol but my budget couldn't afford it unfortunately. I could care less for Freddie.
  4. I was just told I'm trolling the boards.

    1. dragonflies


      I guess an actual TROLL said that to you? LOL

    2. KMan101


      You've gotta be kidding? Ridiculous. You are no troll. How about whoever said that focus on the actual trolls ...

    3. Faulkner


      Insanity and everyone knows it.

  5. Was it yesterday? I wish I could've participated but the price unfortunately was too steep for me
  6. Ticket sales? You mean people bought tickets? This year's version has looked and felt very cheap in every way.
  7. I doubt it. I'm just glad baby daddy lost. I couldn't take a baby daddy vs baby player match. I wonder if they'll finally speed up the court a bit after this travesty?
  8. There are people being nice and congratulating Cam but there is negativity to someone of his caliber making the finals. The tennis media truly deserves this considering how bad they've treated other players throughout their career. The tournament couldn't even fill up the stadium... just terrible. It's the semifinals of a 1,000 and you can't fill it up?
  9. Lord Cam Norrie in a 1,000 final. This tournament has been pure garbage. Even I can beat Cam in a match.
  10. I'm hoping for Grigor and Vika wins!!
  11. I just couldn't take Fritz winning. He truly sucks and Cam Norrie is mediocre at best. This really has been an awful Indian Wells on both sides. There has been literally no one in the stands either.
  12. The troll only said it to be mean. I doubt they even saw the series. The poster has already been warned by Errol.
  13. I was like who is baby daddy? I can't believe he won. I thought for sure he was going to lose so I stopped watching. Grigor better win this! Anybody but baby daddy...they already pimp his garbage robotic game as it is.
  14. That promo is just Glad MarDevil is going after Julie again.
  15. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/dayss-ron-carlivati-guests-on-digests-podcast-1708647/?fbclid=IwAR0CiJBFwHpgvUg8k1NboufP8HtOsC9v6IX-E28hQDrfKAXbp8BsPuAxo-g
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