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  1. Waiting for the next SOD saying Rafe sleeps with Will. Might as well since he's slept with his mom and aunt
  2. Rafe and Carrie?.....ewwwwwwwww. More shitty writing
  3. I guess with MS back ...Phyliss and Lauren's friendship is over with. Shame since I enjoyed it when GT was in the role. Had to LOL at Lauren saying...what was that...with Phyliss over the top acting...lol The shirtless men at the party were hot!
  4. Speaking of the Rosales family....
  5. The Joshua Morrow and Michelle Stafford scenes were brutal today.
  6. Hoping for steak strips with onion rings...
  7. Happy Birthday Oakdalelover aka James!

  8. We will have to agree to disagree. Makes me wonder if you're not Morrow himself...lol
  9. She thinks that's acting. Id faint if that ever happened.
  10. The Nick and Victoria scenes were so bad. And how EB cried was beyond me...maybe he was crying at how Joshua Morrow acting hasn't approved after all this time. Because JM gave Eric nothing to work with in those emotional scenes.
  11. Mark Grossman came off so charming and even more adorable on The Talk. Watching today's episode and gawd Joshua Morrow is one shitty actor. And why is Tessa still on this damn show???
  12. How would it redeem Ben? And would Eve be able to walk after being with Ben?
  13. If they really wanted to push buttons and do a WTF triangle....it be Will sleeping with Justin and Sonny......Sami style.
  14. Just hire Christopher Goutman. He'll definitely get GH canceled sooner than later. He's a soap killer....AW and ATWT.
  15. Mark Grossman-Adam will be on The Talk today.
  16. Happy for her but the last release of hers I liked was Music and even that isn't in my heavy rotation of music to listen to. I instead listen to her classic 80s stuff.
  17. All these aliases are getting ridiculous.
  18. Thank you! You perfectly responded to what I was going to say but didn't want to waste my time on trolls.
  19. I'll answer my own..lol..fuk em.....
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