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  1. Berdych should retire. He seems to not give a damn anymore.
  2. Ugh....Nadal vs Pela... Skipping it....so tired of seeing Nadal on clay and winning....something is up....he can't play injured on hard court yet on clay he can......fishy Nadal is so boring to watch on clay.
  3. He has points to defend. He'll lose 270 points today if he can't come back and if he does poorly in Madrid and Italy he could drop out of the top 5 in the rankings. Fabio wins. And he played awful just the other day complaining how bad the court was...lol.....Looks like Roger will pass Sascha in the rankings and take #3 after Madrid with Thiem passing him after Italy depending on how well both do.
  4. Thiem was 5-0 against him. The last match they played went 3 sets. Lavovic was playing well coming into the match. Thiem has beaten Novak in MC but really has never done well in MC for some reason. I am not worried since last year he lost some matches he shouldn't on clay yet came on later and at the French making the finals. More later in my thoughts on Tsitsipas match and how he needs to learn lessons from Thiem.
  5. Del P.o. playing Madrid tournament.
  6. Grigor is ranked #45 in the live rankings. TC just reported that Nadal said in his press conference that he is still in pain.
  7. Days ratings are back to bottom of the barrel. Not surprised considering how awful and boring Days is right now.
  8. Just love the bumpers episode of The Jefferson's. 

    1. ReddFoxx


      George went full exhibitionist when he got ready to take off his pants. 

    2. Graham


      A classic! 



  9. This soap has been painful to watch. Today's eppy was preempted..thank goodness...can't take the mess that is the return of Jack and all the other awful stories.
  10. What if Douglas Marland hadn't died. What if HBS and Greg Marx hadn't left their roles as Tom and Margo.
  11. The girl is afraid Thiem will leave her in the dust thus the hiring of Sascha.
  12. Racist loses to Tipsy in Houston and drops out of 100 in the rankings.
  13. Days has nothing going on. All the stories are dreadful so I am not surprised by the low ratings. Jack's return has been an epic failure.
  14. Why are Shapo and Tiafoe in it? I don't understand why...
  15. Sarah Gilbert leaving The Talk.

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    2. DramatistDreamer


      It'll be interesting to see what the longevity counter is on The TalkThe View has had a lot of personnel changes but comparatively, The Talk seems to have had more than their fair share in a relatively short amount of time.

    3. ChitHappens


      Aisha did the same.  I guess it comes down to challenging yourself as an actor or sitting at a table yapping.  I know what I'd choose.  

    4. DRW50


      I wonder if she'll come back when The Conners is done. 

  16. Thiem is no longer being coached by Bresnick as Masui becomes the main coach. Thus was Thiem's decision.
  17. Ever have a crush on guy but felt you didn't exist to him? And years later you discover that he knew you existed. We are friends now. Too bad I didn't know this sooner.
  18. Card Sharks coming to ABC.

  19. That was easy. I got all of them. Johnson is so dumb....didn't even known that wasn't his best bud Isner.... Thiem was so easy...lol
  20. The way she was talking about Puig before the match started it seems she had this match won before it began.
  21. Collins was arguing with her coach during the change over. She wasn't pleased with her coach's game plan against Puig.
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