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  1. And Shirt Tails, Thundercats, and The Snorks
  2. They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse in your Soul
  3. *waves to everyone* Long time no see
  4. I loved Disturbia I was totally thinking they were just being paranoid and BAM
  5. Old 90's Dance Culture Beat - Mr. Vain La Bouche - Another Night Mr. President - Love, Sex, and Sunshine Amber - Sexual Real McCoy - Run Away Le Click - Call Me Gina G - Oh Ah (Just a Little Bit)
  6. Yes Yes Yes Rhi, Spread the PoodlePoo love
  7. Me too The heat index in town today was 108 degrees I feel like I'm gonna self combust
  8. You need a nice long massage Mateo
  9. *stretches arms* I'm worn out
  10. TC Greene, either stop trolling or have your account suspended
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