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  1. They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse in your Soul
  2. I loved Disturbia I was totally thinking they were just being paranoid and BAM
  3. Old 90's Dance Culture Beat - Mr. Vain La Bouche - Another Night Mr. President - Love, Sex, and Sunshine Amber - Sexual Real McCoy - Run Away Le Click - Call Me Gina G - Oh Ah (Just a Little Bit)
  4. Mika - Big Girls (You Are Beautiful) Walks into the room Feels like a big balloon I said hey girl you are beautiful Diet coke and a pizza please? Diet coke I’m on my knees Screaming, big girl you are beautiful! You take your skinny girl I feel like I’m gonna die Cause a real woman needs a real man here's why You take your girl and multiply her by four Now a whole lot of woman needs a whole lot more Get yourself to the butterfly lounge, find yourself a big lady Hey boy come on around and they'll be calling you baby No need to fantasize since I was in my braces A watering hole wher the girls are round, and curves in the right places Big girl you are beautiful Big girl you are beautiful Big girl you are beautiful (aha)
  5. Marilyn Manson - User Friendly Use me when you want to cum I've bled just to have your touch When I'm in you I want to die Will you die when you're high You'd never die just for me She says, "I'm not in love, but I'm gonna fu*k you 'til somebody better comes along." Use me like I was a whore Relationships are such a bore Delete the ones that you've fu*ked
  6. Wow! That takes me back. Skid Row, Damn Yankees, Warrant, Firehouse, Poison I loved all those Power Ballads
  7. ^ Haha as did I I'm on an old school kick now thanks tyo those PM Dawn vidoes Currently listening to Keith Sweat & Kut Klose - Twisted
  8. Shania Twain - (Men Are Like) Shoes Men are like shoes A bit too confused Yeah, there's so many of 'em I don't know which ones to choose Ah, sing it to me If you agree There's the kind made for runnin' The sneakers and the low down heels The kind that will keep you on your toes And every girl knows how that feels You've got your kickers and your ropers Your everyday loafers, and some that you can never find You've got your slippers and your zippers Your grabbers and your grippers Man, don't ya hate that kind? Some you wear in, some you wear out Some you wanna leave behind Sometimes you hate 'em And sometimes you love 'em I guess it all depends on which way you rub 'em But a girl can never have too many of 'em Men are like shoes.
  9. Amazing Race Would you rather be on Big Brother or America's Got Talent?
  10. TRUST Toni Really Understands Samantha's Tricks POLESA
  11. sleep in Would you rather go to a lake or beach?
  12. Sundae Parfait or Float?
  13. They both have faults, but GO TEAM ROSIE! Do you watch Criminal Minds?
  14. Mexico Would you rather go to Denmark or Germany
  15. Descpription: Some gives 5 or 6 random letters, and the next person has to make an acronym with the letters. An acronym is basically coming up with something that has each word starting with the letter that was given. Rules: After you give your phrase, you should give the next 5 or 6 letters for the next person. They can be whatever you want, just try to lay off the XYZ's, as they are difficult to find words for. It really doesn't have to make sense, but if it does that's great! HESAPT
  16. Object of this game : First person types in something, can be anything. Next person types in the first word that comes to their mind once they read the word from the first person...and so on and so forth. EXAMPLE: Person #1 : Sandwich Person #2 : Chips Person #3 : Poker etc. I'll start.... Hammer
  17. Ask a question and leave one for someone else... Do You watch Kathy Griffin's Life on the D List?
  18. Same old game Would you rather vacation in Ireland or Netherlands?
  19. Underworld: Evolution for the third time If Scott Speedman and Kate Beckinsale could somehow me morphed into one person, he/she would be the love of my life. Doesn't that sound very Passionsy? Haha
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