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  1. GH: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    I wonder if the rumors of Disney wanting to sell ABC are actually true. And what effect would this have on the network's last remaining soap? Disney-ABC TV Begins Layoffs, Restructuring Source: Variety
  2. Genie Francis returns tomorrow, October 4. That’s all I’ve got.
  3. They Almost Became

    Source: DaytimeTV, April 1987
  4. September GH Thread

    I don't follow Miller's career outside of GH, so thanks for that info. I guess I am still of the mind set that the "deuces" picture posted on Social Media was a not so subliminal way of telling us that Miller was giving up Jason to Burton. I'll go back to my dark corner now.
  5. September GH Thread

    I'm not a very vocal member of SON, I tend to like to lurk, more than contribute, but after today's GH, I need to share my opinion and see if anyone else agrees. Ok, so is it me, or are TPTB leading us around by the nose. It was painfully obvious that they're avoiding showing BM lying in that hospital bed. Using strategically placed medical equipment and walls to block the actors face, knowing that we know that Burton is on his way back, is not sitting well with me. Are we duped to believe that when Jason wakes up, he'll be played by SB? Or would they actually go that route, replace BM in the bed with SB, and then bring BM on as Franco's imaginary friend/brother/whatever-the-hell-he's-supposed-to-be? As some of you know, I'm a GH ride-or-die, with a keen interest in the early days of the show, but an undying love/admiration for the show. But with that said, I don't like to be made to feel like I'm stupid. The past two days, with Hayden's baby lie, and today with the blatant masking of Miller in the bed, I'm kinda getting angry. I know how ridiculous that sounds, to be getting so passionate and angry over a soap, but I mean when my years of investment (33 years, to be exact) are starting to be called into question, all for pandering to SB, whom, when I met him, was a complete d'bag, I feel I have the right to be pissed. Thoughts?
  6. September GH Thread

    I'm really pissed that they had Hayden lie to Finn that she lost the baby. And I don't even really care for the Finn character, but that was just unnecessary.
  7. GH: June 2017 Discussion Thread

    Hate to say it, but NB/Spencer kid is nailing his scenes this time around.
  8. GH: April 2017 Discussion Thread

    My word, today was excruciating. Not even CH's Diane, Ingo, or JE could keep me from dozing off. It's just really baaad.
  9. GH: April 2017 Discussion Thread

    That is totally Alex Devane in the scenes with Valentin and Griffin.
  10. I remember something about Franco's big reveal on the Haunted Star and some videotaped footage of Franco asking Carter to do something to Michael, not necessarily raping him. And Carter kind took that idea and attacked Michael on his own, or something like that.
  11. My post is in no way in defense of the character of Franco, I just wanted to clear something up. Franco had Carter rape Michael in prison, not Sam. But Franco did lead Sam to believe that he had raped her. And both acts are irredeemable IMO. Like I said, I'm not defending Franco.
  12. That's a big fat nope to this Spinelli stand-in, and I'm not even a fan of the Jackal.
  13. Classic GH Thread

    Who's Who on General Hospital, TV Star Parade, June 1965: