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  1. GH: Master Cast List

    I wasn't keeping track either when those characters were first on. I found that Gwendoline Yeo played Kelly Lee starting on April 10, 2006.
  2. General Hospital September Discussion

    And with the episode that aired today, the skip feature doesn’t work for GH again, dagnabit. I thought it was strange that ABC would allow a show that relies heavily on advertising dollars to use the skip feature. So it’s back to fast forwarding through commercials, not just Sonny scenes, Franco scenes, Jasam scenes...
  3. General Hospital September Discussion

    I got nothing new to say about the show’s content, but I did notice that last week, if you record GH on TiVo, the skip feature now works to let you blast through commercials.
  4. 'Hair Models' on soaps

    Antonio Sabato, Jr., to me, is the epitome of a “hair model” who became a popular soap star when he joined GH as Jagger. He was terrible when he started on the show, and was only slightly better by the time he guest starred on GH:Nightshift on SoapNet years later.
  5. The Holy Grail of Soap Collecting

    The American Heritage center in Laramie, Wyoming has the Frank & Doris Hursley Papers in their collection, that contains scripts, outlines and other documents relating to the Hursley’s work. I contacted their staff and they generously sent me scans of the original GH story outline, the story projections for the show’s first six months, and correspondence between ABC New York and Doris Hursley. They also have the Bridget & Jerome Dobson papers. Their research room is open to the public, and you can go through the boxes. I have plans to go to the west coast next summer, and am trying to fit in a trip to Laramie.
  6. Classic GH Thread

    Robin’s three godfathers were Frisco, Sean and Buzz. As for Sandy Stryker, she left GH and nursing in March of 1987 to become a veterinarian. And in June of ‘87, Buzz requested a month’s leave of absence to go help an old buddy start a clinic for Veterans, but he never returned.
  7. Classic GH Thread

    YES!! Thank you! It was driving me nuts!
  8. Classic GH Thread

    Does anyone recognize the child actor in the following episode? It’s driving me nuts! The scene starts @ 25:42 with David Wallace (Tom Hardy) and continues later in scenes with Wallace and Laura Carrington (Simone).
  9. General Hospital July 2018

    Oscar and Joss were added to intro today.
  10. All "Unmasked" Moments in Soaps

    I remember being shocked when GH had dealer of fake art Constance Chapman (Patricia North) turn out to be Lucy Coe (a returning Lynn Herring) in disguise.
  11. Best Soap Opera Opening

    I always think it is cool to see American soaps as they air in foreign countries. Here is the ‘Faces of the Heart’ to GH when it aired in France. And the “Autumn Breeze” version in German.
  12. Best Soap Opera Opening

    Although I wasn’t a huge fan of Loving, I am a fan of murder mysteries and the Loving murders opening perfectly set the mood for the episodes when a character was murdered.
  13. GH: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Did anyone notice that Kim told Joss that she did some training on a mental ward. Could Kim know Nelle from her time in the looney bin, and be in on Nelle’s scheme that Michael is her baby daddy?
  14. Classic GH Thread

    Ugh, the third of four actresses to play Dawn Winthrop was so miscast. Poor Lisa Fuller. I had such a (non-sexual) crush on Dawn #4, Jennifer Guthrie!
  15. Classic GH Thread

    6th in line was Zelda Berstein, the Quartermaine family lawyer, played by Sarah Simmons.