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  1. depboy

    Classic GH Thread

    I floved SB as Carly. LW's Carly is a shrieking , meddling mess. However, LW is more tolerable when she is paired with Jax.
  2. depboy

    Another World

    Welcome! Eveytime something is posted on that channel, I cross my fingers it will be soap related.
  3. depboy

    Another World

    A ‘70’s era NBC Love in the Afternoon commercial is @ :12.
  4. depboy

    GH: February 2019 Discussion Thread

    My word he’s dreamy. Why they don’t write for him, I’ll never understand.
  5. depboy

    GH: February 2019 Discussion Thread

    Way to screw up the Friday cliffhanger by showing Griffin in the preview for Monday. I mean I knew he wasn’t going to take a swan dive off the hospital roof, but c’mon a little suspense would be nice.
  6. depboy

    GH: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    No problem, I had been keeping a log of when it changed day-to-day, but when I got to like day 13, I quickly realized that it was going to change literally everyday, so I gave up. I was beyond thrilled when I saw that you posted the grid. Great work! I will keep my eyes peeled if I see any additions, and pass them on to you, in an effort to make your task easier, if you have to go back to the dates new pictures were added.
  7. depboy

    GH: January 2019 Discussion Thread

    Just an FYI, Shiloh was added today, Monday 2/4.
  8. depboy

    Classic GH Thread

    You very well could be right in remembering that Lucille appeared in 1981 for Audrey’s Birthday. That photo looks to be from an appearance that is different from the one I posted the video of. I just wanted to share that she made one final appearance in 1982.
  9. depboy

    Classic GH Thread

    Lucille Wall appears in May 1982, @ around 5:18.
  10. My scrolling finger got tired, so I gave up trying to get through all the categories. “And with that” Fairman can eff off.
  11. depboy

    GH: December 2018 Discussion Thread

    Between Franco’s over-the-top eulogy and Saint Sonny praying at the alter of hypocrisy yet again, it was terrible. I loathe the character of Sonny, absolutely loathe him. In what should have been a nice, touching funeral episode, granted for a character that should have been written out ages ago, it turned out to be mediocre, embarrassing and just plain bad.
  12. depboy

    GH: November 2018 Discussion Thread

    I know it was corny, but I thought the escape room scenes were fun.