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  1. Classic GH Thread

    Not sure exactly what happened, but the YouTube channel that was posting the episodes from ‘85, ClassicGH, has been terminated. A shame really as I was enjoying the episodes. I noticed a while back that another channel I was subscribed to, called bogied2, was taken down due to copyright infringement. I wonder if ABC is cracking down on people posting the classic GH stuff.
  2. GH February 2018 Discussion Thread

    Once again, my excitement builds leading up to the 14,000 episode, and damn if I’m not left severely disappointed. Overhyped is an understatement.
  3. Classic GH Thread

    A fun little behind-the-scenes video from ‘89. https://youtu.be/pW8fgtsf9xA
  4. Classic GH Thread

    Jessie’s passing wasn’t acknowledge on screen until 1993, when Angie Costello came to GH and asked Dr. Hardy about Jessie. He confirmed she had passed away. A moment of silence was observed in 1991: https://youtu.be/I5Z2XzWovJM The “So long, Jessie” gives me a lump in my throat whenever I watch it.
  5. Classic GH Thread

    Oh my goodness, no need to apologize. I am quite impressed with your contributions to the board. I’ve only learned the early history of the show from years of research, and to have you as a first-hand source of information is invaluable. I meant no disrespect. As for Jane and Howie, I believe they broke up after the loss of their young daughter Joanne. And you are exactly right that Jane did turn to Henry (as awkward as he was) and they went to work over at Mercy.
  6. Classic GH Thread

    The poem Emily wrote is lovely, if not haunted. And I may be wrong, but I think you may be confusing Sharon and Jane Dawson. Sharon was married to awkward Dr. Pinkham, Jane was married to slug Howie.
  7. GH: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Ha! I don’t know whether to be offended or amused. I’ve just been enjoying the show lately, especially today’s episode. Granted, I posted before I saw the previews for tomorrow, and when I saw Julian, I immediately wondered if I should go back and edit my post.
  8. GH: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Pregnant, devious Nelle taunting Sonny and Carly is delicious! Nina and Lulu co-mothering Charlotte and not being at each other’s throats is refreshing. Britt brought out a side of Nathan I really liked, he doesn’t seem as wooden. Anna and Hammy Finn are a good match. I am very pleased with the direction of the show, and Chris Van Etten as co-HW is like a shot in the arm.
  9. GH: Actress returns

    Don’t forget Nikolas is “dead”, too, and Spencer is at boarding school.
  10. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/exclusive-kelly-thiebaud-back-gh/
  11. GH: November 2017 Discusion Thread

    I really wish that when Laura was "interviewing" Nelle for a job in the hospital daycare center, that they would have thrown in a mention that it is the Tania Jones Memorial Daycare Center. But I digress.
  12. GH: November 2017 Discusion Thread

    They seriously gave SB an individual shot in the updated opening. SMH.
  13. GH: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    I wonder if the rumors of Disney wanting to sell ABC are actually true. And what effect would this have on the network's last remaining soap? Disney-ABC TV Begins Layoffs, Restructuring Source: Variety
  14. Genie Francis returns tomorrow, October 4. That’s all I’ve got.