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  1. @FrenchFanThank you, thank you!
  2. In 2010-2011, on GH, Erin Chambers as Siobhan and JJ as Lucky posing as Ronan O’Reilly did pretty good Irish brogues.
  3. @victoria foxtonthank you for clearing it up for me. What’s the saying about one bad apple? SMH
  4. The channel on YouTube ClassicGeneralHospital has either pulled their videos or had them yanked...again. If they got pulled off of YouTube and if the creator is here, thank you for the effort.
  5. Ya’ll know I’m a GH ride-or-die, but not even I can defend whatever this episode was. MESS.
  6. Thanks for doing this! Re: GH; I‘ve always been curious about the story with Jessie’s god daughter, Kate Marshall. And Lesley’s story reconnecting with Laura filled ALOT of time.
  7. I enjoy these looks into the past immensely. I appreciate all of the work put into posting, and will try to be more active in the conversation!
  8. Wow, oh wow! Fantastic! Thank you for sharing!!
  9. Lulu confronting Liz in front of the whole damn hospital is burned in my memory. Starts @3:06.
  10. If anyone is interested, Gloria Monty’s family photo album and various documents are up for auction on Ebay, https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F383483477675.
  11. We’ve compiled years’ worth of work in this thread. So if you could please keep this copy and paste nonsense out, that’d be great.
  12. I just came here to post about this! Amazing! I got goosebumps. I never thought we’d ever see any footage from this time, let alone in color!!
  13. I’m done internetting for the day. I read this as “rapist with the bad sperm”.
  14. There are so many children and grandchildren of veteran characters that could bring so much hospital drama with the right people writing the show. I give you: Dr. Sarah Webber and Dr. Steven Lars Webber (Jeff’s kids) Dr. Tom Hardy and Dr. Tom Hardy, Jr. (Steve and Audrey’s son and grandson) Dr. Patrick Drake and Dr. Matt Hunter (Noah’s sons) Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake (Anna and Robert’s daughter) And I’m not about return from the dead stories, but Dr. Emily Quartermaine is such a wasted opportunity for legacy. Jason would be a doctor now, too... And I totally agree that Lucas should be front-and-center.
  15. Conspiracy theorist here, just so you know. And I don’t usually get too personal up in SON, but when I first heard this news that Stafford was back to Y&R, I was reeling. Blame it on the fact that I have been drinking wine since lunch all you want, but when I told my hubby, who detests my beloved GH and the fact that I devote a good portion of my life to it and the BTS shenanigans, he brought up a valid point. A little backstory first: Just yesterday, I was relaying the fact to him that I was surprised that MS would agree to a storyline where her (presumed) long-lost daughter is a former member, and mother of a child with the leader of a cult that strongly resembles Scientology. When I told him MS was a Scientologist, he said “they wouldn’t let her do that”. The personal bit: He is a double Ph.D. in Higher Ed and Sociology, and it’s not like I take his word as Gospel, but I find this news highly fascinating. Is this sudden “change of direction” just that? Or is there more to this than it appears?
  16. The OLTL/AMC baby switch crossover! From Wikipedia: Babe strikes up a friendship with Bianca Montgomery during December 2003. They grow close and become best friends. At a cabin, while a storm goes on outside, Babe helps Bianca give birth to her baby daughter, Miranda Montgomery. Bianca falls unconscious and Babe leaves to go get help. She breaks into Dr. David Hayward's cabin and calls Paul at Llanview Hospital for help. The day before (on One Life to Live), Paul helped his sister, Kelly, give birth to a baby boy, but the baby died right after birth. Kelly, believing a baby would be the only thing that could save her marriage, begged her brother to get her a child. Paul helps Babe get back to the cabin, where he delivers her son by the fireplace. Paul seizes this opportunity to give his sister a baby in a storyline that becomes known as the baby switch. He drugs Babe, puts her in a helicopter, and stages a helicopter crash near a river in the forest. When Babe awakens, Paul tells her that the helicopter crashed and her baby is dead. She loses consciousness again. When Adam Chandler and JR arrive at the scene and threaten Paul, should anything bad have happened to their heir, Paul twists his story around and tells them that it was Bianca's baby that fell into the river and that Babe's child survived. JR's family is elated that Babe's baby is alive, but Bianca's family is devastated by the news. In Llanview, Paul gives Kelly Babe's son (later known as Adam Chandler III, then Little Adam, and currently AJ), telling her that the boy's mother was a poor homeless woman who did not want a baby. Later on, Babe finds out that the baby she thought was her own is really Miranda Montgomery, Bianca's baby who was thought to have died in the storm. Babe is so distraught over the reveal that her son has been the one to die in the storm that, with convincing by Krystal, she decides to keep the baby. But she eventually discovers her son to be alive, and that JR is indeed the biological father of the little boy. When the truth is finally revealed, it causes a severe rift in Babe and Bianca's friendship, although Bianca is more distant than hostile toward Babe. Babe's romantic relationship with JR also ends.
  17. Although not an exact date, the cast changes section of the January ‘76 issue of DaytimeTV states that Stacey Baldwin had joined as Lesley’s long-lost daughter, Laura. In the same issue, it states that the February issue would be on newsstands on December 23. That would be December of ‘75, so I would guess the January issue went on sale in November of ‘75.
  18. Their body language was so weird, and I hope they don’t think we’re buying that “technical difficulties” baloney.
  19. How about Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith and Alice Hunter as Bryan and Claudia's Oxford-educated twin daughters. Gwen can still be WSB Chief Vick and Alice can be a doctor and Trina's mother.
  20. Vintage soap related footage starts @ 21:28.
  21. C’mon ya’ll. Don’t let my non-posting self start a GH discussion thread each.and.every.month... The show can’t be that bad, can it?
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