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  1. Sigh... another missed opportunity. Instead, they'll think they're mining history by bringing on some never-before-mentioned great-grandchild of Tommy Horton and have him mix it up with Nicole or Gabi or some godawful situation like that.
  2. Such a great family show behind the scenes. The higher ups really care about their cast.
  3. Side note: Glasses and scruff do work for Chandler, I will admit, especially if the hair up top stays short and tight.
  4. This! Bloomberg's ads are GREAT. I'm hoping the next one will target his non-Christian behavior and his love of money, not God. Plant seeds of doubt and chip away at those evangelicals. And what better way to ensure they hear the message than to air it on Faux News, the mecca of lies and propaganda. Bonus points if they used direct clips from Fox News' Mother Tucker Carlson or Sham Hannity in those ads.
  5. George Clooney? Oh honey, you should've tried that route after Passions was cancelled... 12 years ago.
  6. Haha! Hilarious. Sam & Billy are the worst, but their pick makes more sense since they were both long-running popular characters.
  7. Hmm, I'm not seeing that, unless they've changed something up in the last month? (I'm a month behind). The thing about people living in hotel rooms or showcasing couples in just a tiny bedroom set with a random bed is that it totally erases any personal touches to the characters. (Same thing happened to GL when everyone lived in a Beacon Hotel room). It makes everything interchangeable and no "stakes" in having someone kicked out of their home, a child having to live with a different family member, or a relationship ending and needing to find their own place. People look like they come and go with just one suitcase and move into a room that is already furnished. When they pack up, the furnishings stay for the next occupant to use.
  8. For reals? Fire him and bring back more of John & Marlena's children. This petty crap behind the scenes is ridiculous.
  9. Perfectly stated. RHONY is always a breath of fresh air, and those women hang and party together whether the camera crew is there or not. Meanwhile, I'm itching for POTOMAC to return too!
  10. Side note: Whatever happened to that set? They need a nightclub like that that's strictly a nightclub, and not a coffeeshop/luncheonette by day.
  11. Dude, I was about to make the same joke I was just saying that in another thread. Again, unpopular opinion, but one way to "freshen" up the Brady role is to switch out the actors and put Kyle Lowder back in the role. Then, Brady will look like John's son, not his brother, and they can revisit Brady/Chloe. Plus, Lowder would look better than Martsolf in those speedos at this point...
  12. I wouldn't mind them trying for a "reset" / 2.0 whatever they want to refer to it internally, but don't make a huge stinkin' deal of it like they did in 2011 which ultimately backfired. Have returnees brought back in increments instead of all at once, while those who were axed slowly make their exits. I'm all for any of: Sami/Lucas/Carrie/Austin Belle/Shawn/Chloe/Philip/Rex Unpopular opinion, but if they likely keep Eric Martsolf (who DOES need to be rested for at least a year if not more), bring Kyle Lowder back as Rex, as he has ties to The Last Blast crowd (they can do a Chloe/Rex story with Brady's original face) as well as ties to Sarah (who, I wouldn't mind if they axed too). HOWEVER, a girl can dream, and I'd like it most if they axed Martsolf and did an immediate switcheroo and have Kyle Lowder reclaim the role of Brady, and he can mix it up with Chloe, Nicole, etc. Here's the thing. Brady is John's SON. Not his brother. There needs to be a visual difference in the fact that Kristen used to be involved with John and now she's involved with John's son. Martsolf is pushing 50 while Lowder looks much younger (too much sun, but still, younger). For more recent characters from back in the day, how about a Nathan Horton or a Stephanie Johnson? They can be recasts for all I care. I'm sorry, this is a thread about people to get rid of.... the sad thing is, some of these characters could and should work (Sarah, Eric, etc.) but they're written so pitifully.
  13. In 2016, I was in a state (Illinois) that was heavily pro-Hillary but I still gladly voted (I'm ashamed to admit, it was my first time voting in a presidential election, despite being able to vote since '04). But this year? We're in the almighty important Wisconsin. And I'll be damned if I don't vote against Trump -- even if it just means cancelling out my dad's....
  14. Christopher Sean seemed like one of very few in recent years who wanted to leave to pursue other options and has actually had success, rather than hanging outside the Burbank studio hoping Corday will have a change of heart.
  15. Ditto. A return of Paul, preferably by Christopher Sean, would be awesome. LOL I guess his body grooming videos were too little, too late.
  16. Agreed. Bring back the thirtysomething and fortysomething crowds. If the Last Blast came back to the parent ship (not some goofy web series dream thing), I'd be down for it. And of course, I'm *always* here for a return of Carrie, Sami, Lucas, and Austin. Just no corporate takeover stories where Dumbass Austin doesn't even know the name of the person (Carrie) he's overtaking a company from.... Maybe they could finally explore Austin/Nicole. Nicole needs a break from Eric and Brady...
  17. At this point, the only way out is if Robert Scott Wilson gets picked up for something else during pilot season.
  18. Ugh. So dumb. Wasn't there an alleged rift between Hall and Crystal Chappell when Hall returned in '91? The story was that Hall's return would take away from Chappell's screen time (which was a lot) but when you look at the timeline, that excuse didn't add up. Chappell was on from 1990-93 and Deidre returned summer of 1991, so 2 of the 3 years Chappell was on, so was Deidre.
  19. Go for it! LOL I don't know what you're referring to.
  20. I've watched a couple of his videos, such as the tour around the studio, and all I can say is I'm surprised someone like him, or Matt Ashford, who are in television and therefore the camera is always on you, never thought to get their lower teeth straightened.
  21. Looks messy good! I will admit, there's something missing with Bethenny gone, but these women still know how to throw it down! Sonja peeing in the cornfield... lawdy... at least, I *hope* it was just peeing she was doing...
  22. Ditto. We gotta stop falling in love with our candidates and simply fall in line.
  23. Turn around Warren & Klobuchar and it'd be perfectly ideal. That thought that used to rattle around in my head that Biden would pick Kamala as VP doesn't seem to matter much anymore, but who knows what SC, NV, and Super Tuesday will bring...
  24. He did well! In fact, he got more lines in the live episode than all previous episodes combined! I kid, but not entirely... I loved the live episode! It was flawless. No mistakes. There was a few prolonged pauses as they cut between scenes or to commercial break, but nothing noteworthy.
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