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  1. I swear, straight men and their "stories"...
  2. Love. It. 86 years young and still as fabulous as ever
  3. Agreed 100% Just their everyday goofball, zany, bickering is good enough for me. Another night of laughs on last night's eppy. I loved how Ramona and Bethenny bonded and opened up about their abusive childhood upbringings. It's pretty amazing that in their 10+ years of interaction, they've never really dived into that subject together. Those scenes juxtaposed with Luann, Tinsley, and Sonja over at that sad cabaret act was so perfect. Ramona was borderline about to short-circuit with memories of her mom and family, but she held it together and I appreciated Bethenny listening to her, instead of brushing her off. Sonja was drunk the whole evening and next week she gets fall-down messy boots, but I can't wait. That bickering between Dorinda and Ramona at the end of the episode was classic Dorinda and Ramona, but what had me rolling was at the end, when they BOTH diverted their ire towards Sonja when they deduced that she's the one who started it all with her pot-stirring. Hilarious!
  4. I'm a sucker for a large, lush extravagant set. Even if they look a tad cardboardy, I love when they used to go all out with something large, expansive, and 2-story. Like GL's San Cristobel set when they had that huge ball in the summer of 1999, or even the Millennium club set when it first opened and the dance floor was set was 2-story. Fifth Street fires, Frank and his co-worker staking out watching Marion Crane, Josh & Reva's '99 wedding, the country club when they featured all the different hallways and rooms, the bar, the outdoor dining/fountain area, etc... I'm currently watching DAYS circa 1995 at the start of the Aremid storyline, and the Aremid house was so lush with a 2-story stair case, a private library/dining area, plus when Peter & Jenn got married, they had the huge ballroom for the wedding and reception, you saw the Lady in White peering outside from the second floor window ... as with their regular home sets back in the day (Horton house, Jenn's house, Marlena's penthouse, etc.) I liked how they showed multiple rooms and areas of the homes, from kitchens to formal dining rooms to backyards, etc. It made it feel more real, more extravagant than a starchy, cold single room that they have nowadays.
  5. ... they also just filmed Salem ringing in New Years 2020. I'm assuming it's 2020, ya never know... P.S. @Soapsuds Check out Chandler Massey's latest Instagram posting. Be sure you're fully stocked up on Jergens hand lotion first.... J/K
  6. It looks like Will wears a "bumpit" in his hair
  7. Re: Potomac. I don't get the Katie love at all. Seeing her back reminds me of what I hated in Potomac's first season. There's just something that irks me to no end. It's like the lights are on but nobody's home but she left a mannequin at the window to make it seem like someone is. I'd rather we have Charrissee's sloppy ass as a "friend of" because her motives are clear as day. I was surprised at how they built up the Michael drama and then it left us hanging at the end with uncertainty, and next week's previews barely touched upon it. Weird. The New Orleans drama looks messy good though. Re: NYC Interesting to hear they've shortened the season and are dropping a lot of footage. NYC is fortunate enough to be interesting on its own, just watching the women in their daily lives without all the manufactured drama or endless group dinner parties. Whereas some (ATL, BH, OC) could use trimming and others (NJ, Potomac) benefit from shortened seasons, NYC is one I feel could be stretched without it getting stale. I guess we'll see how it shapes up :::shrug:::
  8. I didn't mind his re-intro either. It's the fact there was zero follow-through with seeing a person literally islanded for the past 20 years snap back into society like he had only been gone for the weekend.
  9. Such lost opportunity. I particularly was annoyed at how in 2007 when the "real Tony" (whoever that really could be) was revealed to be stuck on an island since the mid-80's, and he's reintroduced when John & Marlena stumble upon him and he's all giggly with Hawaiian chicks a third his age by his side. So he's been stuck on an island for over 20 years and returns to Salem and integrates himself back into society with nary a question about what he's missed over the last two decades or how to work a computer or ANYTHING.
  10. I just finished watching March. On to April! LOL So it seems like there's nothing noteworthy in May? Judging from the lack of discussion on this fine show.
  11. Agreed 100% Sadly, like most returns that have happened in the last 10 years, the writing botched everything up. I'm glad John & Marlena have stuck around since their 2011 return. Of that "reboot," Carrie and Sun-damaged-Austin were sacked within a year, as was Jack, who's back yet again in yet another terrible storyline. Remember at the time that Carly was written off, they also axed Chloe (who's been back and forth every single year since), Vivian, Tamara Braun's Taylor, and Vivian's never-before-mentioned son Quinn, the buff pimp who later returned for a hot minute as the owner of a spa or something. LOL. This show...
  12. I'm happy to see Eva La Rue back on daytime, and glad it's on Y&R and not cardboard Salem. I think she'll spark chemistry with a lot of Genoa City residents And whatevs to playing Jordi's mom. It's fine.
  13. Agreed. I watched GH during 2012-2013 when the "Llanview 3" came over, and from then on until around the Spring of 2013, show was really popping (admittedly, I was a sucker for all the OLTL cameos & references, as well as the Port Charles vampire throwback, references to Loving, etc.). His first year at DAYS improved the show, but there was still something lacking; something extra to make it really shine and it never achieved it.
  14. Excellent example, though I can't say I miss him. Same with Bridget.
  15. I understand not wanting to attend a day of attacks, but in the end, LVP's got the upper hand. A lie detector test to boot. The expression on Erika's face on WWHL at the clip was a visual version of reading of Trump's reaction to Mueller ("This is the end of my presidency. I'm f#cked"). Mind you, Erika isn't even the offender here -- that goes to Teddi, Dorit, and Kyle (and let's face it, Rinna was relishing in this before it went bad for her side). The fans are on LVP's side. The truth is on her side. Yeah, she'll get barked at (no pun intended) all day long, but in the end, no bites. They tried (again) and failed (again). Lisa Vanderpump will be exhausted at the end of the reunion day, but vindicated and can leave RHOBH on a high note, leaving the bitter hags to figure out who they'll attack next season, and how they will possibly make the show interesting without the Queen. Dorit and Teddi just need to go. I can't stand Teddi and I've never warmed to Dorito. What I find most irritating about BH this season, especially when you compare it to NYC and Potomac (my 2 current faves!!), is that the women are just so damn immature. Like, seeing even the likes of Camille etc. doing Twitter back 'n forth petty arguments, it's like, good grief, y'all are 50+ years old and look like total clowns in these public arguments. It's just not a cute look on them. NY and Potomac are giving me everything I need in these Housewives shows right now. Amidst the drama and arguing, there is so much laughing. Sonja is the comic MVP this season, Tinsley is finally coming into her own with this group (I loved her sideways unders against LuAnn last night when LuAnn and Bethenny started their argument), Ramona is her usual funny self without being too rude, LuAnn's getting too big for her britches but it's funny watching the other women react to her, Dorinda has softened from last year's low... it's just a good, fun, enjoyable season of NYC, IMO. Meanwhile, Potomac has evolved into this must-see show and I can't wait to see the Ashley/Michael chaos play out. EDIT: Hubby & I were surprised at how much we actually enjoyed Porsha's baby special for ATL. We thought it'd be boring or uneventful, but it was actually quite fun. I'll always give her side-eye for the Kandi/drugging lie, but she has rebounded into a funny gal with a half-brain, which is a half-brain more than I ever thought she had.
  16. I laughed when they flashed back to "one minute ago" of their air-kiss greeting LOL
  17. I gotta stick up for my girl Meredith lol. She was interviewed on Oprah's Where Are They Now right when she had wrapped up her Y&R stint and she enjoyed her time there.
  18. If you got it, flaunt it He's showing off for the boys. I'm sure CLB from Y&R appreciated it.
  19. Perfection. "See Gladys? The gays are just like us!"
  20. Agreed 1000% and that's what's so sad about current DAYS, as well as my other fave, GL, during their last 5 years. I was just thinking this morning how ineffective it is these days on soaps, DAYS in particular, when long-time couples or married couples are breaking up and there's no thought or discussion over who gets what in the dissolution of their union. Who gets the house? (there is no house) Who keeps which furniture? (it evidently came furnished and it belongs to whomever moves in next). There's no personal touch and everything is interchangeable. It also has taken the whole coincidence of bumping into one another into a whole other galaxy because there is literally NO way for someone to go across the street let alone go across town without making your way through Horton Town Square or a damn park bench. Everything in Salem must be in walking distance and the HTS and park bench is smack dab in the middle.
  21. I'm one and a half eppys behind on NYC. Now I'm intrigued. And didn't y'all say something sad happens at the end of last week's show? I liked the Potomac premiere. It's nice and fresh. I like how they began filming within weeks of the reunion show. I pretty much echo what everyone says. Monique the mom-to-be again was fab as always, Candiace had a very real and awkward moment with her mother (which I appreciate her bringing up on camera, even though the mama clearly didn't want to go there with the cameras rolling), The Grande Dame's hair is on point, I guess I'm happy for Robyn & Juan (but is Juan truly happy...?), and Ashley & Michael's foreplay scene reeked of damage control. Hell, they probably filmed that scene long after the butt-grab lawsuit.
  22. Listen. We got the pub, the Town Square, or a park bench to choose from. Rafe and Hope already went camping at the park bench, so let's be grateful John and Marlena got to sit in a chair. But yeah, it's stupid. Way to rub it in your ex's face, Marlena
  23. Aw I feel the love You and @KMan101 are so fun to dish DAYS with: the good, the bad, and the ridiculously cheap
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