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  1. Loved her as Blair, but totally over Kassie as Eve. Glad to see her go. Casey Moss is definitely talented, but in agreement that his onscreen loves have always been blah, other than Eve (ironically, given my aforementioned comment). Moss is one of those whose haircut can really make or break their overall appearance and appeal, much like a Joshua Morrow or Ricky Paull Goldin (don't judge, haha) Geez, I just saw the new SOD cover with Nadia Bjorlin's exit, and I would've thought she had already left, returned, and now they're announcing she's leaving again... in May 2020. This taping schedule is nuts.
  2. RHONY is up to Season 12 now. That would be awesome to have Alex (and Simon!) pop in.
  3. Hmm... a friend of Tinsley's so unless Bravo is really trying to make the RHONY brand steer younger, I would guess she ends up a "Friend Of" Speaking of friends of, I still kinda wish Ramona's longtime friend Joni would step up and join. I always liked her personality. (Bad photo, but that's her)
  4. Yeah... with Priestley, I kinda cringe sometimes. Some fillers under his eyes would do wonders. I know firsthand that it really improves your overall look, appearing more awake, refreshed, healthy, etc. And it's not expensive. I know we should "just age gracefully" (yada yada yada, no one buys that baloney), but if I were on television being filmed in high-definition, I'd be hitting up the fillers and botox. Nothing crazy fun-house mirror like Tori, but just some subtle improvements.
  5. @Cheap21 Yup! And I think the particular comment Ramona made was saying "I never pre-judge anyone" or something to that effect.
  6. I'd have to disagree about Shannon and Jennie. Jennie Garth looks amazing, whereas Shannon has such a bad case of smoker's mouth/teeth that it looks like she's rotting inside.
  7. Interesting quote from Ramona: “When she left in season 4, we found out through the press she was doing her spinoff, Bethenny Getting Married. She was upset we never congratulated her, but we were upset she never told us! And that’s how we feel now. There is a camaraderie among us as a cast. Love us, hate us, not like us — we are a team. To hear this from the press and not through her is upsetting,” she explained. Singer added, “I really wish her well, though. The show’s a machine and it will continue on. We’re all just a cog in the wheel. No one is irreplaceable.” One, I like the fact that Ramona sees the cast as an ensemble. Two, it is jenky that Bethenny failed to inform her co-stars about her news, not once but twice.
  8. Air conditioner isn't working, hence the sweaty shirtlessness between the two. Isn't that a tactic Guiding Light used one summer at the Company boardinghouse in the early 80's?
  9. Agreed. I'm loving this ride. Only 6 episodes, with 3 already done, but it's been fun. It's not reality, it's not a revival, but it's fun.
  10. GL's Jordan Clarke (Billy Lewis) played a character named Dr. Tim Ryan in 1974-76 before playing Billy starting in '82. Joie Lenz / Bethany Joy Lenz / Bethany Joy Galeotti / Whatever Her Name Is Nowadays was the teenage Reva Clone for a few weeks in the Spring of 1998 before being brought back as a recast Michelle Bauer in November '98.
  11. Damn. As polarizing as she can be, she’s good for the show overall and makes good press for the show. Luckily, I definitely think RHONY is in a better state than it was the last time around (and as mentioned recently, Season 4 wasn’t bad - it was the 5th season with half the originals axed that it really lost its organic feeling) that they can continue their momentum with Luann, Ramona, Dorinda, Sonja and even Tinsley. I’m thinking try two new women and whoever works best keep them as a full-time wife? I guess Barbara can stick around as a friend. Ooh, maybe fiiiinally commit to bringing Jill back full time. Who knows, maybe without Bethenny’s influence, the possibilities can open. She filmed last year and was cut; she’s always attending events and get-together with Ramona; put a camera back on her and the promise of an apple, and let the fur fly again! All itll take is a tennis match or step ‘n repeat sign to get Jill and Ramona at odds again 😂 Typos by iPhone.
  12. Also, is it just the angle of the photo or does Joey skip leg day?
  13. OMG yes, that made the rounds all over my fellow queens' social media And you're right about the question about Damon. I loved the finale with its touching and bittersweet moments. And with the two introduced at the end, I could foresee them being aged up to Blanca's new ballroom children when they eventually fast-forward to 1996.
  14. I will love that Jill gif forever Especially since I remember what she was reacting to. Karen's expressions were priceless. Another fantastic Potomac episode. I'll dive into that link later about the reunion because at first glance there was about 80 million pop-ups and other garbage when I clicked. I just hope Gizelle finally gets a good roasting.
  15. Days of Our Lives. That sums it up. Everyone has, from Deidre (Marlena/Hattie/Samantha) to Kristian (Hope/Princess Gina). I'm surprised Drake Hogestyn hasn't had to pull double duty, though I suppose with all of John's alternate identities, that makes him an honorary member. Side note: Is it true there was a Bo double back in '92 when RKK took over?
  16. Ditto. I'd rather see Mia return. And Arturo. I never had a problem with either in the first place.
  17. There's a lot of good moments in the 4th season. I'd check it out. Like @Cat said, it's the end of an era, with Jill and Alex and cray-cray Kelly still there. The Morocco trip is awesome and the aftermath with Luann/Jill targeting Alex & hubby Simon is good. You'll also hear the phrase, "Not the right time, not the right place" about a million times, lol. It's the reunion that gets really ugly.
  18. Doesn't Jess Walton permanently live in Oregon now?
  19. Man, this is rough. For 3 full decades, Y&R has held the distinction of having viewership well above everyone else. Even in 2019, they could hold their heads higher, bringing in numbers that some of the now-defunct shows were getting in the mid-2000's. And say what you will about the sets, but I would take the Genoa City landscape ANY DAY over Salem's cramped, cardboard claustrophobia.
  20. I haven't read the full rundown of the cast but it seems a lot of this year's cast is more of the newer, younger actors that have come into the AHS franchise in recent years. I mean shoot, even Sarah Paulson isn't in this one.
  21. As well she should. Irish Ridge is a fail IMO, and Katie/Bill are boring (all her romantic pairings are boring). I'm ready for Brooke/Bill 3.0 or whichever number of go-arounds this is by now.
  22. Wow, I guess now I can see why people might want Katie at the reunion. But Ashley isn't wrong. Katie looks as stable as Britney Spears circa 2007, ready to knock a window out with an umbrella...
  23. Didn't she recently re-release "Welcome To My Home" on DVD?
  24. Re: RHONY. I've always enjoyed Dorinda until her fourth season (S10). Up until she got ugly with LuAnn, she was always a breath of fresh air. I don't really remember the Heather saga of Season 7 other than when Dorinda got drunk on vacation and started slurring her words at the dinner table and then had that "I wanna go home" meltdown. This season with Dorinda & Luann, they both had their right and wrong moments, but the only time Dorinda looked really bad in my eyes was coming after Tinsley and her source of income for no reason.
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