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  1. Ya know, I actually thought the same thing when I watched the latest episode. It felt like an act. I love the bold colors actually. Kyle is such a Basic Betty.
  2. ICAM. I love how Candiace is so bothered by Ashley for no good reason (except pure jealousy) and Ashley sets her straight without breaking a sweat. Ditto ICAM on the mutual respect and friendship of Ashley & The Grande Dame. I love it because they both got so down and dirty with one another but managed to behave like mature adults and bury the hatchet for the greater good (the show). Candiace and her crusty napkins will no doubt be her own worst enemy yet again while trying to paint herself as a victim. P.S. Please continue using that Lana del Rey meme. I chuckle every time. lol
  3. Well it sounds like we'll be getting return visits from old faces, whether for good or for bad... which makes me think another Isabella-like demon goblin will be haunting us. Question is, which deceased individual(s) will it be? (Don't worry, the obsession over Daniel Jonas is thankfully over. Blocking this to remove it from the stratosphere, heehee)
  4. Definitely. I loved the work she did when Marlena woke up in the hospital after showing up at Bo/Billie's reception naked and shooting a cop and almost shooting John. That episode right there should've been what she submitted for an Emmy (and what she shopped around to the soap industry as a "For Your Consideration" tape that caused some controversy).
  5. Glad to see Potomac and SLC pulling in healthy numbers. @Cat & @Taoboi and everyone, thanks for the awesome recaps. I'm swamped at work these days so I'm just dipping in to get caught up on the gossip. My excitement over SLC's Season 2 premiere reminded me of my same feelings when the second season of Beverly Hills began. I love these "characters" and what they bring. With Whitney, I know her premiere was soft, but she is full of win in my book because she comes off as dumb but is smart. That cake! Falling off the plate THREE times! LOL That was funny. I loved how she still presented the busted cake to the family with candles lit. I'm glad they're going to bring up the "cultness" of Mary's church. As much as I can giggle at her and her church folk all pumped up with the Holy Spirit on their non-aired podcast, at the same time I roll my eyes at the lies ridiculousness of it all. I'm still Team Heather, but I do see the cracks in the facade. I tried to navigate her viewpoint on WWHL when she says she stands by Jen Shah, warts and all. It was telling that she admitted she realized a long time ago that something about Jen's business wasn't 100% ethical, but I disagree with her standing by her friend's side -- a friend who knowingly, methodically, and purposely targeted individuals to scam them. No, you HAVE to speak up and state your thoughts. We don't need a Rinna 2.0. Fabulous Ice, lol, definitely won me over come reunion last year. Before that, I thought she was the weak link of the group. But having an alliance with Jenn, a friendship with Meredith that's on thin *ice*, plus the ongoing tension with Heather makes Lisa Barlow an integral part of the cast. Meredith is just a joy to watch. That slow, thoughtful way she speaks. Her family dynamic. Plus, watching her go from calm to angry is fascinating. She's one of those who remains grounded even when pissed off, but you just know one of these days she's going to POP off on someone (watch out Jen) Side Note: The winter wonderland porn is back! So smart to keep filming during the winter months. The views from Meredith's house and Jen's rental are GORGEOUS.
  6. I was just thinking about this Possession 2.0 thing and thought of the original, and I 100% agree that the beginning months of the possession were the best part. The scary unknown of what was happening to Marlena. Once MarDevil spooked Celeste into getting her colored contact lenses so she could prance about Smith Island and her penthouse trying to seduce The Priest, it got hokey. Plus, there was that last battle between Marlena vs. Devil when she had to stay inside the church to be safe, but was lured outside by "Sami" (really a zombie Curtis Reed), which was also hokey. The exorcism itself of course had its great moments, but that middle part of the storyline in the spring could've been tightened up and Marlena could've been back to her old self by Memorial Day, 1995. However, I understand them wanting to drag it into the summer months for us kids to see And the only way this storyline will pack any punch [again] is if the possessed person is Marlena. Can someone else also fall under the devil's spell? Sure. Heck, Tony (or Andre, whoever) was in his fugue state at one point when the MarDevil got into his mind re: Kristen & John. +1 on a Return to Aremid: The Town of Secrets. But again, we can't have a Lady in White haunting a park bench. Spacious sets are key to making Aremid feel like a real murky New England town.
  7. Agreed. That’s one thing I liked about Reilly’s 1.0 run from ‘93-97. They always played it straight. There was no cheeky dialogue or winks to the audience. The film “The Exorcist” was never even mentioned once. They were 100% real despite their constant unrealistic obstacles.
  8. LOL! Well we knew this would happen at some point, folks. It was only a matter of time. And yes, especially given RC as the headwriter. I, uh, look forward to seeing how they pull this off in 2021 with a dime store budget at their disposal. Here comes Marlena floating above the park bench! How high do those giant tree walls go?
  9. Great, two characters that can hook up and leave Salem. There's so many unnecessary characters on the canvas.
  10. Sad to hear of this of Greg. RIP and hope Nene will be okay.
  11. I haven't seen the finale yet, but I finally watched last week's, and I'm also in the minority in saying last week's episode was fun to watch. The only boring part was Leah's family at the beginning, but everything else was fun, lighthearted, and friendly. After such a heavy season of preaching and off-balance chemistry, last week's show finally gave us some levity across the board. +1 to a No Reunion and pretend it was all just Pam's dream, a la Dallas.
  12. Oh, but her explanation in her VT was hilarious! Wendy's candles only have 1 wick, La Dame's has 3 which will cause a greater fragrance throughout the room. LOL! But yeah, she probably should've mentioned it when Wendy brought up her candle one-season story venture. +1 on all the Mia comments. Her attempts at being the bone collector are falling flat. She didn't even come close to quoting Gizelle correctly. If you're gonna stir the pot, make sure you're back it up with facts because they will read you for filth if you come with assumptions and your own interpretations. Yes, I had to rewatch that scene and I'm glad Garcelle was smart enough to know that the optics of her standing over Dorit is something they could take and run with. Dorito has shown us she's a true Coven member and add to that, her micro aggressions and racist remarks over her nannies/staff etc. who are all people of color. She's about to put herself in Terri DeMarco territory -- gone.
  13. LOL that's why I said it looks very online soap operay.
  14. OMG a Lisa Rinna drag queen making an appearance, LOL! This looks cute. Nice lil trailer there. Very online soap operay.
  15. Agreed. One of many irksome qualities - She's trying to overturn RHONY by calling out things that are par for the course in Housewives land. Two castmates hate each other but exchange empty pleasantries at a group gathering? That's Housewives 101. Don't be all stank about it.
  16. And it was glorious! LOL I love how she jumped right into the action like she never missed a beat. I also love how unbothered she was by Candiace coming for her as she gathered up her breastmilk from the frig. @Taoboi I agree this was the most authentic we've seen Dr. Wendy all season and thank goodness for it. Gizelle can look around the room bewildered all she wants, but this was Reunion 2.0 with all of Gizard's lies and fakery exposed. I enjoyed my time as a viewer
  17. In terms of Eric/Quinn, an instant reunion with Eric making a 180 with no evolution seen onscreen is very much on par with how their union began -- as a surprise to viewers that they were f++king. Character development? Watching a new couple fall in love? Meh, who needs that! lol....
  18. Random note: A few nights ago, Sutton was one of the guests on Jimmy Kimmel (a guest host was filling in for him). I thought it was cool and kind of random, considering most Bravolebrities can only book Andy Cohen's show or random daytime talk shows like Wendy Williams.
  19. @Taoboi Yaaass! We are indeed kindred spirits and/or bosom friends (credit to Cat for having the bosoms, lol)
  20. While I think RuPaul's Ra'jah O'Hara Dr. Wendy is all talk, it IS very hypocritical to threaten violence after the hard stance she took against Monique's actions last season. Now that the shoe's on the other foot (the GEB's coming after YOUR marriage), it's not so easy to stay calm, eh Zen Wen? Candiace will never be the voice of reason in Potomac. I'd sooner give that title to NYC's Kelly Bensimon and I'll NEVER give that title to Kelly Bensimon. One second, she's talking about not holding onto grudges, and the very next moment, she's making tired digs against Ashley for no good reason. Candyass is another one that's all talk when she tries to be tough, but she is a weak lil *princess* (ooh sorry, is that a naughty word?) when she's in the hot seat. I loved that quote she made, too. Wendy's new personality is fake AF but Karen's words of encouragement were very good.
  21. Wow, that would've been horrible. One can only imagine how long DAYS & AW would've lasted had they both been saddled with a 90-minute run-time for another couple years.
  22. Wow... Dorinda NYC Jill NYC Vicki OC Brandi BH Taylor BH Eva ATL Phaedra ATL Without sounding too repetitive with my wishful thinking, I wonder if this could also serve as a test to see how Miss Zarin will behave to see if she could return to the mother ship that is RHONY. Same could be said for Vicki Gunvalson. Meanwhile, I wonder when they'll finally release the 1st All-Stars special.
  23. Oh SNAP! This looks GOOD! Cannot wait. Potomac and SLC, two of the strongest players right now, back to back. Whoo-hoo! Jenn vs. Meredith looks epic.
  24. Garcelle is Queen. Elsewhere, Luann’s Facebook postings are always telling…
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