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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. Yes! 😂😂 TamaraTattles and I tend to get into it when it comes to Beverly Hills. Especially in regards to LVP. I’m sure she would love to send me to the WLS but I always make sure to keep it nice-nasty and never break any rules, which I’m sure infuriates her even more! 🤣
  2. 😂😂😂 I just watched the preview for their fight on Bravos website. I can’t believe the gall of Kyle to sit there and call her supposed great friend a liar to her face in her own home. She truly thinks after all these years of playing second fiddle that she has finally “gotten” LVP. The smug look on her face as she tells Ken she didn’t defend LVP because she doesn’t believe her... just wow. This bitch really is that desperate for the throne. To throw all your support behind Dorit of all people? What a fool. Kyle’s been in this game for far too long and should know better to ever think that this of all things would tarnish LVP in the viewers eyes. She’s in for a rude awakening. They all are. After this season heads will roll and it most definitely will not be LVP’s! Here’s the link to the preview for anyone wanting to see Kyle checkmate herself. https://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-beverly-hills/season-9/episode-8/videos/this-is-the-feud-that-broke-lisa
  3. The shade of it all! 😂😂😂
  4. YASSS Kenya come through!!! I’ll definitely be tuning in next week! The fact that it ruffles Nene’s feathers is just an added bonus!
  5. Eva looks GOOD! I’ve yet to watch a single episode this season but may have to check out the reunion. i really hope they get rid of Nene next season. I’ve never liked her stank ass. She makes the show way to toxic.
  6. That opening was EVERYTHING! Kyle clearly feels so empowered because she has all the peasants on her side but numbers mean nothing in a game of chess. Her ass still got checkmated and thrown out with yesterday’s trash. I still cant believe all of this is over Dorit. How dumb can you be to jeopardize everything over that grifter? These girls better hold onto their diamonds tight because by the end of the season heads will roll and it won’t be the one wearing the crown! Also, Denise’s man Aaron is HOT! Sorry Kyle, looks like you lose again! 😂
  7. Looks pretty good! Although I expect the wheels to fall off once LVP gives them all the finger. Obviously Brandi and Kim were brought on because without LVP this show is as good as dead. And what's with the shitty slide show words? It's distracting and cheap as f*ck!
  8. Please let this happen! Shannen HAS to return. They can forget about Tori since she’s the only one that still has an issue with her.
  9. It's about damn time! I just hope LVP is in most of this season otherwise I'll have no reason to watch.
  10. Those awards are rigged as hell. LVP gets no win because she’s currently at odds with Bravo regarding filming with the rest of the ladies. Kenya gets nothing because she’s no longer on ATL. Obviously they’re still trying (and failing) to make Erika happen. The only real shock is Teddi winning over Margaret. But then again most people didn’t want Teddi to return so once again Bravo pushing their agenda.
  11. I used to like Scheana in the first season but that quickly faded once I realized how desperate she was to be in with the “cool” girls. I think it’s pretty obvious that Arianna had real feelings for Scheana (season 3, 4) whereas Scheana just liked the attention. Also, I’m so over Lala’s wannabe gangsta ass. I’m gonna need someone to bitch slap her back to reality. You’re from Utah, sweetie.
  12. They interacted a total of 4 times (5 if you count them walking past each other at the hospital.) There was there first time in 1997 at the police station, then in 1998 when Carly was helping Jason up his wardrobe game and told Brenda to go find a nice fashionable straight-jacket in her size. Then they interacted at the docks party with their catty compliments (Nice dress, nice jewelry, feel sorry for yourself Brenda.) Their last interaction was during Tony’s trial when Brenda wandered over to their table at a restaurant to tell Jason to leave Robin alone and Carly asked if she was her nanny. Lord my teenage Carly (SB) obsession is really showing. I just always found it so strange how they always kept Carly and Brenda out of each other’s orbit. I think if VM had stuck around they were gearing up to make them really go at it.
  13. Scheana has never been relevant on this show so she can go. I’m interested to see the issues between Sandoval and Arianna. There were always rumors that her and Scheana used to be together so I wonder if this is the lesbian relationship that is hinted at.
  14. Good. Let’s hope they right this wrong! She looks amazing!
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