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  1. Wow! That looks amazing!! Go Andrew! I hope Garcelle DESTROYS Rinna.
  2. It's bad enough I have to suffer through Gabrizelle's horrid fashions but now I have to see her butcher her own house? What in the hell was that hideous attachment on the end? Her lack of taste astounds me. Can we get rid of boring ass Robin and trade her for Monique? Juan clearly doesn't want to be with her, he just doesn't want to lose her parents. And now they're trying to prolong her inevitable firing another season by bumping the wedding to season 7? No ma'am! Go back to bed with this tired ass "lets have a girl" fakery! Loving Mia and her bluntness when it comes to her surgeries. Take note, Wendell! The Grande Dame continues to reign supreme! This is her show! She knows it! The other girls begrudingly know it! That's why Gabrizelle is so bothered! I look forward to another season of her effortlessly dragging the green eyed monsters!
  3. Yes! I love their friendship. Also something worth noting, Charisma unfollowed both Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof after the whole ordeal... No big surprise that they would take Whedon's side considering they were the only ones invited to his house after hours to fawn all over him. Also, just to clarify as I'm sure it's a typo, but Boreanaz is the one that requested Nicholas Brendon not attend the reunion. (OMG side note: there's a very risque Boreanaz video floating around the web that made all my gay teenage dreams come true!)
  4. If he were a woman he would've been fired by season 4.
  5. Knowing it was her that took him down all these years later must've been major salt in the wound! I can't tell you the amount of times over the years I've gotten into it with fellow fans who dare defend him and his treatment of Cordelia during season 4 "But she was pregnant!" "She didn't tell him soon enough!" "They had to write around her pregnancy!" PUH-LEASE! Us soap fans know how to disguise a pregnancy that doesn't include the ick inducing, character destroying methods he came up with just to stick it to an actress he deemed difficult. He knew exactly what he was doing the entire time. Then to fire her, not even tell her and let her find out through the media? Girl, my blood still boils! And Cangel, just like GH's Jarly (Sarah Brown's Carly and Jason) SIGH... my love for these couples that never got to be still yearns and burns decades later. And yes, Eve was just awful! Lilah Jr? More like Gavin Jr! I still have a hard time swallowing the amount of love season 5 gets when to me it just feels so off and not at all like the show I fell in love with the first 3 seasons. Granted, I was bitter as hell over Carpenter's firing. All that time wasted trying to get the show renewed for a 5th season just to have my favorite written off with barely a mention... Talk about a major slap in the face! I'm just now starting to come around to season 5. It doesn't irritate me watching it quite as much as it used to. And even I can't deny the brilliance of some episodes... but when you remove the heart of a show in such a disrespectful way, it's kind of hard to get over. I honestly kind of stopped watching Buffy after season 3 since my 2 favs Angel and Cordy moved to a different show. I ended up watching the majority of it (I think I missed a bit of season 7) and agree, Tara was a major standout. So naturally, she became another casualty. I did love Anya as well. Another character to meet a grisly end. And since I'm still a bitter Betty can we talk about how awful Xander is? He's insufferable! Joss must've molded his character after himself.
  6. Ugh! That asshat did everything in his power to completely destroy and dismantle her character in the fourth season! It's been almost 20 years and I'm still not over how she and her character were treated! It does bring me some joy and peace to know all these years later that he's finally getting his comeuppance!
  7. Gizelle looks so awkward and uncomfortable. Like I get it, you have a cast on but damn girl! Point them toes! Pose! Do something! And for God's sake, someone please give this woman's weave a drink!
  8. I always wanted Craig and Paige to get together just because I thought Craig was so hot and Paige was my fav. It's weird talking about Craig being hot when he was basically a kid but then I remember I was a kid back then watching myself.
  9. I stopped watching regularly when Rupaul picked Pearl to stay over Trixie Mattel.
  10. I love me some Heather Thomson! So happy she's back! Even if it is only for a couple episodes... RHONY season 7 is still my favorite season of the show! Heather was the only good rival for Bethenny IMO which explains why she had to go. I hope she sticks it to Leah's crypt keeper looking ass before she holla's her way back to the Berkshires!
  11. In a preview for next weeks episode, Denise says Brandi told her she also slept with one of the other women in the group... Any guesses who? The only one I could ever even maybe see something happening with is Erika but even that is a stretch.
  12. Derrick Barry wasn’t great but he also didn’t deserve bottom 2. That belongs to Ongina and Mayhem Filler. I’m rooting for Jujubee not only because she’s amazing but she’s also the only one that voted for the right person to go home. Blaire’s new found confidence feels hollow and forced. Hope she tones it down a bit. Love the lip sync assassin twist! Poor India never stood a chance against Yvie!
  13. The bullying of Joyce by Brandi and later Yolanda was disgusting. I still can’t believe she was the one fired while the blonde idiots got to stay. Anyone else remember when Yolanda talked down to a Hispanic worker for not speaking perfect English? I was appalled. Of course, she got three more seasons out of it.
  14. They may as well cancel the show now. Or do some sort of spin-off. I expect a lot more firings to come. Bravo is full of racists!
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