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  1. Happy Taggert is back. It would be awesome to see Gia as well. The writing had already gone off the rails but I still have a soft spot for the characters from that era.
  2. I thought Fen was Raul for a second and thought YR were showing flashbacks of the Glow By Jabot kids but that couldn't be since Likey were not a thing back then.
  3. They know JG can't deliver and have been complaining about him for months now. Some Sharon fans are calling them out on how the story would be awful. Be a waste of time just like bipolar story JG penned for Sharon. It's agenda driven I guess some feel if she is sick with Cancer gets her out of the way.
  4. They were. I did like JT/Mac as well. We got to see a nicer side JT which set things up nicely for JT/Colleen. I can't wait to see what else you will upload.
  5. Billy/Mac in the elevator?! *faints* I was so invested in Y&R during that time. Never thought I would see these episodes again. Thank you.
  6. Mishael is beautiful. Bryton looks good in his tux.
  7. There was an old clip on youtube, I think from 1984 where Lauren is warning another character to stay away from Jack. It wasn't a bad thing just that Jack would probably leave them heartbroken. Can't remember who it was.
  8. If Days was serious about bringing Will back. I think AS would return for that and I don't think EJ would be mentioned at all.
  9. I don't think it's her. I think AS would return for a guest appearance if Will was alive.
  10. considering some are already pissed at ssm. think she only cares about the characters 40+. I don't think a new family would be received that well right now.
  11. Alexander, Joseph, and Victor II are all older than Sonny. So probably late 20s/early 30s. Too old for Claire.
  12. Vintage print ads under the spoiler cut.
  13. I wish they would wrap up the baby switch. Give Sage her baby and free Sharon.
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