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  1. Nick told her to get an abortion or give the baby up he didn't want to raise Matt Clark's baby. Sharon started thinking about when she gave up Cassie and she had dreams about Matt/Carter returning. They fought and Nick walked out. Something happened with Nick's car and Sharon ran out to see if he was ok. She fell and the chair punctured her stomach. She lost the baby and was angry at Nick. They separated for a time. Cassie became close to Diego and that's how Sharon was around him more outside of CL. There was some paralegal hitting on Nick, they kissed. Then Grace Turner came back to town, Sh
  2. The Winters will be the focus next week! https://www.cbs.com/recommended/news/1009820/cbs-daytime-dramas-salute-classic-characters-in-new-theme-weeks-starting-may-18/
  3. I do think they would be better off with story arcs but I'm happy they are showing classics. It's somewhat keeping fans engaged. Especially when the newer episodes were so blah.
  4. I don't get their Gillian hate. Loved her! Different strokes I guess...
  5. That year I had stopped watching soaps all together. Then when I became interested in the genre again, some years later. I was kind of shocked at how much things had deteriorated in just a couple of years.
  6. I remember Billy/Chloe being popular online, that whole quad got a lot of discussion on boards. Though they tested Billy around so much it was hard to get invested in anything.
  7. When they posted it on Twitter they @/People mag. Seemed like a joint project. Nice to see a new soap special.
  8. I'm pissed it took two seasons for Cole/Melissa to get back together and fugly Greg Reardon is there angst. This is annoying. If it was Lance, I could understand since he is still flirting with Melissa. I only have the first four seasons and it's been years since I've watched it. I forgot so many plots. This whole Nazi situation is awful. I don't get the point of Terry and her abusive ex. I think what annoyed me with FC, is that there main players were interesting. Outside of David so far, I have not cared for the newer characters.
  9. The flashbacks episodes were AWFUL. AWFUL. Terrible. Nelle's whole speech about wanting to be the heroine was odd. Carly was not the heroine in those days. Who talks like that? It was a waste of time. The acting was off. The writing and timeline did not make sense. I know FV doesn't care because Nelle is here to stay. Ugh.
  10. I don't think the Matt Clark/Carter Mills story has ever been posted in full. There were some clips but those got pulled forever ago. Some clips that were posted were in French and then the English versions always got pulled.
  11. ABC should just use the GH episodes soapnet aired for the 50th anniversary. https://www.channelguidemag.com/tv-news/2013/03/29/soapnet-general-hospital-marathon-episodes/ Happy to see Y&R will be showing classics.
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