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  1. I actually didn't like that at all. I know Brenda could be petty but that was just not a good look, imo. Brenda's presence would alone would have shook Carly. I just prefer, "I'm worth the wait" Brenda versus let me fake pretend sleeping with the love of my life's adopted son.
  2. Yes, it is the same lake house. I can't remember who bought it. I think Skye was kicked out of the Q mansion, there was fighting over ELQ. Then she was living at the lake house.
  3. Yes, Sonny already had a story like that with Angel. It dragged. They introduced the lake house set where Alexis lives now during that time. If I remember correctly, didn't Y&R do that story again with Victor when Jack/Brad took over Newman in 1999 but the female character didn't become his love interest.
  4. Very sad news. May he rest in peace.
  5. No, there wasn't another scene like that. After her exit in 2005, JB has not appeared on the show since.
  6. They have been doing a few callbacks to that era like Jason referencing Sonny's breakdown & Carly staying with him.
  7. I did not like that year at all. Even as a kid, I was confused. The whole endgame stuff...it was a lot.
  8. I liked Hannah too or maybe it was just the plot that I liked. When Peaky Blinders first premiered back in 2013, the story with Tommy/Grace reminded me of Hannah's. I got what the writers were trying to do if the casting had been different that could have been a more compelling story, imo. Out of all the brenda-bots that is the one I can watch again. As for Angel, no desire to watch that era again.
  9. I think he can read a map now. lol I don't think Jason minded being the boss but he left the mob and the reason for Sonny's return was to take back the territory from Moreno. Jason at the time was out of the mob and was still being targeted. Hence, Sonny's return and taking over. Jason concluded that whether he was in the business or not he was going to be a target unless he moved to another country. The show referenced that not to long ago when Sonny/Jason talked about the breakup with Sam. I actually liked that he wore suits, or dressed up a bit. If I recall he dressed up because he wanted to look the part, he was still wearing business attire when Sonny came back that next year. It wasn't until his visits and final return in 2002, that he adopted his wardrobe now.
  10. Yes, he was. Benny & the other mobsters were so happy when Jason confirmed he was taking over for Sonny.
  11. I really enjoyed Jason Morgan during that first run, when I think of the character, I go back to those years before any other. Though when he came back (in 2002) to me things were just never the same, I remember being more invested in what Sonny had going on. Now I'm not really invested in either now so... I always figured Jason would never get his memories back but I do remember reading recaps of events & older interviews that Steve just didn't want to play that. I figured when they had Jason immediately just start a whole new life, not even miss his old one. That just stood out to me, usually with amnesia stories the characters want to remember their old lives. Jason did none of that, in fact he actively rejected his old one and built new relationships. Like it was mentioned in the post above, I don't think Jason Q would have been somebody Guza & Co. would have wanted to write for.
  12. I actually didn't mind the mob stuff today. ((runs))
  13. They gave Sam kids cause after that first baby story, that was all her character cared about. Her fans begged for it. Now look...it's a mess.
  14. Nick told her to get an abortion or give the baby up he didn't want to raise Matt Clark's baby. Sharon started thinking about when she gave up Cassie and she had dreams about Matt/Carter returning. They fought and Nick walked out. Something happened with Nick's car and Sharon ran out to see if he was ok. She fell and the chair punctured her stomach. She lost the baby and was angry at Nick. They separated for a time. Cassie became close to Diego and that's how Sharon was around him more outside of CL. There was some paralegal hitting on Nick, they kissed. Then Grace Turner came back to town, Sharon saw Grace with Nick. Sharon assumed he was cheating again, she turned to Diego. Then Nick surprised her with a second honeymoon, he explained everything. They got back together. Then Diego started dating Victoria. Sharon confessed to Nick she slept with Diego. Nick attacked Diego and Victoria found out. Then they all had to get ready for Victor/Nikki's wedding.
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