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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. I agree with you about how they write stories without securing the actors. About Andre, I read that Thaao is coming back later this year because the show dropped their plans/story to bring back Peter Blake (with a recast). I'm conflicted on this. I would have liked to see Peter again because I think he's the DiMera with the most story potential but I know Jason Brooks is never coming back and I'm not as accepting of recast as many other fans. I can't say I'm suprised that Ron tried to bring the character back, if any writer would, it's him. And Thaao's one of my favorites but I've hated the writing for him in recent years, so yeah, I don't know how to feel about all this.
  2. I agree. I think her stint in 2009-2011 had alot of bad stuff, but also some fun too. Her return last year was not offensive but at times kinda boring. I'd like to know what changed too. But first, I read that she was supposed to be the one killed last January and that Andre as the victim was a rewrite. That would have really been a short-term return.
  3. LS has been outspoken every time she's left the show. When she was fired in 2011 she said she would never return, but she did. Maybe this time they asked her back too soon?
  4. Here's part of an interview with JER where he talks a little about John/Marlena/Roman (although the question/subject was about Victor/John Aniston), still it's a good read. That being the case, why didn't you write for John Aniston? Victor used to be the bad boy of Days -- he was in everybody's business. Granted, that was before you got there, but still -- why didn't you make him a rip-snorting villain again? When I came back, Victor had already become the good guy and Stefano was the villain who affected everybody's lives. I looked at what we had -- which was Roman I and Roman II and Marlena -- and as a viewer I had to ask: Why wasn't there more of an impact on these people's lives when Roman I came back and Marlena found out she was sleeping with the wrong man? I mean, all they played was Marlena sort of looking at John when Roman came back and saying, "Oops." That was it? Hello? We're all going to make believe that Marlena, who had been sleeping with John for so many years and raised children with him, would just turn off her feelings? Yet that's the way it was written. It made no sense. Obviously, John and Marlena -- being basically very decent people -- had to put their lives and feelings on hold because they weren't going to destroy the family and hurt Roman and stuff. It wasn't their fault but it was Stefano's fault. I had to do surgery. It was the first story I had to address but to do that, I had to bring back Stefano because he was so crucial to it, and in doing that I could not have Victor and Stefano butting heads. I couldn't have two villains the same age. They'd be like Villain One and Villain Two. And the momentum of the baby story with Aniston and Debbie Adair got killed because Debbie wanted to have her own child and was out at various times when she was going through the in-vitro fertilization process. I've seen alot of fans say this over the years, but when I watch clips from WN's original run in 1981-84, I think Roman's the same kind of jerk that he was in 1991-94.
  5. But wasn't she let go from the show? And only brought back for short arcs with her fake illness and Bill's shooting?
  6. Awful casting for Jafar. Wrong look, wrong voice, ugh!
  7. I don't know how much you guys have been paying attention but FS has gained and lost weight several times over the last six or seven years. He's been pretty open about it on social media how he goes on a "clean diet" for 100 days. I guess after that he falls back into old habits.
  8. DAYS already aires in many foreign markets, and Corday wants to get DAYS back to some markets it used to be in (England, France, etc). I guess new markets such as Africa and Latin America can be tricky. Subtitling is cheaper than dubbing which some countries do.
  9. Hope, Jordan, Claire. How many more character wil be trashed just to prop Ben and Ciara?
  10. About the app, I saw this posted: Corday raised with Sony the possibility of creating different versions of the app for foreign territories in an effort to promote the show in existing foreign markets and to break into new markets such as Africa and Latin America. While Sony originally expressed openness to Corday developing an app for the Series, Sony repeatedly failed to respond to Corday's, NBC's, and third parties' inquiries regarding the app.
  11. Wasn't it said many times that Frank Valentini worked underbudget and that was the money that went to GH?
  12. Some more info in this article https://www.apnews.com/c862aa4e14404a139c10319b29719236
  13. So why bring him back again. Edit. Someone already asked the same, LOL.
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