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  1. He's been on constantly for two years. Time for a rest.
  2. I had no idea who Jackee Harry was before she joined DAYS so I have no reason to care or go gaga over her character. They seriouly have the baby christening at the park bench (or as they call it on the show "the private" part of the square) set. Sad. So tired of RSW's acting and his compressed screaming of lines.
  3. Are they still together? He was in her insta stories all the time and then just stopped. And they no longer follow each other.
  4. I think that random guy worked for Andre, who was calling Sami from time to time using a voice scrambler.
  5. I think DAYS and GH's current runtime of 36 minutes is pretty good. But B&B's 18 minutes is easier when catching up and binge watching.
  6. I hate stand-alone on soaps. What an awful promo! Did someone make this in Windos Movie Maker? Badass men? There is nothing badass about Ben or Evan. Their fathers actually are. Speaking of which, is Clyde breaking out also just an April Fool's prank? And what about Rex? Sounds like John says "Get your balls off my wife", LOL.
  7. Steve shot him dead when he and John found Orpheus' hideout where he was about to burn Marlena and Kayla alive in coffins. It was a very weird scene. John and Steve rushed into the room, and then we didn't see John again until five months later becasue Drake had his head injury.
  8. I really like this song with Roscoe
  9. I'm pretty sure he left when his four year contract was up.
  10. He had a contract role years later.
  11. Yes, that is correct. "Hope's Mystery" and "Who Is Gina" are from the the 1998 soundtrack. "Kiss of Death", "Discovery" and "Theme for a Princess" are from the 2010 soundtrack. "Racing Against Time" is from Brent Nelson's website. It first played in 1996 when John used virtual goggles to see Marlena and Stefano in Paris. But I included it here because like you said it played in that iconic scene of Hope laying in the snow and having flashbacks of both Hope and Gina. Then when she opens her eyes part of "Kiss of Death" played. The rest of the scores have been edited from different scenes by me and my friend StefPhoenix. I have another playlist with scores from other stories and characters. I update it from time to time with new uploads. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyEu8OzxhqW_gF4QWNH9GXD12Au_d-Lnx And my friend also has a playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLe46gLHYt5QV6QRh8eGOj7Im6HRxp3KcM
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