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  1. I think so too and that's why a time jump in the end will be pointless. Like the 5 year jump on Desperate Housewives, didn't really change much. It was a stunt for initial reactions. The things that were good with DH continued to be good, and the things that were bad continued to be bad. About the DAYS spoilers, if they are true. I think some of them sounds like fun and others BAD. But I will take a wait and see approach to some of these. Is this a desperate move by Ron and company, probably. But I think I prefer shake-ups instead of (I think it was around 2010-11) when Corday said they were deliberately playing things safe.
  2. LOL. He live-tweeted Bo's death episode a few years ago.
  3. The transitions are fun to read or rewatch. Even in more recent years when the show has been crap I find transition periods somewhat fascinating.
  4. At least on GH his peaks were really good. I feel like on DAYS he's never even reached that, it's decent at best. The only good time periods IMO have been September - November 2017 and October 2018. That's not much in almost two years.
  5. And back then they worked much longer hours. I remember Drake once said in an interview they could start working 7AM or something and be done 11PM. Go home and sleep for a few hours and then back to the studio, and they also worked on weekends when they shot big events. These days an actor can be done for the day by lunch, or they don't start until after lunch. Plus they have alot of weeks off when the studio is dark.
  6. So much THIS! Yep. Love him or hate him, but he gave the show a new successful era when it became apparent around 1991-92 that the Adventure/Supercouple formula from the 80s wasn't working anymore.
  7. Yeah that would have been a good time to reintroduce the Hortons. I think the show cared about Nathan around this time. It felt like they were invested in him. Didn't he get Tom or Bill's medical bag or something? His exit was abrupt, around the same time Stephanie and Philip were written off when SH and JKJ left. Though Stephanie didn't really get an exit. Her last scene was at the Brady Pub warning Dario (the new flashy guy!) to stay away from Melanie. The Nathan actor was fired and he whined and tried to drum up support for a return, and during the MarDar "reboot" in Fall 2011 (when John, Marlena, Austin, Carrie and Jack came back) he leaked a "rumor" that Nathan was coming back too, LOL! Anyway, I'm currently watching episodes from 1994 as I'm adding them to my playlist (link at the end of this post if anyone is interested). I haven't reached Tom's death and funeral yet but I like how JER had already given the Hortons more focus again. He brought back Laura, Bill and Mike all within a few months. This is the first time I'm watching full episodes from 1994 since I originally watched them back in 1998 and I thought Bill just returned for a couple of episodes during the Lucas reveal. It's been a pleasant surprise to have him around for a longer stay. I'm enjoying his presence in Salem and his interactions with Laura, Jennifer, Alice and Kate. So sad Christopher Stone died a year later at such an early age. 1994 playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgE6kU-2lps2mT7c3_EsOFjtEhz3EFMz8
  8. He played a thug that Dario hired to stalk Gabi in 2016. She played a nurse around that same time period.
  9. Thaao's return has been known for a while. It's Leann's return that is a suprise/news.
  10. SN doesn't strike me as the kind of actor that would return if he thought the material was bad, at least the initial story.
  11. Nice to see Valerie again, even if it's just for a short visit. Ted and Xander working together is interesting. I was never really a fan of BB on GH but so far I'm enjoying him as Stefan. It's been a nice suprise.
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