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  1. I don't know why but this made me LOL
  2. I think DAYS music is very hit and miss. After every good score there are like 10 crappy ones. I actually uploaded some new scores a couple of days ago. If anyone is interested, they're at the end of this playlist. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyEu8OzxhqW_gF4QWNH9GXD12Au_d-Lnx
  3. I think TPTB no longer cared about Vanessa Williams when they got T-Boz to play with that group. A shame, I would have liked to see Valerie do something on the show without being tied to boring old Abe.
  4. Renee Jones left the show when MarDar were head writers and the executive producers were Lisa de Cazotte and Greg Meng. During her last three years on the show she talked about how happy she was to not work much and having free time. Then during her exit interview it seemed like her passion for acting had died. I can't blame her. The last times she seemed excited about the show it went nowhere. They brought her back (after the first firing) along with all the other DiMeras. She said she had some of her best time on the show working with Joe Mascolo, Thaao Penghlis, William Utay and Steve Blackwood and was looking forward to working with them again. But during the summer of 2007 when the big Brady/DiMera Vendetta was being told, Lexie spent most of the time on the backburner until RJ was fired again, without an on-screen exit, her last episode was just as a background extra at Shawn and Belle's wedding. A couple of months later she was brought back again and the show was gonna reveal that Theo had autism. RJ and James Reynolds did alot of press to promote it along with Dena Higley. I never really cared about that because it didn't seem like Theo having autism was really a storyline, because what do you do with that? I was more excited about Lexie going up against Stefano when the mayor, who was on his payroll, was being challenged by Abe running for office. That was literally when Tomlin joined the show as EP and killed the story.
  5. So much this! And Alexis Thorpe seems willing. Make it happen Ron!
  6. Sindacco

    Days: Cast Photo Shoot: Fall 2018

    Is it just me or is Eric Martsolf starting to look like Don Diamont? They should not redeem Xander. He works great in the role of a recurring villain who come and go for shorter stints. They are already redeeming Ben. Lets not ruin every bad guy. Exactly. She will be seen again in 2019.
  7. No, Rex and Cassie found out they were Roman and Kate's children months earlier, when Dena Higley was head writer. Mimi and Sami also knew. Everyone else in Salem found out at Caroline's wake when Reilly wrote. He killed Cassie off because she was related to all the young male characters.
  8. Sindacco

    Elections and politics on Soaps

    I thought Abe was still the mayor.
  9. Sindacco

    DAYS behind the scenes, articles/photos

    I remember that site. Australia was only a few months ahead of Sweden so I used that site for spoilers. Seeing all those nicknames again is making me LOL! Scami Billieboob Bozo Hopeless FrUnco Ausdumb Amiable Abe Loony Laura Sexy Lexie The Stef Woeman BlandEric
  10. Sindacco

    DAYS behind the scenes, articles/photos

    Some of us have talked about this before but one of the things that made the outrageous stuff work was how the actors and writers played it seriously. But one scene during the Possession always cracks me up. John and Kristen go into Marlena's bedroom. I think this is right after MarDevil has attacked Mike and Caroline. MarDevil is in the air and pushing wind into the room and John flies back against the wall, Drake has this serious look on his face, all while his hair is living a life on it's own, LOL.
  11. Sindacco

    DAYS behind the scenes, articles/photos

    I never understood how so many could find him sexy with that mullet. Most guys got rid of it when the 80s ended, but Hogestyn carried it for another whole decade! It was at it's wildest during the possession time period. Sony and Entura have been going after DAYS clips for the last three years. Before summer 2015, DAYS clips were usually left alone unless a scene had some particular song that got hit with copyright infringement reported by record labels. Those of us that upload now usually make the clips unlisted so they can't be found by searching on Youtube but only through links. Some don't even use any names related to the show in title for the clips, not even character names.
  12. Sindacco

    Days of Our Lives News: A New EJ DiMera?

    It's funny you should say that because back in 2007 Paul Telfer was temporarily cast as EJ for an episode when James Scott was sick but JS managed to show up for work.
  13. Sindacco

    Days:October 2018 Discussion Thread 🍂 🎃

    A brother named Titus that had never been mentioned pre-2015. A year later they created yet another brother in Deimos. Sigh this show.
  14. Sindacco

    Days: RIP Peggy McCay

    I remember Caroline's reaction to Victor marrying Maggie as very over the top. Maybe it wasn't just acting.