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  1. DOOL: Sonny Will & Leo

    Like Rex and Mimi with Rolf, LOL.
  2. Natalia Livingston Sarah Brown Jen Lilley Chrishell Stause Melissa Archer Marie Wilson ...and probably more.
  3. She was one of my favorites on B&B in recent years, glad to see her on DAYS since Bell didn't care to write for her. I really think she would have been a good Stephanie Johnson recast. Sarah Horton feels like a miscast, kinda funny how fans have wanted every new actress in the last decade to play Sarah.
  4. Days- Popular Character Recast!

  5. Unpopular Opinions

    For many years on DAYS it seemed to be the opposite. The women seemed to have the power, or at least the main attention from TPTB. Corday loves Alfonso, Reeves (despite the contract breach in 1995) and Sweeney. Hell, even in recent years many of the female vets remained on the show while the men were fired or low-balled out. Kristian Alfonso/Peter Reckell Deidre Hall/Drake Hogestyn. Although in the late 90s and early 00s it seemed like TPTB were more interested in writing for John than Marlena. Mary Beth Evans/Stephen Nichols (same thing is about to happen again) Melissa Reeves/Matthew Ashford
  6. Days Actor returns - again!!

    I'm so over him and a couple of others who always come and go.
  7. Ari and Kyle are also working together on "Ladies of the Lake".
  8. Thaao is another one she didn't get along with in the 80s. TP even mentioned it a couple of weeks ago during the Emmys, because they're friends now. But back then SSH called him a diva and he called her a c***t, LOL!
  9. This pic always cracks me up, it was taken just a few months before the "incident" at the studio.
  10. Yeah, that's the one! I couldn't remember the name of that show.
  11. To go from Eric Winter to Kyle Lowder... KL got even cheesier during his years on B&B. For some time there Bradley Bell went full camp whenever Rick and Ridge had scenes. Ronn Moss starting and ending every sentence with a loud "Rick!" always made me LOL. Too bad the original clips are no longer on Youtube. I guess the Polish ones will have to do. KKL's face has really changed the last couple of years.
  12. Days: May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, the Titan office sets look nothing like that. Sonny's office had parts of the DiMera offices which used to be Basic Black offices. As for Xander, I think it's good that TPTB bring him back short-term from time to time. That's better than having him stay in town long-term which usually weakens the villains and/or make their victims look stupid. I'm not a big fan of Paul Telfer's acting but he has some charisma that makes up for it. I don't understand why some fans have created this cult of personality for RC. It's stupid with any head writers but especially him. We have already seen RSW play Ben as a good guy his first year on the show, he was DULL! There's a reason why they made him the Necktie Killer.
  13. Days: May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, but some viewers seem to have a bigger problem with age difference when then older one is a female.
  14. Agreed. I've heard that MBE has been SN's "peacemaker" on the DAYS and GH sets over the years. SH played the prison warden for three episodes but then got another acting job and asked DAYS to work around her schedule. DAYS, with their budget and all, didn't change their plans for a short-term character so they replaced her.