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  1. I think there have already been more than five versions of the opening based on what I'm seeing. We have not repeated the first version premiered yet.
  2. I tried to capture all the characters that have debuted so far... I think I am only missing Bryton and Mishal because those videos expired on CBS:
  3. Kudos on some of the new shots today - though it again lends itself to reason that these versions are not set in stone. They are a pretty random sampling of folks and we still barely have the contract cast covered. Jess and Kate are both recurring right? It's awesome they are included - recurring means something different now in soaps. Recurring is an accounting issue, not an indicator of commitment to a cast. Are the following people really recurring? When did this happen? - Robert Adamson (it looks like he actually has a story now) - Sean Carrigan (really?) - Hunter King - I thought she was their leading younger star!
  4. So it looks like the 3rd version only had one addition: - Sharon: She was very well styled and I loved all the movement in her shot - she obviously is well versed on how to shoot your opening credits shot. I do wish Sharon Case would let the hair people try something different with her hair. She looked great with a little bang action. I liked that Neil opened this version too - he is a tent pole family lead which always seems to dictate who opens or closes a version of the opening credit. Based on the random assortment of people in this version - do you think they are basically editing these daily for whomever is in the day's episode? It just seems like a random grouping of characters this time around (the Winters, younger Newmans). I think this also shows that we're not going to get much in terms of the heavily recurring cast which is so disappointing - especially where the likes of Jess Walton and Tracey Bregman are involved.
  5. I spotted yesterday's version and had the following thoughts on the shots: - Jack: The best he has ever looked - very regal and shoes that Mr. Bergman is still in fine shape after decades on the air - Phyllis: She never really "hit" a mark in her pose - she kept on shifting and moving - Billy: Mr. Thompson knows how to pose - but terrible stylist with the bow tie and the vest, I would have said either or. The vest is a very Mr. Thompson look. - Victoria: The best Amelia has ever looked, even her hair! The dress really moves and looks great on camera. - Nick: The white jacket seems out of character - I would have gone more casual for this Newman - Chelsea: I am not sure why they zoomed out so much for her - she looked really small compared to her peers - Kevin: The lighting is not doing Rickaart any favours - he has such strong bone structure in the face that looked washed out - Chloe: Elizabeth looked young and fun - great shot - Michael: Again, the lighting did the man no favors. Good pose though. I see now what people are saying about the lighting being very harsh. I hope that is fixed in future edits. It looks like someone lit the set not knowing it was going to be shot in HD. This version has me concerned that we won't get recurring players in this iteration. This is the natural version for Lauren, Traci, Jill, Gloria to be in but they are all missing. Any forecasts on the remaining versions. I am guess that we'll get two more: - Version 1: Yes this opened with Victor - but it was more a Winters set with Neil's whole clan - Version 2: This was a Abbot/Fisher crowd - Version 3: I am guess that Paul Williams will open this one; this may be a bit of a grab-bag version with Cricket at a minimum - Version 4: I think we'll get another Newman version with Sharon and some of the younger set like Abby, Summer, Mariah
  6. Any updates on additional versions? Does anyone post videos of Y&R openings on YouTube? I love how the Y&R openings in the 'ole days (up until the black and white version) would include the consistently recurring cast members in the opening. This has become more important as many actors are recurring on the soaps - and still driving stories or are veteran performers. I mean on Y&R you have Jess Walton, Judith Chapman, Tracey Bregman, Kate Linder, Tristan Rogers, and Beth Maitland to name a few. I hope that these guys are featured - especially since it looks like they shot the opening on the day of the cast photo where many of these players were in attendance.
  7. Is that kassie depaiva been held hostage at the wedding scene?
  8. http://www.realitytea.com/2014/10/02/video-real-housewives-of-beverly-hills-film-amsterdam-lisa-rinna-brandi-glanville-feuding/ Is that Brad Bell and Heather Tom making cameos on RHOBH? Could they be shooting an episode of B&B in Amsterdam?
  9. One more just for fun, for this actual 2000-2001 Crystal Ball Photo... Row 4 (L to R): J. Eddie Peck as the very handsome and beadable Dr. Joseph "call me Jake" Martin; Cameron Mathison as the not yet the plague of Pine Valley John Ryan Aloysius Curry Lavery; the underrated and frankly stunning Esta TerBlanche as spoiled princess with no castle Gillian Eugenia Maria Andrassy Lavery; Walt Willey as playing a day player with no romantic interest or storyline at the time Jackson Montgomery; Marj Dusay in the deliciously malicious role of Vanessa Bennett Cortlandt; John Callahan as former heart-throb Edmund Gresham Grey (seriously, Eva should have told the once speciman of a man had to do was hit the gym from time to time); and Josh Duhamel in his all-to-short of a run as conman in leather Leo duPres Row 3 (L to R): Abigail Spencer in the unmemorable role of Pigeon Hallow's Becca Tyree, Vincent Irizararry as the charming and oh-so-bad Dr. David Hawyard, Jill Larson as the always enjoyable Opal Cortlandt, Marcy Walker as the wasted potential at every turn Liza Colby, Michael Nader as high-as-a-kite in this photo Dimitiri Marick, the Count Andrassy; Finola Hughes as counting the days until I get written out Dr. Alexandra Devane Marick, Rebecca Budig as claws-in Greenlee Smythe soon to be duPres, and Sara Hugh as Tina "what's her face" Harding Row 2 (L to R): Cady McClain as poodle-haired Dixie Cooney Martin, Michael E. Knight as still the man of every woman's dream Thaddeus James Gardner Martin, David Canary as the always perfect Adam Chandler, Kelly Ripa as feisty and always drunk Hayley Vaughan Santos, and Mark Consuelos as happy to no longer be an exotic dancer Mateo Santos. Row 1 (L to R): Now legal eagle Zachary Kady (I saw him at the Georgetown Law Center all the time) as one-time cutie James "Jamie" Edward Martin, Julia Barr as the thank goodness she returned Brooke English, James Mitchell as the always handsome Palmer Cortlandt, Ruth Warrick in an all too rare 2000's appearence as Phoebe English Wallingford, the exquisite Susan Lucci as the even more perfect Erica Kane, Eileen Herlie as town sage Myrtle Lum Fargate, Ray MacDonnell as the only man who still makes house calls Dr. Joseph "Joe" Martin, Sr.; and Eden Riegel as the Bianca Christine Montgomery, Pine Valley's every woman
  10. I know that I rarely post nowadays, but I was feeling nostalgic today. I saw teh question above about naming the actors in a version of this group photo. I figured that I would weigh in for old-times sake. Row 1 (L to R): Richard Van Vleet as the dreamy but oh-so-boring Dr. Charles "Chuck" Tyler, III; Nicholas Benedict as the rough-around-the-edges version of town hero Phillip "Phil" Brent; the incomporable and much missed Ruth Warrick as then Phoebe English Tyler (now wearing the wig look she would sport going forward); Peter White as the best brother in the world Lincoln "Linc" Tyler; and Dan Hamilton as the smarmy Hal Short (aka Hal Shea, Kitty's vagabond of a first husband. Row 2 (L to R): Glorified day-player Pat Dixon as Caroline Grant, RN; Stephanie Braxton (now also known as Mrs. Dan Hamilton) as one of the better portrayed Tara Martin Brent; Paul Gleason as Dr. David Thornton (the only man who dared be an asshold to Ms. Warrick, in real-life and not just reel-life), the beautiful Fra Heflin as murderess Mona Kane; and John Danelle as karate master turned MD, Dr. Frank Grant. Row 3 (L to R): Bill Mooney as the dreamy legal eagle Paul Martin; Eileen Letchworth as the memorable and maligned Margo Flax (then Martin); Llarry Keith as oh-so-scrappy Nicky Davis, Ray MacDonnell as handsome Pine Valley pillar Dr. Joseph "Joe" Martin, sr.; Kay Campbell out of retirement as the 3rd Kate Martin; and Paulette Breen as drug-addict Claudette Flax Montgomery. Row 4 (L to R): Judith Barcroft as daytime's last debutante Anne Tyler; Mary Fickett as my favourite Ruth Brent Martin, RN; Francesca James as dancer from the wrong side of the tracks Kitty Shea Tyler; and.... I can never tell who this is, probably somone is forgettable day player role. It's actually kind of sad how after all these years later, I could still name these actors and characters sans reference.
  11. Charlton wanted to pick a fight with Kyle, and she walked right into her trap. Had Kyle said nothing about her religion or anti-semitism, it would have been Charlton who left egg on her face. Instead, Kyle looked equally foolish. That's why we need Faye. Fays is calculating and cunning, and would not hav made such a sloppy mistake when on the attack.
  12. OC: I am always team Brianna, but wow, this husband is bad news. It breaks my hear that they already have a baby too. Poor girl ended up with the short-end of the stick. In one moment, Brianna lost all credibility as the "voice-of-the-audiance" when she defended her douch bag husband. For so long, she was the voice of reason. But now it is clear, that she still has a lot of growing-up to do. Where were all the former Housewives? The party used to be our opportunity to see glimpses of the old ladies. I mean, don't we want to know if Quinn has more plastic wigs in her closet? Has the plastic surgery on Tammy's face settled yet? Or better yet, what does Lynn look like today? Wouldn't it be great to get a Jo/Slade moment? Of course Jeana and Lauri's absence are especially glaring. Jeana not making a single appearance this year... I really hope that changes. I have to say, I actually like Alexis this year. I was able to sympathize with her. She put down her mean-girl heirs and just seemed like a cool girl to be around. I think that fact that Lydia is her a friend is a indicative of what she must be like in real life. I can not see Lydia putting up with overt snobbery and bitchiness in the her 9-5 life. Heather... where do I start. Get off your high hoarse girl. You're from Syracuse for pete's sake!
  13. No Lauri at the finale party? Does not looks like Jeanna is coming either. I miss when the finale party was something of a reunion for all the former cast wives to come together. Even if we only got a few seconds with them, it was good to see that the women were alive and kicking (or in Quinn's case, realise that she is still a hot mess with a fake blonde plastic wig).
  14. With a 3 hour Reunion Show, I wonder if the OC Housewives are locked-in for another season with the existing cast. I have to admit, I have sort of grown sympathetic to Alexis now that I realise that she was being used as Gretchen's pawn the whole time. Gretchen really is the only one on an island to herself. No matter how hard she tries to fit-in with the cool kids, she eventually puts her own foot in her mouth. Dream OC cast: Vicki, Tamra, Jeanna, Lauri, Heather, Gretchen Liklihood of this happening: Zilch. Onto the NYC Housewives, there is all this gossip going around about changing alliances. I wonder if this means that the Ramona/ Sonya unbreakable bound has met its end. Looking at all the photos online from shooting, it does not look like Sonya and Ramona are attending any events together. Sonya has been seen with LuAnn and Aviva. I think that Aviva read Ramona correctly last year when she said that she is a bully and keeps Sonya around to look better in comparison. She does not help Sonya, especially when she is down on her luck, rather exaserbating her bad habbits and fueling her dellusions.
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