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  1. Has it been mentioned that the set being used as Luke and Bobbie's childhood home, is also the old Eckert family set? When the Eckerts lived in it, it was all done up in natural wood tones. At the bottom steps was a small book shelf that fit that triangle space. A big dining room was off to the left. Those boring Eckerts always had there dinners in there. What makes that set distinctive to me has always been that top of that oddly cut basement/closet door. The basement door that leads to Luke was actually a small closet then. Jenny hid Mac there for a quick moment after he broke out of jail and she had to stash him in it so her parents wouldn't find him. That set was also where Faison kidnapped the recasted Anna...played by Camilla something. Anna went to that house under the impression she was going to talk to parents of a kid that was bullying Robin Fasion knocked her out and drug her away out of that house. And possibly it was used for Carly too. So. Every time I hear someone on the show say it's Bill Eckerts house, I'm like....well yeah..duh. It was. LoL
  2. I was bored with this years Tony's. sad

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    2. Greg


      I mean this from the bottom of my heart...I don't give a [[email protected]#$%^&*] what you want!!!!!!!!!!!!! [[email protected]#$%^&*] your RATINGS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Soapsuds
    4. beebs


      Thank you. Seriously.

  3. GH: Jack Wagner returns

    Wonderful! I was really hoping he would return. I truly can't wait until Frisco returns. I'm really sick of all the deadbeat father talk though. Screw Maxie. He doesn't owe her jack! Frisco has basically been saving the world for the last 20 years working for the W.S.B. I'm sure he has saved endless lives and brought an end to countless bad guys. What's more important? "Being there" for one person (two if you count Georgie) Or being there for the world? Yeah, Frisco should have been around after Georgie was murdered, but other than Maxie's heart issues, what real needs did maxie have? I'm more excited about the Felicia and Frisco reunion than I am for Maxie.
  4. Heart and Soul of Soaps

    I think the heart and soul was some of the greats that we lost through the years like GH's Steve Hardy and Lila Quartermaine AMC's Mona Tyler, Grandma Kate, Aunt Phoebe OLTL's Asa DAYS's Alice and Tom ATWT's Nancy
  5. So...returning from the dead gives you your old face back AND makes you fat?! Just like what happened to Duke a month ago. I'd rather stay dead. LoL
  6. DAYS: Character Recast

    Agree! I feel the same way about the actor that plays Nick too. That guy is beyond fugly. I'm so sick of Days hiring these people. If I wanted to watch ugly people for an hour, I'd watch Jerry Springer. LoL
  7. The Office: Discussion Thread

    Did anybody catch the show last night? Dwight was admitted to the hospital and the show used an exterior shot of the real building that is used as the hospital for General Hospital. I recognized it right away.
  8. The Walking Dead: Discussion Thread

    I don't get what's the big deal there...hehehe It's not like Jon is taking his junk out and slapping it in their faces. Guys with...um...more growth than others need more room to breathe down there. LoL
  9. The Walking Dead: Discussion Thread

    I'm just getting to the party. Last week I watched all of season 1's episodes on Netfix 3 times each before the marathon on AMC. Then watched that marathon of season 2 up to the newest one. It was awesome watching it all for the first time so quickly and together. I had heard about the show, but never really paid attention to it. It is now by far my favorite ''new'' show!
  10. Is it just me or is SC one of the WORST soap boards ever? My goodness. There is some really horrible people over there. Ick!

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    2. JaneAusten


      I don't get how SOC is any worse than places like DC, SZ, or DD. To me they all have their faves they center around and pander to barring SON.

    3. Golden Duck

      Golden Duck

      I'm so sick of seeing the poster called Satan. I don't care who it is doing it. I find it disturbing.

      That's the least of what bothers me about the place though.

    4. Golden Duck

      Golden Duck

      Lemme put down my other cons:

      Horrible Mods. I have said they were like Nazis before and I'll say it again.

      Too many spammers posting incorrect spoilers.

      Too much poster bashing that never gets called out.

      Yet people get their posts deleted when they say nothing wrong.

      and much, much more.

  11. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Ummm....that's a dog she's holding. LMAO
  12. This is my first free tv viewing at 2pm in over 30 years! I hate it already!

  13. Last Monday in Llanview...not happy!

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      The good thing is that even if we don't see the soaps on our TV anymore, they still continue on, and on, in our mind.

    3. Golden Duck
  14. Revenge: Discussion Thread

    Ashton Holmes has been just amazing as Tyler. The crazier and more unhinged he becomes, the more I like him...LoL Wondering....Is there any clips around of when he was on OLTL?
  15. I'm feeling the season..can't wait 4 New Years!