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  1. I wish we were supposed to be rooting for Theo but he'll probably be made out to be the bad guy who's being unfair to poor little Ben
  2. The Ben/Ciara stuff is physically painful. Are their "fans" actually enjoying this? How can any of this very pathetic fanservice be considered remotely good by anyone's standards?
  3. I actually think that helps to make her more of a realistic and complex character - she made it clear that her plan has always been to get revenge on him and his family but at the same time she couldn't hide her hurt and anger when Jack asked if she wanted money. It would be a shame if she was completely unsympathetic all the time. I'm so glad they decided to make Gwen part of Jack's pre-Salem history and not another terrible retcon
  4. Hate Ben and Ciara and the prospect of more of them in the future. Good to see them doing the same version of every story they've ever had (Ciara is in danger and Ben saves her) except this time she's dead. Love Abby and Anna
  5. Obviously Ben got to be part of the Horton Christmas tree hanging at the expense of actual Hortons like Abby and Lucas. It's already pretty ridiculous that he's there with Jennifer but having Abby and Lucas there also acting like Ben is a regular staple of the family probably would have tipped the scales
  6. Not to out myself as someone that was fine with Jonathan and Tammy on GL but they should totally do something similar with Claire and Charlie if it turns out that he is Tyler. They don't have to play out the exact same story but it would make for good drama. Just a shame ORK isn't still in the role
  7. I've been waiting for them to do a Tyler Kiriakis story for so long - I hope that's where this is going
  8. People are free to believe what they want but that shouldn't mean freedom from accountability. Her beliefs are harmful and she should suffer consequences so that she and others know they are unacceptable. I love the character of Jennifer and her place in the Horton family (or what remains of it); her relationship with Jack and their kids but I would be completely fine with a recast.
  9. I think things like just allowing Lucas and Jennifer to have scenes now that he's back would go a long way to making it seem like there is actually a 'Horton family'. And considering Bill died not so long ago and his funeral was offscreen it's not like they'd have nothing to talk about. I've always loved Jennifer/Lucas scenes and it was annoying that they'd only speak when one of them was in the thrall of addiction (when BD was on the show regularly a few years back.) I agree that they should bring Jeremy back. If only to make sure there'll still be some last-name Hortons around if the show lasts that long. Mike'd be nice too but otherwise Jennifer/Jack could act as his family seeing as their kids aren't around. I know it doesn't seem as traditionally fitting as maybe Maggie/Someone who isn't Victor but I can't imagine anyone who isn't Jennifer being in the Horton House (when we see it once a year) at this point And I'm really liking all of the Allie stuff - her goading Eric about his priestly ways, Lucas flying off the handle, all the fond and not so fond reminiscing of Sami, etc
  10. Yeah it's been nice having Lucas back - I've enjoyed his scenes with Kate both days and then him and Will today talking about approaching Allie like a military operation. I'm curious if the father is going to be someone we know or just a random.
  11. Yeah, that was the thing - she was used to that kind of lifestyle. Her and Philip were of the same class (in so much as Days had some small sense of class structure back then) while Shawn was not because his parents just had regular service jobs. But like I said, this was always something Days would briefly reference and attempted to focus on when she was cheating on Shawn but not with any due diligence.
  12. I think I see more of a similarity to Shawn/Caroline/Victor too - one of the things they tried to do with Shawn/Belle/Philip, without much success because the show didn't have any nuance, was have social class be a component. Belle spent her marriage to Philip pining for Shawn and then once they were together the difference between being with someone 'blue collar' and someone who had private jets on demand became more stark. I can't remember if they ever resolved or addressed that tension properly. And now there isn't really any point because I'm pretty sure everyone on Days has access to a private jet
  13. I think Shawn and Belle are both pretty uninteresting characters on their own but they were "uninteresting" in the way Bo and Hope are and I think they were supposed to be written in that vein - or at least that was the case when they were younger and played by Jason and Kristen. I don't think they would have been written off back in 2007 or whenever if the original actors had still been in the roles despite how underdeveloped the characters are. Aging them so quickly and then aging their kid (though I do also love Claire) have definitely been big problems I think Philip is the most viable character from that group because they bothered with things like flaws and motivation when it came to him. With Shawn and Belle, the writers pretended they had perfect childhoods and perfect parents and obviously stuff like that is detrimental when it comes to creating interesting characters long-term
  14. Nah, I'd be annoyed at them rewriting one of the better stories the show has done in the past decade all in service of a boring couple and a character who hasn't been one iota as interesting since.
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