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  1. I mean, Sami's been a grandma since 2013 so I don't think aging her other kids is a big deal
  2. I really liked the Will/Marlena/Eric/Nicole scenes today. I would take much more of those over John and Marlena taking turns being kidnapped back and forth
  3. I actually like that they keep this as a consistent trait for her. There are multiple instances of her thinking the people she cares about are better off without her; that leaving is better than the "burden" of her staying. I like when they attempt to maintain character stuff like that as opposed to later in the episode when Jennifer said that Abby was someone who hated to hurt other's feelings. Which, I guess maybe? But its such a generic non-specifc thing and I think Days ends up with a lot of bland non-characters that way I hate that not only are characters not allowed to have reservations about Ben but people like Julie actively talk about how wonderful he is? They really sucked all the angst and conflict out of that pairing in like two minutes
  4. The lack of a 'Brady family' presence is pretty sad. Really there's just JT's Roman, Kayla and Eric. And I don't think Ciara spends any particular time with them. It's just annoying to have to suddenly accept that Ciara has always been close with Victor & co when it was never the case historically and the only reason for their sudden closeness is because it was a plot point in a story about Ben. And it's not like Ciara is family-less without the Bradys; there's a whole bunch of Hortons she doesn't interact with either. But tbh, it's all symptomatic of a larger problem with the character bc almost everything she does irritates me. I can't at her response to Abby hallucinating about Ben terrorizing her being "but he's changed!"
  5. Exactly. In the past Bo and Shawn were only tangentially involved if ever something happened to Victor (and vice versa) but now Ciara is keeping vigil by his bedside, calling him "grandpa", calling Sonny "cuz" and acting like a mainstay Kiriakis. Ew
  6. Ciara referring to Victor as "grandpa" is so annoying. My recent viewing is sporadic at best and maybe they have the kind of relationship that justifies Sonny calling her about the stabbing over Justin (and Brady too but at least he mentioned that he had tried calling earlier.) Also her going "what will this family do without you?" What family? The Kirakises? Bo and Shawn D never conceived themselves as being "Kiriakis" so it's so weird to me that she does
  7. I hate, hate, hate the "business" storylines on this show that basically amount to back and forth-ing over who gets to be CEO of their living room set every three months. It's nonsensical and boring to keep at it with the budget they have. This DiMera Empire stuff is so dull and Chad and Abby's conversation at the beginning of the episode (which I enjoyed bc it was natural conflict and characters being allowed to react to other stories) proves that people-level drama is much more satisfying on a show like this. So glad they're back to the baby switch story after almost 2 straight weeks of Steve/Kayla/Justin. Why either of them even want to be with her when she looks like she's perpetually in the worst mood ever is beyond me tbh. I don't mind this as a story a late middle-aged triangle shouldn't be an A story where everyone acts like they're in their 20s. I liked Hope/Steve yesterday a lot though. They've always had great chemistry
  8. RSW was good during the necktie killer SL and then when he came back to drive Abby insane. Everything else before and after has varied from meh to bad. It's annoying that they had the momentum from the baby switch but they've dropped it for two episodes now without a mention (actually they might have mentioned it today but I got bored so I only watched part of it.)
  9. I think the last time they were onscreen together was in 2006? But that was very briefly. Obviously they have a whole load of material from their original stints on the show. I love them together and their scenes today were great. I still enjoyed today's episode and I don't mind Will and Sonny in small doses. Though did anyone catch Chandler's weird grin in the background at the end of the episode? Everyone is shocked bc Sarah has fled the country and he's busy looking excited lol Also don't buy PT as a woebegone romantic hero - the scene with him and Eric was too short. I hope we get to see a confrontation between him and Kristen (even though she has no room to talk) and that she's not completely distracted by the Sarah stuff
  10. I've actually enjoyed the fallout of the switch so far. Definitely better than another repeat of the awful mess and non-event that was the reveal during the Gaby/Eli. The few people who would bother to show up to a Xander wedding at the Kiriakis mansion wouldn't have added much. I like the way everything is happening quickly but at the same time all the individual character interactions are getting their own moments. I like how solid Eric and Nicole's relationship has been through this and the Brady/Eric/Nicole scenes yesterday were good. The sympathetic Kristen angle is ridiculous though and also, what happened to Brady's son? Is he somewhere else now because Brady genuinely acts like he doesn't exist Also glad for Jack/Steve scenes even though SN's reaction to Adrienne dying was very.... Not Good.
  11. Definitely. I wish they had left him as a villain because he was actually a good one! This obsession with romanticizing villainous characters and giving them 'redemption arcs' that are contrived, unsatisfying and insubstantial is one of my ultimate pet peeves. Every thing Ben says sounds ridiculous and hypocritical because, y'know, he serial murdered a bunch of people. I need VK to leave and get some two-bit CW part so they can stop catering to that fanbase
  12. Yeah, their scenes were tonally different and also had nothing to do with what was going on with the rest of the show? Their very vocal fanbase is.... A Lot. Sidenote but I love Kate Mansi and really wish she was staying on the show
  13. I really wish they'd stop shoehorning Ben and Ciara into episodes they don't need to be in
  14. Really enjoyed the Deveraux family dinner today. The scene with all of them reminiscing about a theatre trip to a dinky theatre in Islington was great and I loved that it ended with jack and Jennifer quoting Shakespeare to each other Sarah and LG’s portrayal continue to be hugely annoying
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