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  1. Really enjoyed the Deveraux family dinner today. The scene with all of them reminiscing about a theatre trip to a dinky theatre in Islington was great and I loved that it ended with jack and Jennifer quoting Shakespeare to each other Sarah and LG’s portrayal continue to be hugely annoying
  2. The scene with Ben basically going 'I know I murdered multiple people but how dare you think I'm capable of rape' was completely ridiculous. I'm not sure if we're supposed to think of him as a romantic lead trying to turn a corner or someone still certifiably crazy (what I'm leaning towards)
  3. I'm not particularly fussed about the nonplussed reactions of some characters to Jack being alive. Will just recently came back from the dead and Jack himself has made about 3+ reappearances so I think everyone being in total shock and awe would have looked even more ridiculous. That and I enjoyed Jennifer and JJ's reaction on NYE and then the scene where Abigail goes to see him Eve is ridiculous and her vendetta against Jennifer is completely nonsensical but I'm entertained by it Chandler Massey and Billy Flynn have been awful on the show all by themselves but then putting them in a scene together? Wow.
  4. The Julie content was so good today - her reaction to getting caught by JJ and her hatred for Gabi, scheming with Abigail, sneaking into the Kiriakis mansion and having to lie to Maggie
  5. lol I loved today's episode. There has been so much blah recently with Summer and Ava and Chase and Hope and Philip and allllll that nonsense but I honestly thought today was great considering the constraints the show is under. I liked the way all three relationships featured: Chad/Abby, Abby/JJ and even Chad/JJ (I liked Jennifer's phonecall too)
  6. I liked the Belle/Marlena scene and thought Belle had some reasonable dialogue till she started whining about Shawn always judging her. What? Literally all Shawn has done since he came back is 1) Apologize to her despite the fact SHE cheated on HIM 2) Talk to her about her parenting in regards to Claire and considering thats his daughter too - its not unreasonable that he has some input. And then she started complaining about how no one will let poor Belle be 'wild and free and reckless.' Ugh shut up woman
  7. She's definitely less grandma-y than her last run. I think there's a lot of improvement on that front. But god she's 1000 x more annoying
  8. So sick of Hope and Rafe and their storyline. Can the both leave on an extended break pls. Enjoyed VI as Deimos/Damien/whatever. I hope Claire goes and stays with Shawn when he comes back because Belle has been one awful parent since she returned
  9. I loved the Steve/Abby/Thomas/Chad scene - as soon as it happened I knew it was only for Ava plot-related purposes but it didn't feel too heavy handed as it was happening which was nice. I've just waited for so long for the show to let Steve interact with the Johnson side of his family. I'd like for the show to make good on Steve's promise to fill in for Jack but I know its highly unlikely
  10. Belle is coming off SO unsympathetic. Am I supposed to feel sorry for her when a: her husband is divorcing her because SHE cheated and b: she'd rather make googly eyes at Philip and Chad while not caring at all about what her kid is going through on THE DAY she finds out her parents are getting a divorce. I've never liked MM and the only improvement I see now is her hair (though the way its been styled for NYE is particularly awful). Belle doesn't have any chemistry with Philip or Chad
  11. I enjoyed the Horton-y aspects of today's show (minus that lingering 1 hour-long closeup of Melanie's ornament eugh) and could have done without Kate/Eduardo and Chad/Belle. Why is Belle involved in like, every storyline going right now? Too much too fast. I'm so annoyed at the show's pacing - in general but particularly for the Chad/Abby stuff which had a lot of potential in the aftermath of the cabin stuff. And while I really enjoyed the scenes they had at the time - the 'Once Upon A TIme' one in particular - idg why they needed to rush them into this brainwashing/Dimera/Belle crap? So unnecessary
  12. lmao - dying at that "brainwashing" sequence. What in the world????
  13. Ya, the show was trying to make it seem like they had this two-way dysfunctional, angsty relationship when she was the one actively pining for someone else, kissing someone else on multiple occasions, professing her love for someone else on multiple occasions, almost leaving him on multiple occasions. I can't even remember what secrets he "kept from her"
  14. - I continue to think Chad/Abby is the best part of the show - loved their scenes again today - MM really does exaggeratedly roll her eyes way too often - Whut @ JJ referring to Chad as some rich sleaze when Chad was busy rescuing his sister and her baby like 5 minutes ago - Another ridiculously long day in Salem finally draws to a close (or starts again at the end of the episode, idk)
  15. ^^ The pacing is ridiculous. There is absolutely no reason why this "day" hasn't ended yet. Why did Steve/Kayla HAVE to sleep together the same day they buried Bo? Why did Abby HAVE to get the baby's stuff from Ben's apartment the same day she was rescued/the baby was returned? Why does all this Claudia/Malcolm stuff have to happen on the same day????
  16. - LOVED the Chad/Abby scenes today. Good dialogue and KM/BF have such great chemistry. Even though I think its ridiculous that its the same day the cabin was set on fire/the baby was returned - does Abby not need like, any hospital rest at all?? - Did I hallucinate or did Tamara Braun spend the entire show in front of a mirror - So. Much. Rafe. And. Hope. I'm glad Ciara was kidnapped because (even though it means MORE Rafe/Hope) she needs to stop - I don't care about Steve and Kayla
  17. JPL looks ancient so now it seems like Philip is older than Brady. He was also OTT sleazy in yesterday's episode which was weird
  18. ^^ I don't think Abby has to be a "mini version" of her parents, if that's what you're referring to. But considering Jack and Jennifer's shared regard for their profession and how listless Abby is in terms of a career - it just makes a lot of sense to me. I've never cared about Shawn-D being a cop or Belle being a shrink or whatever
  19. I wish they would've made her follow in Jack & Jennifer's footsteps and worked at The Spectator as reporter. Her, Will, Nicole, Eric, and Jennifer could've provided plenty of drama as reporters at a newspaper. Yeah, it really annoyed me that they never went down this route with Abby. Jennifer was her most engaging when she was a reporter working at The Spectator - it really grounded the character and gave her nosy, pushy side a reasonable and justified outlet. She was so passionate about it as well and I'm always disappointed that she's now very much over it. It would have been the perfect career path for Abby considering it was what BOTH her parents did and they haven't really given her a defined profession. I never saw Will as a writer so it was weird that it was kind of transposed on to him instead
  20. - The Sami/Belle/Dimera stuff is awful and also nonsensical? Sami was somehow able to steal the entirety of the Dimera fortune and is now on the run so she secretly gave most of the money to Belle just 'cause? Its so poorly drawn and I hate having to listen to everyone go on and on about Sami when she isn't even on the show anymore. - I don't care about John's 656th search for his past. If they're doing this story, they need to get over the 'reveal' and make it more about the repercussions of whatever the reveal turns out to be (anticlimactic surely but just get it out of the way already) - Hope has been on WAY too much. Rafe too but I'm really on a Hope-overload. It was fine with the 50th/Bope stuff but there was so much of her in the lead up to the wedding and there's been so much of her since. Its like she's been on for 3 months straight and she gets lengthy airtime in every episode. It doesn't help that the story is falling flat too. I didn't expect them to have Rafe blurt out his feelings so quickly though - Chabby - definitely my bright spot on the show even though the conclusion to this Chad/Abby/Ben drama feels so sidelined. I would have liked to see Jennifer reacting to everything, seeing the baby for the first time, etc. I did love when she hugged Chad though. The scene with Chad, Abby and the baby (approve of the name choice) at the end was great too. Please give me some payoff and and not this Chad/Belle nonsense!!!
  21. - I loved the end of today's episode with Chad and JJ (magically lol) showing up at the hospital to give Abby the baby and then the scene seguing into Ben in prison. I got the nice fuzzy feelings and then chills. - Why did Rafe have to be the one to counsel Chase???? Go home, Rafe. I like the Ciara/Chase stuff but it doesn't play anywhere close to how it should because the actress is STILL SO BAD AUGH - I'm bored of Revenge!Hope
  22. LMAO - what. Also now Philip looks older than the already-too-old Brady. Mess
  23. I love the idea of Doug and Julie having a B&B. Wasn't someone here recently suggesting that she should run some kind of in-house?
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