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  1. As I wrote above, I am pretty sure that this is an April Fool's episode.
  2. When today's show started I figured that the scene with Eric, Nicole and Daniel was a dream. Now I assume that this entire show is an April Fool's episode.
  3. What a wonderful tribute to Donna Messina on yesterday's show. Naming Sonny and Carly's baby after her was a really nice touch. And I enjoyed listening to Sonny's monologue. He was quite obviously talking about the real life Donna Messina, even as he was ostensibly describing a person from the old Bensonhurst neighborhood. Great job by Maurice Bernard.
  4. What a wonderful tribute to Donna Messina on today's show. Naming Sonny and Carly's baby after her was a really nice touch. And I enjoyed listening to Sonny's monologue. He was quite obviously talking about the real life Donna Messina, even as he was ostensibly describing a person from the old Bensonhurst neighborhood. Great job by Maurice Bernard.
  5. I just saw DAYS for the first time in years. It seems obvious that Mimi is the mother of Lucas' baby, not Bonnie. I just googled Farah Fath and saw that she is coming back for a few episodes. That should lead to some interesting scenes between Chloe and Mimi, and maybe some interesting recollections of their up and down history together. Am I correct in the belief that the surrogate who carried Mimi and Phillip's accidentally created by IVF baby has full custody and parental rights? Wasn't it a boy? I wonder if baby Bonnie (or whatever her real name is) will get to see her brother, assuming Mimi is indeed the mom.
  6. This storyline involving the adoption of Wiley is so disgusting. Brad and Lucas have proven that they are unfit to be adoptive parents. They don't care that the mother wants her child back, or that she did so within the agreed upon timeframe for her to back out of the adoption. And shame on GH for calling her the birth mother before the baby was born and then before the adoption was finalized. She wasn't the birth mother, she was the mom. And as far as I am concerned she still is, since Julian in some way coerced her. I realize that the actual baby died, and this is Nelle's baby, but most of the characters don't know that. So they are still deserving of judgment for their reprehensible actions. Shame on Alexis for showing contempt for a mother's love, and trying to involuntarily terminate her parental rights, even after she lost her own daughter to a coerced adoption. And shame on the judge for not demanding that the mother appear in court so he could speak to her directly and attempt to confirm that she was not coerced.
  7. I am absolutely sickened by today's episode of GH. Calling a pregnant woman a birth mother before the baby is born and the papers are signed is wrong. Lucas and Brad are not adoptive parents yet--they are prospective adoptive parents. And the woman whose baby they hope to adopt is not a birth mother--she is an expectant mother. Finally, let me just say how tired I am of hearing about how scared Lucas and Brad are that the expectant mother may change her mind. And I am tired of hearing how they are at her mercy and there is no "protection" for them. Let's be clear: they are not entitled to this woman's baby. And if she changes her mind, and decides to parent, they have absolutely no complaint with her. That is her right, legally and morally. Adoption plans failing to materialize is a part of the adoption process, and anyone who doesn't understand that--and respect that--has no business being an adoptive parent.
  8. I liked Sam and Maxie's friendship on GH. They have since left one another's orbit, but I always enjoyed them together. Speaking of female friendships on soaps, I just had a funny memory. Does anyone remember the old Turtle-Run board? There was a poster there named Phoenix. I remember a thread when someone asked "would anyone mind if Jen and Greta became friends?" Phoenix replied "I wouldn't mind if Jen and Greta became more than just friends."
  9. I don't know if Ken Corday still says this, but he used to say all the time: "Stay tuned." And here is another one that we can thank KC for: "DAYS has fired Matt Ashford again."
  10. I think I just figured out who kidnapped Spencer. I think it was Sam. She is trying to lure Sonny to the place she has him stashed so that she can kill him. I am not on these boards too much so I am not sure if anyone else has already hypothesized that. Forgive me if I am repeating what others have already said.
  11. I would love for Matt Ashford to come back as Jack. And I would enjoy seeing RC write for him. Maybe we would finally have a writer who was excited about the character, instead of HWs who are writing him badly because they are only writing for him at all because KC ordered them to.
  12. Marlena never interacted with Jack, Harper or Angelica before she was taken by Orpheus. The Deverauxs came right as Marlena, Bo and Hope were all leaving. They may have briefly been there in the final days before Bo&Hope sailed off into the sunset. Joseph Adams' Jack was the first to arrive. Genie Francis arrived as Diana Colville at about the same time. Angelica's words today implied that she had been in the Brady Pub back in the day. That was not the case, since it wasn't established until 1992, after she had already left Salem. I am surprised that Dena would make that mistake, since she has been with DAYS for so long. Then again, Dena has always been a terrible writer. Her material in 2003 remains the worst stuff I have ever seen on daytime. And she has never seemed to be too concerned with the show's history--at least not the parts that she didn't like to begin with or didn't care about.
  13. Well Ron C. just made a mistake today. Angelica said that she was back in the Brady Pub again. Wrong. Angelica was presumed dead and left Salem in early 1990, I believe in March. In January 1991 she made a brief appearance outside of Salem. The Brady Pub was established in the Summer of 1992. Before that it was the Brady Fish Market. I actually think RC would have written well for Jack Deveraux if he had been given the opportunity back in the day. Sadly, it's too late now.
  14. I enjoyed Obrecht's numbers in 2014 and 2015. It seems that the current writing team did not. They have kept her from performing for the last two Nurses Balls, and seem to think that the audience wants to see her denied the right to be on stage. I was hoping that last year was an aberration, but I guess this is the new normal. Too bad. I find her performances to be very amusing.
  15. If Matthew Ashford was still on the show I would be screaming for it. Of course, KC wouldn't bother doing it for the same reason that he fired Matt so many times to begin with: to him Jack Deveraux was just "that guy Jennifer Horton married." He totally forgot how huge a star MA was, completely independent of Missy Reeves. In fact, Jack was the dominant character in the pairing during their supercouple heyday. I would love to see Jack and Angelica Deveraux interacting again, along with scenes that included Justin, Adrienne, and Alexander.
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