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  1. I think the nurse is Kiki, plastic surgery and all.
  2. It looks like Kiki is alive, plastic surgery and all. It doesn't make much sense, but I don't care. Killing her off was a big mistake, and I am glad they are reversing it.
  3. I am betting that Tiffany Rizczech is an alias. I think Gwen's mother's real name was Kristina Andropolous. Jack had a mini-affair with her when he was engaged to Melissa, Jennifer's cousin. Kristina was Victor's pseudo goddaughter. Gwen's mom may have lied about the timeline of when she met Jack, like she appears to have lied about other things. Maybe it was Victor who was paying her off. I am not sure why. But it actually was Victor who banished Kristina Andropolous from Salem. Interestingly, Kristina was played by Chelsea Noble, Kirk Cameron's wife. She played Kate on Growing Pains, an infinitely inferior and less popular character than Julie, who the audience loved, but was played by an actress that Kirk Cameron hated because she posed in Playboy. So he had her fired. Kristina Andropolousis | Days of our Lives Wiki | Fandom
  4. I thought about that too. It is certainly a possibility. But the letter "A" makes me think it will be Alexis.
  5. Oh shoot, I forgot a couple. On Beverly Hills 90210 Noah was seen as a rip off of Dylan. And on Days of our Lives Mimi Lockhart was immediately identified as a carbon copy of Sami's best friend Jamie Caldwell.
  6. The inscription on watch that make's Sonny think his name is Mike--which I guess it technically is--says "Mike, never enough time, Love A." The letter A refers to Adelle, Sonny's mother, and Mike's ex-wife. But Sonny/Mike doesn't know that, obviously. I am really starting to think that Alexis--whose name also begins with the letter A--will discover him and she will tell him that they are married. I think Alexis will decide to start her life over with an amnesiac Sonny, who is free from the mob. We could see them living as a married couple, away from Port Charles, for 6 months.
  7. Eileen Davidson's incarnation of Kelly Capwell on Santa Barbara. She was dramatically changed and turned into the new Eden. Laura Templeton on GH, after Laura Spencer "died," is something I have heard before, although I never fully understood the story. I don't think Reese on GH was a Brenda replacement, she was the real Carly Roberts, and her story was all about Carly Benson's backstory. I wish they had done a better job with it, since it did show a lot of potential at times. She should not have been killed off IMO. I think it would have gone better if they had not also introduced John Durant, Carly's father. Actually, Carly really shouldn't have had a father. They should have kept true to history, and let her father be one of Bobby's johns. Ironically, a few years later the introduction of DNA companies like Ancestry, 23andme, etc. would have made it much more interesting to do a story involving Carly's search for her paternal family.
  8. They could also bring Robin back for the funeral. For that matter, they could have Tiffany make an appearance. I am thinking the funeral will be held in Port Charles. Maybe they will have Sean buried there, or at least his ashes will be sprinkled there.
  9. I finally caught yesterday's episode on the internet. And FV appears to have done something that is amazing to me, although I guess it shouldn't be. It seems like a scene with Liz and Maxie wound up on the editing room floor. Liz followed Maxie to the bathroom. We never saw them speak, and instead we got boring Franco and Peter stuff, that I guess was more germane to the development of the story that they are pushing. But the Liz and Maxie stuff would have been so much more interesting, given their history. I hope they find a way to show it to us, via flashbacks. But my guess is that they won't.
  10. DAYS: The return of Diana Colville was beyond preposterous. She was a genuine heroine and he turned her into a murderer who was obsessed with a man she broke up with 30 years earlier. And it was her choice, he wasn't looking to part with her. I'll give RC credit for having her say "hello Roman" in her first scene with John. For the most part DAYS has been bad about having people who left during the era of Roman II, and came back after he was John, not acknowledge the change. (Although I guess you could argue that Steve and Hope had amnesia when they first reconnected with Salem, and by the time they recovered their memories they knew the whole story). But I don't think too many other writers would have realized how important it was for her to call him Roman in that first scene. Also, Angelica's return was a total waste, and how it limits Jack's story, in less you want to say she is somehow alive. But this was Jack's family, and I hate that they brought her back without him. I also hate that after MA/Jack fans spent years lobbying for his rape of Kayla to be re-acknowledged they finally did it when he was off the show. GH: That recast of Lois Cerullo (around 2006) didn't go over so well IMO. I wish the show had taken another shot at Ned & Lois at some point, and I wish they had taken another shot at Rena Sofer. If Rena ever leaves B&B I would love to see her back on GH. Passions: I don't know if you can count someone who was never on the show before as "returning," but we waited a long time to finally meet Martin Fitzgerald, and that really fell flat. Santa Barbara: the return of Keith Timmons. OLTL: I also felt like Tina was coming across more like Rebecca from Passions. But I liked how they incorporated her connection with David into the story, even though AE's version had no history with him. It was clever how they just missed each other, and were never on screen together, but were still in each other's shadows, so to speak. If they could have gotten Andrea long-term it would have been interesting to see Tina and David in a long-term storyline.
  11. I am starting to wonder if they plan on having Alexis leave town and meet up with an amnesiac Sonny. Maybe she would be interested in a relationship with him if he was free from the mob, kind of like the way that Liz wanted to be with Drew/"Jason" when he had no memory.
  12. Jack delivered Abigail at Maggie's old farmhouse. It was just him and Jennifer there. Besides, Abby must have had extensive genetic testing done when she was sick with aplastic anemia and they were searching for a bone marrow donor.
  13. I think they are slowly reintroducing Britt to us. Eventually, I think they will start to talk more about how much it hurt her to give up Rocco. I know she is not his biological mother, but she is still his birth mother. Granted, she had no right to steal Dante and Lulu's embryo. But that doesn't lessen the reality of her pain when she had to give him up. If the writing team is any good, we will see some scenes with them when he is a little older. For that matter, I don't like how they have totally discarded Claudette. I would like to see her back, at least occasionally. And there should be some mentions from Charlotte about Claudette being someone special to her.
  14. I am starting to think that Kristina is the heir apparent to Amy Vining. She will be there for years, with huge ties to a core family, but won't ever be a major character with a big story of her own.
  15. Great post. I wonder, if the internet was around in 1986, would people have been screaming "Scott and Cheryl are brother and sister!!" I actually wonder the same thing about Tony and Kristen on Days of our Lives. It was weird back then how Peter Blake called Tony his brother, even though he was no more related to him than Kristen. Today, they are referred to by the show as brother and sister. Speaking of Scott and Cheryl, I didn't even know until just recently that they had made love right before leaving the show. I guess it was one of those things where if you blinked, you missed it...and I was away at summer camp. I wish I had known that because I was a big fan of theirs back in the day, and I would have enjoyed that resolution. Even at the time, at a very young age, I sensed that they were forced to break up because NBC did not want to let young heroines have sex too quickly. With regards to last names, Another World did that a lot. A character would suddenly have their proper last name, usually the name of their father. Dennis Carrington came back as Dennis Wheeler. Vicky and Marley Love became Hudsons. Evan Bates became Evan Frame. And I distinctly remember one episode where Scott called himself Scott Love, although I guess he went back to being Scott LaSalle. Actually, before Marissa became Mary again, there was a brief period where she was being called, and even referred to herself as, Marissa Love. This happened under a number of different executive producers and head writers over the course of many years. I think that certain shows have certain things that just do. For example, it was the norm on GH to kill off a bad guy, have them quickly come back from the dead, and then quickly kill them for real. Damien Smith, Katherine Bell, AJ Quartermaine (in 2005, notwithstanding his 2012 return).
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