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  1. Days of Our Lives General Discussion

    The show was very lucky that all the 'killed off' actors were willing and able to return, by the sounds of it.
  2. DAYS: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    I absolutely love any scenes where it's just Victor and Eric.
  3. Shortland Street

    I've only been watching since January, but my understanding was that they broadly have a good track record with LGBT characters.
  4. Shortland Street

    Absolutely! Am having a mega catch-up on Shorty: what on earth was that storyline with Finn's stalker, Jason?! I have no issue with soaps featuring gay villains - Hollyoaks has plenty - but a gay man stalking a straight man because he's obsessed with him? Yikes. What year are we in again?
  5. Neighbours: Discussion Thread

    Yes, it's crazy that in the UK, H&A still airs several weeks behind Australia. Neighbours was given a real boost when it went to same-day broadcasts. Agreed - lack of rehearsal time, etc. Do they even get to rehearse on Neighbours? I know the UK soaps only seem to do so when it's a big event these days. How many episodes a week does Neighbours currently film? Am pretty sure it's more than five, which means they are already used to getting ahead of themselves.
  6. Neighbours: Discussion Thread

    I think it may be a shock to the system for the cast and the production team to lose their long end-of-year break, and it could make the show feel less special to viewers if it's on week in, week out. BUT this is a massive vote of confidence in Neighbours and bodes well for the show's future. They must be so relieved.
  7. Neighbours: Discussion Thread

    Neighbours is staying on Channel 5 - and will air all year round from 2018! Great news for fans and those who work on the show.http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/via...lemedia-agree-new-neighbours-deal-1202584105/
  8. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    I can't get my head around the show killing off four Bartons in 12 months, it's so extreme.
  9. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    This totally needs to happen! With each member paying for their sins - "Zak, this is for Joanie" "Belle, this is for Gemma' etc etc. Although, for me, Marlon would need to die and Sam would survive. That really made me laugh.
  10. Coronation Street: Discussion Thread

    Am so excited about this - I was 10 in 1986 and was gripped by the Rita/Alan Bradley storyline so it will be good to see it again. I do recall it being a slow burn story, and how shocking it was when Alan posed as Len Fairclough in order to get a mortgage or something. And YES to seeing Ivy in action again! Am I reading too much into it, or could they be launching these repeats with a Rita-heavy era to coincide with her possibly leaving the show?
  11. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    The show continues to clean up at awards shows. It just won in all four soap categories at the TV Choice Awards. (Not the biggest accolade out there, but still). To the casual observer, Emmerdale is doing great. How long until it becomes clear that the show is running on fumes and can't hide behind the praise around Ashley's story?
  12. Coronation Street: Discussion Thread

    I'd still prefer her to remain childless.
  13. Coronation Street: Discussion Thread

    I do enjoy how Mary flirts with Adam, and that he humours her, it's a nice touch. Also, I don't want Carla to ever be saddled with a child.
  14. Shortland Street

    Thanks! I hear you - it is time consuming keeping up with the soaps. I like Deb from what I saw of her - there's something quite 'old school soap' about her.