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  1. A fascinating BTS video of how Emmerdale has returned to production during COVID: https://twitter.com/emmerdale/status/1276550619357118477
  2. Fascinating BTS video of how Emmerdale has returned to production during COVID. (Contains Dingles for those who are allergic!). https://twitter.com/emmerdale/status/1276550619357118477
  3. What an incredible interview, thank you for posting that, @SFK I live in the UK so I wasn't familiar with Ellen Holly, but I will watch the rest of those interviews with her.
  4. Just wanted to echo everyone's thoughts about how lovely it was to see the cast rally around Heather, and also how much genuine camaraderie there is among them all. Melrose Place has always been one of my favourite shows, and it makes me so happy to see that the cast are such genuine people.
  5. @Errol @Toups Please can you remove the two apostrophes from this thread title?
  6. Thanks so much, @Dion! Kylie's storyline sounds completely insane, I love it.
  7. Oh my goodness, @Dion thanks so much for that 2018 summary. An action-packed year in Ferndale!
  8. Not yet, but am going to try getting back in to it, so if I struggle I might ask for help filling in the gaps. Thank you!
  9. Is anybody on here still watching Shortland Street? Are you able to summarise the big plots from 2018 and 2019 so far, if so, please?
  10. Thank you! I agree it was always good when Cliff was able to have a small victory over JR. I've just re-watched Election from S1, which sees Cliff's political career sabotaged by JR dredging up a past tragedy. Ken Kercheval is very good in that episode. He really brought a lot to the show.
  11. I really want to re-watch an episode in honour of Ken Kercheval. Which season do you guys think has Cliff's best moments?
  12. I completely agree. Regardless of whether longer term fans aren't enjoying Kim's return, I find the ageist quips from some of the characters to be really demeaning. I haven't seen much ageism from fans online (mostly because I try and avoid the social media commentary) but there seems to be a real lack of respect towards both Claire King and the character of Kim.
  13. Oh, I like the way Kim is dressing - the quilted Barbour gilets, etc. To me it feels age appropriate and 'smart rural' for want of a better phrase. I also like that she's not dressed as a Dynasty knock off. But I've only seen the start of Kim's 90s run - what was her style like then? (I mean, it would have evolved anyway). And I'm curious - what do wealthy Yorkshire women wear? Is it a less tacky version of moneyed Cheshire?
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