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  1. How interesting! I'll read the rest of the book with this in mind.
  2. Thanks so much for sharing, that was really fascinating to watch. Victoria Wyndham and Susan Sullivan really pop off the screen, but I can see what Harding Lemay says about George Reinholt! I think Lemay comes across fine in the book - he's self aware enough to acknowledge that he neglected his family as he became completely absorbed by writing the show. When you read about how much thought and care went into writing Another World during that era it's even more tragic that so little of it remains available.
  3. Such a shame. I'm currently reading Harding Lemay's 'Eight Years in Another World' and would have liked to watch some of his episodes.
  4. Bryan Kirkwood is leaving Hollyoaks: https://metro.co.uk/2020/09/03/hollyoaks-boss-bryan-kirkwood-quits-after-12-years-13219945/amp/?ito=article.desktop.share.top.twitter&__twitter_impression=true
  5. I'm shocked at how awful people have been in this thread. Regardless of what you think of someone as a writer, surely seeing someone celebrate their relationship is a good thing? Especially in a godawful year like this.
  6. Am so glad you picked up on that. I heard it too, but it hadn't occurred to me that she may have been doing it intentionally! That's hilarious.
  7. Thank you @Toups @BetterForgotten Yes, it's interesting that Daran Little writes 'Enders from LA. Another 'Enders writer, Peter Mattessi, lives in Melbourne. It doesn't seem like the US soaps are as open to it.
  8. Did she?! That passed me by - tell me more!
  9. Does anyone know if any of the US soaps have ever had a writer who wrote for them while based overseas?
  10. A fascinating BTS video of how Emmerdale has returned to production during COVID: https://twitter.com/emmerdale/status/1276550619357118477
  11. Fascinating BTS video of how Emmerdale has returned to production during COVID. (Contains Dingles for those who are allergic!). https://twitter.com/emmerdale/status/1276550619357118477
  12. What an incredible interview, thank you for posting that, @SFK I live in the UK so I wasn't familiar with Ellen Holly, but I will watch the rest of those interviews with her.
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