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  1. I liked Barry's character even though he was a sad sack. Oh, I would love for Janine to push Derek off a cliff. She's good at that kind of thing. The Branning that I really have affection for is dear old Jim Branning. Miss him. ITA about everyone needing to be the new ______ on soaps, both US and UK. It would be nice if TPTB to tried to blaze a new trail instead. When I first started watching EE, I couldn't understand half of what was being said. My ears weren't used to the lingo or accents. It didn't take me too long to catch on except with Phil Mitchell. Sometimes I still can't understand a word he says, but I think that more due to Phil talking fast while mumbling more than anything else. Now off to watch some episodes.
  2. Thanks, Y&RWorldTurner. I'm looking forward to those episodes. No one comes close to my Dennis Rickman. But Joey is kind of "fit," as they say in Walford. I do like the actress playing Lucy. Not sure about the Sharon/Grant comparison. LOL Speaking of Sharon, I hear that she's returning (yeah!). The guy who works at the car lot, the one who is bullying Lucy, is he a Branning? He gets on my nerves already.
  3. Thanks All My Shadows and CarlD2! Billy has a granddaughter? Oh my LOL. Rich Janine is insufferable, as usual. But I still enjoy her character. I will search out those clips. Thanks for the tip.
  4. I have been checking out EE online -- June 2012 episodes. I'm not quite caught up -- I'm at the point where Kat and Alfie have just returned and found out that Jean lost the money (I don't quite understand what happen -- that guy with Janine swindled her out of it???) I haven't watched for a really long time -- probably a couple of years. I know that Peggy and Pat are gone (I miss both of them). The show is much different, but I am liking it much more than when I tuned out. I'm glad to see Kat and Alfie, although I'm finding that I like Alfie with Roxy more than Kat. I do have a few questions: - Did Ian abandon his children? - Who is the young blonde woman (I think she's pregnant) hanging around with Billy? - How did Janine become a business woman? - Is the man she's with related to Alfie? - Why did Ben kill Heather? That's all. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  5. Thanks CarlD2 and Ann_SS! I watched the Syed/Amira wedding episodes this morning. The actress who play Zaniab -- I can't say enough about her. Zaniab is so bigoted and set in her ways, but still I adore her in spite of it all. I thought the confrontation between her and Christian, when she found out, was great. She kept pushing and pushing until Christian snapped -- and the way he blurted to truth out -- I could tell it cut her heart apart. And her confrontation with Syed -- also well done. Zaniab reminds me a little bit personality wise of Pauline Fowler in that she wants to rule every aspect of her childrens' lives -- they are her whole life, but she's too caught up in how things are "supposed" to be with them instead of seeing how things really are (if that makes any sense).
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, Ben. I saw a little clip of the Live episode on the EastEnders Youtube channel last night and was blown away.
  7. Ugh -- Tariq and Kareena. The family seemed thrown together. I was happy when they left. Kat and Alfie at the beginning was so entertaining. I've tried to forget about awful Vicky. I started watching on BBC America right before Steve Owen was blown to smithereens. At first, I was so confused because of the amount of characters/storylines. The rhythm and look of the show was so different from US soaps. And I had a horrible time figuring out what Phil Mitchell was mumbling at first -- took me a while to get an ear for some of the characters accents. But I loved that fact that stories moved, the actors for the most part were wonderful, and the dialog was, in comparison to the soap that I was watching at the time (Days), light years ahead in quality.
  8. Ann_SS, that's how I always refer to Dennis -- my beloved Dennis and I've got to give Berridge props for him and for pairing him with Sharon. Carl_D2 -- I also wish that Dennis faked his own death and would return, but that's not going to happen I guess *sniffles*. I would love for Sharon to return too. I don't think she'd overlap Ronnie and Roxy -- she's so different from them. ITA about little Mo's second rape. Truly unnecessary. And the Ferriera family -- I never got into them after the dad left. Thanks for the articles Y&RWorldTurner. Very interesting reading.
  9. Thanks Y&RWorldTurner! I'll start off with June 2010 then. Yes, KSlater is for Kat Slater. I can't believe they are coming back -- I am happy because loud, mouthy, too short-skirt wearing Kat Slater is one of my all time favorite soap characters ever and I adore Alfie, although I wonder about his character without Nana and Spencer in the mix. Should be interesting. I know that the Louise Berridge period is often criticized as awful, but that is when I started watching EastEnders and a lot those characters featured during that time are near and dear to my heart.
  10. I've been cutoff from EastEnders since right after Heather gave birth. I'm about to start trying to catch up -- is it worth watching from that point up to present or should I skip over some stuff? I know that a lot has happened since then. Thanks.
  11. I pay for it on DishNetwork - $9.95 for a monthly subscription. It's about four or five weeks behind the UK. I am rethinking continuing my subscription right now. For the first time since I started watching, I'm starting to get bored with the show. I really cannot stand the actress who plays Sam Mitchell. I know she's the original (I never saw her before) but I think she's terrible.
  12. ML, this season opener is [email protected]! I loved the wedding and Sister Patterson, as usual, never disappoints -- I absolutely love her! She is a one of a kind character. And finally, Miss Jenkins. I was wondering about her. I love how you also addressed so many questions yet you keep this story moving. It's a roller coaster ride and what a good show should be -- entertaining and packed with surprises! I'm anxious to read more (and I will). V
  13. Hey you! I love this. I'm so into S.T.E.A.M. and cannot wait for the finale. I absolutely love to hate Ashley. She's positively awful LOL! I never know what she's going to do next. So many of the characters are one of a kind. Sister Pat and family -- what an unholy mess! I just want to say thank you to ML for letting me participate in this. Everytime I receive an episode, I'm anxious to see what happens (although I am as slow as molasses getting it back to him LOL). And working on this series has helped me tremendously with the writing for my fan fic. Keep up the good work -- everyone on this fabulous team. Miou
  14. Two movies the same weekend: Hairspray--Fabulous! Left in a great mood after watching it. La Vie en Rose--If Marion Cotillard isn't nominated for an Oscar, I will be shocked. She was brilliant as Edith Piaf.
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