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  1. A great episode. Abby is gonna EJ the shock of his life and it seems apparent she got the abortion. Adrienne FINALLY told SOnny about Will being a hoe. He wont listen I do think deep knows he knows but just dont wanna deal with it. At least its out in the open now. SO I am glad for that any way. Ty for reminding me Nicole had the goods on Kristen but kept it for herself. I forgot all about that. BUt I know it will come back and bite Nicole in the butt. SMH.. My heart goes out to Roman. Its to the point he can't even work any more. Wow. This is my fav story. I love seeing it unfold and peoples reactions to it as it becomes more and more known. Simply wow!
  2. A very busy episode. Poor Victor. His anger got the better of him LOL. I do hope he is ok and I suspect he will be. I wish Adrienne would just come out and say the way WIll's been looking at ALex. It's gonna come out. Seems like SOnny may already know but doesn't want to know... Brady where the hell u been at bro? Very nice scene with Eric and Nicole. I like their wedding idea. Nicole deserves some real happiness. Wonder where this is going with my boy Lucas. Sherry sure did a number on him. His pride is wounded. Good episode Al.
  3. Genoa City Memorial Hospital. Hillary walks into Nate’s room and sees Olivia with her head laying upon Nate’s chest. It’s hard to take in the sight of Nate hemmed up in a body cast knowing she played a significant role in making that happen. The guilt is so much a tear forms in her eye. Olivia: Nathan, I need you to wake up from this coma. Son please I love you. I can’t lose you like this. Olivia sits up and wipes the tears coming from her eyes and also she takes a tissue to wipe her nose since every time she wells up her nose begins to run. She sees Hillary. She stands up. Olivia: Hillary right? Hillary gives a faint smile. Hillary: Yes Mrs. Hastings. Hillary extends her hand out to shake with Olivia’s. Olivia: I didn’t hear you come in. I’m sorry you have to see me like this. Hillary: No your fine. I came to check up on Nathan. What are the doctors saying? Olivia: Dr. Whitfield says the swelling in Nate’s brain has subsided. He’s been easing Nate out of the coma induced by medication. Hillary: That’s so great. So that means he could be waking up soon? Olivia: That is the prognosis. Then there is what’s underneath the cast. He has broken arms, legs and possible spinal injury. It’s too soon to tell. Hillary: One step at a time… I came here to give Nate some hope. Olivia: Oh…? Hillary rubs her stomach. Hillary: Nathan and I are having a baby. Olivia looks in shock. Olivia: A child? You and Nathan? Hillary: That’s right. I came to tell Nathan, maybe if he heard the news it would give him the will to wake up. Olivia: I just had no idea that my son was dating any one. Hillary: Well I’ve only been in town a few months. Nate and I were together in college but I had to leave to care for my dying mother. Olivia: I’m sorry to hear that. I must say I’m sorry because Nate never mentioned a Hillary. The only woman I know about being in his life is Roxanne. And I only found that out at Lily’s homecoming party. When my son admitted to having feelings for Roxanne. I had no idea this was all going on. Hillary: It’s a complicated situation. She says as she has a flashback of hiding in Roxanne’s apartment and then recording the conversation she overheard with Nate and Roxanne where they confess their feelings for one another. Olivia: I take it there is no love lost between you and Roxanne. I saw the altercation you had with her in the emergency room. Hillary: My half-sister is a waste of air that other people could be using to do good things with. Olivia: Oh wow. This is complicated. A pair of sisters fighting over my son. Hillary: There is no fight Mrs. Hastings…Complicated, yes I can give you that but a fight, well If you want to call it that, let’s say I won, I am having your grandchild. A baby trumps everything else. Hillary says with a smile rubbing her stomach. Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell Episode 184: Keemo helps Victor fight Jack! Written by: ML Cooks Story Consult: Martin Saenz Creative Consults: Cary Richardson and Alex Washington City Jail Spencer waits in a room that Roxanne walks into. Spencer: Finally. I’ve waited 30 minutes here in this holding room to see you. Roxanne: You are here to bail me out? Spencer: Well you know I’ve fallen on hard times. I work as a cook at Gina’s and I don’t have that kind of money. They took my car and house so I now take the bus and rent. Roxanne: Some father I have. Went from a pimp to being a district attorney and now to being a broke bum. Spencer: Really? Roxanne: I need help and my father is unable to be here for me. I bet you would help that tramp Hillary. Spencer: I am doing the best I can. No one asked you to attack your half-sister and over what? A man? Nate? I told you two before, you know when you two lionesses had your first encounter at my damn apartment breaking down my door that no man is worth fighting over. My landlord was not happy with having to replace the door. I don’t have the money to keep replacing doors or paying bails. I also got quite a few noise complaints behind all that. Roxanne: If you are not here to bail me out then why are you here? Spencer: Now see I had some good news for you. Leslie was right, that mouth of yours’s is out of control. Roxanne: It’s not my mouth. I just have zero respect for you or Leslie. You’re a pimp and she was your hoe. How can I respect people like that? And to think you’re my long lost parents. Usually when a family is reunited they are happy. Not this time. I was disappointed and embarrassed. Spencer: You really are your own worst enemy. Roxanne: No, that slut daughter of yours is the enemy. Spencer can only just shake his head back and forth and wonder why his daughter has so much venom in her veins. Spencer: Where does it come from? Brown Stone Apartments. Lauren’s Place. Gloria looks at Lauren with big eyes. Gloria: I loved John Abbott very much Lauren! I had no idea Keemo was his grandson! Lauren: What kind of love allows you to date your deceased’s husband grandson Gloria? And you want to stand here and tell me about my relationship with your son? Gloria: Of course. Michael is my son and I’m very worried about him. I’ve never seen him so low. Lauren: Michael should have thought of all of that before he became a bitch boy for Victor Newman. Gloria: Stop calling him that! Michael is a good man who takes care of his family. You can’t say that about a lot of men these days. Lauren: A lot of men don’t become bitch boys either do they Gloria? Look I really think its best you leave. I am divorcing Michael Baldwin and suing for custody, sole custody of Fenmore. No one will change my mind. Gloria: So you’re going to throw everything you and Michael built up all these years away? Lauren: I didn’t do that Michael did when he put Victor first! Gloria: You have really changed Lauren. Lauren: Have a good day Gloria. You have your own issues you need to deal with. Lauren opens the door and motions Gloria to leave. Gloria shakes her head at Lauren and leaves her apt. Lauren closes the door. Gloria: Oh Michael I tried. I really did. Lauren is really going to go ahead with this divorce and custody battle. I won’t give up though. I will find a way to save your family. She pulls out her cell phone and notices 4 missed calls from Keemo. She thinks of him and then of what Lauren said to her: She’s in love with her deceased husband’s grandson. Gloria takes a deep breath and then leaves Brownstone Apartments. No Name Tower, 24 floor, House of Kem Victor is smiling from ear to ear as he basks in the recruitment of Jack’s son Keemo to his side in the war against Jack. Victor: You made the right decision my boy. Keemo: I usually try to make them all the time. So tell me Mr. Newman, what do we need to do? Do we have a plan to take out Jack? Victor: I do my boy. I am going to hit Jack from all angles. But there is one problem. Keemo: Problems is a word not in my vocabulary. Victor: I like that. Let’s say… a minor detail then? Keemo: Which is? Victor: Your father has all my assets. I have no money, not even a place to lay my head. I have nothing Keemo. I need money to get on my feet and get Jack back. I can’t get my revenge without any money. Your jack ass father has it all. Keemo leans back in his chair and takes a deep breath. Keemo: Money. Victor: A lot of it my boy. Keemo: Mr. Newman as you know I am just starting up my fashion house. It’s designed to put a dent into Jabot. I have loans out for this new business venture. I really don’t feel entirely too comfortable loaning any money out right now. Victor: I am Victor Newman. Keemo: I don’t have money like that. Victor: Do you know how any of this makes me feel? Me, Victor Newman begging for a loan. This is what your jack ass father did to me. With or without you Keemo, I will get back my power, my respect, my family and my empire back. I just need a helping hand right now. I have nothing. Keemo: I understand Mr. Newman. Keemo spins around in his chair and looks out the ground to ceiling window that overlooks Genoa City. Keemo: Mr. Newman no cost is too high to take out my father Jack. Jack is an ass and he’s in the way of my happiness with Gloria and he has no respect for me. He spins back around in his executive chair to face Victor. Victor smiles. Victor: You won’t regret this and this fashion house will be a major success,… we will see to that once we get Jack out of the way. Keemo: I can wire or write a check for a million. To help you find a place and get back on your feet. Victor: Cash please my boy. I don’t have any means to cash a check these days. Jack has really did a number on me. Keemo: Wow… Cash it is my friend. I’ll work on it and then give you a call to let you know when and where you can pick it up. Victor: I really appreciate that my boy. Our characters are already winning against Jack. Jack’s son is going to give me a startup loan to take out his own father who is the enemy at this point in my story. Check mate Jack Ass Abbott. I am going to crush his character! Victor stands up with a broad smile as Keemo frowns up wondering why Victor is sounding so weird. Victor: Will it be today? My character is tired and a little hungry. Keemo pulls out 60 bucks from his wallet and slides it across his desk. Keemo: Go get something nice to eat. Victor looks down at the money, shocked that he has been reduced to charity. Victor: Thank you Keemo. Tell no other characters in Genoa City of this charity. It would make my character look so bad. Keemo: I’ll be in touch Mr. Newman. Victor: Good day. Victor grabs the money and leaves HOK and therefore No Name Tower. Keemo spins around in his chair to take in his view of the city and ponder a few thoughts. Why does Victor get weird in his speech and the fact that he is helping Victor take out his own dad. Keemo thinks of the loyalty he should have to Jack since Jack is his father. But Keemo doesn’t feel loyalty from Jack’s end. Keemo then wonders what his mother Luan would think of the situation that is developing. Father vs. Son costarring Victor Newman. City Jail Roxanne: I don’t have venom in me. I just don’t like that slutty daughter of yours. Spencer: I wish you wouldn’t address her like that. She is your half-sister and we are a family and we need to make this work. Roxanne: I don’t need anything like that. I just need my Nate. But Hillary slept with him as soon as she hit town. That’s a hoe to me. Spencer: They were together in college. They picked up right where they left off. How is that being a hoe? Roxanne: I really like how you just keep defending her? What about me? I was going to have a singing career until you the pimp and my mother the college slut were exposed as my parents. Now that is ruined. My future is ruined thanks to my new found parents and yet you keep defending tramp ass Hillary. You seem to know a lot about hoes considering my mother was one of your hoes back in the day. Spencer: That’s the part I don’t get, if you want or wanted Nate so much then why were you with Devon? Roxanne: I love Devon. He’s special, kind and handsome. He’s… just… I don’t know, Nate just lights my fire. He turns me on. I was a little bored with Devon I guess. He didn’t deserve what I did to him but I never slept with Nate. I never betrayed Devon in that way. Nate and I held restraint yet when that tramp stamp Hillary hits town on the first night she had sex with him… It hurts. Spencer: Roxanne this thing with Nate… your going have to let it go. Roxanne: And let Hillary win? No! Nate and I have something real. We share so much. He was there for me and I was there for him. Spencer: Hillary did win. She’s having Nate’s baby. She’s pregnant Roxanne! Roxanne: No! Roxanne feels sharp pains in her gut and heart. Roxanne: No. She says softly as she turns away from her father. Roxanne: No… Only this time with tears forming in her eyes
  4. How do u block folks on this board? I got this teen harassing me in my pm's. I do not see a block options. ML is grown and dont have time for teen titians. THere should be an age requirement in order to join this site.

  5. Casey U cant even read bro. GO clean ur glasses off and go eat a cheese sandwhich then go play with ur pet dogs nuts. Ur judging me on the comment I left what a joke u desperate teen writer. I at least read the entire show and understand it. Fukk off twat face
  6. " I know you can keep it up" Hmmph. I'm just going to leave it alone. CAry another great episode Elizabeth stole the first half of the show. I could really feel what she as going through losing my own dad at age 8. It's terrible and painful and it changed my life. It was so heart breaking seeing her go through her emotions. Then the scene with My girls Fe Fe and Paulina with Rachel. That was so awesome. SO touching and well fitting. Fe and Lina talking about losing previous husbands. It was a nice and sincere bonding moment. Powerful. Everything was perfect with this ep.
  7. So somber. SO powerful and poetic. Wow Cary It was nicely done. SO emotional so sad. With Ryan there and Vicky seeing him first. I knew it was time. Ryan came to bring his father home Then dying in Rachels' arm. Wow. I am so sad right now. Now Frankie knows about Christy's sperm cup LMAO. I hope she has more of a reaction. Very humble episode Cary. Carl's speech was beautiful and his last moment with his parting words. Simply powerful. Great job. The visual flash back was nice too!
  8. Jabot Cosmetics Hillary walks into Jack’s office. She sees him drinking a glass of champagne. Jack hears the door close and looks in her direction. Jack: Hillary just in time. Hillary: In time for what sir? Jack: To have a glass of champagne with me and celebrate in my owning Newman. My family doesn’t support me. Hillary: I’m sorry Mr. Abbott. I came back in here to apologize for running out. This morning sickness is getting worse. Jack: Morning sickness? You’re pregnant? Hillary: Yes I am. Jack: Wow, I had no idea that- wait never mind. Hillary: I know what you are thinking. Nathan Hastings is the father. Jack: Nate? Hillary: We were lovers in college. Long story. Jack: How is Nate doing? I heard about his accident. Hillary: Well I am going over to the hospital for a checkup and then I’m going to check on him. Let him know he has hope and a child on the way. Jack: Congratulations then. Hillary: Thank you. If you need anything just shoot me a text. I should be done in a few hours. Jack: No it’s fine Hillary. Take care of what you need to do. I’ll see you back here in the morning. Hillary: Thank you sir. Hillary leaves Jack’s office. Jack sits at his desk. He begins to think. “Victor will be out for blood. The next step now is to dismantle Newman Enterprises before he can stop me.” Jack opens up his laptop and looks over charts and graphs pertaining to Newman while thinking of his plan to destroy Newman as expeditiously as possible. Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell Episode 183: Victor strikes back at Jack! Written by ML Cooks Story Consult: Martin Saenz Creative Consults: Cary Richardson with Alex Washington Brownstone Apartments Gloria rings Lauren’s doorbell. Lauren opens the door. Lauren: Gloria, I wasn’t expecting you. Gloria barges into Lauren’s condo. Gloria: We really need to talk Lauren! Lauren: About what? And if you say Michael you can just turn right back around because I don’t want to hear it coming from you! Gloria: I’m here on behalf of my son. For God’s sake Lauren you have to help him! I’ve never seen my son like this before. Lauren: May I remind you, you weren’t around for all of his life. Gloria: Wow Lauren, the claws are coming out … This is about my son! He’s lonely, depressed, I don’t know what he is going to do next. You are taking everything from him! Lauren: That is where you are wrong! Michael lied to a court of law. I will not have my son raised by a man who does that or be a bitch boy for Victor Newman! And frankly I don’t think this is any of your business. Michael made his bed and now he has to lay in it. And I will not take relationship advice from a cougar, as they call them now these days. Gloria scoffs: I beg your pardon. Lauren: You’re dating your ex-husband’s grandson. Keemo Abbott. Gloria: That really hurts Lauren. I had no idea Keemo was John Abbott’s grandson as I fell in love with him. He never told me his last name. Lauren: How in the hell do you fall in love with a man to whom you don’t even know their last name and now you want to give relationship advice. A joke Gloria. Victor walks up to Newman Tower. He takes in the sight of his building, or what once was his building. He looks around and does not see to many things different about the place except he notices workers taking down the letters of the building’s name, Newman Tower. Victor walks over to one of them. Victor: Just what in the hell are you doing? Worker: Taking the letters off the building. Victor: Under who’s orders? Worker: Mr. Jack Abbott. Victor: You mean Jack ass Abbott. Worker: No, just Mr. Abbott sir. Victor: Do you know who I am? Worker: No I have no idea. Victor: Jack ass is going to pay a high price for doing this to me. Victor walks inside to board the elevator. The workers have now successfully completed their task. Newman Tower now cease to exist. Victor walks off the elevator fuming at Jack and thinking what he is going to do to him once he finally sees his arch rival face to face. He walks into House of Kem but stops dead in his tracks when he sees the rude taxi cab driver Mason. Mason looks at Victor in shock. Victor: It’s you again. Mervin is it? Mason: It’s Mason and how can I help you? Victor: I came to see the character of Keemo. Mason: I’m sorry you did what now? Victor: I am here to see Keemo. What are you doing here anyway? Mason: I work here at H.O.K. Mr. Abbott’s right hand. Victor: Is that so? Mason: That is so. Victor: So you work here and you’re a taxi cab driver? Mason: I am. I have bills I have to pay, student loans. I don’t have the big bucks like you Mr. Newman. Victor: I have no money son. And I will tell you now I am going to inform your boss of our scene a few episodes ago. Mason: Why do you talk like that? Victor: I am Victor Newman and I will get my respect back. Mason: I’m Mason McCreedy and I’ll just tell Mr. Abbott that you are here to see him. Mr. Abbott is a busy man and you can’t just walk in here like this. No matter who you are. Mason turns around and enters Keemo’s office. Victor is pissed off, realizing he is no longer respected by his town’s mates. Victor once again vows he is going to make Jack pay. Keemo is on the phone in his office. Keemo: Look Roxanne I am sorry you are going through this but there is nothing I can do for you at this time. You have to complete that anger management class before the judge lets you out. Roxanne: Mr. Abbott please I know I am asking for a lot but can’t you please do something about this? You’re an Abbott. Keemo: Yes you are asking for a lot considering you haven’t even had your first day here yet. Roxanne complete the anger management class. Now I’m busy trying to jump start this small business. Good bye. Keemo hangs up. He looks at Mason who was waiting for him to wrap up his phone conversation. Keemo: What is it Mason? Mason: Victor Newman is here to see you sir. Keemo: Victor Newman? He’s out of jail… And here to see me? I wonder what he could want. Chicago, Police station Esther: Miss Sheppard tell me how did you marry a man like Garret? Is he really a pimp as he says he is? Garret: I am bunny. Why don’t you come over here and let me get a good look at you to see how much I could make off you. Esther frowns up her face. Karynn: Everything is just about how much you can make of white women huh? Garret: You know how I roll Kary. Garret loves the bunnies. Good men will pay a ton of money for a good time with a white woman. Karynn: You’re simply disgusting. A pig is more like it. Garret: But you we were together baby. Esther: Please tell me Miss Sheppard. Karynn: I met this old black frog in a bar. It was a lonely time in my life. My first husband and I had just got a divorce in 75. I was lost and broken and had no money. So I began to drink more. My drinking was part of the reason my first husband Richard left me. But you see he used to abuse me. He wanted me to be the type of wife that stayed home in a kitchen doing dishes and laundry and watch soap operas every day. After what my own father did to me, I vowed I would never serve another man. So from all that I started to drink and it just became too much for Richard and I. Then I met Garret. He was different, short yet sure of himself. He had a strong personality and he just made everything disappear for me. All my problems. He was at one time my bridge over troubled waters. He made life fun for us. So I fell in love with him. Until he- Karynn turns away and wipes a tear from her eye. Garret: Kary I told you I am very sorry for that. It was the cocaine baby. It was a mistake. Karynn: I don’t want to hear it you short bum! I hope you and her burn in hell for what you did! Esther: My,… Miss Sheppard I had no idea you had such a hard life. Karynn: You don’t know the half it. From my father Walter to Richard to this pimping shrimp in a pink suite. It’s no reason I love to drink. It numbs all the pain and heartache. Esther: Wow Miss Sheppard. Nina and Chance walk up to them. Esther turns around and looks at them. Esther and Nina hug. Nina: Are you ok? Esther: I am thank goodness you are here. Nina: Me too. I never saw this side of Karynn. I overheard some of her story. Nina to Karynn: I’m so sorry Karynn. Karynn: I am not asking for forgiveness Nina. I'm asking for some smokes and a beer for me. I am going to need it once you bail me out. Garret: You mean us Kary. Nina and Chance both look at Garret. Chance: Who are you sir? Esther: This is Garret the pimp, Karynn’s ex-husband. Nina: You have got to be kidding me? Chance: Did you say pimp? Karynn: In his mind any way. Pimping hasn’t done him much good look at his clothes. He’s stuck in 1979. Look at how dirty and scuffed up his so called leather shoes are. I bet the reek of feet being so old. Garret: I told you girl, 79 was a good year. That was the year Michael Jackson released his first album, “Off the Wall” you know when he still had a nose and all. Chance: Show some respect for the dead. Garret: I did. Michael Jackson used to have a nose. Then he didn’t. Here one day and then gone the next. Nina: This is incredible. Garret is Karynn’s ex-husband? Garret: Why is it incredible? Because I am black? Nina: Honestly yes. And the fact that you’re a pimp. And wearing a pink suite. Everyone in the jail becomes quiet and looks at Nina. Back In Genoa City, Hospital. Hillary walks out of Dr. Whitfield’s office escorted by the doctor himself, Kiko. Kiko: Everything will be fine Hillary. The morning sickness is common. It’s just something you are going to have to deal with. Hillary: Thanks for seeing me on such short notice. I’ve heard of morning sickness but I was just a little nervous that’s all. This is my first pregnancy. Kiko smiles at her. Kiko: Congratulations. We’ll see you in a few weeks. Hillary: Thank you Dr. Whitfield. Hillary walks away and heads to Nate’s room. She dreads opening the door to see what she will find. Hillary: Maybe if I tell Nathan he is going to be a dad he will come out of his coma. Hillary arrives at Nate’s room. She takes a deep breath and slowly opens the door. She sees Olivia sitting by Nate’s bedside with tears in her eyes. Hillary can over hear Olivia praying for her son. Hillary sees Nate is in a body cast and still in a coma. This is too much for her and she closes the door and steps off to the side. She has a tear in her eye as she remembers the night at Lily’s home coming party and the image of Nate’s body after Malcolm ran him over. She remembers how twisted up on the ground Nate was. She then remembers she set the whole chain of events into motion by giving Malcolm the taped conversation between Nate and Roxanne where Nate admits he swicted Moses paternity results from Malcolm to Neil. Hillary: What have I done?....No one can find out... Especially Roxanne of all people. House of Kem Victor walks into Keemo’s office. Keemo smiles at Victor, getting up out his seat to shake his hand as a greeting. Victor smiles broadly as he feels a comfort in Keemo. He feels Keemo is an ally since he did visit Victor when he was in jail. Keemo: It’s good to see you free sir. When did you get out? Victor: It’s good to be out my boy. Keemo ushers Victor to have a seat. Keemo: Please have a seat. Would you care for a drink? Victor: You bet I would my boy. I can’t believe some of things that are happening in Genoa City. Keemo walks away from the bar and over to Victor and hands him glass of scotch. Keemo: What do you mean? Victor gulps his scotch. Victor: Good stuff. Keemo: My personal collection. Private maker. Victor: I like you more and more my boy. Keemo: I’m glad to hear. What brings you by here? Victor: I wanted to check you out. You told me you had a startup. Kem’s House is it? Keemo chuckles Keemo: House of Kem sir. We haven’t launched quite yet. Setting up for our debut. I want it to be big so I am not rushing it. My father still doesn’t know that I’m doing this Victor: Time is money my boy. Keemo: I got a great loan on good terms. Thanks to the Abbott name. The only good thing my father did for me. Victor: That’s why I’m here my boy. Keemo: You're here about my dad Jack? Victor: MMMhmm….Jack ass Abbott. Keemo lets out another chuckle. Victor: That Jack ass has stolen everything from me! My company, my house my assets everything! I am broke thanks to your father. Keemo: How did he manage that? Victor: Pip squeak Michael Baldwin. Keemo: Wow. So now what? Victor: That’s where you come in at my boy. You once told me while you came to visit me in jail that you respect and admire me. Keemo: I do Mr. Newman. Victor: You also said you wanted to take out your father and that was the reason you started this little fashion house. Keemo: True. Victor: Well its time. It’s time to take out your father Jack and I want his son, you, to help me do it. Keemo: So the war between you my dad is official once again. I have heard about all the stories about you two. The time he walked away from you as you were suffering a heart attack. Him marrying Nikki, then the baby he lost with Nikki. Now he owns everything you had. Victor: And it’s time to put an end to your father once and for all. He’s gone too far this time. I have never been put in a position like this before, no money, no respect. I will not tolerate it! I will make Jack pay dearly for doing this to me. I hope I can count on your support. Keemo: You got it Mr. Newman. Jack is a thorn in my side as well. He’s the main reason Gloria and I are barely together. He doesn’t respect me and I know he is angry for what was done in Jabot Asia. I am with you Victor. I will help you take out Jack. Victor smiles broadly as he basks in his effective counter attack he has launched on his enemy Jack. Recruiting the enemy’s own son to the other side. Victor may not be winning the war, but he has won this battle. Victor: Jack will be squashed like a bug under the heel of my boot. Mark my words my boy. It ain’t over yet!
  9. Lame. How bout a description of what this show is going to b about but oh no a cast list is more important. U kids want war with us u can have it. We all know casey. Josh and willy garza. Miss willy that is is all the same person. Always remember no matter what soap of the month u do. Quality and talent will always our class u. So keep trying. Its 5 vs 1 u will not win. Well see two episodes of this show and thats its. Y waste time investing in it Martin luther king had a dream too.. Just ssaying
  10. So i see ur back to posting cast list. U kids working my last nerves. U start these blogs up and dont follow up with them. How r readers going to trust u if u dont stay focused on a project u start. U kids are out ur league with ur short attention spans. This cast list and the other post could have been in one post instead u wanna waste net space that other people could b doing good things with. We know one of u is actually willy garza.
  11. Crimson Lights, Patio. A mystery person continues to eavesdrop on Michael and Phyllis’ conversation. Phyllis: Dru is the one responsible for Sophia’s accident. Sophia was trying to avoid hitting me and hit the telephone pole instead, killing her. That’s all Dru’s fault! Michael: By Dru pushing you down that hill yes it is her fault. Phyllis: Check mate Bitch! Dru is going around town telling people and also telling the police I tried to push her off that cliff at the photo shoot. Now I have something over her. Michael: I wish my situation was as simple. Phyllis: I don’t know what to say. You are really in knee deep. Betraying your wife and family. Michael: Thank you for reminding me every chance you get. Phyllis: Well I got things to do. Michael: What are you going to do? Phyllis: Decide how I am going to handle this so that Dru will shut her big mouth. And I am going to see Lauren. Michael: Lauren why? Phyllis: I think Lauren has a right to know how you betrayed her. Michael: You wouldn’t? Phyllis: But I am. I feel betrayed as well Michael. It’s time to make people pay for their crimes. Michael: Does running down Christine count as a crime? Did you pay for that? Phyllis scoffs at Michael, grabs her purse and coat and leaves. Michael: I bet!... You don’t want to talk about that crime do you Phyllis! Its ok, abandoned me. I’ll be ok! He hollers at her as she leaves. Michael looks down and stirs his tea. He has a tear in his eye. The person listening in on their conversation is still around the corner. The person moves and rustles some shrubs. Michael looks up and realizes that someone has been listening on his conversation with Phyllis. He jumps up and dashes around the corner and grabs the person who’s been listening. It’s none other than…. Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell Episode 182: Jack is winning the war against Victor! Written by ML Cooks Creative Consults: Cary Richardson, Alex Washington and Martin Saenz On Interstate 90 east, Nina is driving in her car along with her son Chance. Nina: Thank you for coming with me on such short notice. Chance: I am glad I was able to do so. I don’t want you on these highways driving alone. Nina: I’m fine son. Chance: But people drive crazy. And I definitely was not letting you go to Chicago alone. Besides I don’t do much these days. Nina: So that means you’re alone in your thoughts. Chance: You’re referring to Eden. Mom just come out and say it why do you always dance around the issue? Nina: I don’t want to upset you honey. I know this is a delicate situation for you. Chance: It is. There is nothing I can do. I have not heard anything about her. I don’t know if Eden’s dead or if she’s in Iraq or Syria. It terrifies me every time I hear a new report that ISIL has murdered yet another hostage in a brutal way. I always first assume its Eden. Nina: Well the good news is we have not heard anything about her. I’m sure if she was dead or has been kidnapped the army officials would let you know. So just keep the hope. They say no news is good news. Chance: It’s hard to keep that hope alive as I keep having nightmares and visions of me trying to save her but those idiots held me back. I’ll never forget Eden’s scream or the look of terror in her eyes when those terrorist dragged her away. Eden was counting on me mom. I let her down. Nina: Please son don’t be so hard on yourself. I really do think you need to talk to someone professionally though. Chance: No mom. I am going to get through this. On my own. My own terms. Besides Victoria helps me keep my mind off things. Nina: I’m glad she can. You two are getting close then? Chance: There you go again mom. You’re prying. Nina: Well I can’t help it. That’s what mothers do. I want the best for my children. When you have kids trust me you will understand that. Chance: Yea ok mom. Nina: Have you heard from your dad? Chance: No why is something the matter? Nina: Well Karynn stopped by and somehow she motivated him to go out and do something. He really wants to find Lily’s twins. He feels so bad for not letting anyone know about Cane’s coke habit. Chance: Cane better be glad he is already dead. I could kill him for what he did to dad. Nina: Phillip is strong. He’s going to make it through. He’s just heartbroken for those twins. Chance: So speaking of Karynn, Esther said she was arrested along with her ex-husband? Nina: That’s what Esther said on the phone. She sounded so frantic. Chance: This will be good. Nina: I know right. I can’t wait to meet Karynn’s ex-husband. I just feel bad for Esther. I told her not to go with Karynn. Now she’s right in the middle of her mess. Chance: Why was Karynn going to Chicago anyway? Nina: To see her brother Karl. Adult protective services took custody of him and placed Karl in a home in Chicago. Chance: Wow I hope the old guy is all right… It’s been nonstop drama since Karynn rolled into town. Mom do you really think, do you honestly believe Karynn is Katherine’s sister? Nina: I don’t know. It’s hard to believe. Nina says as she gets off interstate 90 and heads into Chicago. Back in Genoa City, Jabot Cosmetics Jill looks at Jack in amazement. Ashley and Billy are still on speaker phone and are dead silent after Jack’s announcement. Hillary is sitting in her chair still taking notes. Jill: What in the hell did you do Jack? Ashley: Jackie how did this happen? Jack: Michael Baldwin handed over all of Victor’s assets to me. It was quite easy. Billy: Michael Baldwin? How was he able to hand you Newman? Jack: He tricked Victor into signing everything over and Michael so kindly handed it over to me. Ashley: This makes no sense. Why would Michael Baldwin hand over everything Newman to you? Why wouldn’t he just keep it for himself? Jill: That’s a good question. Jack: I asked him that very question. He told me he wanted to pay Victor back. Michael has lost everything thanks to Victor. Michael knew that handing me Newman would be the best revenge he could get. Hand Newman to his arch rival…me. Ashley: This is only going to cause war. And as usual when you and Victor are at war innocent people get hurt. Jack: Not this time Ash. I own all of Newman and there isn’t anything he can do. Jill: Uh Jack, Victor can contest this in court. His attorney Michael Baldwin defrauded him. There is no way this will hold up in a court of law. Billy: Jack you’ve really done it this time. Jack: There won’t be anything to contest. Jill: What does that mean? Jack: I am going to dismantle and destroy Newman. By the time I’m done Newman will cease to exist. This is a war I intend to win, and I’m already winning. Victor has no assets. He can’t wage a war against me without any assets. In fact Victor Newman is homeless! Ashley: I think you are going too far Jack. This will not end well at all. Chicago, Police Station In opposites cells facing one another are Garret and Karynn. Esther walks over to Karynn. Esther: I called Nina Miss Shepard. Karynn: Naggy Nina. Esther why did you call her? Esther: She can bail you out. Garret: You mean the both of us. And what is it with this Miss Sheppard? Is this your slave Kary? Karynn: You don’t get to question me you crispy slime! What in the hell are you doing in Chicago anyway? Garret: I moved here in “88”. I had to start my life anew after you and I came to an end. Karynn: With good reason you short pig. I can’t believe this is happening. Of all people I could run into it’s you! The short pimp stuck in 1979. Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to wear white after Labor Day? You and those white shoes and that pink suite. You look absolutely ridiculous. Shame on you. Garrett: I always loved when you used to go in on me. It’s a turn on Kary. Esther: Miss Sheppard, I can’t believe this guy is really your husband. Karynn: Ex- husband, I was cursed. Garret is a rotten pig. Garret: You mean pimp. Esther looks at Garret. Esther: You’re a pimp? Garret: An old man got to make money somehow in these trying times. Chicago has done me well. Karynn: How so? You’re still wearing that same suite you married me in. Garrett: I was looking sharp. All the bunnies were after me. Karynn: Bunnies… You have no respect for women at all, how I ever fell for you I will never understand. Garrett: It’s that charm Kary. And I got moves in the bedroom if you know what I’m saying. He chuckles as he gyrates his hips. He then winks at Esther. Esther turns her head in disgust. Esther: How did you marry a man like Garret Miss Sheppard? Crimson Lights. Michael breathes a sigh of relief upon looking at his mother Gloria. Michael: Gloria what in the hell are you doing out here? Gloria: Listening in on your conversation. You know you really ought to be more careful. I could have been anybody, including Sheila Carter. Michael: Hopefully she is dead. Gloria: Michael I overheard everything and my son you are in a lot of trouble. Michael: Gee thanks Gloria. I really didn’t know that. Gloria: Well you don’t have a lot of time. You need to do something to turn this all around. Michael: There is nothing I can do. What’s done is done. I lost everything Gloria. I have nothing else to lose. Gloria: So what are you saying? Michael: Life suddenly doesn’t have much meaning for me these days. I don’t know what happened to me. Gloria: You’ll figure this out. You always do. You are a very smart man Michael. Don’t you forget it! Michael: Divorce looming, losing custody of my son, betrayed my wife and my best friend, I betrayed Victor and what did I gain from it all? Nothing! I need some time Gloria. Besides, don’t you have a young man to worry about? Gloria: Keemo? Michael: Good luck with that. Michael walks in shame as he leaves Crimson Lights. Gloria watches her son walk away. Gloria: Son you’ve really done it now. Back at Jabot Jill: I’m just glad my son is far away from Genoa City. Billy: After what I just heard I am too. I’m trying to focus on my new life with Chloe and our daughter. This is gonna get really messy very fast. Jack: So you’re all going to bail on me? Ashley: Jack you know better than to do something so stupid. You own all of Victor’s assets. This has never happened to him and I would hate to see what he is going to do you. Jack: I am not worried about Victor. Jill: Then why did you drag me here? Jack: Because you have a vested interest in Jabot. Billy is an Abbott and he is your son. I thought maybe you would want to help protect your son’s future. Jill: After you put it in jeopardy. You’re on your own Jack. I’m too busy trying to keep Chancellor Industries afloat…I love you Billy and give Delia my love. Billy: I will. Bye mom. Good luck Jack. Jack: Yea sure thanks. Billy hangs up and Jill grabs her coat and then leaves. Hillary is feeling a bit nausea. Hillary: Excuse me Mr. Abbott. Hillary rushes out the office. Ashley: Jackie, this is very serious. You better hope to God you know what you are doing. Victor is not going to take this lying down. Jack: Thanks for your support Ash. Jack hangs up the phone. Jack: I can’t believe I finally win against Victor and my family doesn’t even support me. I finally win against Victor Newman and I have no one on my side. The cost of winning is very lonely. But Victor will never get his company back. This victory is mine! FINALLY! Jack gets up and celebrates by himself by pouring a glass of champagne.
  12. ANother fire episode. I love any scene Jerome is in. Hes so well written. Hes commanding yet so smooth. I can't believe Jord is choosing old and tired Rafe over a stud Like Jerome. SHe needs new glasses kuz obvi she has a hard time seeing. Again Rafe and Hope dug into with what happened with Jerome. It was a good conversation and it was nice that Rafe was there for Hope but Rafe seems to come off so emotionless him being latino and being stereotyped too. idk. It just not sitting with me as well. Maybe he just doesn't really understand it coming from Hopes point of view. IDK. Victor over hearing the convo of his family. I wonder if this will trigger hito action. Hes usually a man of action when it comes to his family. ANd I got the answers I need as far as ALex and his own momma. Great scene there. THe K family is reminding so much of the McKinnons over on AW!!
  13. This episode was everything to me. Eric and Nicole were sweet and cute but not the focal point. I thought thought he was going to bang her on that counter but the ex priest didnt have it in him. I LOVED ADRIENNE and JUSTIN's convo. It really reminds of how you are really charging up the K clan and I love that with Sonny and now ALex. THeir convo was so pwerful for two reason for me actually three. Justins real thoughts on SOnny being gay, The allsuon that ALex is a undercover and thats why he married Noelle which answers a lot yet but leaves me with so many questions. I am also pleased how that beat was played through Adrienne and Justin. ANother thing was Adrienne protecting her son for the other son Alex which I had no idea that SOnny is Justin and Adriennes only son. SO now I got to go reserach to see what this is all about. Their scenes were so damn striking as I love their characters and the actors. I also love the mystery of ALex and WIll is so drawn to him. BUt so upset and being a !@#$%^&*] over what Adrienne said to Justin. May up !@#$%^&*] boy. Uh I can't stand Will. Another focal point was the conclusion of racism on Hope and Rafe's part. I knew it was going theire but it was so subtle;. Loved how that was done and love even more they are even addressing it. It seems not to bother Rafe as much but he's a minority too. IDK. Hope is very compassionate about it Rafe not so much which i find a bit weird. IDK.. THis is an adult storyline and unique . THis is the stuff I preach about. Cassie ADHD
  14. And finally the moment we all been waiting for. The dialog in this ep was sharp. I love Grant and CHristy. THey have such great chemistry. I just wonder who Grants child is and what I cant get is why didnt Jack just tell Paulina the truth. Pualina's scene was nice with Jake. THey seem to be getting cozy. Grant did all of this only to push her into Jake's arms LMAO. Would Grant go after Jake? Loved the ending. Now its time to see everyones reactions..
  15. Part One: Great I love the Mckinnon story being told through all my favs. I can feel Jakes pain in seeing his daughters fighting like alley cats and then Donna and Micheal going through it again only next generation style. These are dug in and I really don't know if anything could mend this rivalry. It was a great scene the only thing is it would have been better if some of it was spaced out like when you switched to Jake and nem to Micheal and nem. I was so stunned Vicky called Joy a bitch. like wow. She went right in. Vicky darling Im a big fan of yours but Steven said a mouthful about mistakes. SHe couldn't take it and slapped that ass. Pot kettle black. Vicky needs to focus on her younger two off springs. THe problems sure are adding up for this poor woman. Will she be able to handle them all? Sheesh Part 2: Again the Mckinnon saga took center stage and what a way for the news of the impending divorce to be brought out. I feel bad for this family. It's so chaotic and messy. Will any one find any happiness. VIcky certainely for one has her hands full. I don't ever see the twins getting over this. I can kinda feel and understand why each one is angr with the other. This entire Mickinnon ssaga has been so great and u keep the punches rolling. U reminded me the thing with Eric, Kirk and KC. THe scene with Allen and KC was so damn nice and Im so glad she let him in and is willing to give it a try. Little does she know Allen is spot on about Eric which ties this story to Kirk and Charlie. Eric is hungry!!! YES!!! LMFAO!!!! I wonder what will happen next. This is developing into another exciting story. Probably ur first major 20's something story. Then u get the teen scene with the twins as ring leaders. Great long term writing. Then Maggie and Brianna watching over. Im sure Maggie won't be able to say much, at lest not at first. Another great eP!!
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