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  1. A great episode. Abby is gonna EJ the shock of his life and it seems apparent she got the abortion. Adrienne FINALLY told SOnny about Will being a hoe. He wont listen I do think deep knows he knows but just dont wanna deal with it. At least its out in the open now. SO I am glad for that any way. Ty for reminding me Nicole had the goods on Kristen but kept it for herself. I forgot all about that. BUt I know it will come back and bite Nicole in the butt. SMH.. My heart goes out to Roman. Its to the point he can't even work any more. Wow. This is my fav story. I love seeing it unfold and people
  2. A very busy episode. Poor Victor. His anger got the better of him LOL. I do hope he is ok and I suspect he will be. I wish Adrienne would just come out and say the way WIll's been looking at ALex. It's gonna come out. Seems like SOnny may already know but doesn't want to know... Brady where the hell u been at bro? Very nice scene with Eric and Nicole. I like their wedding idea. Nicole deserves some real happiness. Wonder where this is going with my boy Lucas. Sherry sure did a number on him. His pride is wounded. Good episode Al.
  3. Genoa City Memorial Hospital. Hillary walks into Nate’s room and sees Olivia with her head laying upon Nate’s chest. It’s hard to take in the sight of Nate hemmed up in a body cast knowing she played a significant role in making that happen. The guilt is so much a tear forms in her eye. Olivia: Nathan, I need you to wake up from this coma. Son please I love you. I can’t lose you like this. Olivia sits up and wipes the tears coming from her eyes and also she takes a tissue to wipe her nose since every time she wells up her nose begins to run. She sees Hillary. She stands up. Oli
  4. How do u block folks on this board? I got this teen harassing me in my pm's. I do not see a block options. ML is grown and dont have time for teen titians. THere should be an age requirement in order to join this site.

  5. Casey U cant even read bro. GO clean ur glasses off and go eat a cheese sandwhich then go play with ur pet dogs nuts. Ur judging me on the comment I left what a joke u desperate teen writer. I at least read the entire show and understand it. Fukk off twat face
  6. " I know you can keep it up" Hmmph. I'm just going to leave it alone. CAry another great episode Elizabeth stole the first half of the show. I could really feel what she as going through losing my own dad at age 8. It's terrible and painful and it changed my life. It was so heart breaking seeing her go through her emotions. Then the scene with My girls Fe Fe and Paulina with Rachel. That was so awesome. SO touching and well fitting. Fe and Lina talking about losing previous husbands. It was a nice and sincere bonding moment. Powerful. Everything was perfect with this ep.
  7. So somber. SO powerful and poetic. Wow Cary It was nicely done. SO emotional so sad. With Ryan there and Vicky seeing him first. I knew it was time. Ryan came to bring his father home Then dying in Rachels' arm. Wow. I am so sad right now. Now Frankie knows about Christy's sperm cup LMAO. I hope she has more of a reaction. Very humble episode Cary. Carl's speech was beautiful and his last moment with his parting words. Simply powerful. Great job. The visual flash back was nice too!
  8. Jabot Cosmetics Hillary walks into Jack’s office. She sees him drinking a glass of champagne. Jack hears the door close and looks in her direction. Jack: Hillary just in time. Hillary: In time for what sir? Jack: To have a glass of champagne with me and celebrate in my owning Newman. My family doesn’t support me. Hillary: I’m sorry Mr. Abbott. I came back in here to apologize for running out. This morning sickness is getting worse. Jack: Morning sickness? You’re pregnant? Hillary: Yes I am. Jack: Wow, I had no idea that- wait never mind. Hillary: I kno
  9. Lame. How bout a description of what this show is going to b about but oh no a cast list is more important. U kids want war with us u can have it. We all know casey. Josh and willy garza. Miss willy that is is all the same person. Always remember no matter what soap of the month u do. Quality and talent will always our class u. So keep trying. Its 5 vs 1 u will not win. Well see two episodes of this show and thats its. Y waste time investing in it Martin luther king had a dream too.. Just ssaying
  10. So i see ur back to posting cast list. U kids working my last nerves. U start these blogs up and dont follow up with them. How r readers going to trust u if u dont stay focused on a project u start. U kids are out ur league with ur short attention spans. This cast list and the other post could have been in one post instead u wanna waste net space that other people could b doing good things with. We know one of u is actually willy garza.
  11. Crimson Lights, Patio. A mystery person continues to eavesdrop on Michael and Phyllis’ conversation. Phyllis: Dru is the one responsible for Sophia’s accident. Sophia was trying to avoid hitting me and hit the telephone pole instead, killing her. That’s all Dru’s fault! Michael: By Dru pushing you down that hill yes it is her fault. Phyllis: Check mate Bitch! Dru is going around town telling people and also telling the police I tried to push her off that cliff at the photo shoot. Now I have something over her. Michael: I wish my situation was as simple. Phyllis: I don’t know what to s
  12. ANother fire episode. I love any scene Jerome is in. Hes so well written. Hes commanding yet so smooth. I can't believe Jord is choosing old and tired Rafe over a stud Like Jerome. SHe needs new glasses kuz obvi she has a hard time seeing. Again Rafe and Hope dug into with what happened with Jerome. It was a good conversation and it was nice that Rafe was there for Hope but Rafe seems to come off so emotionless him being latino and being stereotyped too. idk. It just not sitting with me as well. Maybe he just doesn't really understand it coming from Hopes point of view. IDK. Victor over hear
  13. This episode was everything to me. Eric and Nicole were sweet and cute but not the focal point. I thought thought he was going to bang her on that counter but the ex priest didnt have it in him. I LOVED ADRIENNE and JUSTIN's convo. It really reminds of how you are really charging up the K clan and I love that with Sonny and now ALex. THeir convo was so pwerful for two reason for me actually three. Justins real thoughts on SOnny being gay, The allsuon that ALex is a undercover and thats why he married Noelle which answers a lot yet but leaves me with so many questions. I am also pleased ho
  14. And finally the moment we all been waiting for. The dialog in this ep was sharp. I love Grant and CHristy. THey have such great chemistry. I just wonder who Grants child is and what I cant get is why didnt Jack just tell Paulina the truth. Pualina's scene was nice with Jake. THey seem to be getting cozy. Grant did all of this only to push her into Jake's arms LMAO. Would Grant go after Jake? Loved the ending. Now its time to see everyones reactions..
  15. Part One: Great I love the Mckinnon story being told through all my favs. I can feel Jakes pain in seeing his daughters fighting like alley cats and then Donna and Micheal going through it again only next generation style. These are dug in and I really don't know if anything could mend this rivalry. It was a great scene the only thing is it would have been better if some of it was spaced out like when you switched to Jake and nem to Micheal and nem. I was so stunned Vicky called Joy a bitch. like wow. She went right in. Vicky darling Im a big fan of yours but Steven said a mouthful about mis
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