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About this blog

A New Original Soap Opera that will fill your heart with love and drama revolving around the Southwick and Wentworth Families

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JM Fanfiction

Casting News-

Matthew Ashford as Alec Davis
Alyshia Osche as Ashley Wentworth
Elizabeth Kiefer as Beth Hale
Michael Roark as Clint Wentworth
Kodi Kitchen as Dana Wentworth
Sal Stowers as Deanna Ward
Debbi Morgan as Dr. Avery Madison
Ron Raines as Frank Southwick
Bradley Cole as Harley Wentworth
Justin Bruening as Jamieson Southwick
Terri Conn as Jocelyn Wentworth
Melissa Archer as Kelly Morgan
Erika Slezak as Leslie Southwick
Kim Zimmer as Margo Wentworth
Chrishell Stause as Michelle Wentworth
Kim Matula as Natalie Wentworth
Lenny Platt as Owen Southwick
Kassie DePaiva as Rose Davis
Linda Dano as Roxy Finn
Kelley Missal as Sadie Hale
Lindsay Hartley as Sofia Munro
Scott Reeves as Stephen Webster
Josh Kelly as Tanner Jacks
Lachlan Buchanan as Tyler Thomas
Greg Vaughan as Zach Southwick


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